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Toxic science

Regardless of what you may feel about the appropriateness politically of the “marijuana is safer” than alcohol campaigns, the truth is that in some areas, marijuana is, in fact, scientifically and objectively safer than alcohol. A recent ad aired at … Continue reading

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The silence is deafening

I was pleased to hear Attorney General Holder make his announcement about reducing sentencing for low-level drug crimes, not because I thought what he planned to do would have much practical effect (still depending on prosecutors to use judgement), but … Continue reading

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A different world

Official Tweets from the Seattle Police Department twitter feed: SPD Chief Jim Pugel was just driving down 4th Ave when he spotted a 79 Chevy w/fake pot leaves hanging from its rearview. Driver looked lost That’s when Chief Pugel’s 30 … Continue reading

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Programming note

I hate to recommend watching the TV “news” stations, but it’s how so much of the mass population gets their info… Tonight at 9 pm Eastern: Gone to Pot – Making cases for and against the legalization of marijuana. Featuring … Continue reading

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Tipping point recognized

I was impressed with this CNN story: As haze clears, are American opinions on pot reaching tipping point? (except for the obligatory pun in the headline). It is a story of a lot of people getting caught flat-footed by the … Continue reading

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Mayor Bloomberg tries to defend Stop and Frisk in this horrible piece in the New York Post: Frisks save lives He basically takes the position that Stop and Frisk has been responsible for a decrease in violent crime, even though … Continue reading

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Great and terrible power, exercised with some lenience, is still great and terrible power.

Ken White at Popehat has an excellent post that’s extremely helpful for those who would like to understand the Holder memo and federal sentencing: The Eric Holder Memorandum on Mandatory Minimum Sentences, Explained He concludes: I’m not happy that the … Continue reading

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A Question for Michael Mukasey

One interesting reaction to Holder’s comments today came from a certain former Attorney General… Former AG Mukasey: Holder Has Wrong Approach on Mandatory Sentences “Mandatory minimums impose a certain rigidity in sentencing that’s not appropriate in the individual case,” Mukasey … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Should Marijuana Be Rescheduled? — Kevin Sabet, sounding really desparate to remain relevant given everything going on. What does Holder’s speech really mean? Who knows? It certainly had some attractive rhetoric, but at that level, you can afford good speechwriters, … Continue reading

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Open Thread

So much to talk about. – Sanjay Gupta on CNN – Attorney General vows to end the war on drugs, or do something about sentencing, or something. – DEA in the crossfire – Kevin Sabet apparently lies – Plan Mexico … Continue reading

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