Happy New Year!

Here’s wishing a truly great year to all of our DWR family. Let’s take some more stellar steps forward in ending this drug war.

An extra special thanks to a few of you who so generously made an end-of-the-year contribution to Drug WarRant. I don’t do much asking for funds here, and don’t wish you to contribute if you can’t afford it, but I do want you to know that it’s very much appreciated and goes toward paying hosting costs.

bullet image Update on the Westboro Baptist Church picketing. After my post, the Church actually tweeted a thank you to us.

The church did show up to picket, but were heavily outnumbered by supporters of marijuana legalization, and skipped out without going to their second stop.

Many of the counter-protesters weren’t there to take the church seriously, Denver Relief Consulting’s Joseph said, rather they were supporting the pot shops.

“I don’t know that the mass majority takes (Westboro Baptist Church) too seriously,” she said, “but for me it was important to be there — not as a practical protest, because it’s hard to take them seriously, but to show support to the dispensary owners. And they were glad we were there – they were thankful.”

bullet image The Daily Signal inexplicably decided to start off the new year with Kevin Sabet: Will Legal Pot Cut Unfair Drug Arrests? One Opponent’s Take

Here’s the video:

Really lame. Basic take: He doesn’t think we should arrest marijuana users, but says there’s a better way (which he won’t, of course, explain) than legalization, which (again without any evidence) he says will result in a repeat of the last 100 years of tobacco. Apparently legalization will cause marijuana to be just like tobacco and cause us to forget everything we’ve learned about tobacco in the modern age.

bullet image More evidence that the U.S. government is so committed to its drug war that it is regularly involved in, or complicit in, killing those involved in trafficking.

Leaked Documents Show the US Used Drone Strikes to Target Afghan Drug Lords

The latest documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal that US drone strikes in Afghanistan weren’t limited to just al Qaeda and Taliban leaders — they also targeted drug dealers accused of supporting the insurgency.

The papers, obtained by German news magazine Der Spiegel, include a “kill list” that once contained as many as 750 names, including many mid- and lower-level members of the Taliban involved in drug trafficking.

According to the documents, NATO defense ministers decided in October 2008 to start treating Afghan drug lords with ties to the Taliban insurgency as “legitimate targets.”

“Narcotics traffickers were added to the so-called Joint Prioritized Effects List (JPEL) for the first time, allowing them to be targeted for strikes,” one NSA document states.

Iran defends high execution rate for drugs crimes

An Iranian official has defended the regime’s soaring execution rate for drugs offences under so-called ‘moderate’ President Hassan Rouhani.

Mohammadreza Habibi, the head of judiciary in Yazd province, said ‘no sentence can replace death verdict’
as a means of reducing drug trafficking across the country.

He added: “There are some who are critical of the execution of drug traffickers. These should know that if there is no firmness and execution, drugs would be easily distributed across the country.” […]

The London-based Reprieve organization recently published a detailed report on how the aide provided to Iran by UN member states help Iran to carry out executions.

bullet image If you haven’t read about the death of Jason Westcott yet, you need to read this.

Police Informant Says His Lies Killed a Harmless Pot Smoker

It is therefore hard to know what to make of Jamison’s disturbing story, in which Coogle blames his police handlers for fabrications that resulted in the death of a harmless pot smoker named Jason Westcott during a drug raid last May. But one thing seems clear: The cops recklessly relied on Coogle’s highly questionable word as long as he was helping them makes busts, turning against him only after he accused them of misconduct. Now the police department argues that Coogle is utterly unreliable except when it comes to providing evidence against Westcott and other drug suspects.

The drug war incentivizes the use of potentially unreliable snitches to determine what could be life-and-death situations, while also incentivizing lies.

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49 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. jean valjean says:

    “He doesn’t think we should arrest marijuana users, but says there’s a better way (which he won’t, of course, explain) than legalization”

    It’s about time people like Sabet started to take responsibility for all of the truly shocking drug war stories that follow on from his post here, and are directly linked to his sort of dissembling:

    -The UN funding mass executions of drug “offenders” in countries like Iran
    -Drone attacks on “Taliban drug producers”
    -Police able to use the evidence of a compulsive liar in court, but only for drug “offenders” (yes Michele Leonhart, we’re looking at you on that one)

    Is this really Kevin’s “better way?”

    • Windy says:

      It is probably NOT Kevin’s “better way” but there IS a better way than re-legalization — repealing ALL laws that criminalized it in the first place would restore it to its former status, unregulated plant treated no differently by government than any other common garden plant.

      • thelbert says:

        windy’s way is THE way

        • Duncan20903 says:


          Sure, why bother worrying about the fact that it’s about as possible as figuring out a way to force the sun to rise in the west?

        • thelbert says:

          not impossible, just unlikely to happen in the near future. that’s why i ignore cannabis laws. let’s face it prohibition is just the opinions of fools. sure they have guns and mean me harm. i don’t care because the probability of the police detecting my crimes is small. we both know our government will never be sane about drugs. so why worry about what an insane clown posse thinks is good for me? it’s time to plant in my neck of the woods. happy new year from southern california

        • Plant Down Babylon says:

          I’m with you Thelbert, fuck all those fools. Let me plant down babylon in the safety of my own ‘neck of the woods’.

          I do worry about the smell, though, as it’s constantly wafting all around me 24/7. Especially out in public.

          Big up’s for the new year my friends. My resolution is to focus on the positive without being an ostrich.

          However, I consider Kev-kev bashing a positive! cough cough….


  2. B. Snow says:

    Kev-Kev and ‘The Daily Signal’ is very explicable, that’s (in some part) what came from his recent coziness with the *Heritage Fools* – and they think it’s a clever pun.

    It’s a conservative (Heritage-funded) news source that “sends a good message to the children…” “Message” = “Signal”… get it?

    I’ve got $5 for the first person from on The Couch who can read their “about page” without getting nauseous = I threw up in my mouth a little bit = the first time reading thru it.

    For those with a stronger stomachs you can sttempt to watch their short YouTube video explaining = ‘what is the daily signal’…

    From what I can tell this is akin to:
    What Roger Ailes was to creating ‘Fox News’, will be (more or less) what Jim DeMint is to ‘The Daily Signal’…

    Apparently, this crap actually started “airing” in June.

    It also helps explain why DeMint left the Senate to be the head of the Heritage Foundation.
    And unlike w/ Ailes’s pet project it won’t take 24 yrs to launch, it looks like it only took about 2 yrs – and a slew of conservative news-people recruited from all across the media.

    How uptight do you have to be to leave Fox for Heritage’s new online news outlet? *yikes*
    Heritage Foundation starts online site to cover news it says is unreported or under-reported (yes its a long link ~ figuring out [tinyurl] is still on my ’roundtuit list’, sorry)

    What got me in the Post story was this bit:

    We want to be where the news gets its news,” he says. “We want to see a world where Fox, MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post and the New York Times are reporting on the things that were first reported on the Daily Signal.”

    Just the thought of that becoming reality seems very slim -AND- yet still = fraking scary!

    Knowing that this exists – makes Kev-Kev running to them for help against the unfair, evil/secular, “mainstream media” that’s joined with us in publicly kicking his ass, & stealing his figurative lunch-money – along with his credibility…

    It makes total sense = he has nowhere else to run to now = EXCEPT to Heritage’s “not-technically-a-news-source” – for a job where he can just “preach to the choir”. He doesn’t have to sell policy, he can insert it into the news-stream… IF this crap goes un-noticed as being the uber right-wing partisan outlet that they want it to be, and in a quantum uncertainty sense want it to simultaneously, really not be seen as a purely partisan news outlet.

    *Down at the end*

    “Still, Bluey hopes to reach beyond the people who already support Heritage.

    “We’re probably not going to break through to the liberal left,” he says. “We do think that by doing the news, and having that wall between news and opinion, there is an opportunity to reach beyond” the foundation’s core audience.”

    HAH! – Bluey, ‘we don’t expect to get through to the left’… Damn straight, and they never wanted to!

    They were doing okay till now – they went 6 months without me knowing it even existed… I guarantee you *reaching me* is the last thing they wanted, because despite the claim of “doing News not Opinion” is bullcrap = their sections at listed as “Featured” are currently = “ Cuba, Immigration, Life Pioneers, Obamacare (in the June WaPost story it appears Bengazi was there where Cuba is now = before the last Republican committee report came back with no wrongdoing found, [Not to worry Troy Gowdy is surely gonna try to blame a Democrat again… just in time fot the next major election] *sigh*

    I think we should keep an eye on any Nonsense that may be sourced to/from this “News NOT Opinion” “No, really we’re not partisan – just ask Jim DeMint” website.
    *For those of you that do the news searches* AND are able to stomach the spin/tone of things written there.

    FWIW & FYI = “Life Pioneers” is possibly the worst most disgustingly guilt-trip ridden ‘Euphemism’ for Pro-life/Anti-abortion I’ve ever seen/heard/read.

    And – oh yeah, Happy New Year!

  3. kaptinemo says:

    The problem of being a con-man is when you are running too many cons, you’re bound to slip up and start making mistakes…like telling the wrong lies to the wrong ‘marks’.

    The marks start to get wise and begin talking to the other ‘marks’, and the real picture behind the web of deceit begins to take shape. All the while, the said con-man is starting to get the hint he spoke from the wrong script to the wrong people, and is now frantically re-telling ALL his lies in hope that one will stick.

    (Sigh) They just don’t get it. They still believe magical thinking will patch the hulled and sinking USS Drug Prohibition. They still think they can return to the ‘good ole days’ of the 1980’s, if they just repeat their stale old lies faster and louder…like a sorcerer’s incantation, or something. A prayer to their malevolent deity, Authoritarianism.

    Too late; their god has abandoned them. The political support they enjoyed thanks to aged, ignorant voters supporting pols who, in turn, supported the DrugWar is literally dying off. The ‘tall grass’ cover they provided the prohib’s grifter’s paradise is thinning away, to show the self-serving machine it hid for so long.

    Events like Ferguson are showing where the DrugWar inevitably leads, and many who never thought about the connection between paramilitarizing police to fight a Children’s Crusade of a DrugWar and the extrajudicial killings by those police (and now, equally sickeningly, the murders of police in the same fashion) before are now making those connections…and know that they do have time to stop something much worse that might be on the way.

    I grew up in the 1960’s, and watched cities burn on both TV and from my bedroom window outside of DC in 1968 after ML King’s cowardly assassination, during the riots then. Only a fool wants that. And to forestall that, the fuel for the approaching conflagration, the demonstrably racist DrugWar must be ended.

    It is becoming ever clearer that only those benefiting from it are its greatest and loudest supporters…and thus stand in the way of much-needed national healing on a long-festering issue. But, just like ‘developmentally challenged’ Typhoid Marys, they just don’t see themselves as being a large part of the problem. As Kevin so amply demonstrates.

  4. Howard says:

    Okay, with an honest attempt to interpret what Kevin Sabet is trying to say in the linked video;

    “Make no mistake about it, legalization is not about Cheech and Chong smoking marijuana or a Grateful Dead concert…”

    What?! STILL referencing Cheech and Chong? And Grateful Dead concerts stopped after Jerry Garcia’s death in 1995 — 20 years ago this year. Who do you think you’re reaching with these strange, non-related comments? And what point(s) are you trying to make anyway…?

    “…It’s about creating the next Marlboro of our time, the next Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds of our time, the next big tobacco all over again.”

    Oh, that’s your point? Except this is solely your trumped up bogey man. You created this out of thin air as a desperate scare tactic. The only people repeating these comments are other prohibitionists parroting your comments. Keep this up, and keep losing.

    “…candy cigarettes, Joe Camel…”

    Please provide one instance — just one — where similar child attracting cannabis lures exist, prominently displayed for children to see. When I was last in Denver, there were no cartoon related cannabis products displayed in any shop windows. More importantly, no children were allowed to step foot in any cannabis related store. By the way, when I was a kid I remember bubble gum cigarettes on the shelves in convenience stores. I bought them a few times to chew the gum. But I stopped because the gum was lousy. And I was not enticed by them to smoke tobacco. Ever.

    “Why in the world would we want to create the same thing, just not Big Tobacco, Big Marijuana…”

    Again, this is your fantasy. Your incessant false equivalence of the two is your own special bullshit. You’ve mentioned in the past that cannabis law reform advocates “mock” you because you don’t agree with them. But that’s not it. To quote Ethan Nadelmann during a recent debate with you, “You’re just making stuff up”. Indeed you are, and crazy made up stuff at that. That’s why you’re mocked. Understand?

    “Some people think we got to do that to get rid of disproportionate arrests. I say just get rid of disproportionate arrests, don’t create Big Tobacco 2.0”.

    Okay, great. So, when will SAM update their position advocating ending cannabis prohibition, thereby ending disproportionate arrests? That’s the only way those arrests will end. And you should make no mistake about it, ALL arrests for simple cannabis possession are disproportionate. While you’re updating that position, please explain in rational, detailed terms how ending cannabis prohibition will automatically lead to Big Tobacco 2.0. Just flippantly repeating that bogus concern over and over again doesn’t mean it will materialize as you describe. If you can’t explain it — thoroughly and believably — well, then just stop making stuff up.

    • claygooding says:

      Big marijuana is already here and criminals are running most of it,,and some big criminals with get out of jail free cards thanks to the DEA.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      It really made me sad to have to tell my wife that she had to quit eating gummy bears, not infused, just the regular old gummy bears because she’s an adult and gummy bears are for children.

    • hope says:

      Uh oh. Sorry, Howard. Of course I was aiming for the thumbs up and missed. Well said.

  5. Duncan20903 says:


    Kev-Kev really has gotten to be an elite level member of the “baffle ’em with bullshit” school of “thought”. Hey I know! Let’s hire someone to give him a tobacco smoke enema! Well maybe not, that would probably be very, very expensive. Anyone down for the cause willing to volunteer? [crickets] OK, I didn’t think so but I had to ask. But just after the Solstice The State of Washington sent Kev-Kev a little note…I wonder if it was The Professor’s mischief? Hey, just because all of the arch-criminals of prohibition are working against us doesn’t necessarily mean that they like each other.

    Washington State Limits Pot Advertising
    by Erik Sass, December 23, 2014

    The 1st Amendment protection of free speech does have exceptions and it’s even more true when it comes to commercial speech. I’d like to hear the argument that gets a panel of Appellate Court Justices to rule that there’s no compelling State interest in limiting advertising for the commercial sale of cannabis for enjoyment.

  6. free radical says:


    Yeah, that struck me too, doctorb kivansagrit calling for an end to disproportionate arrests? Putting aside for the moment the obvious point that arresting someone is in no way proportionate to the supposed “crime” of cannabis possession, use, sale, whatever; and the fact that he has nothing to say about *how* to make arrests proportionate; to do what he’s asking, we’d have to either go on a white-person-arresting spree, or let out a helluva lot of black and brown people. Naturally I’d be in favor of the latter, as a start. But is this really what kevykevkev is advocating? Can someone please get him to say, “Let’s release hundreds of thousands of black prisoners!” or “Let’s arrest a couple million white people!”?

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Based on my experiences and observations it’s not uncommon to hear the prohibitionist parasites and/or their sycophants say that the way to end the disparity is to arrest more white people. I’m not going to Google for a citation but I’m as close to 100% certain as a person can be that I’ve heard it straight from the horse’s ass Kev-Kev’s mouth. Will you stand on ceremony and demand that he actually state the number of white people that need arresting?

      It really isn’t hard for someone to make Kev-Kev say whatever someone wants him to say. You don’t need to take my word for it if you figure out who it is that has his hand up Kev-Kev’s ass and is working him like a puppet. He’ll tell you that I’m right.

  7. Clever/Fuckers says:

    How they appear to keep those stats down:

    “Here’s one thing to consider (personal experience). My wife is a Major in the Army. She is a West Point graduate and also a doctor. We recently delivered our first child approximately five weeks ago. During her pregnancy, she was “RANDOMLY” tested eight times for marijuana use. The year before prior to the pregnancy – she had taken two tests. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a pregnant woman should not be using drugs or alcohol during their pregnancy, yet she took four times as many tests during that nine-month period where she was carrying our child (and most of those tests occurred well after the first trimester). Take what you want from it, but I’m calling BS. Take out seven of the eight tests for my wife for instance and results would be different. How many other pregnant women were utilized to pump up such results?”


  8. Alright. If Kevin isn’t ridiculous enough, here is something that is:

    Feds stick to court argument that marijuana is dangerous

    “Two weeks after President Obama signed legislation prohibiting federal interference with state medical marijuana laws, his administration has told a federal judge in Sacramento that pot is still a dangerous drug with no medical value.”

    • kaptinemo says:

      Think of a (nasty, mean, little snot-nosed) kid desperately trying to hold onto a toy a parent is taking from their (irresponsible, destructive) hands. Their argument to retain the toy is as intellectually insulting as it is specious: insistence upon repeating lies easily refuted in court is just “cruisin’ for a bruisin’ ” legally…especially when Uncle owns a patent on this drug that Uncle says has no medicinal uses.

      They really do exist in a bubble. They really do believe that they, public SERVANTS, can override the wishes of their payMASTERS, the electorate, forever.

      They’ve been able to get away with it for so long because they had political cover, but that’s over, now. Those voters that supported prohibition are on their last legs, and with the new electorate showing its decidedly reformist tendencies at the ballot box, so is prohibition.

      But, you gotta hand it to them; what they lack in intelligence they make up for in vicious, blind, stupid tenacity. A pity they don’t apply their fervent efforts to the banksters that wrecked the world economy…while getting fat and happy on laundered drug money. But, you gotta have a sense of priorities, dontchaknow?

    • DdC says:

      The DEA’s Response To Marijuana Legalization
      http://go.shr.lc/1BiB9u5 via @Shareaholic

      The Fallacy of the DEA: Why the Agency Needs to Concede to Legal Marijuana – http://go.shr.lc/1xDSlbd via @Shareaholic

  9. Servetus says:

    I finished Robert Joe Stout’s book, Hidden Dangers: Mexico on the Brink of Disaster, reviewed previously here by Phillip Smith. The drug war stands out. Some interesting factoids:

    Columbia University and Instituto Tecnológico de Mexico Professor Edgardo Buscaglia told Processo in 2009 that his research confirmed that 78 percent of the money legally circulating in Mexico originated with the drug trade. — La Structura finaciera del narco, intocade, Proceso, March 15, 2009.

    78-percent puts a whole new slant on any president from Mexico or the US wanting to upset the applecart by legalizing drugs and thereby undermining Mexico’s entire economy. It’s not just about financially disrupting the cartels. Stout says the wealth is shared by police and public officials throughout the country, all the way up the chain.

    Here the author describes the drug war effect on public morals:

    As Ugo Codevilla, Federico Campbell, Miguel Ángel Grandos-Chapa, and many others have pointed out, when a country’s business, social and political leaders visibly engage in corrupt practices, the majority of the citizenry, accepting that such practices are sanctioned, also become corrupt, and no amount of patriotic bluster—either from Mexico City or Washington D.C.—changes that dynamic.

    Here is an example of how the drug war affects Mexico’s environmental ecology:

    The purported war on drugs and linked security issues sapped the federal treasury, causing the government to diminish funding to the support and administration of clean industry, potable water, drainage, and reforestation. Corruption—not just governmental but corporate bribes, tax evasion, and suborning local officials—subverted environmental laws and regulations.

    Last but not least, is the Catholic Church. It’s well known the Holy See severely condemns all illicit drugs. Every time the subject of legalization comes up in Mexico, the Church leads the opposition to ending the drug war. That’s not all they do. Since the Mexican Revolution, the universities in Mexico have taught Marxism, philosophically and historically, so in retaliation the Church has condemned universities “for promoting moral outrages, like nudity in art and sexual descriptions in literature ”. The politicians have taken it a step further:

    Since 1982, …the government elite endorsed higher education in technical fields, law and economics…and [cut] funds, particularly in the humanities. Politicians encouraged working class and rural voters to view the universities as festering vats of anti-Church atheism, and anti-establishment thinking.

    So what’s the only lucrative and attractive employment option the Church and Mexican government leave their poor working class and rural citizens once they succeed in discouraging Mexican kids from pursuing a higher education?

    Of course. The illegal drug business.

  10. Mr_Alex says:

    Just a heads up for people here who visit the Marijuana Makes You Violent page, they have managed to get me and a few of my mates bans from facebook from a day to a week ban, be prepared if you confront them with truthful information or even try to debunk them, Marijuana Makes You Violent is not about satire, they are hardcore youth prohibitionists and possibly trolls too

    • Howard says:

      To really solidify that MMYV is not about satire, go to their Facebook page and watch this video, entitled;

      Chatting With Kyle: The Upcoming END Of Weed

      Seriously, they are doing gawd’s work attempting to eliminate the Devil’s Lettuce. Thankfully.


      You and your mates who were banned from their page are now banned mates (heh, get it?).

      • Mr_Alex says:

        I know Marijuana Makes You Violent and Parents Opposed to Pot and CADCA and Drug Free America have teamed up, debunking them is one of their most hated things on Facebook, they had it reported as hate speech too and by the way what are the rumours that I have been hearing about Pete Miller, Josh Freeman and Kyle Stevens who are the leadership of Marijuana Makes You Violent that their parents or family are connected to the Pharmaceuticals and Monsanto as well

  11. Ooh La La! says:

    France plays catch-up:

    “The problems caused by cannabis in our society are the fruits of this incoherent and absurd policy that effectively demonizes this product, making inaudible all campaigns of objective information on its real dangers while greatly strengthening delinquency in our country”


    • NorCalNative says:

      I’ve been one of Alexandre Dumas’ “pigeons seeking a different “FLAVOR” of hemp,” all of my adult life.

      Vive la France!

      “The Black Tulip” is a great piece of historical fiction on greed and speculation with disastrous ends.

  12. DdC says:

    Whoopi Goldberg: Forget Advil, Medical Marijuana Is Better
    http://www.leafscience.com/2014/04/21/whoopi-goldberg-forget-advil-medical-marijuana-better/ … via @LeafSci

  13. Duncan20903 says:


    Wow, the enemies of freedom in Montana have been told to pound sand. The 2011 law that all but re-criminalized medicinal cannabis has been gutted with most of its content struck down.

    Judge blocks new medical marijuana restrictions in Montana

    In his latest decision, Reynolds permanently blocked enforcement of provisions that would:

    Ban the advertising of medical marijuana.

    Forbid the commercial sale, for profit, of medical marijuana from a provider to someone authorized to obtain the product. The provision essentially meant that medical marijuana cardholders had to grow their own pot and forbade any payment to growers except for covering the cost of a provider’s application or renewal fee paid to the state.

    Restrict a medical marijuana provider from assisting more than three people licensed by the state to obtain legal pot or marijuana-infused products, again without them being able to be paid.

    Require the state to provide the Board of Medical Examiners with the names of any physician who within a 12-month period has written certification for medical marijuana for 25 or more patients. That would have triggered an automatic review of the physician’s practices, at his expense, by the Board of Medical Examiners.

    At the same time, Reynolds ruled in the state’s favor and refused to enjoin two other provisions in the law that had been challenged.

    He let stand a provision allowing the state Department of Public Health and Human Services and state and local law enforcement agencies to make unannounced inspections of medical marijuana providers during normal business hours.

    Reynolds also kept intact another provision of the law forbidding people under probation or the supervision of the state Department of Corrections from being able to obtain medical marijuana cards.

    It appears likely that the prohibitionists will file an appeal. But the ruling detailed above was the result of an appeal to the State Supreme Court which “sent the case back to Reynolds and ordered him to rule on it under what’s called “a rational basis,” instead of the “strict scrutiny” basis he had applied earlier.

    Reynolds used the less onerous rational basis test in his latest decision.”

    Being a prohibitionist nowadays must be a very, very confusing thing. I think that we should pity the fools.

  14. darkcycle says:

    Happy New Year, folks. Been sick….way too sick…to even check in.
    If I actually survive this Flu which almost had me running to the E.R. last night, I’ll stop in and catch up.

  15. DdC says:

    Operation Sewer Rat: Law Enforcement’s Latest Dirty Tactic

    The Big Pharma Marijuana Scam of 2015

    The War on Drugs: 100 Years of Failure?

    White House Has “Nothing” Planned on Marijuana

    The Art of War Profiteering, Just Ask Lockheed Martin

    • Servetus says:

      With “Operation Sewer Rat” none of our shit is safe.

      • kaptinemo says:

        What comes from some good weed:

        “Oh no, it’s the Shit Police!” (Evil music as an equally evil-looking figure stomps into the room, clad head to toe in a rubber suit and gas mask worthy of a latex fetishist)

        “Hokay, you Chews!” Stops, scratches head, “No, it’s not ze Chews zis time, und itz not the Kveers, eeder..” Snaps fingers. “Oh, ya, der Druggies! Up against ze vall, Druggiez! Steps threateningly close. “Now, Druggiez, ve can do zis de eazy vay…” Holds up bottle of ExLax. “…or ve can do zis de hart vay…” Holds up business end of rotor-rooter machine. “Vitch vay vill it be? Eezer vay, I vill haff ze troot out uff you!”

        Sure, it’s comic hyperbole…now. But don’t put anything past them, not with roadside anal probes having already happened. The rule’s been that one generation’s laughable fictional fantasies of having their rights, once deemed unalienable, being stripped away in some hypothetical future…usually becomes painful reality within the next generation.

        My friends in the Bundeswehr long ago in the 1980’s didn’t have a very high opinion of some of the local police, using the epithet Scheisse polizei!” as one word. To think it might actually become a formal title; how far have we fallen?

  16. CJ says:

    that whole God hates 420 thing is so hilarious everytime i see it here. my immediate thought it always, [using the logic the religious use], “then why’d did He/She/It make it?” dumbasses. im telling you guys, im telling you!!! if you guys have any concern about your status and position in the afterlife then don’t be fooled. hear my theory. You see, the true Gods of the Universe are the greek Gods. Zeus and his family and friends. JUST HEAR ME OUT. What’s the last we really know and heard of them? Well, the endless wars and bickering, no? So, Zeus being the patriarch that he is, and wise, he said, “enough, im not gonna let this tear my family apart.” So he decided to trick humanity into thinking that the Jewish, Muslim, Christian etc. God was the real deal, for all eternity, thusly his family will be left alone and now, no more God based wars like the Trojan war etc. He has everyone fooled, no? But those of us who know the truth, he truly favors. Why I am a favorite myself of Mars/Ares and Venus, and every day when I load my rig with dope I always pay them tribute with sheeps blood and pigs heads. Dogmatic? no way jose.

    • Hip to be Triangled says:

      True blue drug-warrior Christians know that God made a mistake and thus God needs the perfection of mankind to mop up his mistakes. I tell Christians that marijuana is proof that God too can sin and make mistakes and needs man to eradicate drug crops because the Almighty doesn’t have the power or authority to control creation. God makes mistakes as evident in Marijuana. He might be my creator, but the Lord my God is only human, just like Charles Manson and Obama are. The Drug Laws only points out the obvious: God is imperfect and mankind has the ability to become better than HE. How can an anti-legalization Christian argue with said logic? Man technically has authority over God when we realize man is eradicating one or more of God’s plants . . . God’s wisdom is folly, while man’s wisdom is closer to perfection each step of the way. Soon, our laws will prove we no longer need God, since it is biologically unsuitable to follow a deity that makes mistakes.

  17. Servetus says:

    Kevin Sabet isn’t saying anything new or revealing in his YouTube presentation, but could that be Kevin’s own bookcase in the video background? If so, his books speak volumes.

    I zoomed in, and with the limited resolution, made out five interesting titles:

    One Nation Under Arrest by Paul Rosenzweig; about the excessive over-policing of America.

    The Conservative Revolution by Cory Bernardi; unapologetic right wing authoritarianism by patriarch and former Australian Senator Bernardi, “a better Australia through a commitment to faith, family, flag, freedom and free enterprise ”—the unhappy customer reviews at Amazon say it all.

    Full Engagement by Brian Tracy; the capitalist dream: “everyone is expected to produce more with less”, onward slaves….

    Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works by A. G. Lafly; a CEO success story and business guide from the man who ran Proctor & Gamble.

    19 Stars: A Study in Military Character and Leadership by Edgar Puryear, discusses the leadership styles of several famous WWII American generals.

    If these are Kevin’s books, am I wrong in sensing he exhibits some kind of Napoleonic complex?

    • kaptinemo says:

      Perhaps not Napoleonic. But it’s been my opinion that scratch any prohib and you find a control freak who was hurt by someone’s bad behavior so much when they were little that it warped their character.

      The warpage generally bends them towards authoritarianism and a need to control the behavior of others in order to feel personally, physically safe. All else used as rationales for justification of prohibition (‘moral decay’, ‘fall of civilization’, etc.) are window dressing, fancy cloth to muffle a primal scream of fear.

      For them, it’s control or be controlled; herd instinct applied to Human situations, at its rawest level. For them, it’s either dominate or serve. Live and let live’ is dismissed as being a matter of grace on the part of the dominators, unpalatable, insufferable charity they will not engage in when they have power…as the past 40 years have proved.

      But finally, despite their strenuous efforts to hold it back, the social pendulum they have done all they can to keep being jammed at the far right end is finally moving back towards the center. Power is slipping away from them at an increasing rate, and it’s prompting them to do crazy stuff like Nebraska and Oklahoma suing Colorado. Looney-toons, off-the-wall stuff like rat-cages in Denver, and Fed officials in California in sworn depositions stating that cannabis has no medicinal qualities when Uncle, Hisself, owns a few patents that say it does.

      Mind-buggering, gob-smacking stupidity on the part of prohibs shall become the norm as they lose ever more ground…and demonstrate that their pet neuroses are what fuels their (said Gollum-like) “preciousssssssss” prohibition.

      • claygooding says:

        I would also suspect an individual that spent a lot of money keeping or trying to keep a loved one from incarceration,,perhaps multiple times,,nothing pisses people off more than having to spend money that doesn’t buy something tangible and even worse if it doesn’t work.
        Instead of blaming the laws that created the situation they blame the target of the laws.

  18. Putsch says:

    Kill Lists eh. Guess we’re all on one eh, BigBro? See You in Hell, Clones of JUDAS

    • Putsch says:

      Is this the place I used to Call…
      Love the Clown Segment.

      Agent of Liberty! 420 in Limbo, SAVE US!

      • Putsch says:

        Aptitude Tests would go a Long Ways in regards to cleaning things up. Let’s Place Ten Detroit Teens in contest vs Ten Senators. Task; Re and Re the Pioneer Deck in a 98 Hyundai. Winning Team gets the Conch. GO!

        Thank you for the Happy New Year, Pete. Same to You.
        (Curtsey, Sword Secured. Exits.)

  19. claygooding says:


    The medical value of cannabis and the fraud of “medical marijuana”

    January 4, 2015 By Mark Kleiman @markarkleiman

    Of course cannabis has medical value; the FDA has approved pure THC as a pharmaceutical, and the cannabidiol in whole cannabis has its own therapeutic applications and also protects against some side effects of THC. So denying that natural cannabis has medical value is nonsensical.

    But equally of course, the variation in natural cannabis means that “marijuana” isn’t the name of a medicine; a medicine is a material of known chemical composition that has been shown in clinical trials to be safe and effective in the management of some condition in some group of patients.

    Some sick people get relief from whole cannabis, but “medical marijuana” is a political fraud, and the “medical marijuana” business is mostly a sham, with most of the volume going to non-medical users – many of them with diagnosable cannabis use disorder – and resellers.

    Footnote In a Twitter exchange, MPP lobbyist Dan Riffle doesn’t deny the facts, but seems to prefer that I use some euphemism for “fraud.”

    Mark has bared his fangs and let all the prohibitch hang out.

    I take Dr Gupta’s and Dr Grinspoon’s opinion more than I do a contract adviser for the ONDCP on drug policy.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      As predicted, the closer they become to being certified losers the more wild the nonsense that they regurgitate. How the heck does he get his “reality” based hogwash seen by Google as if it were news? Does he just lie on a form or something similar?

      But hey, he’s making a great living as a confidence artist and he doesn’t even break the law while doing so.

    • Diagnosable “cannabis use disorder” is a politically created diagnosis. It in itself is a fraud.

      It mostly describes the dire path of consequences encountered as one journeys through a drug war.

      “This disorder is only diagnosed when cannabis use becomes persistent and causes significant academic, occupational or social impairment.”

      Perfect description of drug war generated consequences. The diagnosis itself would fall apart with legalization. It is its own proof as it depends on social stigma and the illegality of cannabis for its diagnosis to a large degree. And perfectly designed for school age youth.

      What happens to Mark’s rhetoric when the candle he is burning at both ends finally meets in the middle?

      • Duncan20903 says:


        What happens to [“The Professor’s” hysterical] rhetoric when the candle he is burning at both ends finally meets in the middle?”

        He retires to a beach resort, sipping Cuba Libres while trying to figure out if he should order the cracked crab or the lobster for dinner. At that point there’s no need for “The Professor” to regurgitate any more hysterical rhetoric.

  20. One Hundred Years Ago, Prohibition Began in Earnest—and We’re Still Paying for It -By Maia Szalavitz

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