Marijuana – the silent killer


Asked whether he would discriminate between hard drugs and soft drugs, Fr Cordina said that in terms of social responsibility, there is no difference between them.

“The abuse of hard drugs is easier to detect due to its overt symptoms. Yet marijuana is known as the silent killer. It affects the mind, leaving the abuser constantly high. People who abuse of it may abandon their families and their responsibilities.”

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  1. The line between ignorance and hypocrisy draws too thin here. Social responsibility includes the concept of truth and justice, and there is neither of those coming from the quotes of Fr Cordina.

    Galileo Galilei was found “vehemently suspect of heresy” in 1632 for his idea’s about the earth moving around the sun. Fr Cordina’s idea’s about marijuana fit right in next to Galileo’s historic heresy.

    • primus says:

      You are correct; the church (pick any religion) has never EVER shown a speck of humanity, compassion or common sense. All they are is a method of social control.

  2. Windy says:

    Completely off the topic of this post but important news:

    The Washington State Supreme Court announced on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 of it’s 5-4 decision to allow people that choose cannabis to present a common law medical necessity defense along with the protections of the medical cannabis act.
    This means that a new trial will have to begin if prosecutors on the case want any chance of a conviction on William Kurtz, a wheelchair bound medical cannabis patient with multiple sclerosis. This was a huge win for the defense as it is extremely unlikely any jury would convict him at this point under the terms of this ruling.
    He was originally found guilty in the 2010 trial, but only because the court stripped him of his right to assert medical defenses to the jury.
    The decision was a huge win for patients in many ways and here is my opinion of it. Read it for yourself and tell me if you disagree.

    The decision:

    I just noticed the date of this decision, wonder why it hadn’t been reported on any drug reform forum I’ve visited before now? And how will this affect the WSLCB’s plan to take away the affirmative defense for medical patients?

    • divadab says:

      @Windy – it’s been around but not widely reported. Very good news.

      The WSCLB’s “plan” is nothing more than a wish list to direct customers to their overpriced and over-regulated system by destroying what they see as competition. The only way it will happen is if we go to sleep. Whatever they want has to pass the legislature.

      This is what happens when you put cannabis regulation in the hands of alcohol regulators who wouldn’t have jobs but for I-502. The whole thing is about revenue and jobs for the boys. They spent over $800,000 of OUR MONEY on Kleimann, who told them (correctly) that the pricing of I-502 weed was too high and that medicinal weed is cheaper already. Their conclusion? Destroy the competition!. Fucking mafia logic.

  3. jean valjean says:

    fr cordina would be better spending his energy tackling the sexual compulsions of many of his colleagues in the church instead of inventing nonsense.

  4. jean valjean says:

    leap is appealing for donations to make a movie about the victims of the drug war. im sending my donation today

    • allan says:

      for those who want to help LEAP fund this project:

      here’s a partial snip from their request:


      We are thrilled to announce the launch of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s crowdfunding campaign, “Cops Lead Drug War Victims on Journey for Peace.”

      Making use of the footage shot during 2012’s Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity, LEAP is producing a documentary film about the law enforcers who led a caravan of drug war victims across the United States in a campaign to acknowledge the devastation created by Mexico’s war on drugs.

      LEAP’s mission was to supplement the victims’ testimony with law enforcement voices bearing personal witness to the harms and wasteful futility of the War on Drugs here in the United States.

      LEAP journalists Dean Becker and Sam Sabzehzar joined with filmmakers from Mexico and around the world to document the emotional testimonies of the victims and police throughout the 27-city tour, shooting more than 500 hours of unedited video.

      I remember a decade and a half ago some fella stopped in at the DrugSense chatroom (his name was Dean Becker) and said he wanted to help and asked what could he do.

      @Dean… you’ve definitely helped – and then some buddy. Thanks.

    • allan says:

      since the days when the deaths of Zeke and Don Scott and Peter McW were still fresh I believed that these were the stories the public needs to see.

      Now that list has grown to become an appallingly long litany of victims – and it’s a descriptor of not just the wrongness of the WOD but the terror of its application by the government on we, the people.

      It was Zeke’s story, read in the DrugSense Weekly, that triggered my fight or flight mechanism. I’ve never been a big guy or particularly prone to fighting. But I’ve never backed down when in the right. And for such egregious and criminal asaults as the WOD creates, perpetuates and actively expands, there can be no reasonable reaction but disgust, revulsion and rejection.

      This is the argument that Prohibs fear the most (imho). If the public thought Doc Gupta’s show on cannabis was eye opening, wait until they start learning the stories of those the WOD has killed… and they NEED to lear these stories.

      I strongly encourage those that can, help LEAP make this film. Their modest goal is only $10,000. I have no doubt that Dean Becker and the LEAPsters will produce an instructive and heart wrenching tale, a tale the emperor would rather not be told. A sure sign we must help the telling…

  5. Viggo Piggsko says:

    If cannabis is the silent killer, prohibition is the noisy killer.

    • thelbert says:

      this plant also destroys the evidence after it kills. pot makes the corpse invisible. almost like jesus sneaking out of a tomb.

  6. Servetus says:

    Constantly high? Really? Is that why people continue to buy more weed, because one joint makes them high forever?

    I think Fr Cordina has been binging on the sacramental wine a bit too much. He should seek an alternative before his brain rots. BTW, the Vatican deems alcohol to be a “gratuitous grace”.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      There really is a cohort of brain dead people that think there are only 2 choices, either be a prohibitionist or be stoned 24/7/365.

      But it’s not really all that remarkable if we keep in mind that the sycophants of prohibition are idiots. I think it’s only surprising before you realize that there really is no such thing as too stupid to live.

  7. DdC says:

    Pope calls for more killing.
    If you want people to think you’re infallible
    Maybe “pop” rocks.

    • Servetus says:

      Within only a few months of the Pope Francis’ accession in the Vatican hierarchy, he already has blood on his hands.

      A long standing mandate within the papacy prohibits the ‘shedding of blood’ by the Holy See. When shedding blood becomes necessary, however, such as during the inquisitions, the various popes have always found a way around the mandate. They get other people, specifically the Catholic laity, the secular arm of a government by definition, to shed blood for them. Thus has the clergy maintained their blood innocence.

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  10. kaptinemo says:

    (Sigh) (Chinpalm) Yep, right on schedule; the more they lose, the crazier – and the more obviously so – their rantings will get. Like clockwork.

    Expect them to trot out the hoary old “Pot makes men grow BOOBS!” any day now…

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