A Petition

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8 Responses to A Petition

  1. Jean Valjean says:

    Americans will get the government they deserve

    • kaptinemo says:

      I beg to differ; Albert Nock’s ‘Remnant’ (of which, I daresay, most of those who publish here, and the vast majority of those who read it, are members of) don’t, and never have, ‘deserved’ this present form of government.

      I keep mentioning that it always seems that it’s those who are the most concerned about the nature of society and freedoms and liberties – like drug law reformers – who wind up being the Biblical ‘voice in the wilderness’, never listened to until it’s too late and the damage done.

      Worse, for their efforts, they are castigated and often physically attacked by the same corrupt State and its’ equally morally compromised servants as being ‘traitors’ to ideals said State and its’ sycophants only pay lip service to…and were the original destroyers of. The story of anti-war protesters, tax resisters, drug law reformers, etc. in this country are perfect examples of that.

      So, a caveat: the vast majority of Americans do deserve the government they have, because they forgot that you must ALWAYS chain government to a wall and feed it nothing but water and kibble…or else, by feeding it richer fare (not just money but surrendering your rights), it grows too big, breaks its’ chains, and becomes George Washington’s warned-about ‘fearful master’.

      But the Remnant? Do they deserve experiencing what they warned others about what WOULD happen…and did? The answer should be obvious…

  2. tensity1 says:

    I don’t know which is scarier–people who are that clueless and uninformed, or people who know exactly what they’re signing.

  3. kaptinemo says:

    O-M-F(ing)-G! Didn’t those (long, furiously spat string of fire-dripping profanities) listen to the guy before they damned themselves with their own signatures!?

    Insanity can be excused, and stupidity pitied, but those who are insanely stupid like those who signed that petition are a danger to the rest of society.

  4. Servetus says:

    I don’t think the signors believe what the guy is saying. They probably think it’s sarcasm. Which brings up an interesting question. Would some people sign a petition to nuke Washington, D.C? I think they would.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Can we schedule it for a day that my wife and I are out of town? Otherwise I’m not going to vote in favor of that.

      Did you know that the District of Columbia has the highest number of attorneys per capita in the Country?

      Did you know that the State of New Jersey has the largest number of toxic waste dumps per capita in the Country?

      Did you know that the State of New Jersey won the coin toss and had first pick?

  5. Howard says:

    “Please, if you’re dumber than a box of hammers, sign this petition. This country is great because of numbskulls just like you. Thanks so much.”

    What a wonderful world.

  6. Freeman says:

    Irony: the woman who said “city council doesn’t know what it’s doing” while not understanding what she was doing signing that petition. Doh!

    Zappa was right in “Dumb All Over”: People, we is not wrapped tight! Dumb all over indeed, and a little ugly on the side.

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