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I’m out of town this week to be with my sister following the death of her husband. Way up in the north woods of Wisconsin, and with limited WiFi access.

Not able to do much posting or keeping up with news for a couple of days, so feel free to point out things of interest here.

Here are a couple pictures I took in the area.




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  1. SKOOTERCAT says:

    Sorry for your loss and that of your sister and your family.

  2. CarolDuhart2 says:

    Sorry about your and your sister’s loss. We will keep the light on until you return and feel like posting again. It won’t be easy for the next week or so, and even a while afterwards as you process the loss.

    The place you are going to looks beautiful and peaceful.

  3. Servetus says:

    Anyone planning on acquiring a traumatic brain injury in the near future? Don’t forget to smoke marijuana first. According to the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (LA BioMed), “marijuana is associated with lower death rates in patients with traumatic brain injuries”.

    LOS ANGELES – (Oct. 2, 2014) – Surveying patients with traumatic brain injuries, a group of Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed) researchers reported today that they found those who tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, were more likely to survive than those who tested negative for the illicit substance.

    The findings, published in the October edition of The American Surgeon, suggest THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, may help protect the brain in cases of traumatic brain injury, the researchers said. The study included 446 patients who suffered traumatic brain injuries and underwent a urine test for the presence of THC in their system. The researchers found 82 of the patients had THC in their system. Of those, only 2.4% died. Of the remaining patients who didn’t have THC in their system, 11.5% died.

    “Previous studies conducted by other researchers had found certain compounds in marijuana helped protect the brain in animals after a trauma,” said David Plurad, MD, an LA BioMed researcher and the study’s lead author. “This study was one of the first in a clinical setting to specifically associate THC use as an independent predictor of survival after traumatic brain injury.”

    • claygooding says:

      If we plan on giving someone traumatic brain injury we should hide all the marijuana first is my take on this.

      • Duncan2003 says:


        My problem with that is that I don’t think it very likely that the people I want to wop upside the head have brains…take Kevin Sabet for example.

        • primus says:

          See? He loves you, he gave you a down thumb. Proof positive that he reads this blog. Don’t you, you snivelling POS?

        • allan says:

          we’ll find out in a month or so whether Oregonyuns prefer Kev-kev or Rick Steves. It is interesting that Kev cut his Oregon anti-pot tour itinerary in half (and the half that he kept will have RussB at every stop). Also interesting that Rick Steves’ tour is after Sebat’s… oops Kev! You been chumped by the amotivated, Suckah.

        • claygooding says:

          allan,,this is the first time,,TMK,,that kev-kev missed a chance to display his diarrhea of the mouth to an audience,,I read orders from above calling him in because it was a waste of their money,,people laughing at his big marijuana spiel was not seen as an endorsement for his raised eyebrows and worried demeanor or any of his other trash,,and from what I understand,,just hearing tidbits,,the Russ rebuttal sheet being handed out refuted every weapon he had,,he had nothing new and now he is feeling the pinch of reality,,he is nothing.

        • claygooding says:

          Questioned about stirring up “modern-day Reefer Madness” and how his message is portrayed, Sabet told reporter Noelle Crombie:
          ‘I think I am extremely misunderstood and also purposely mischaracterized. It would be a lot better for legalization advocates if I was a modern-day prohibitionist from the ’20s, saying that everybody should go to prison if they smoke a joint and this is a gateway drug.
          ‘That would make their lives easier. They could say, This guy is crazy. I didn’t say any of that. I go out of my way to say a couple things. One, I go out of my way to say most people who use marijuana won’t become addicted. Two, most people who use marijuana will not go on to use heroin. And three, that this is not the devil’s weed.
          ‘But what I do talk about is what every single medical association talks about, which is the drug is more harmful than it used to be, that we underappreciate its harms because its harms aren’t as immediately apparent as other drugs, that we desperately need to understand the connection between mental illness and learning and if we are supposed to create a race to the top for education and a workforce that can compete on the global marketplace, we should think twice before allowing ourselves to be duped by another industry, just like the industry we are beginning to put in its place, which is tobacco.’ Snip

          I don’t misunderstand him at all,,after nearly 5 decades of searching his source for harms still only has “could be linked with” as their strongest claim of harm,,still no smoking gun on any harms,,only maybes.

    • Windy says:

      My younger son (and youngest child, my baby) suffered a burst brain aneurysm 7 years ago, at the age of 40. He’d been a regular cannabis user since he was 12 and I know that was how he survived and recovered with minimal damage after 2 surgeries and 21 days in the hospital. It was so scary when I realized what had happened to him, he’d been alone for three hours after the aneurysm burst his wife had been working and came home for lunch to find him curled up on the couch and not very coherent, she called me immediately so I went next door (he still lives next door) on the run. As soon as I heard him say “I have the worst headache”, I knew what had happened and I told her to get him to the hospital immediately, she did and he was airlifted to the nearest trauma center that evening and had the first surgery the next day. Watching the chopper take off with him in it was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. I am so thankful that hubby and I were cannabis users so that our kids became users, too; if not he probably would have died from that, or at the least been brain damaged. His only lasting problems from it are that he is quicker to anger than he used to be and he has problems remembering dates for appointments (or when something happened), if he doesn’t write them down.

  4. thelbert says:

    take care of your sister, Pete. the couch can take care of itself.

  5. allan says:

    condolences Pete, travel safe.

  6. Servetus says:

    The prohibitionists’ chief argument against the medical marijuana industry was recently subjected to scientific scrutiny. The Survey Research Group at Public Health Institute in Sacramento finally did the research to determine who was gaming the system, and who wasn’t, when it came to medical marijuana prescriptions. The conclusions exonerate the medial marijuana industry and its patients.

    This doesn’t mean the critics will shut up, of course, people such as “former president of the California Police Chiefs Association Kim Raney [who] said that the application of the state’s medical marijuana law is ‘fraudulent,’ which echoed the sentiments of top law enforcement lobbyist John Lovell who called the law a ‘giant con job.’”

    Peer-Reviewed Study Refutes Claims of Widespread Abuse in California’s Medical Marijuana Program

    October 1, 2014 — SACRAMENTO, CA – A new landmark study published last week by the peer-reviewed journal Drug and Alcohol Review refutes the long-held belief that abuse of California’s medical marijuana law is ubiquitous. The study, “Prevalence of medical marijuana use in California, 2012,” is the first time anyone has formally measured such data in the state according to its authors Suzanne Ryan-Ibarra, Marta Induni, and Danielle Ewing of the Survey Research Group at Public Health Institute in Sacramento.

    The report found that as much as ninety-two percent of participants reported that “medical marijuana helped alleviate symptoms or treat a serious medical condition.” Researchers said that “To get that kind agreement on anything is pretty astounding.” The report also found that one-in-twenty California adults, roughly 1.4 million people, reported using medical marijuana to treat serious illness, and that such use spanned all ages, genders, races, and geographical regions.

    • Duncan2003 says:


      Why is it that if I were trying to convince a specific, large cohort of people that they should change their minds and adopt my point of view that I don’t think that calling them morons who were scammed by people who I claim are amotivational, worthless, and unable to set and accomplish goals is the best choice of tactical strategy to convince them of my point of view?

    • strayan says:

      “First, it is clear that Proposition 215 is helping people who are sick and use medical marijuana to treat serious medical conditions, including cancer, migraines and chronic pain, to manage their symptoms. Medical marijuana is not solely being used by young men who are accessing medical marijuana under the pretence that they have a serious medical condition and that they ‘need’ medical marijuana to treat it.”

      Kleiman isn’t going to like this study one bit.

    • MJ Verite says:

      First of all, Pete,I’m very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you all.

      Thanks Servetus for that excellent post! I think the prohibitionists are grasping for straws. Each passing day brings new evidence refuting their claims. The biggest players on the prohibitionist’s bench are those who’ve dedicated their lives to the lie. They will not concede defeat, Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.If we are diligent and stay with it until the end, we will prevail.

    • Freeman says:

      Good find, Servetus! Now try convincing Mark (K)lie-man, the self-proclaimed expert on the subject, who thinks he knows the facts without bothering to subject his bigoted perceptions to scientific peer-reviewed study.

      Of course, whenever someone mentions something like a study that applies bogus drug addiction measurement techniques used to gage Cocaine addiction to Oreo cookies and comes up with similar results, he whines about lack of peer-review. It’s peer-review for thee but not for me over there at the “Reality-Based Community”.

  7. DdC says:

    My Condolences to your sister and family…
    I’d guess it wouldn’t be hard to find an argument over drug reform in Wisconsin. Unplugging doesn’t have the withdrawal symptoms most are concerned over. I’ve heard of people doing it.

    Ex-Miami Beach Candidate Steve Berke’s Grease Pot Parody Yanked From YouTube via @tokeofthetown

    Mary Jane in ‘Grease’ dwr

    92% of Patients Say Medical Marijuana Works

    California Study Shows Five Percent of Californians Have Used Medical Pot, 92 Percent Say it Works via @tokeofthetown

  8. Cliff says:

    Sorry to hear about your Brother in Law Pete. 🙁
    Peace be the journey.

  9. allan says:

    In the Woohoo! category, Oregon division, comes the announcement of Jackson Co. Sheriff Winters’ retirement – and he gives his support to good guy (and the wide leader in the race) Corey Falls!


  10. DonDig says:

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  11. DdC says:

    Billboard along I-94 calls out two state senators for their stance on medical marijuana
    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s a message “high” above I-94, and it’s calling out two state senators for their stance on medical marijuana.×400.png

    • Jean Valjean says:

      Here’s one of those senators, Leah Vukmir, a few years back showing her ignorance on medical cannabis use:

      Clearly she represents her corporate masters at ALEC, not the citizens of Wisconsin. Her need for secrecy on her membership of that organization should brand her as corrupt and ineligible for any government office.

      • Jean Valjean says:

        Vukmir is one of the crazy uncles/aunties now being revealed in all their wackiness. Here’s one of her constituents, Dan Schroeder, trying to get her to answer questions on her opposition to medical cannabis use. From about 4:00 the exchange gets livelier and Leah gets loonier. (poor quality audio)
        Also, is that a wig she’s wearing? If she is ultra-orthodox Jewish she may be basing her “medical” opinion (she’s a nurse) on religious grounds.

  12. claygooding says:

    I make pineapple upside-down cakes for families of my friends that have gone before me,,if I thought I could get it past the couch I would bring you one when you get back.

  13. Servetus says:

    Forensic and academic researchers can acquire cannabinoids such as CBG, which is being investigated as a colorectal cancer preventative and cure, and other molecules of interest from commercial sources such as this one. The list provides a convenient reference source for cannabinoids and other potentially useful psychoactive compounds.

  14. Russ Belville is watching Kevin and monitoring his “bash marijuana before the vote” tour: for anyone interested.

    My condolences to you and the family, Pete.

    • allan says:

      😀 yeah, I just read Russ’ email on the DPF list… man, Kev-kev is a spendy sucker! A 3 day trip thru Oregon should’ve made a good month for him. It would be a good year for many of us what he made in 3 days spoutin’ crap.

  15. thelbert says:

    here is a little something from the tacoma paper:
    19 million in pot sales. just think of the brain cells that won’t have to die an early death. smoke ’em if you got ’em.

    • primus says:

      In either Colorado or Washington, is there a hint that they are reducing the black market? Have they built up the supply to the point where prices are softening? If not, then the market is much larger than anyone in government predicted. It seems to me that as the legal market expands, prices should soften a bit, which would lead the black market to move its prices lower to match. Repeat. Repeat. At some point the black market starts to disappear because there is so little profit and so much risk that it’s not worth it. Only then will we have any real idea of the actual size of the cannabis market. Only then will it be possible to predict taxes and sales volumes with any confidence.

      • primus says:

        Why would anyone ‘down’ the above? What was offensive? All I said was, until we have a fully functional legal market, we won’t know how much cannabis is actually used by the people. Until then we are guessing. That was offensive? Someone is wound too tightly.

        • B. Snow says:

          It wasn’t me, but I can field a guess for you:
          Some = might not like the idea that cannabis consumption is significantly higher than currently believed. (This is the sorta thing might give ‘our friend’ = “MK-Lie-man” a giant woody, maybe?)

          Similarly, just the concept that the “Legal Market” and the “Black Market” are remotely fungible (in a number of ways) is no doubt *Really Disturbing* to some folks whether any part of the assertion its true or not.

          Sorta like an article I ran across (somewhere recently ??? IDK sorry, I’m a bit off my game today.)

          It was essentially taking note of an apparently fairly sizable drop-off in MMJ user registrations = or cards or whatever they call it – in the area the story was referring to.

          This lead the person to infer that those people might not have had a legitimate medical need, but had a recommendation/card anyway. And, that this points to the idea/notion that some people are getting recreational cannabis for medical use, or vice-versa (pun intended) – which could screw with the previously “guesstimated” ratios for Supply vs. Demand = estimates that people have used to base their investments on – into the legal medical and recreational markets.

          And, for just about any people who are still trying to planing for ‘near future’ demand = Your reasonable Economic query brings to light the probability that actual ‘after-the-fact’ figures are likely going to elude & defy conventional methods of measure.

          Also -any- “Black Market involvement” – (in places where the supply isn’t necessarily ‘strictly controlled’ -aka- “from seed-to-sale”), is surely going to give those like (MK-Lie-man) trying to preach to the public their (alleged) “wisdom”, whether drawing from either “Classical” or *ahem* “Real-World” economic models & methodologies – some massive migraines.

          And anyone that doesn’t understand (or at least acknowledge) some of the most basic wisdom – one might find here on the couch… Which I’m dubbing “Cannabis-Gnosis” – is gonna put those betting on the other side of this issue – “a serious run for their money” – (again, pun intended).

          People like ‘marky-mark & the greedy bunch’, and ‘k-sabot-round’ are seemingly incapable of wrapping their minds around this sort of Gnosis – that is actually rather easily gained… (Except for the fine print):

          Firstly, one must have an open mind – (the tricky bit there is, that it requires a divestment of sizable & conflicting vested financial interests), and Secondly, one needs to spend a bit of free time listening & conversing, -here- on the couch.

          The extra bonuses, are that of perhaps gaining some friends, and growing to understanding people quite unlike yourself, although you may find = that’s really just how it seemed to you at first.

        • Windy says:

          Don’t feel badly about it, primus, I got a down vote on my comment about my son’s aneurysm and recovery. Someone REALLY does NOT like the fact that cannabis helps in so many different ways. My first guess was Mark Kleiman, since none of the posts that mentioned him got a down vote, I thought he might be leaving those posts alone so that no one here would think it is him down voting the other comments.

        • Freeman says:

          Fun factoid: You may not be able to get your comments through the Reverberation-Based Community’s registration-plus-moderation gauntlet any more (I know I can’t), but you can thumb-up/thumb-down comments over there now.

        • Duncan2003 says:


          Windy come on…” He’d been a regular cannabis user since he was 12 and I know that was how he survived and recovered with minimal damage..”

          Not that I disagree with you on that point because I don’t, but saying that out loud is an open invitation to getting slapped in the face with a trout by a sycophant of prohibition. Hey, don’t kid yourself. These things do happen in the real world:

          Man slapped in face with wet fish

          I think that we need to concentrate on keeping perspective. It took us almost two decades to get them to accept the idea that medicinal cannabis can be used as valid palliative medicine and now you want them to assimilate the possibility that cannabis may actually protect peoples brains? Oh, and not protecting not just any old brain either, but the brain of a children! In the future please try to remember that prohibitionists are none too bright.

        • Windy says:

          To be clear, hubby and I did not know about his use of cannabis at that early age, we didn’t find out until much later, after they were adults our sons confessed as to how long they’d been using. And his burst aneurysm didn’t happen until he was 40.

  16. thelbert says:

    OT: a ray of revolutionary sunshine from mexico:

  17. Duncan2003 says:


    Oh-oh, there (not confirmed) there has been a sighting George Soros in Oregon! The “people” of Oregon appear to be worried and whelmed of the prospect that he intends to get the entire population of Oregon’s youth addicted to heroin. Other “people” are more concerned that he’s going just going to buy the State then turn Oregon into a hippie commune that manufactures and sells head cheese to cover expenses.


  18. My Sincere Condolences, Pete says:

    “I just returned from Hood River, where Kevin Sabet was holding forth on “Marijuana and Kids” at a “seminar.” apparently sponsored, at least in part, by the local county rehab/mental health industry. The presentation was, in a word, sad. Held in a high school theater that looked to seat maybe 800, at least, there may have been 50 people; few enough that the welcoming speaker had to acknowledge the humiliating low turnout. Of those in attendance, at least ten were uniformed law enforcement personnel in full mufti.

    Sabet came on. Disjointed PowerPoint whiplash ensues. He’s got a lot of bullet points, but no organization. It’s almost as if his presentation was written using a Magic 8 Ball as a word processor. Subsequently he steps on his d**k a lot. He even backed himself into a corner of essentially defending cigarettes as preferable for kids over marijuana. Seriously. It was so humiliating that I began to feel a certain empathy for him.”

    Posted on this thread by ‘Porsadgai’

  19. Duncan2003 says:


    Now how could you make idiot LEOs that mistake horse mint for cannabis look smarter? How about pointing to a clan of idiot LEOs that mistake okra for cannabis? “Fortunately, no humans or dogs were killed.”

    OK, not really. Quite frankly okra looks more like cannabis than horse mint.

  20. goin' down, goin' down Mmm ooh I'm goin' down says:

    “It’s appalling that Sabet–a prohibitionist charlatan, an “assistant professor of psychiatry” who has no medical training (he has a BA in political science and a Ph.D in “social policy”), a man whose every argument for prohibition of marijuana has been thoroughly debunked, a man whose organization advocates for the arrest of repeat marijuana users–is given a forum for his lies and misinformation at our high school. These “preventation specialists” and “addiction counselors” are so afraid of losing their livelihoods when marijuana inevitably becomes legal that they are happy to give exclusive distribution rights of a relatively harmless drug to murderous drug cartels. How else to explain the fallacious arguments these prohibitionists use to further their cause? It’s all about their paychecks, regardless of the facts on marijuana. How much does Sabet rake in from these “educational” forums? Measure 91 can’t be passed soon enough.”

    • thelbert says:

      i like how “He frequently shares his expertise on the national news.” as the Hood River News knows: that alone assures us of his credibility. noticed that the offer of a buck of at the ffa stand didn’t bring in the crowds. i’ll bet the freedom to smoke some cannabis in the high school auditorium would have packed the citizens in.

  21. primus says:

    I prefer his full name; Kevin Abraham Sabet-Shargi. It sounds alien, vaguely muslim and therefore less trustworthy. Just like he actually is.

  22. CarolDuhart2 says:

    Who thumbs down expressions of sympathy? Is one of Kevin’s minions on this board? Anyway, why didn’t I think of this gig? 40k to run around a state to tell people not to use drugs, and no real qualifications. Think. He’s not a doctor, not a counselor, not a researcher. He doesn’t have to tend to patients, issue research papers. He doesn’t even have life experience as an addict to his resume-so no sweating out AA/NA meetings to help keep him sober.

    I bet this is the first time these people’s finances and support has ever been put to scrutiny anywhere by anybody. Or that they have had to justify their work. For a long time any critics could be put down as “druggies”. Now the other side is fighting back effectively, and you can hear the howls from space.

    I wonder how much he makes a year in unscrutinized money overall, and what he thinks he will do once pot is legal, and we start regulating what’s left of the other illegal drugs?

    • Jean Valjean says:

      Kevin should be arrested and forced to attend “treatment” at Over-eaters Anonymous, with the threat of jail if he “relapses.” He might then understand what he is advocating for a large section of the population. Meanwhile, here’s Mr Creosote from Python, a sort of Reefer Madness-like warning to Kevin of what might happen if he keeps on stuffing his face at the trough of prohibition:

    • Duncan2003 says:


      I’m willing to bet dollars to dirt that Kev-Kev launders his black ops “honoraria” via

      Does anyone know if there’s any way possible to get an accurate count of the total number of a particular book’s total sales, or at least its gross revenues? For all I know he’s only sold the 9 copies that his mom bought and another 36 to masochistic cannabis law reform advocates for purposes of flagellation.

  23. pfroehlich2004 says:

    Any recommendations from the couch on a first vaporizer purchase? It will only ever be used with dry herb, should be portable, and as inexpensive as possible while still getting the job done.

    There are myriad choices at a wide range of price points and I have no idea what sets them apart, so some advice would be much appreciated.

    • Viggo Piggsko Flatmark says:

      I think the subject was up in a post this spring/summer, I bet some on the couch can post a linky for you.

    • NorCalNative says:

      pf, I asked the same question here a few months ago.

      I went with the “PAX” @ $250 which isn’t cheap but it is easily portable and works well for dried flowers.

      The chamber holds approximately .25-to-.30 grams of dried material and I get 10 to 15 inhalations depending on what I’m vaporizing.

    • pfroehlich2004 says:

      Thanks for the tips!

  24. claygooding says:

    My only experience is an E_ZVape,,$140 and it has digital temp control and only vaporizes when you pull on it(no bag filler) and is small enough to sit around without drawing attention.
    It has been working now for several years.

  25. NorCalNative says:

    Pete, sorry about your sister’s loss.

    Those are really nice photos. That’s pretty country.

  26. Did you guys know that people didn’t get high in the 60’s according to Kevin?

    I didn’t know Kevin was that old. Well, false memories can be handled with a bit of counseling and rehab.

    • Windy says:

      I know people who got high on cannabis in the 60s, in fact one of them offered some to us (hubby and me) in 1967, but we never tried cannabis until 1970. Oh, and what about all those kids who were puffing pot at Woodstock in 69? I’m pretty certain they’d all tried it before that year, too, and acid and ‘shrooms, and …

      • I can verify it was potent as hell in ’65. Cannabis potency hasn’t changed. Getting bud back then was uncommon in my recollection (coming from Mexico). I can recall plenty of hash oil. Kevin is no authority on this – he is just good at b.s. and demonizing cannabis in concert with the drug war.
        Sowing fear of cannabis by any means is his motivation. Truth is no obstacle.

      • B. Snow says:

        WELL, If he says it’s so… I suppose a few hundred-thousand hippies in upstate NY were all simply feeling a massive-shared-delusional-placebo, “pseudo-buzz”?

        They just thought they’d been getting stoned for years = I’m gonna guess Sabot-rounder’s excuse/explanation is:

        “Because Reverse-“Ockham’s Razor”, – Can you believe that IS ‘a thing’ nowdays?
        Technically = That phrase ‘is a thing’, but when the Professional Mime starts talking you don’t interrupt… Because, that’s a sure sign that some sh*t “just got real”.

        FWIW, I’m working on my sarcasm-detector evading humor, How am I doin’?

        As I was getting at = Kevin is out there almost by his lonesome, and he knows he’s beat, at this point its just ‘soon or later’ = at this point he’s just pushing for ‘later’, and now it’s getting him caught slippin’. He’s been “giving away the farm” – in his PowerPoint presentations, He let people take photos of his speaking events with a truly sad number of attendees. (One of the bigger ones photographed only had 38-40 people visible – counting the back of people’s heads and including everyone in the room minus the 2-3 on the stage.)

        He’s taking donations in a manner he shouldn’t be (Via the way he did in his old office’s setup[?] Or, whatever that part wasn’t clear to me – I don’t donate cash to political groups I offer my time & turn off my ad-blocker when on their sites *nod to Pete*). The point is K-Sabot is a damn near ‘Broken’, and looking to his corner he’s got Patty-cake, Calfina-Hay, Nada-Volokh, maybe a couple others.

        Seriously, You gotta know that *somebody* is going to be crying when he gets home = maybe an ‘SO’, or possibly him, These look to be interesting times my friends!

        At least he can always go back to ‘busking’ as a talking street mime, practically nobody is even paying attention to him anymore to realize what’s wrong with that picture.

        (All the while he fucks up colossally quoting bogus stats that equal, “Reductio ad absurdum”) Except Kevi’s trying to float a version of standard “Society must have *DRUG* laws, otherwise there would be chaos.” Problem for him is that the American public knows this is total nonsense!

        Its his own damn fault, in a panic to stay relevant – he tried to *triangulate to the middle* with his “Third Way” crapola.

        All but the most brainwashed, ‘Temperance Movement’ types acknowledge that Marijuana/Cannabis has no business being classified as a scheduled Controlled Substance – in any part of the CSA, other than possibly next to alcohol, wine and tobacco = in the exempted area created for them.

        His schpiel about “Big Marijuana will be as dangerous as Big Tobacco” is backfiring because nobody believes it! (UNLESS, they’re part of the teensy sliver that still thinks people put joints into their arms, or that ask questions like “Did you take a Marijuana?”)

        Hence his having “given away the farm”, and the Reductio ad absurdum – he no longer has any lucid believable information that shows marijuana to be dangerous or highly addictive. People maybe be highly like to use it recreational when appropriate, because of it’s safe profile when consumed with any modicum of responsibility.
        Plus, we’ve gotten across the point that the CSA equates “high potential for abuse” with “high potential for use” or that ‘Marijuana Use’ = ‘Marijuana Abuse’… in general people are likely to use it, or try it and decide for themselves if they’ll use it again or not.

        But, we’re not likely to *abuse it* -aka- eating the whole damn edible (Maureen Dowd style), because it’s a freakin’ waste of weed. You can only get so high before you fall asleep, maybe faint if you stand up too fast, or find that you’ve accidentally managed to astrally project your consciousness outside your body, although you never really leave the couch. That sorta thing is like a vision quest – not something you’d do on a whim, or more than ‘once a Season’ basis.

        Kev-Kev’s last little “EPIC FAIL Tour” shows us that even the people who already *Drank the Prohib-Purple Kool-Aid* long, long ago! Simply don’t want to go hear him speak anymore. He does it in a manner that can only be described as preaching to the choir = Except now – The choir is just about as sick of his b*llsh*t as we are!

        And they be damned if it’ll be THEIR CASH, that’s going to pay for him to show up, So he can try to coax the band to play a few more songs as the ship goes down.

    • jean valjean says:

      usa #12 in mj use despite massive imprisonment campaign. netherlands #53 in mj consumption after 40 years of decrim. kevin is damned by his own stats and still doesnt get it

  27. Kevin sites THC and CBD levels in pot (in his presentation) from 1960-2011.

    That is impossible.

    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or more precisely its main isomer (−)-trans-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol ( (6aR,10aR)-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), is the principal psychoactive constituent (or cannabinoid) of the cannabis plant. It was first isolated in 1964 by Israeli scientists Raphael Mechoulam and Yechiel Gaoni at the Weizmann Institute of Science. They couldn’t have records of THC levels from 1960. THC wasn’t isolated and discovered till ’64. Some expert PHD he is. Don’t go to the ONDCP looking for an honest man. Or to one that has retired to share his “expertise”.

    I feel like laughing.

  28. This isn’t The Kevin Sabet Tour.

    It’s The Kevin Saboteur.

    • allan says:

      dude… you scare me sometimes.

      I saw the words Sabet Tour in last night’s roaming (also looking at Russ’ photos, bwahahaha!) and my brain went to that same spot. Them memes be tricky little boogers.

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