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No, there’s no obvious direct connection to drug policy when reading the facts of the case (known to date), yet there’s no way I can, as someone who writes about drug policy, ignore the death of Michael Brown and the resulting military occupancy of the town of Ferguson, Missouri by police forces.

Because the connection is real. The drug war led inexorably to this moment, to the racial applications of the war, to the militarization of police forces, to the sense by many in law enforcement that they are an occupying force surrounded by enemies, to the community disconnect and finally, to the understandable rage that suddenly explodes within communities where a single event becomes a last straw.

#Ferguson is merely a data point. If we don’t do something to reverse our course soon, it’ll turn into a country-wide conflagration. It’s not a desire, but a fact.

Note: Just to be clear, I quote Radley Balko, with whom I strongly agree: “I don’t tolerate threats to kill or harm police officers, public officials, or anyone else. It not only contradicts everything I believe in, it’s also counterproductive to reform. This is the precise sort of crap police officials cite when explaining why they need more power, bigger guns, and more militarization, or when they falsely claim that their jobs are getting more dangerous.”

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  1. Jeopardy Fail Championships says:

    I’ll start. Banana Republics for $200, Alex, Please.

  2. The Feds are using the trickle down method to buy the local police. Everyone in between gets a piece of the action. Internet sharing ensures inter-agency co-operation to cover all the bases. Teamwork.

    What’s left in the Afghanistan surplus to help #Ferguson recover from this? Armored personnel carriers?

  3. Windy says:

    Just in case you were under the impression that protesters were chanting “kill the police”, apparently (from what I’ve heard/read) that was mis(or dis)information.

  4. divadab says:

    After the G20 fiasco (basically a police riot) in Toronto, police chief Bill Blair’s contract not being renewed:


    At least in Canada, those responsible for police excess are being held accountable.

  5. Duncan20903 says:


    I do agree that it’s counter productive to call for violence. Not just against the police but “period” as an excited sycophant of prohibition might say. Does anyone actually know why they start spelling out punctuation when they get excited question mark? To me it’s one of their more puzzling habits.

    As much as I hate to say it I suppose that we shouldn’t even cheer when it happens all by itself. Well at least publicly.

    FAA to cops: No drones for you! Am I missing something? When did the friends of freedom acquire an air force? If we did have one can’t bombs be dropped from higher than 3000 feet? [Hypothetical question exclamation point!]

  6. Jean Valjean says:

    Yet another black man shot in the back by police while lying face down on the ground. It seems he also had learning difficulties which the LAPD were aware of. These are lynchings, there is no other word.

  7. Until everyone’s lives are deemed precious, expect a repeat of the same.

  8. allan says:

    so how thin is the line between sheltering troops in your home and in your community?

    The poor little 3rd Amendment gets no action. Maybe it’s time it did? There’s a story out of Nevada from last year that’s relevant:


    Fraudulent warrants, wrong addresses, stop-and-frisk… if folks can start connecting the dots we may see some interesting days ahead.

    • War Vet says:

      I mourn so much for my nation. I just want to rip my hair out and “we(ep) like some grandmother”(Apocalypse Now). I’d fly my big outside flag upside down, but I’m afraid our local rednecks would freak out and not understand–demanding I fly it back right, thus getting me into trouble with the law who would have authority to arrest me for something like that. But I guess good guerilla tactics means to hide in plane sight. I’m so lucky I live in the town I live in . . . it’s not that bad yet. To be vigilant . . . excelsior, though spoken under my breath like some tired, beaten pugilist. Ignorance is Bliss. I miss kitty cats and sunflowers being all the hype.

  9. NorCalNative says:

    Just tossing some darts against the wall here, but is it possible this military-turned-police might be preparation for the climate-change shit storm we’re headed into if we can’t shake our OIL ADDICTION?

    We’re (the oil companies) continuing to drill-baby-drill even in the Arctic where a possible “methane-bubble” could be “lights-out” for everyone of us.

    Drugs and local issues DON’T require this kind of military buildup. They certainly look like a handy tool for local officials but I suspect their real purpose for being here is down-the-road when hungry, thirsty, climate-refuges will be causing mass societal disruption.

    • Windy says:

      THIS is the reason:

      Global corporate empire: sovereign nations are the only obstacle

      Imperialism has long been a collective disease for humanity. In its current perverse capitalist incarnation, imperialism’s methods have become even more brutal and ruthless. If the physical destruction of a country’s infrastructure is still in the foreground, this is used in conjunction with the creation or revival of civil wars, ethnic or bloody sectarian conflicts in previously stable national entities. Corporate imperialism aims to break the national spirit. The few remaining sovereign nations are the final obstacles to the looming threat of a global transnational corporate empire.

  10. claygooding says:

    The hypocrisy of the war on some drugs is directly responsible for this,,while our troops patrol opium fields and acres of Afghan Kush our police continue no-knocks at the wrong address,wrong person busts for grams,,whether you are a drug user or not that picture is in every persons mind when they read about another family torn with grief over the loss of a pet or child from law enforcement chasing the rainbow,,looking for the big bust where they find hundreds of thousands of dollars and drugs so they can seize anything they want from a citizen,,it has become the “Wheel of Fortune” for law enforcement and a killing machine to American citizens.

    Fuck the controllers.

    • War Vet says:

      Play Devil’s Advocate with those Bastards: Since Soldiers took an oath to obey and defend. To not destroy drug crops that one is near, is technically giving aid to the enemy due to the fact drugs finance the enemy. Solution: offer prison and or death sentences to any and all soldiers who did not participate in drug eradication while in close proximity to the crops, regardless of orders.

      What do you think the controllers will say about that? The Law is the Law. And aren’t cops technically required by law to undergo global drug enforcement because the DEA set the precedents? Draft a million Americans and current police officers to pursue global drug use and distribution and to even engage in combat operations against those financed by drugs. Maybe the people will abide or vote in new leaders and change policy. The Drug War is all fun and games until a few thousand cops end up looking like Roadside bomb victims due to the violent nature of fighting/encountering global drug money. I speak on behalf of all cops: they don’t mind dying for a single pot seed, let alone a million in dope as long as it gets the job done . . . what goes on in the Congo in regards to cocaine, directly affects our nation and national security. Don’t have any fear, the cops are here and they are willing to die in every nation on the planet to fight a bit of dope, let alone a lot of dope. If we play by their rules, we might win at their game.

  11. darkcycle says:

    Radley is not the only one. In advance, I’ll say that I believe this writer is mistaken, this was in no way a “pre emptory” riot. While it took three days for the media to notice, police left that young man’s body in the middle of a busy street for all residents to see. For three hours….while they brought in busloads of riot police. It was instigated….the police reaction let that community know exactly what they were expected to do.

  12. Freeman says:


    Check out Dr. Silent K’s latest incoherent post conflating marijuana legalization with lead poisoning. The money quote:

    As a result, quiet men (and women) in pleasant offices, who have not only neatly-trimmed fingernails but utterly clear consciences – men and women most of whom would be psychologically incapable of injuring a child with their own hands – will continue to poison other people’s children (with environmental toxins, unhealthy foods, alcohol, tobacco, and, shortly, cannabis), call anyone who tries to interfere a socialist, and use everything short of explicit bribery to get their way.

    Yeah, I’m going to get real worried about legal cannabis wreaking the kind of mayhem that leaded gasoline and paints have done. And this fool claims to be the arbiter of what is and is not the “reality-based community”.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      For the last few weeks I’ve been entertaining the notion that the war on (some) drugs was caused by lead poisoning. So far that notion is finding itself more welcome every day. The correlation is certainly easy to see. No, correlation doesn’t prove causation but causation most assuredly produces correlation. E.g. the reason it so laughably easy to disprove the reefer madness that says schizophrenia is caused by cannabis because there’s no corresponding rise in the incidence of schizophrenia when the incidence of people choosing to enjoy cannabis was increasing by over 1000%.

      You can slice it or dice it any way you like but you just can’t make prohibition make any sense in a sane world. How in the world can it be argued that even a sliver of sanity is associated with a public policy that gets an 87 year old woman evicted from her home because some said they smelled merrywanna? That send a man dying of cancer to prison almost certainly for the rest of his life? That results in people taking Kev-Kev seriously? That spawned Linda Taylor as one of its bastard progeny?

      Hey, did you know that silver and gold will both give you heavy metal poisoning just like lead, only at greater expense?

      • primus says:

        So if I follow your logic it goes something like this; During the 1950’s and 60’s they used tetraethyl lead in gasoline to boost octane. Once it was appreciated what a bad idea that was, they ceased using it. Lead is very toxic, especially to the nervous system and brain. People exposed to that substance were the ones who backed prohibition. Now that there are fewer and fewer of them, prohibition is coming to an end. This proves that lead poisoning led directly to prohibition. Does that about sum it up?

        • NedIsDead says:

          Where does ‘The Custard’ fit into it?

        • allan says:

          lol… I think “it” fits in the custard. I mean that’s some copious custard…

        • darkcycle says:

          Lead poisoning was quite widespread before the use of TTEL. Lead was used in pigments, tanning leather and dies for clothing. Water pipes and cans of food. It was ubiquitous. And for a long time, they new it was toxic, but had no clue that cumulative exposure was actually worse than acute lead poisoning.
          But, reefer madness began with Anslinger and Co. in the thirties. So what you suggest is entirely possible. Though TTEL wouldn’t have been the culprit. Coming out of the depression, they brought running water (running in lead and lead soldered pipes) to a huge portion of the population.

  13. Servetus says:

    Each incident resembling the Ferguson killing feeds on a previous incident involving some senseless or fatal police encounter. As isolated examples mount, the public perceives itself on the defensive against a nameless, faceless, inhuman force that metes out its own punishment, even though punishment is not the policeman’s job. Under the law, punishment is to be administered by sending criminals to jail or fining them after a lawful conviction, not by police rousting people, or shooting their pets.

    Resistance to arbitrary and capricious oppression has been criminalized in many societies by means that include attacks on cultural icons, or the use of shibboleths, such as marijuana and other illicit drugs. The authority that presents itself in these circumstances is the same one freedom fighters have always fought. Oppression is a very old story. Rich and greedy for more, the reigning pseudo-monarchs will stop at nothing to dominate an entire society to exploit it for their own personal gain.

    Time is running out. Americans are fed up with their trillion-dollar police state. They’re tired of Prohibition, Inc., which was largely responsible for the current police state. Old fogies such as Mel and Betty (de Sade) Sembler, Sheldon Adelson, Robert DuPont, and Peter Bensinger, all architects of the drug-treatment empire, may die off before we’re able to charge them with international human rights crimes.

    Today, at least, the rehab criminals are on the wrong side of history. As marijuana legalization progresses, we should see major reductions in forced admissions to rehab clinics. With rehab losing its political grip, we can make the rehab moguls’ lives miserable in their remaining years by demanding a federal and/or state fraud investigation into the entire drug testing and drug treatment empire.

  14. DdC says:

    Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy @TPM http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/princeton-experts-say-us-no-longer-democracy

    Scholar Behind Viral ‘Oligarchy’ Study Tells You What It Means @TPM http://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/princeton-scholar-demise-of-democracy-america-tpm-interview

  15. DdC says:

    Straight tortured drug users. Now its former owners want you to oppose medical marijuana http://www.vice.com/read/the-shocking-and-weird-hypocrisy-of-floridas-marijuana-opponents-811?utm_Source=vicefbus …
    The Cynical and Weird Hypocrisy of Florida’s Marijuana Opponents

    Prohibition Inc.
    Cover-Ups, Prevarications, Subversions & Sabotage

    Ferguson Riots Move the US One Step Closer to Insurrection
    http://shar.es/1n6jSJ via @Theantimedia1

    Cop Calls Ferguson Protesters ‘F***ing Animals’, Says ‘Bring it On’

  16. DdC says:

    Witness Says Missouri Teen’s Hands Were Up… http://j.mp/1ylsti1 #FergusonPoliceDepartment #JonBelmar #PiagetCrenshaw #PoliceShooting

    Snipers rifles aimed at unarmed American citizens right now in St. Louis, MO.

    Swat truck repositioned, gun pointing straight at protesters

    Current situation in #ferguson

    SWAT overlooks protestors in #Ferguson. They’ve all moved to sidewalk.

  17. darkcycle says:

    Alcohol linked with the development of schizophrenia….pot….not so much. New study, copy and paste, me mateys. Save this ’cause you’ll need it for years to come in your daily web battles.

  18. darkcycle says:

    Ferguson is resembling the Gaza strip, couchmates. While watching the livefeed from Globalrevolution, you can clearly see people in the hundreds OUTSIDE. Across the freeway. While inside the town, three people standing together invites avolley of rubber bullets and teargas http://occupystreams.org/channels/globalrevolution/

  19. allan says:

    A heads up from the Calvina:

    The Law and Criminal Justice Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is scheduled to consider a dangerous pro-marijuana resolution next week, August 19-22.

    The resolution would support and encourage prohibiting the federal
    government from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that
    authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of
    “medical” marijuana. If adopted, this resolution would set
    a dangerous precedent for legalizing marijuana.

    We urge you to contact the members of the committee and let them know federal law must be enforced, and ask them to reject the resolution. It’s vitally important that they hear from concerned citizens on this issue. Below you will find the committee contacts as well as a sample letter you can email to them.

    Contact information for the committee members:

    Co-Chair: Assembly member William C. Horne, Nevada – whorne@asm.state.nv.us

    Co-Chair: Representative Eric Watson, Tennessee –

    Vice Chair: Senator Michael L. Fair, South Carolina – CP@scsenate.org

    Vice Chair: Senator W. Briggs Hopson, Mississippi – bhopson@senate.ms.gov

    Vice Chair: Senator Delores G. Kelley, Maryland –

    Vice Chair: Senator Jack S. Murphy, Georgia – jack.murphy@senate.ga.gov

    Vice Chair: Representative Curtis M. Oda, Utah – coda@le.utah.gov

    Vice Chair: Senator Pete Pirsch, Nebraska – ppirsch@leg.ne.gov

    Vice Chair: Senator Floyd F. Prozanski, Oregon –

    Vice Chair: Representative Thomas U. Reynolds II, Mississippi –

    Vice Chair: Representative John C. Tilley, Kentucky – John.Tilley@lrc.ky.gov

    Vice Chair: Senator Thomas J. Wyss, Indiana – Senator.Wyss@iga.in.gov

    Staff Co-Chair: J.J. Gentry, South Carolina – jjgentry@scsenate.gov

    Staff Co-Chair: Jimmetta G. Peoples, Alabama – jgourdine@bellsouth.net

    Staff Vice Chair: Cate McClure, Michigan – cmcclure@senate.michigan.gov

    Staff Vice Chair: Ernest Prax, Alaska – ernest.prax@akleg.gov

    Sample letter:

    Dear Members of the National Conference of State Legislatures Law and Criminal Justice Committee,

    I am writing to respectfully request that you oppose the proposed
    resolution “In Support of States Determining Their Own Marijuana
    Policies Without Federal Interference” at the National Conference
    of State Legislatures Legislative (NCSL) Summit. This proposed
    resolution, would be a rash decision that needlessly prohibits federal enforcement and regulation of a substance that is widely abused.

    Studies show that states that have legalized marijuana under the guise of medicine have higher rates of marijuana use and related problems than other states. Many “medical” marijuana products are
    being marketed to children and young people, resulting in increased youth emergency room visits. Marijuana is clearly being diverted to youth, and the federal government must have the ability and means to intervene where and when appropriate.

    Disastrous results of “medical” marijuana in Colorado have
    been documented such as:

    Marijuana-impaired driving accidents and fatalities have increased.

    Problems related to diversion to states that have not passed any
    marijuana initiatives have soared.

    Calls to poison centers have risen.

    School incidents, involving kids showing up to class with marijuana candies and vaporizers, have increased dramatically.

    These are just a few examples of why we should not cripple the ability of federal response. It is for these reasons that I respectfully ask you to strongly oppose this resolution.

  20. allan says:

    huh… first time I’ve seen this here:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 14, 2014 at 9:20 am · Reply

    Tho’ I do suspect Pete is NOT moderating comments. Like he even has time for that…

  21. allan says:

    On topic…

    As both Radley and Pete state, there can be no room for hate cop speech.

    The beauty of non-violent civil disobedience? You know the cointelpro cats straight off.

    Violence is their tactic. They not only us it as a tool of enforcement, they use it to incite others. When the others become violent, the LE response is a tacitly approved violence. And as long as the others play along, the winner is pre-determined. Besides, there is more than enough violence going on.

    Peace is the only alternative that works. Simplistic but factual.

    • War Vet says:

      I need to read this everyday–what you just wrote. I witnessed American cops trying to kill me while I was in Iraq via the drug law’s cause and effect on making drug money . . . I saw on TV as American cops pushed over the World Trade Center, crashed some airplanes and punched a huge hole in the Pentagon via the law’s ability to fund bloodshed. And the war over there is still going on, which means it isn’t really over for me until my brothers and sisters are out of there. My reaction is violence because of these memories are very fresh and the cops outlawed my right to become a college professor because of their creation of the Drug War in Iraq has left my dreams all but dead. You are a bigger man than me and I will copy this. It is so hard to not react and wish death to my enemy and I am too weak to know I won’t stop reacting this way from time to time. Blow a couple of hits of smoke my way in hopes that this ‘non-violence’ will rub off on me (in the direction of Southeast . . . but exhale hard enough so they will pass through Kansas or New Mexico).

    • cave horse says:

      Every living thing has the right to defend itself against attack. If it does not, it deserves to die.

      Pacifism makes the world a desert and calls it peace.

  22. DdC says:

    The MJ Legalization Movement Loses Pat Robertson http://cannabisnews.com/news/28/thread28234.shtml

    • Pat Robertson lost it – we didn’t lose him.

      Prohibition = keeping kids high

      • War Vet says:

        Someone forgot to tell Pat that Christians are being killed in Iraq via drug money and that Christians are supposed to support Israel, which is daily attacked by drug money. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that drug money played a role in the Christian on Christian blood bath in Rwanda . . . the total legalization of all dope could have reduced the genocide by at least 5%, which is what: 50,000 lives spared (chances are, dope money played a higher role than just 5%, like 8%) . . . but until we all snitch on ourselves and on our buddies so all the information will be represented in pin-point accuracy, we’ll never truly know how much drug money really plays a role in global conflicts and local crime funding. Only a fool will believe Hitler didn’t use some amount of illegal drug money to fund a few ‘this and that’s’ . . . those needing money, often need money and it behooves them to gather it from many sources–especially for a war or political change. Even the CIA proves this. “Do Unto Others . . .” means legalize drugs simply because most of us do not want to be sodomized and murdered by what drug money can fund and likewise, we should keep others from being illegal dope money’s victim.

        • DdC says:

          Prohibition money. No market without prohibition. Selling drugs or doing drugs doesn’t lead to terrorism. Without prohibition they have nothing to sell. As much as you like to run from the facts, Hitler was funded by Wall St, not drug addicts. McCain and the US War Mongers funded ISIS. That isn’t drug money.

          Occupied America, U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy

          Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

          From Whom Did the Fascists Get Support?
          Italian fascism and German Nazism had their admirers within the U.S. business community and the corporate owned press. Bankers, publishers, and industrialists, including the likes of Henry Ford, traveled to Rome and Berlin to pay homage, receive medals, and strike profitable deals. Many did their utmost to advance the Nazi war effort, sharing military industrial secrets and engaging in secret transactions with the Nazi government, even after the United States entered the war. During the 1920s and early 1930s, major publications like Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, Saturday Evening Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Christian Science Monitor hailed Mussolini as the man who rescued Italy from anarchy and radicalism.
          Michael Parenti, BlackshirtsReds

        • claygooding says:

          DdC,,Henry Ford was a huge supporter of Hitler until what was happening in Dachau and over 3000 other concentration camps became undeniable,,IIRC about 3 years before the war actually ended,,until that time he was known to give speeches praising the NAZI regime for their industrial and social recovery from the depression,,,and of course they were successful but at the time no one but a few knew they accomplished it off slave labor,,,kinda like what industrialized prisons are trying to do,,every time they build a new prison they get a bunch more slave labor.

        • War Vet says:

          Regardless of what you’ve been told, Hitler did use drug money. You seem to be confusing me with someone else and I do not understand you, nor appreciate this (and I do not like what I’m about to say to you either). Are you saying that When Hitler outlawed some drugs to appease the League of Nations, that those outlawed drugs were not outlawed? This makes no sense. Iran borders Iraq and that is a fact . . . Iran is a Golden Crescent state, regardless if you think so or not. It behooves them to use drug money, regardless if you seem to think (or pretend) they have 999trillion in oil money daily pumping out. Will you not keep a dollar bill you find on the street or are you too good for it because John McCain gave you $3? What about Massoud then . . . the Afghan freedom fighter who arm wrestled against the Taliban? I never said Hitler wasn’t funded by Wall Street, now who is running from the facts–you make no sense and I’ve already know aspects like that–not as deep as you know them, but still, I’ve known it? I do not agree with prohibition and do not understand your unwillingness to travel to a 3rd world nation to see for yourself what Prohibition does–what America’s laws do in regards to global prohibition. Selling Illegal drugs is a part of prohibition regardless of what you think. Drugs are illegal because of prohibition and why must you think gang bangers and the Mafia are the good guys . . . they are evil like those who practice prohibition and prohibition is illegal in my eyes. How do you defeat corporations and their love affair with Big Brother/crooked politicians unless we boycott their products and hang them ourselves? I assume you created your internet and computer gadgets out of scratch right . . . minerals and plastics you formed with your own hands and not bought? I’ll assume you don’t believe the CIA protected the Italian Mafia’s dope ring in exchange for some anti-commie action, which proves Mussolini had his hands in some illicit drug money simply because of prohibition’s ability to create drug money–create more money–money created by a law– money made out of thin air because of a law. Why do you think John McCain would not keep a $20 dollar bill he finds at the Golf Course, near an area where no one else is playing? Just because he has money, doesn’t mean he won’t take that $20 as well and that is what drug money does for heads of state(s)/gangs/insurgents/terrorists/mafia/corporate fucks etc . . . drug prohibition gives them extra money to kill and fund agendas/desires/lifestyles etc. You cannot just sit behind books and research until every drug user, agent, cop, politician, CEO and drug dealer and prohibition promoter spills their guts and drops the dime on every bit of information regarding the cause and effect of drug prohibition and its creation of drug money and what drug money can buy. Logic will see you through with research that is invisible–unrecorded. And your willingness to lose your life in a 3rd world nation for facts (or to report the facts once your eyes are open and you’re not just obeying orders anymore) will show you things books and other documents will not tell you . . . yes, they’ll show you some areas where X marks the spot, but what’s the point unless you begin to DIG at X? So, if ISIS technically uses drug money and has designated dealers (since I believe drugs grow and exist and are not imaginary), then how can you say they don’t use it then? Are you cool with the additional 358 innocent people that died from dope money funding, while only maintaining that 2,241 died from War Monger donations? What do you do for us by disputing truth and fact? I never denied that Politicians and Wal-Mart didn’t have their hands in some evil shit. Since you claim that Drug money cannot be linked back to Mexico or Burma etc, you support keeping drugs illegal because ‘there are no human victims coming from bad guys with bad money’? It is my sincere belief Iran borders Iraq and I use research as well . . . I kept my ears open in the CIA prison for you–you paid for it as a tax payer (even if taxes only coming from your non-boycotted consumer goods) and if you didn’t believe me, then why have you spent a single penny thus paying for me to go over there and gobble up info so maybe I can be a part of the solution and not the problem? You seem to think I deny anything you say and that is very disturbing because you claim that drug prohibition isn’t as bad as it really is, which hurts us. Why must you believe a 19yr old guy on 9/11 has lived on Earth for 40yrs to absorb the kind of info you have? You’ve seen the drug war from your spyglass and I’ve seen it with my own eyes (and I’ve been a victim of an illegal arrest regarding cannabis . . . I sold powder before I was in the 10th grade and before college [and green], so I know the kind of money drug prohibition makes and just apply it to a global level . . . prohibition creates an illegal market that is uncontrollable as a whole–I know that better than you ever will). I have no stomach for people who claim the drug war isn’t that bad. Why do you not care about the innocent people killed by drug money, but only care about the larger number killed by THE WALLSTREET BULL and politicians? Are you boycotting everything consumer oriented to be so pure in your beliefs?

          WE are supposed to be on the same team, not you telling me the DRUG WAR ISN’T THAT BAD. You appear to not believe that drug dealers sell drugs and you do not believe that drug dealers can often use their money to buy weapons, war, votes (Oklahoma?), guns etc etc. Did you know you can buy shoes and food with money? Killers–people in a war fighting for their belief like ISIs or the IRA, wear shoes and they eat food . . . an army cannot march on their stomachs right? Drug money exists because of drug prohibition and you do not believe that according to your own words. According to you, we should keep drugs illegal because it will only promote funding a police state and John McCain’s And Wall Street’s Wars once it is legal. I will out-fact you any day DdC and I’m one of the few who always give you thumbs up for your comments. You don’t have exclusive ownership of being RIGHT. Try to out fact me–I double dog dare you. I’ve walked the walk and read the books and talked the talk. What have you done to disrupt this evil Drug War? I am not wrong and I never said you were either. Don’t get angry because some white boy from Bible Belt U.S.A. Out schooled you because he knew he was drinking liquor with the devil in Iraq and wanted to warn the people and learn from the mistakes–atone for his sins and make things far better than those who left it in a state of ruin.

          I believe the people will come to our side if I tell them that 3,000 people had to die as a result of illegal drugs on 9/11 . . . when you went to welding school or worked as a welder, you realized that the ‘inside job’ aspect didn’t quite fit . . . inside job because we allowed drug money . . . inside job because a few knew that drug money would harm us and did nothing . . . eager for a profit coming from a war. Drugs provide America an enemy worth fighting. Why do we not bomb factories in a nation where they don’t have factories providing their war goods? Because they don’t have factories and utilize the ebb and flow of drug money to buy their war with us. An oil man will spend $1mill of his oil money to buy dope as a way of making that spent money look unspent technically and grow like it was a plant . . . it behooves them to.

          I’ve got my red neck fiddle and am inviting you to dance in this barn fire we call the drug war. Can you dance or only able research on a limited amount of information. I’ve never denied your knowledge, but you are proving to be a weak link by not seeing the big picture. Our scuffle only harms our efforts. And excuse me for my anger . . . that’s whippersnapper PTSD rage you messed with. A fucking VET is damned good ally in exposing the truth. I appreciate the fact your entire lifestyle and existence is made from scratch as a way of not being a slave to Wall Street and John McCaine . . . that’s more guts than I’ve got. I like my CDs, store bought books and GMO free Ben and Jerry’s.

          The Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Nigerians, Latin American Narcos, Asian Triad and Arab Bankers in my prison is why I believe drug money is a huge prize fighter. What did you learn when you were in Iraq or Afghanistan or Lebanon, Guinea-Bissau or Somalia or Vietnam etc? I use FED, College, News Paper, U.N., other nation’s sources as well to fight the Drug War since it behooves us to throw back their information at them to dismantle it–info trusted by the typical American who has the power as the majority. And I might be wrong in this tactic, but War is trial and error in many ways.

        • War Vet says:

          The utilization of drug money doesn’t negate the utilization of drug money. Now that is far more shorter and to the point. Money any which way it comes and from where is the name of the game and I’ve seen the drug money aspect and researched it. Both John Mcaine and Narco-Trafficker helps fund agendas and fills the waters with blood. Never did I say you were wrong and you cannot prove me wrong either (since your link did not specifically state ‘no drugs were used in the funding of this war’. I bet John McCaine will be more famous and popular than ever if it was discovered that our WAR On DRUGS funded those we call enemy right? Do you think they want the public to know that our policy–our laws create a tidal wave affect of killing our boys and girls overseas. Not only does the Drug War provide drugs for little Sally and little Johnny buying it off the streets, but it is the reason why many Spanish speaking folk are being treated like illegal immigrants and not the refugees they are–something you apparently deny since you believe Wall Street is the number one funding or main funding of Central American gangs and the Sinaloa Cartel. Do not mistake my wording DdC when I say ‘dope money’ and ‘funding terrorism’ because you disagree with said words and how I use them . . . excuse me for not using the queen’s English. You don’t even believe the Cartels will quit being evil once we win this war. Nope, they are still terrorists–terrorist with billions less to kill with? I guess you don’t care about the Mexican people who get killed by bullets and blades bought by drug money–killers paid in cash . . . that’s how I’m reading your tone. Am I correct? Or is this just a misunderstanding? Will we ram our horns again like goats, or just respect each other’s different viewpoints on the Drug War? I’m sorry DdC–I forgot, I served right next to you in Camp Cropper, Baghdad . . . you were my Lt. right? What did Cropper teach you homeboy? Or did you not get that chance to be involved in that aspect of the Iraq war? I’m lucky, because God sent this soldier with the infantry to a CIA/DoD/Iraqi prison with all sorts of guys and gals and even children who were holding some smack or bombs. Maybe if I only did Grunt Shit and not MP shit (infantry doing MP–go figure? . . . Like realizing the Stanley Cup was played at The Kentucky Derby), I wouldn’t be so adamant in the fact I am right in this aspect of the Drug War. What does your little computer say about Paris, France–December 2008 and terrorism and Printemps (maybe misspelled, but oh well)? I too was there hommie . . . The Eiffel Tower reminded me of Baghdad as well with all those soldiers and grenade launchers on their weapons and top duty surveillance vans you only see in the movies. I do not know why I got to see the kind of stuff that usually only plays on a Hollywood flick, but I did . . . maybe my eyes were more wide open when I bit into that Army/Iraq apple and thus noticed it better. What was Paris like for you in December of 2008? (Anger: draw back from quitting cannabis to save money, spend more time on writings and make a marriage compromise . . . no one’s perfect ddc–not you and your info as well as I’ve proved). Hmm, maybe I’ll deny Woodstock and Tim Leary and the hippy scene simply because I wasn’t there and no one here in my town acts like what the books and documentaries said about the hippy culture–thus it is not true right? Hippies existed DdC regardless of what you think. I never said drug addicts funded all of Hitler’s crimes and war. It is only logical to place a percentage when one realized that the Harrison Act happened before WWII and influenced other nations as well and didn’t European nations have their own drug laws as well? Yep.

        • War Vet says:

          A cohesive bond with the couch is more important than trying to win an argument where the other side cannot experience what I’ve seen and read and walked through and thus they cannot understand my point–argument closed for the good of the couch.

          If we were to lose this Drug War and all on here found guilty of crimes against the State, I’d still chose to be hung by the neck till dead right next to you DdC and everyone else on here. What did they say about a house divide . . . separate bills and utilities? I don’t remember or maybe I do.

        • DdC says:


          All of the American Nazi’ except maybe Rockwell turned after reality finally got out. But they, as the German people turned a blind eye, more than protested against it during most of the war and especially in the late 30’s. Money and Wall St created Hitlers power. Propagandist spread the word as they do now. Ending the drug war is as far from reality as the impossible task of winning it, Same as curing or preventing something Pharma profits on treating. Same as the Bible Belt abortions from Monsanto sprayed on the cotton crops, not sprayed on Hemp. The drug war is a product they sell, not winning or losing it thereby ending the profits.

          Ford had a fleet of cars that ran by filling them up with Ethyl, like the Model T they ran on Biomass. Ford built the cars body with Hemp and other fibers as modern makers are using Hemp plastic. Cancelled due to Rockefellers alcohol prohibition. The only thing that changed after repealing it was farmers had to buy gas or diesel instead of distilling their own fuel from crop remnants.

          Same with any War, the drug war only profits by perpetuating it. No druggies, no rehab profits. No jail profits. No grants for NIDA or the science fiction paid by taxes. Hitler and the Nazi’s were a gang of thugs before IGFarben and Wall St. Plus backing from the church. The drugs sold were legal drugs as the newly invented methamphetamine or “speed” given to the troops to this day, while they outlaw hemp seed granola. Junkies were caged the same as the Jews and Gays.

          Today’s cartels supply to people who buy it. Especially cannabis farmers. There is no advertising, demographics or government offices, and there was no headline violence until the Military intervened, following Uncle Sam’s coercion.

          So I agree, unlike the total cowardice of drug warriors even outspoken Nazi’s and anti-Semites turned against Hitler once the cat was out of the bag. After the Pope’s concordance and after he started losing the war. Note we never nuked Germany after they were beaten like we did Japan. We never captured their land as we did the Indians.

          Now real war takes too many tax dollars to spend on righteousness without profits and you can’t profit on Congressionally sanctioned war. So the lessons of WW2 made Korea and Vietnam a for profit Police Action. Same thing to the soldiers pretty much. Same wounds and death rates. Same as Iraq became the moment Junior Bush claimed missuncomplished. For profit, no bid contracts to Haliburton.

          The incentive is profits, same as the drug war and prohibition. Same as fighting the media appointed enemy, the commies. The new prisons are for profit max cap no bid contracts. Like Cheney’s Haliburton profits. So if there aren’t enough heads to fill the beds then Unk Sam pays for the empties. Incentive is to fill the beds and the drug war can pick about any one of the 800,000 per year busted.

          Although many of them would take profits for the plea bargain rehabilitation asylums. When I got into this it was at the 71 May Day Demonstrations where they did shut down the war machine blocking streets and bridges. That was when many returning Vets, including kids I went to school with. Taught me that it was a sham. I never had to make a decision to join or not, I got a large number on my ping pong ball to escape the draft without dodging with college or Canada or some made up affliction like Cheney used.

          I still support the returning Vets since that day by getting them pot and now telling them about how it’s helping others with PTSD. I was never against my friends signing up and coming back padding the GI Bill with ounces of heroin. Best pot I’ve ever smoked came out of that war. I was and still am against the Military Industrial Complex the same as I am for gun owners rights and against the NRA priority of selling guns to paramilitary extensions of corrupt governments. US guns and explosives always seem to find there way to terrorists. So to avoid aiding ISIS stop buying gasoline or crude plastic. Almost impossible in the land of Exxon.

      • DdC says:

        It was always a queazy feeling making Pat out to have sense opposing caging people for pot. I guess all wingnuts have a moment of temporary sanity, glad he’s back in his box of bigots. Now send a donation to the Fortune 700 Club and touch your TV and he’ll heal your Goiter!

        • B. Snow says:

          The old bastard probably didn’t remember exactly what he said – except for the fact that afterwards – the far right social conservative (as an old friend once referred to them) “Jesus-Crispies” (aka the truly overzealous = to a fault) stopped sending him as much money…
          And someone on his staff told him to flip-flop or try floating the politically-triangulated “Decriminalize but don’t Legalize” crappolla…

          Which to me, really speaks more to their desire to not spend money on Prisons/Prisoners – “Can you believe they have cable TV?”, “They should be out working on a chain-gang…”, or that Sheriff Arpie-hole manner of running the closest approximation of a concentration camp he can get away with…
          You know, the sorta folks that want to lock up ‘brown’ and/or ‘poor’ people – and then charge them for “room & board” while they’re incarcerated!

        • Windy says:

          Someone shared a pic of Arpaio, which was originally posted by Arpaio himself, with a couple of AZ politicians on FB and it came through my feed. I commented on it and was not at all complimentary to Arpaio, I mentioned how he doesn’t honor his oath of office nor conduct the office the way he is, Constitutionally, supposed to do (protect the people in his county from unconstitutional actions and laws from ALL levels of government, he not only does not do that, he violates the rights of a LOT of people every damn day). I mentioned that he should be replaced with someone who WILL honor the oath and duties of the position. He’s not going to like that at all, but as I do NOT live in AZ, there is nothing he can do about it.

  23. Police Militarization Is a Problem the Left and Right Can Agree About — and Solve

    Ending the war on drugs might not be a bad idea either.

    • claygooding says:

      The quickest way to end the militarization is to quit giving LE funding for drug arrests,,put the bounty money on violent crimes and to rebuild the low IQ LE we have maybe some bounty money for solving cyber crimes and fraud,,,crimes that are hurting society a lot more than what an individual does in their home.

  24. DonDig says:

    OT, but worthy of a look.

    Marc Emery is home again, and spoke for about a half hour, (starting at one hour fifty eight mins on the time counter of below referenced video), and I liked what he had to say a great deal.
    He’s speaking from Canada, so there are some legal differences, (not to mention the vociferousness of US enforcement, versus their usually a lot more humane approach), between the legal systems, but I think his idea holds beautifully.
    I’m thinking legal federally by 2020, if not sooner, here.


  25. NorCalNative says:

    @War Vet

    I’m a huge fan of DdC and his energizer bunny work at providing lots of good links.

    And, I’m both proud and respectful of what you write here because I see you have the instincts of a true American Patriot.

    What you post here is educational in the best sense because it helps me to grasp and better understand what the life of an American solider is like.

    If I’m honest, I lacked the courage or desire to serve my country in Viet Nam. I was one of the last group of 18-year-olds with a draft number right before the draft ended. Probably because I sought out to avoid the military experience I REALLY APPRECIATE your willingness to share your experiences with those of us who come here to read about the drug war.

    The idea is once you RANT it should help you feel better. I hope you find that here because it’s hard not to care about you after reading your stories.

    The older Vets that post here regularly could probably say it better, but this war-dodging hippie wishes you all the best.

    Peace, and take care of yourself.

    • DdC says:

      Thanks NCN. spreading the word informing the people is the only way to end prohibition. In spite of the legalizer politicians, gossip queens and appeasers and compromisers. Con Promisers.

      I started partying my ass off a year before the draft and when I got a high ping pong ball. I continued for another year. Still toking and the acid is definatly more pure and user friendly, but Ganja around the central coast suits me fine. I miss Florida purple ring shrooms and the Friday night poker games.

      As far as ranting making me feel better. I guess sometimes it does. I’ve been doing hospice care giving since 1990 bringing pot to patients long before it was “quasi legal”. Cancer victims and Vets returning in the 70’s. AIDS patients in the 80’s, as well as present day patients I’ve cared for to the end. I’ve been getting them Hemp oil and seed since the 90’s and all I’ve worn the past 15 years is hemp clothing, some blends with organic cotton, even bamboo. Even at import prices it is more bang for the buck.

      Most patients leave me time to rant and it also has a cabin fever effect to talk the ears off of anyone in hearing distance about cannabis. Most of the past couple decades has been private care and a few agencies that have no problem with my avocation. State and Fed cases I don’t push it since many are low income subsidized seniors or handicapped and people are evicted for simple possession as it is. Their using has to be discreet, even if the state law says they can use it. But most of the time has been productive as far as gathering and sending info. I’d probably get bored without the outburst my humble words cause sometimes.
      Be well.

  26. DdC says:

    War Vet

    It will take a little time to go through your post, but I will. There is no problem with disagreements, it can’t take away what the couch provides. There is only one truth and distortions come from origins, not silence. Two people coming from two different directions may see different reasons and that is the beauty of the couch. To air the differences. Political correctness sucks and words might sting but rarely are they lethal. We probably agree on more than we don’t and if we don’t, we don’t.

    As far as anyone selling drugs, the harm is prohibition. The reason for violence is prohibition. The reason for defending against violence is prohibition. Drug Cartels have built hospitals and schools and feed peasants their governments neglected. Countries siding or intimidated by Unk Sam don’t do their citizens a service anymore than Obama sitting on the CSA.

    I am always puzzled by Vets trying to tell me the horrors they’ve experienced as if I should run out and join a war. That is why we tell Vets not to sign up, the horrors and more than that. What they bring home. That’s when the war mongers run away and hide. That is why we are here, to help Vets find what you have found even if your wife wears the pants and tells you when to toke. I don’t have to get shot at to do that. Or do I have to demonize someone when the truth will lead to the same results.

    Drug sellers, especially cannabis. Are public servants and should be paid with the extra funds given to cops acting like soldiers. Or keep it with the tax payers. The Feds giving surplus Military weapons to cops is why they can afford them.

    But like I said, when I have time I’ll give you a point by point response. If I had to do it over again I would not change a thing. Still a proud Anti War Veteran, only they don’t erect walls for dead Peaceniks. If I could return to those times I’d test the drugs given to Lenny Bruce, Janis, Hendrix and Morrison before they took them. Too plane crashish to me. At the end of the day the results were the same. Outspoken people dying.

    • War Vet says:

      We’re Cool DdC. I just got angry because you said I was running from the truth and I just wrote a bunch of probability speculation on if drug money ever played a role in violence for any reason at any time if drugs were ever illegal anywhere and when. You research for our movement your way through articles and studies. I’m a field researcher and reporter for our movement because God allowed me to see the Drug war money area from inside Iraq and a little in Paris, France, a bit in Amsterdam, and American Streets and Mexico/Central America and from what I’ve read myself as a way to clarify what my eyes have seen and what my ears have heard. Drug money back when I was in Iraq played X% of a role in killing others and X% today as logic would dictate because logic still exists even in the chaos of war and the hush of the black market. A simple Fact and I don’t know how large and I’m not 100% certain if any of the 3rd Reich had drug money. Were there any illegal drugs in 1939 anywhere and how much? The total value back then will give you the odds if prohibition’s illegal dope money was ever in Hitler’s hands and it behooves them to get money from any nation, since movements, agendas and war tends to consume resources and scrambles for sources of revenue. Just Say NO To DRUG MONEY FUNDED VIOLENCE and FEAR.

      I’m running towards the truth–The WHOLE TRUTH, SO HELP me God. I want this thing to end and I fight it this way. I do believe drug money exists and I’ve felt it first hand and $350 Billion a year can fund death and certain nations’ money do go further (worth more) in other nations–even more so sometimes than in said nations’ of moneys origin???? All I’m asking–How many people die from drug money and let’s stop this. From the small single victim of gang violence to several thousand or millions or billions made in places where death is a way of life in the form of conflict and violence.

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