Oh Really?

I saw a play in New York where two of the characters had Harriman Leavey Syndrome – a fictional illness where they would tend to make statements that were completely absurd, like some kind of long-form Tourettes. It made much of the play disjointed and nonsensical.

That’s how I felt reading this transcript of an O’Reilly show:

Consequences of marijuana legalization

With the clear difference that the lines in The Realistic Joneses were actually witty.

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12 Responses to Oh Really?

  1. DonDig says:

    What the heck is he talking about? (And I’ve heard him go this direction a few times I think.)
    ‘And with another drug being commercialized, one that actually has the for-profit motive of hooking new consumers. They are going to target teenagers. They are going to make their money off of people like myself who are addicts and I just don’t think this is the kind of thing that makes our country stronger, families stronger and of course jeopardizes the public health at large.’

    What does this mean? Is he honestly implying that the alcohol and tobacco industries aren’t profit driven? Gimme a break.
    And OK, I suppose there is some slim logic to thinking that it might be beneficial to not legalize another ‘problem substance’, (if it wasn’t already pervasive anyway), but if people have a choice of a new ‘problem substance’ that is actually much less harmful than the other ‘problem substances’, yeah, I’d want them to have the choice to consume something that is far less toxic. (Certainly it should not be criminalized.)
    Does he think there is something wrong with that? If a couple of hits or a couple of bottles of beer help someone maintain or create a pleasant diversion at the end of the day, no harm is done…Period. People who want to alter their realities for a period of time are probably much better off paying for medical marijuana until they resolve whatever ails them, than to consume almost anything else.

  2. claygooding says:

    Please don’t mention Ronald and the King,,targeting grade school and younger with Kid’s meals,,I mean what the fuck isn’t money driven,,I hear people pay people to piss on them and lie to them on news channels,,now how far do these false moralistic ass-hats want to go???

    • Duncan20903 says:


      How much does it pay to pee on people? Would people like Bill O and Kev-Kev demand a discount? Oh never mind. That’s just silly. I’m sure that people like them can get people to line up and perform auditions with the hope of doing that just for the mutual pleasure. So where does that line form? Having suffered mandatory pee tests I’m a highly qualified, expert urinator and it does sound like fun.

  3. curmudgeon says:

    Pete, are you implying that the O’Reilly/Kennedy lines are half witty?

  4. Plant Down Babylon says:

    I LOVE o’reilly! He’s funny as hell (in a completely insane way).

    Pretty obvious he’s already got dementia. I would die completely happy if I could just somehow slip him a ‘brownie’, as I know how much he would hate having a moment of ‘euphoria’ and ‘clarity’.

    Aren’t those things SINS?

  5. B. Snow says:

    Well well, If it isn’t ‘The Royal ClownShoe Cousins’…
    Seems they got themselves a spot on O-Reilly this time.

    They already did this dog and pony show once before on HardBall and Chris Mathews was horribly disappointing in the shameless display of ass-kissing… And if Mathews has a hero-worship complex with their Clan – So be it.

    But letting them come-on and spew nonsense – that most younger hosts/folks on MSNBC would disagree with, and there are a few who could’ve shutdown their nonsense argument against cannabis legalization without breaking a sweat.

    You know their B.S. stinks if they’ve run out of places to shovel it besides Fox.
    I’ve seen Pat, Kev, and most every other ‘drug worrier’ shut-down (in terms of having their argument proved unreasonable, or clearly biased, or horribly dated.
    They’re always stupidly rooted in the past, and rarely on BOTH – CNN & MSNBC by the Gen-X & Millennial aged weekday-hosts, & the weekend-show hosts, and the substitutes/fill-ins on Holidays.

    Not so much with the older hypocritical Baby-Boomers or ‘Yuppies’ worried that their grand-kids or whoever kids’ might “get high”… And they tend to let the Prohibidiots get away with hauling the old Trope “This Ain’t Your Woodstock Weed” – out of the closet once again.

    I'm beginning to think that there was plenty of great weed back then = But, it was the 'newbie smokers' that got swindle into buying dirt weed, mostly shake half-full of seeds stems… Like the crap they showed on Dragnet & PSA films & stuff.

    I've seen old pictures of amazing cannabis plants. But, I'd also suspect that they were much rarer/ And when they demand grew quicker than the supply that the "weed" sold to "The Masses" – was often "ditch-weed". That could be a great part of why some folks say they didn't like it, or it gave them a headache, etc.

    Anyway – At some point I can/could do a breakdown of which cable news folks (hosts/guests/analysts/contributors/etc.) And if they're either pro-legalization, or pro-decriminalization (some of which would contest = Is effectively OR literally legalization, and a few examples “anti-prohibition” (they don’t think it should be illegal but they wouldn’t let their kids near it), or undecided.

    Some of the ones that occasionally let slip how friendly they really are to our side, might surprise you. As they’ve done me…

    IDK why those 2 Clowns went on O’Reilly maybe he needed to fill a spot, wanted some culture war story to scare or rile-up the old conservatives with?

    Unless = maybe they felt like they actually are losing (as badly as they really are) and in fact NEED to “Preach To The Choir” on this one? Bring out the bogeyman-puppet and shake it in their faces a bit??

    Is Suspect it was a bit of Patrick trying to save face after his somewhat softer than normal argument against “pot” during his interview with Gupta that appeared in “Weed 2”, and Christopher Kennedy-Lawford was almost certainly there to sell his book = to an audience more likely to eat it up.

    Oh, before I forgot to ask before:
    Did anyone else think that in those “Weed 2” interviews that both Patrick AND Nora seemed like they were both getting ready to dodge the metaphorical “Bus” – as the weight of public opinion is still shifting – sliding their way – and they don’t want to get flattened when it finally hits the wall?

    We do know that Nora (and possibly a few of her peers) “dodged” the Appearance – that Patrick setup for her in Rhode Island at that thing… If you vaguely remember what I’m referring to – you know what I’m talking about… 8^)

    IDK, that’s all I’ve got for now – I have some stuff to take care of – then, I’ll be covering MSNBC today from “Morning Joe” (5am-8am), “The Daily Rundown” (8am-9am), (maybe some of the stuff after that?), Then “Ronan Farrow Daily” (12pm-1pm).
    [His new-ish show, its the 3rd week if I’m not mistaken = And also, FWIW. IMO, he’s gotta be Frank Sinatra’s kid without a doubt!]
    I’ll have a few more things to do from (1pm-2pm), Then – I’ll try to catch “The Cycle” (2pm-3pm), and “Now w/Alex Wagner” (3pm-4pm).
    After that I may try to stomach “The Five” or The Sit Room w/ Wolf Blitzer, maybe CrossFire.

    Then Primetime (Non-News) = Comedy and/or Sci-Fi, and I’ll maybe catch the reruns of TheLastWord, Hardball, and almost certainly All-In Chris Hayes(2-3am), TRMS(3-4am).
    Then it starts over w/ FirstLook (4am-4:30), Way Too Early (4:30am-5am)/Morning Joe(5am-8am) and that goes on till Friday.
    (I sleep whenever I can, DVR’ing stuff even even just pausing the stuff above when needed – coming back and skipping commercials later.) I’ve always got the TV and/or Music on = if only in the background, I’m a multi-tasker.
    And, yes sometimes I do miss a bunch of stuff = If it’s important I can find it online later… and I tend to catchup on sleep during the weekends.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Now, now, these TV shows are doing their civic duty. If they didn’t keep Kev-Kev and Stupid Patrick busy they might get into REAL mischief. Besides, there are lots of people who like to laugh at clowns. Coulrophobia is just plain irrational.

  6. War Vet says:

    I cannot help but think that all current illegal drugs would not be so popular if they were not outlawed. I don’t recall reading about Beethoven doing hash edibles or chasing the dragon. I think the real issue is education . . . those guys on Bill’s show are a total negation for reason and logic and thus mentally ill.

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