Who are those clowns?

More violence in the drug war in Mexico is nothing to laugh at, but I couldn’t help it when reading this headline:

Mexico drug lord shot dead by clown assassins

It immediately made me think of the movie “Real Men” starring James Belushi and John Ritter.

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2 Responses to Who are those clowns?

  1. frank says:

    yeah but let’s not make a big deal about it..

  2. Mick Savage says:

    having lived in tijuana and other locations in mexico since the early 90s i’m always agitated at the lack of insight other than haha, clowns/local cops/feds/us agencies killed a heinous drug kingpin.
    timing is coincidental with all the spying nsa revelations regarding mexico’s power/economic elites? yeah right.
    if one follows the history of the rise of the various cartels in mexico one can’t help but see the hands of government of mexico and amerikka creating the demented picture of dollars at work. who else is supporting chapo and local thugs? all der local and federal officials? naw – couldn’t be.
    just like fast and furious, now grenades too, or der casa del muerto barbecues enabled by the usa in el paso. gosh, must be them crazed drug lords.
    i got a bridge from baja to the mainland i’d like to sell also.

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