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bullet image Andres Oppenheimer A turning point in the U.S. drug war

“This puts the United States in an awkward position in respect to its drug war export policy,” says John Walsh, a drug expert with the Washington Office on Latin America, a group that supports pot legalization. “The United States is going ahead with a policy that is quite different from what it tells other countries to do.”

It’s a policy decision that is likely to have a big impact in Latin America, where many countries are debating their own drug legalization laws.

bullet image Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing N.S.A’s – NY Times

The government pays AT&T to place its employees in drug-fighting units around the country. Those employees sit alongside Drug Enforcement Administration agents and local detectives and supply them with the phone data from as far back as 1987.

bullet image Andrea Barthwell Watch — Here she sells her misguided and wrong-headed advice to grieving parents.

Barthwell said families must focus on raising drug-free children, not managing drug use. She advocates families using random drug testing to prevent use.

“It comes to your taking a look at exactly how you set up your household to support a non-drug using norm,” she said, “because you have the most efficacy with your young people, more than any other institution of society, in helping them reach the age of 18 without ever having used tobacco, alcohol or any other drug, based upon the behaviors that you support and allow in your own household.

“If you have a liquor cabinet at home, and you are worrying about whether your child will die of a heroin overdose, pour the liquor down the drain tonight, and don’t bring another bottle home.”

Barthwell lashed out at Gov. Pat Quinn about recent medical marijuana legislation and linked marijuana use with other drugs.

“While I think that heroin is the problem that’s killing your young people, marijuana is the problem that the state … that’s creating an expansion of this epidemic, and I’m so, so terribly ashamed of and angry with our governor for not having had the courage to turn aside the medical marijuana bill.”

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  1. strayan says:

    Utah judge pleads guilty to possession. Not before she tried countless cases against defendants facing misdemeanor drug charges.


  2. DdC says:

    The Drug Worriers Should Be Busted by the (HUAC)
    House Committee on Un-American Activities

    “I opened up to multiple guns pointed at me. A police officer screamed, ‘ Who’s in here?’ I told him, ‘ Myself and my 14-year-old daughter.’ He asked where the guns were. I told him I had no guns. He asked where the drugs were. I told him where the small amount of medical marijuana I had in the house was, as well as what had just arrived.”

  3. Francis says:

    “This puts the United States in an awkward position in respect to its drug war export policy,” says John Walsh, a drug expert with the Washington Office on Latin America, a group that supports pot legalization. “The United States is going ahead with a policy that is quite different from what it tells other countries to do.”

    Oh, I doubt it’s that awkward for the United States. I have to imagine that after decades of practice, it’s gotten pretty comfortable with blatant hypocrisy.

    • claygooding says:

      They may be comfortable with it but how will the UNODCP and other ally’s drug offices take it???
      The cost of keeping marijuana prohibition world wide just became multiplied several times,,instead of betting on which state legalizes first lets’ go international,,Uruguay of course but Jamaica is already discussing it and several European politicos have their green party leaders starting up the old “new market with taxes available” in their news releases and opeds,perhaps this is the rock that will start a global avalanche before we see one here.

  4. cy klebs says:

    Has the NYTimes modified their drug assay policy?

  5. Howard says:

    From the Andres Oppenheimer article;

    Asked about the contradiction in U.S. domestic and foreign drug policies, a State Department spokesman told me that “marijuana is and remains illegal under federal law. We continue our important counternarcotics cooperation with the international community to combat drug trafficking and use, and to improve citizen security.”

    “…and to improve citizen security”? What? Tell that to any citizen who’s been raided by the DEA or local police in full SWAT regalia with guns drawn. Especially if a raid culminates in shots fired at the family dog and/or assets seized based on mere suspicion. Sounds more like citizen insecurity to me.

  6. Duncan20903 says:


    Ms. Barthwell and her fellow clowns noticed that people who are sober until age 21 almost never decide to get high. But for some reason these dimwits just don’t understand post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies so they jump to the conclusion that if they stop anyone from getting high until age 21 that almost no one will ever choose to get high. It’s mind boggling that they don’t realize that some people like to get high but others don’t, and that the ones that don’t are almost always “substance free” until age 21. It isn’t that not choosing to use substances makes people sober. It’s that teetotalers by nature don’t get high. The so called “gateway theory” is borne of the same anti-logic.

    Also, just forget the fact that Jack Herer didn’t choose to enjoy cannabis for the first time until age 30.

    (Why the heck is the word “teetotaler” spelled with a tee instead of a tea? It makes it sound like a golfer who never putts.)

  7. claygooding says:

    In case you missed it or forgot to DVR or record it:

    Dr Gupta “Weed” report:


    You never know when a prohib will show up and you can slip it in on them during their “marijuana isn’t medicine” rant.

    • allan says:

      I finally got to watch it yesterday w/ friends that DVR’ed it for me.

      I actually would have thought it a tepid piece were it not for his use of Charlotte and stomach-twitching-guy. I believe others might call that, firing for effect. Charlottes story made me all misty. Leaked a tear or 3.

      Charlotte made the piece, literally (as an aside just heard from jimG this a.m. that Charlotte’s Web is getting more requests in OR mmj circles).

      What struck me the most (knowing that my perception of the program was far different from my friends, even tho’ they smoke herb) was what I can only call the pharmaceutical torturing of an infant – even including a spinal tap. Both Charlotte and stomach-spasm-guy were wrung thru the pharmacorp mill, with those drugs coming close to killing them both.

      And ‘they’ want pot to conform to the modern medical model… while I adamantly agree with others on the couch that have asked, ‘why isn’t cannabis in the first line of medical options?’

      A pummeling w/ baseball bats would be mild punishment for the cannabiphobes compared to the way I’m feeling about them today.

      The little people with funny hats came to town last week so I’ll be going out for some ancient Toltec dancing and a psychic enema here soon… take that entheogenic broom and sweep up some of the been-accumulating-way-too-long debris (detritus, flotsam, jetsam).

  8. Duncan20903 says:


    It makes me sad to report that one of our numbers has earned a nomination for the 2013 Darwin Award:
    Police: Upstate Pot Grower Killed By His Own Booby Trap

    Oh look, police say he’d been using drinking alcohol immediately prior to his death.

    • claygooding says:

      I realized long ago if I was drinking I didn’t need to be smoking marijuana until I got where I planned on staying,,I never realized drinking and growing could be just as bad.

    • DdC says:

      one page of guggale.

      ☛POT FARMER Nearly DECAPITATED by Booby Trap
      ☛Marijuana grower killed by own booby trap
      ☛Man Killed, Nearly Decapitated, by Own Marijuana Booby Trap.
      ☛Marijuna “farmer” nearly decapitated by his own booby trap.
      ☛Marijuana grower killed by own booby trap
      ☛Albany Pot Grower Accidentally Kills Himself With Own Drug Booby Trap
      ☛Marijuana grower killed — and nearly decapitated — by booby trap
      ☛Marijuana grower Daniel Ricketts killed by own piano wire booby trap
      ☛Marijuana grower killed – and nearly decapitated – by booby trap
      An upstate New York marijuana grower accidentally killed himself with the booby trap he’d set up to protect his plants, police said. Daniel Ricketts was almost decapitated Saturday after he drunkenly drove his quad bike into barely visible thin piano wire strung up around his plantation in Berne, Albany County. Read more

      Police say Daniel Rickett was drunkenly riding a quad bike when he ran into his own piano wire trap. Hikers found the 50-year-old’s body lying near four large plants.

      Thanks to GOP prohibition, Nixon lies keep on killing. Though it is not without the Donkey’s contributions, and especially the silent censored corporate MSM. How many drunks kill themselves everyday? Thousands. Yawn. This is another 100% symptom of the Ganjawar. Morons can roll joints and get high as hell without booby-traps, This was totally due to prohibition. Most likely a Republican just in it for the money. Prohibition provides the incentive to break the law for the money and such drastic security is caused by greed. Protection from those wanting to bust it and those wanting to steal it. Also from those putting money above the lives of those who would want to bust or steal it.

      Cartels and local Growers mark their grows to warn people about trespassing. Usually far away from the beaten path of yuppies and kids. I don’t know of any growers using booby-traps, but then we live in a civilized community with safe organic means to provide it. It is telling how bias the MSM is with pages and pages of stories with the same headlines and buzzwords. Marijuana, Own Boob-trap. Those posting this (yet one of thousands of daily boring drunk jackassedness feats by redneck mentalities) thinking this is a way to further stigmatize pot. Are only proving what side they stand and how shallow they are.

      Autistic Ariz. 5-year-old to get medical marijuana to ease severe seizures
      New York Daily News

      How can you even explain it to someone intent on believing otherwise, due to whatever flawed, agenda driven reasoning? The family with the little girl having 300 seizures a week after using Ganja reduced them to three a month. The family Dr Gupta discussed and had on his documentary Weeds. How can anyone continue to lie bold face to families in denial matching fossil fools profiteers. When their family just witnessed a defined miracle in their child. These dung worriers continue to lie and stigmatize and demonize and are somehow able to convince people to believe their word over your own eyes. Also telling are the politicians who continue to push draconian laws, especially for children. Such blatant disregard for in your face reality. Hiding like cowards in their denialism as un-American and unethical, immoral and flat out stupid as it gets.

      Spending tax dollars for thousands of people to lie to us doesn’t seem like an intelligent person thought of it. Only pure selfishness or survival could take citizens and turn them into babbling idiots following blindly with absolutely no compassion. No fairness or even a level playing field. Not to keep weapons of mass destruction from people. That’s ok to buy military weapons. Not to stop dumping crap in the drinking water, thats ok for the corporation persons right to profit. The Ganjawar has showed everyone bipartisan fascism since 1937 and then repeated in 1970 by Nixon who lumped in Medicinal and Hemp. With the AMA blessing as well as the Pope, Congress and the MSMedia.

      40 years watching their own families and kids die or suffer rather than break an unjust racist law or rather act. Arbitrary and capricious making it as hard a process to do safely as possible or as much as the tax dollars can pay. On our own citizens. With money to repair infrastructures, schools and clinics. Cannabis is for us and to hell with the G-20 Internationalists and pure driven greed with no apologies or remorse. Trying to take down the middle class because third world labor is cheaper, why not convert our own citizens rather than import. This Wall St government is clear to all who care to see and it seems for 40 years that hasn’t been a top priority as many have tried to point out. America’s shame is smothering it’s beauty and its always been unnecessary. We save a dime at Walmart and it cost a job and exploits slave labor in prisons and foreign countries. Another back fired slur attempting to discredit Ganja with silly stories about drunks. You feel sorry that the little girls found relief for her seizures with Ganja? Or believe that her parents should be in jail and the child in foster care racketeers hands? The present and past Popes and Presidents do. Also telling.

      • DdC says:

        You feel sorry that… was from another poster trying to make a joke of the grower. It may seem it is directed at Duncan, but it isn’t.

  9. N.T. Greene says:

    That Barthwell bit… What the heck is she smoking? I am not even really sure what her argument is aside from “drugs are bad”.

    Maybe I just woke up, but sheesh. It seems pretty stupid.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Hey c’mon, be fair. It’s incredibly hard to make a reasonable argument when all you have are bald faced lies, half truths and hysterical rhetoric.

  10. Howard says:

    Andrea Barthwell, the gift that keeps on giving;

    “If you have a liquor cabinet at home, and you are worrying about whether your child will die of a heroin overdose, pour the liquor down the drain tonight, and don’t bring another bottle home.”

    Andrea has revealed a dirty little secret of the liquor industry. They’ve been adding an 8ball to every bottle of liquor produced. So it’s wise to follow her advice and pour that liquor heroin down the drain.

    What would we do without that saintly, moralistic peon, Ms. Barthwell? How could we possibly survive without her nonsensical advice? Andrea needs to empty her piggy bank and buy herself a “cruise to nowhere”. She owes it to herself.

    • N.T. Greene says:

      I figured it out. She has no idea what the phrase “cause and effect” means. Following her logic betrays the fact that her argument is just yelling down from the bully pulpit and using no logic at all.

    • kaptinemo says:

      Hmmm. Da and Mum always kept the liquor cabinet unlocked, no pencil marks on the labels…because they had given us The Lecture. The one that said that they knew we’d experiment, so they’d prefer we did that at home. And my Marine Da would get the blood-in-the-eye look and inform me that if I was caught drunk driving the police would be the least of my worries, as I’d have to deal with him afterward.

      None of us kids had any problems with booze, because of that. Guess that’s the difference between authoritative and authoritarian parenting. A difference lost on the likes of most prohibs…particularly la Barthwell.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        When I was a wee lad I never received a message from a politicians. But boy oh boy my parents sure sent me a lot of messages. One of their most intensely vocalized messages was that in life some things are reserved for adults only, they’re not for children. They were a bit on the flaky side because ginger ale was one of those things. I think it was because they used ginger ale in their cocktails.

        Of course I spent the days wishing away my childhood because I just couldn’t wait patiently to be an adult. But because god has such a strange sense of humor I never got the predicted benefits of adultery because of the children.

  11. B. Snow says:

    So… While reading these articles & links – I got to thinking.

    I say we plan on holding giant HempFests in the largest cities of all 50 States, and when they complain & threaten us – we respond with:
    “Fine, you’re right, what were we thinking? We’re gonna cancel them all and have a whole bunch of giant BoozeFests instead!”

    Then, see just how quickly the Cops & Local/City/State government folks (that would have to deal with the fallout of huge mobs threatening their towns with mostly legal drunkenness) – BEG US – To go ahead w/ the HempFests = as originally planned…

  12. DdC says:

    That’s only in a logical, caring, sane world. The prohibitionists live in a separate but unequal reality. What seems up to us is down to them and visa versa. So your theory has a flaw in the ointment in that profits are greater after drunks bash the place up and get in car wrecks or fights. More band aids sold. More expensive techo plastic gadgets sold. More fossil fools sold for the ambulances and cops. Stoner parties hardly ever erupt in violence. Load music and fridge raids are about as raucous as it usually gets. The dung worriers live in the Airplane movie and profit on misery even if they have to create it. Especially if they have to create it. Same with Hemp carbohydrates homegrown about anywhere vs OPEC hydrocarbons obtained by the richest conglomerates on the planet who obviously don’t tinkle down or even pay taxes. Necessity is no longer the Mother of Invention as Hemp alone would bail us out of debt and rebuild the infrastructure and fill jobs with unemployed. As a product sold or as a resource used its a win win and that is a lose lose for the prohibitionists serving their masters on Wall St. Profits are the new Mother of Invention even if they have to shelve or prohibit competition. Necessity is a reminder not to blow whistles.

    The Drug Worriers Should Be Busted by the (HUAC)
    House Committee on Un-American Activities

  13. And does anyone know why this works? Kind of makes my head spin. Of course doing something like a valuelist that returns an array of values would be nice.

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