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Radley Balko’s been getting some great press for his new book: Rise of the Warrior Cop – The Militarization of America’s Police Forces. There’s an excellent excerpt from the book available at Salon: “Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book”: The new warrior cop is out of control

Very powerful stuff. I hope the book gets excellent distribution.

Some of the Law Enforcement Officers over at Glock Talk had some of their own reactions to it…

Radley Balko droppings… no matter where they are laid, they will always stink.

[Of course, keep in mind that it’s an internet forum that’s going to attract some of the worst scum.]

Radley is also known for his “puppycide” posts, detailing the alarming rate at which law enforcement officers seem to need to shoot dogs, as opposed to, say, postal workers.

Now Law Enforcement Today has an article by Jim Gaffney, their risk management contributor, suggesting that officers may want to be careful about shooting dogs to avoid lawsuits. Who Let the Dogs Out?

Officers need to be concerned about the possibility of a lawsuit being filed if an officer is involved in a dog shooting! Many in society these days consider their dogs as valued family members rather than simply the family pet. In fact, the preferred nomenclature is “canine companion” vs. pet these days.

This perspective is a trend emerging in the federal circuit courts of appeal. […]

While attending the ILEETA Conference last month, I attended a class facilitated by Laura Scarry, a Chicago attorney who represents law enforcement officers accused of civil rights violations at the state and federal level. Ms. Scarry advised participants of this change in the court’s view regarding dog shootings. We learned, in fact, such a shooting could possibly be deemed a violation of the Fourth Amendment! This class informed participants of current court rulings in place by circuit courts ruling that the use of deadly physical force can result in a federal civil rights lawsuit if a dog is “wrongfully” injured or killed.

For the purposes of this article, the portion of the Fourth Amendment under discussion is where the Fourth Amendment discusses that the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. The federal courts recognize a dog, one’s canine companion, as an “effect.”

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  1. claygooding says:

    They need to do massive training on officers in the handling of aggressive dogs,,more funding please,,or quit chasing the drug bounty money,,law enforcement’s choice.

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  3. Right. Don’t shoot the dog. Not, you know, because it is completely unjustified/immoral/inhumane/psychopathic 99% of the time, but to avoid a lawsuit. Thank you, that was great.

  4. Duncan20903 says:


    Is there such a thing as a doggy taser, or do the regular ones work on dogs without killing (most of) them?

    • allan says:

      oooh… testing to start immediately!

      • allan says:

        just got back from the dog park… man are those people pissed! I’ll have to wait until it’s just old folks with their little dogs… they don’t run as fast.

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    • Matthew Meyer says:

      Excellent activity on this subject indeed, Pete!

    • allan says:

      that’s just so not well written… and Pete hasn’t told us about his ‘distinctive tricks’. What’s up Pete? Have anything you want to share?

      Does mocking a bot count?

    • sub = robopoems x g x h says:

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      • Little Dickie Darkleson says:

        Round the time…
        You post online,
        In any Police violence thread.
        With wrong house raids,
        dead dogs in spades.
        It can really mess the head.
        But you must resist,
        The urge to shake you fist.
        It won’t make any diff’
        Because you need,
        With haste and speed,
        To post Pete’s Victims list.

  6. claygooding says:

    We all passed over the recent visit to Africa by Obama and the corporate funded billions for electricity he promised,,I see this as a way that the corporations making money from prohibition can pick up some of the tab for the war on drugs,,those billions or at least part of them are for more drug war.
    I would be willing to bet that the corporations they listed as contributors are boarded by board members from other corporations that need prohibition,,any bets?

  7. thelbert says:

    yes pete, you always make room on the couch for the strangers like www. that’s the distinctive trick: letting people have their say. no matter what the word order. that’s why i like this site. imo the leos need to dispel their fear of dogs. dogs don’t usually attack humans that don’t show fear.

    • claygooding says:

      I think a lot of it has to do with the attitude and the character of the person that looks for a job as a policeman,,I also think a lot of them start out with good intentions and if they are lucky enough to work with other good cops they could serve their entire career without ever pulling a gun.
      I don’t think that happens much,,I think they start taking “shortcuts” then it goes downhill from there.
      But the one basic flaw,IMO,any person that wants to be a policeman is leaving the house to spend the day fucking with people.

      • Windy says:

        I’ve heard it said that anyone who wants to be a cop should not be allowed to be a cop. While I know/understand that the job attracts the undesirables (sociopaths and bullies), there are people who do want to become cops for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, they are either assimilated by the thugs (kind of like the Borg assimilation) else they do not long remain cops; a few do stick it out for the entire time, but not many of them remain untouched by the corruption before they retire.

      • Francis says:

        If you want to understand the mentality of most cops, read up on the Stanford Prison Experiment. Now imagine that it’s conducted in “real life” such that the participants are no longer constrained by the belief that it’s “just an experiment.” Now imagine that instead of being stopped after only six days due to severely abusive conduct, the experiment is allowed to continue for many years, giving the participants a chance to really “get into the character” of their roles. Now imagine that the participants are not randomly assigned to the role of prison guard (or in our case, cop), but are instead a self-selected group of people eager for the chance to exercise power and dominance over others. Now weep.

  8. Citizen Teus says:

    It is sad that so many of the people who get upset about the cops shooting dogs aren’t nearly as upset when the cops shoot some poor kid’s FATHER in an unnecessary “no knock”. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. Heck, some of my best friends are dogs. But can we get a little perspective here folks? (No not you guys here on the couch, I’m talking about the rest of the world)

    • claygooding says:

      Citizen,,post Pete’s Victim list on the left in every blog talking about the dog killings and remind them it is happening to innocent people too.

      • allan says:

        yeah, that list… use it. Tell ’em about Zeke, a 17 y.o. shot by US military on US soil, while herding his goats. Or Donald Scott, excellent way to strike at asset forfeiture as well. or Charity Bowers and her mom… really? shooting families w/ infants out of the sky? Or Patrick Dorismond, harassed by undercover cops because he didn’t want to buy drugs. I hate that fugink list… it just grows and grows… and nobody (out there) pays it much mind.

        That list alone is/should be enough to end the WOD.

        • War Vet says:

          And the Arizona ex-Marine Vet who was killed when SWAT was looking for dope in a neighborhood and not a specific house . . . a cop was rushing to the door, which just busted open -he tripped thus firing a shot and it made the other SWAT all want to join in shooting. The murdered Marine thought it was thugs, so he hid his wife and kid in the closet and they saw him get dozens of bullet holes in him and he held on for a bit, but the SWAT wouldn’t let the EMT’s help him.

  9. strayan says:

    The LEO sounds surprised that he can’t shoot a dog without consequence.

    • Francis says:

      Yeah, the tone is creepy.

      Many in society these days consider their dogs as valued family members rather than simply the family pet.

      Yes, people who aren’t sociopaths and are capable of things like empathy, love, and compassion for other beings really care about their dogs. They tend to find the murder of those dogs very, very upsetting.

      We learned, in fact, such a shooting could possibly be deemed a violation of the Fourth Amendment!

      Wow, that does call for an exclamation point! You mean, using some family’s Corgi for shooting practice during one of your home invasions might actually be considered some sort of rights violation?

    • claygooding says:

      The sad part is that their own dog handlers did not clue them in or are they so cold that they don’t experience the unconditional love that a dog gives it’s owner and if the dog handlers did clue them in then the Swat teams are some real winners in the low IQ contests.

  10. Sukoi says:

    Radley is the best investigative reporter on police abuse of our time IMHOP and he deserves much respect for his efforts. I can’t think of anyone that even comes close. He reminds me of the reporters depicted in the movies from the 40’s and 50’s that actually did the legwork and didn’t just repeat the gubmint propaganda. Mr. Balko is truly a patriot!

  11. Servetus says:

    In the aftermath of the trial that followed Waco, the jury deliberating on the surviving members of the Branch Davidian cult didn’t get angry when given evidence of a federal overreach that resulted in a law enforcement disaster.

    They didn’t appear to get angry when they learned that many people had died from a suspicious fire erupting within the Davidian compound.

    It was when the jurors learned that the feds had shot the Branch Davidian members’ dogs that an obvious change in attitude became very apparent within the courtroom.

    The law needs a better word for pet than “effect”. We and our pets all have the same emotions. Theirs are often better. Under no circumstances should the government underestimate our friendships with our mammalian superiors.

    • allan says:

      the human penchant for the lessening of others value as living beings is a quirk that has to go. That lack of essential respect for life has left a dark and murderously bloody trail.

    • Tony Aroma says:

      If the government can file suit against inanimate objects (like money, cars, houses) in property forfeiture cases, is the reverse true as well? Can inanimate object sue the police? If so, why not pets? Surely pets have at least the same rights as inanimate objects.

      I have a feeling it’s only a one-way process. The government can sue “things,” but the things can’t sue the government. Can’t allow citizens to do the same kinds of senseless things the government does.

  12. claygooding says:

    It seems someone pranked a radio station over the recent plane crash in SF,,they reported the pilots names were Ho Lee Fuk and Wi To Lo.

    • Freeman says:

      Looks like it was a TV station. The video is here.

      Pretty funny watching the empty-headed newscaster announce the names without the slightest hint of getting the joke.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        This one’s a classic. Police composite sketch behind the anchor man looks like the anchor man.
        Have you seen this man?

        Probably photoshopped but still amusing. It reminds me of the old hysterical reality show called America’s Most Wanted. If you recall they re-created the crime using actors and encouraged people to either call the hotline or the local police. I often pondered just how many of the actors playing the perp got turned in by neighbors , acquaintances and co-workers. “Why did you shoot my dog?!? I’m not a criminal I just played one on TV!” As stupid as some members of the general public can be you know it had to have happened, the only question in my mind is “how many” and did any of the actors get to spend a night or two in jail. As stupid as some police officers can be you know it had to have happened.

  13. A Critic says:

    “Radley Balko droppings… no matter where they are laid, they will always stink.”

    That is correct – since Balko reports the facts and the facts about cops always stink.

    • allan says:

      “always”… really? You’ve never met a good cop? The too-broad a brush kinda bugs me. Statements like that, sound to my ear too much like them. Just mho…

      • Windy says:

        Allan, I understood his comment to be speaking only of the cops about whom Radley reports, and he (A Critic) is right about that particular group of cops.

        • Freeman says:

          I think the important word here is FACTS. Over on Glock Talk they were calling Balko a liar, trying to deny the truth of his reporting. But Balko is reporting verifiable facts that anyone can look up and cross-check.

          Balko’s reporting angers me too, and I wish it weren’t true. But angry denial doesn’t make it any less true, and only makes those who deny it look like lawless thugs trying to cover up the crimes of their cohort.

  14. jean valjean says:

    it seems that many contributers on glock talk never got further than reading the headline of balko s piece. there s a lot of discussion about the use of the word warrior from a teenage boys perspective but very little criticism of the substance of the article. i suppose the cops with brains are in leap

    • Deep Dish says:

      The contributors were brothers in arms, standing in solidarity… in solidarity to red herrings. Once the framing of the narrative was set, they just followed along like little puppies. It makes one wonder how many are K-9 handlers.

      • Jean Valjean says:

        Or like soldiers. A lot of them talk about their military service in the ‘warrior’ discussions, conflating the word with something like samurai, or perhaps a video game “run to a fight not from it, put their lives on the line….” etc etc…. None seem to grasp the intended use of ‘warrior,’ as in one who provides boots on the ground for the drug war, or supports it in any other way.
        They know it’s somehow being used in a pejorative sense about them, but they can’t see how.

        • War Vet says:

          I go a step further and not only call cops militarized, but terrorists as well. I woke up the day they told me: “Organized Crime is why all of you guys are in Iraq.” Much research from not only the DEA and CIA, but the U.N., Huff post, BBC, Nat Geo, NY Times, PBS, Naval Academy, War College etc etc etc all said the same things: drug money finances terrorism and insurgencies significantly. Cops keep drugs illegal and they know they cannot stop it all as long as we live in a society –a world that utilizes money and trade –they’re probably smart enough to know they barely put a dent in the drug trade and use.

          Cops invented drug money by making dope illegal and drug money kills i.e. 9/11, U.S.S. Cole, World Trade Center Bombing, Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Watts, Brooklyn, Mexico, Guinea Bissau etc. I guarantee you that going into a house in Virginia or Florida doesn’t offer the same unknown factors of fear as driving through Iraq. Our current military situation with the War on Terror was invented by Law Enforcement when the cops financed Osama, the Taliban etc with drug money via obeying a law that creates drug money . . . cops know drug dealers make money and use that money to buy weapons and airplane tickets, therefore Cops knew about 9/11 before it started by ignoring previous facts and outcomes in regards to terrorism and drug money.

          I can forgive cops who quit the illegal drug war shortly after 9/11 (If American cops quit the drug war, foreign cops will soon follow, thus making drugs legal and out of the hands of terrorists) and I can forgive ignorance, but I cannot forgive cops who illegally arrest drug dealers and users today since it’s a form of terrorism . . . I think giving aid to Al Qaeda via obeying a law that automatically creates drug money is a form of terrorism . . . and cops know that they keep drugs illegal and that they are on the front lines in the Drug War and they know drug money finances gangs and terrorism, therefore cops know they enable terrorists. Nearly 7,000 U.S. soldiers were killed by American cops after 9/11 (and the almost 3,000 innocent victims murdered by Law Enforcement on 9/11). I blame American cops because the terrorists would be under funded if we legalized all the drugs in the world and why wouldn’t terrorist organization not use everything to make money on . . . so legalizing drugs means gangs and terrorists wouldn’t find another source of revenue since they are already using everything. And if cops spoke out and demanded legalization, it would happen. I praise the efforts of L.E.A.P. and I’m proud to call them allies and I forgive them. I don’t care if a cop used to be a vet or served right next to me: treason is treason.

          P.S. If we can prove Iran is in the Golden Crescent, then we can prove Iran is using drug money to help finance their nuclear programs, therefore cops are purposely involved in Iran’s nuclear programs because they are not ignorant and still wage the drug war regardless of the costs . . . what’s worse 9/11 or legal meth . . . a nuclear bomb going off or legal heroin? Cops don’t understand this: I’m the one that keeps them safe and they are not the ones who keep me or us safe . . . I helped hold the tide of drug money financed terrorism . . . what have cops done to make me safe from violence? Without me and my past and current brothers and sisters in arms: they would not have a safe nation to enforce logical laws in . . . I’m the reason why cops have the right to pick their career. We need to bring them back to the fold before they all become enemy combatants. Real stress is war, not entering into a home in America . . . I’ve never heard of IED’s in America. For Today, cops do not keep the peace, they bring the war and recession. I double dog dare any cops to tell me what they think they know about Narco-Terrorism and America’s recession.

        • claygooding says:

          I woke up in 1995 when I was sitting in a eatery and the local narcs walked in with 4 DEA wearing T-shirts with “What you seize is what you get” emblazoned on the back. It wasn’t so much the phrase that disturbed me but the attitude that he could walk around in public and not be beaten too death for it.
          I had one of my most violent PTSD events since the mid 70’s when I reconnected with the lady. If TX would have had a right to pack law I would be making my comments from Ft Leavenworth.

  15. ezrydn says:

    I’m going to pay Radley a compliment by asking a question of those on the couch who have history.

    Would you consider Radley our version of Edward R. Morrow? I would.

    Now, I’m back on Jury Watch, waiting…

    • claygooding says:

      He is working on becoming a real investigative reporter instead of a buffoon on MSNBC/CBS/FOX or CNN that call themselves investigative reporters.
      But if he continues reporting crooked cops I don’t want to take him riding in my car,,some of these bullies take keeping their powerplay going real serious.

    • Res ipsa loquitur says:

      This one is from the “alternative reality” category (no liquids in your mouth while you read this “news” article):

      Marijuana field discovered in Logan County, worth millions
      July 12, 2013

      CRESCENT, Okla. – Workers surveying a rural site make a massive discovery that officials say, in the wrong hands, would have been worth millions of dollars. Last week, Devon Energy workers went to a site near Crescent to prepare it for drilling.

      They soon stumbled upon a small plant that had taken over the property. Those workers found a football field’s worth of marijuana.

      Officials say it was 12 feet tall in some places and too thick for workers to even walk between the plants. They immediately called the Logan County Sheriff’s Department to help them figure out what do next.

      The sheriff’s department contacted the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics to investigate the illegal crop.

      Authorities believe it is simply a wild crop since there was no organization of the plants, no irrigation system and no evidence of actual cultivation.

      It’s possible the crop started from another batch that was intentionally grown at someone’s farm. The seeds could have traveled and simply grown out of control.

      Traveling cannabis seeds? WTF?? Well come to think of it if the feral hemp seeds invest in a diesel vehicle then they can process themselves into hemp diesel so they don’t have to buy fuel for their vehicle. What that means is that they are saving lots of money and so they’ll be able to afford to bail themselves out of jail when they get popped.

      (Note to self: let’s not forget that every time you thought the prohibitionists couldn’t be any more stupid, they feel compelled to prove you wrong and then do so.)

      • claygooding says:

        When wild turkey’s and pheasant were transplanted to TX/OK/KS the US fish and game dept planted industrial hemp in small 1>2 acre patches when they found locations with a high probability of regrowth for feed for the new arrivals,,I know of two in the panhandle of TX.
        They probably found one of those kind of patches.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        I need to offer a mea culpa because I skipped a groove and forgot one of the fundamental facts of plant reproduction…seeds do travel.

        Every spring a flock of migrating robins strips the berries off of a holly tree in my yard and then take them north until they take a dump. Before I moved into this house I had never before known that robins can hover like hummingbirds. Not anywhere near as well as hummingbirds do but they can maintain it long enough to eat as many as a half dozen berries. We know for a fact that birds love to eat cannabis seed.

        The squirrels bury acorns all over the place but they don’t find them all and some of them sprout and a tree is born. Total symbiosis.

        I suppose that the only place I remain skeptical is the odds of a bare seed passing through the animal without being compromised by the digestion process. Holly berries aren’t bare seeds. The squirrels intend to eat the acorns later.

        Anyway, it was my mistake but I blame that woman for using the word traveling. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

        • claygooding says:

          I am sure all remember the song “Poke Salad Annie”,,,it seems the Poke Salad seed must be eaten and distributed by birds,,something in the digestive system of the bird “arms” the seed,,that is why when you get a patch started they keep growing because the birds sit there eating seeds and passing them,,then fly off and start more elsewhere.
          Nature finds a way.

        • allan says:

          ‘ey Duncan… I have to join you on the well-look-what-robins-can-do thing. And yes, the mid-air hovering thing, kinda. I visit Sweet Creek, a nice little creek that feeds the Siuslaw River on the west face of the coast range. Nice place, easy hiking, not ever too crowded… my kinda place.

          We (my bro and I) were sitting at Sweet Creek Falls (yes, puffing), at trail’s end and a male robin had been hanging around. A lot of the aquatic bugs that go from water-living larvae to air-breathing fliers were flying around in the air. Then this big ass winged bug comes flying up over the water and that robin launches off his branch, swoops and turns, stalls and nabs that big old stone fly in mid-flight. After watching him catch 2 more we figgered it wasn’t a fluke and that once again, nature showed us that sitting quietly in a secluded natural environment can be edjumicational.

  16. Jean Valjean says:

    Crescent, Okla…just five hours from Muskogee, where even squares can have a ball…

    • Duncan20903 says:


      In 1968 they didn’t smoke merrywanna in Muskogee, nor did they take their trips on LSD. Today Muskogee can boast of a thriving illicit drugs market with methamphetamine easily obtainable 24/7/365. Heroin/cocaine/oxycodone might be a little harder to find. By “harder to find” I mean that you may have to walk a few extra blocks or drive a couple of extra miles. On Christmas morning.

      Q) How many prohibitionists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

      A) None. Screwing in a new light bulb would be surrender. With enough effort and borrowed money we can make the old one work the way it’s supposed to.

      • Freeman says:

        I’m totally stealing that joke!

      • War Vet says:

        It’s on a major highway that helps people get from Dallas to the STL or KC. The Mexican cartels bring much of the dope. One can get a good deal on a white cake or a green elbow in either Tulsa (700,000+ with metro) or in the smaller city of Muskogee (39,000). It’s not uncommon to buy mostly pure coke in that part of Oklahoma because of the Mexican Cartels . . . the best coke I’ve ever had was in Oklahoma and not in PV Mexico (go figure). People no longer cut coke very much because the cartels are direct . . . think of the 300+ race horses the Feds obtained from the Zetas in OKC ( ).

        But coke is harder to find because it’s not popular . . . a single and typical $5 dollar line of coke will only last you an hour or two of intense good feelings (because it’s not cut very much . . . I have a hard time believing an intense rush lasts only 15-45minutes . . . I’ve never met anyone whose ever said a single small dose of coke didn’t last as long as good Mexican weed: an hour or two), while a $5 dollar line of meth will last you at least 24hrs if its average. Meth is a plague because of the War on Drugs. And when you are ever at a horse race in Oklahoma: never assuming many of the well dressed Mexican men aren’t members of the cartels is like assuming Jay-Z is a great country singer from Texas. If they wear long curly pointy cowboy boots, they probably are a part of the cartel . . . if they’re wearing an $800 cowboy hat, they are cartel. I’ve speculated that the reasons why we have so many new Mexican restaurants is because of the cartels moving their families and using the facilities as a cover . . . just like all their horse ranches in the area: they just sprang up overnight it seems.

    • claygooding says:

      You know the boys from Oklahoma roll their joints all wrong.

      They are too damned skinny and way too long.

  17. Duncan20903 says:


    One of the largest hurdles that cannabis law reform advocates have to face is the very strong tendency for confirmation bias among the sycophants of prohibition. Those sycophants believe that anything bad that happens anywhere in the general vicinity of cannabis or by a person who chose to enjoy cannabis and did something bad at any time subsequent to the event was can be blamed on cannabis.

    The most laughably absurd example of that particular brain dead “reasoning” was someone who responded to one of my requests for examples of people whose life was “ruined” by choosing to enjoy cannabis. So this particular person tells me about his sibling who died of a heroin overdose at age 39. The fatal overdose was caused by his siblings use of cannabis from ages 12 to 18. If only we had been able to get him to quit using cannabis he’d still be alive. Apparently he forgot that his brother had quit choosing to enjoy cannabis at age 18.

    Anyway, it’s too late to make this long story short but I’m going to start asking them when we’re going to close down the churches of America and criminalize the practice of religion because of the danger to life and limb. “Church is dangerous” you ejaculate in disbelief? Well the Religion News Service reports that this happened last month:

    Feds release first guidelines for confronting a church shooter

    • claygooding says:

      What gets to me is that any violent act is marijuana’s fault even if the perpetrator smoked a joint 2 weeks before the incident,,while in the real world German,Mexican and a couple of other South American countries prison wardens are petitioning they’re governments to use marijuana in the prisons too reduce violence,,,you can’t have it both ways.

    • DdC says:

      Trayvon Martin’s Ganja Use Irrelevant ecp

      Reverse stereotyping is almost as bad. The point is Ganja won’t “make” you do anything you aren’t intent on doing. True as with soccer fans it mellows out more than booze firing up people. But if you are a deranged killer, smoking a doobie probably won’t stop you doing what you’re comfortable with. Most of the publics knowledge of cannabis either comes from antidotal stories of good times or reefer madness to keep prohibition tossing money at corporations. So no, it did not cause this tragedy. Racism, gun idoltery and reefer madness did. [url=]The Fitz Hugh Ludlow hypertext library[/url] has several mostly fictional stories about the Hashish asssassins and [url=]Anslingers own Gore Files[/url] with cut out articles of murder and gruesome violence he listed under cannabis use.

      When they came for our first amendment rights, oh its just stoners. When they came for our second amendment rights. Oh “they” shouldn’t carry guns. When they came for our 3rd amendment, to live in our homes and eat our food and smoke our pot, then turn us in. Undercover domestic soldiers busting down our 4th amendment. Shooting mother holding their babies and grannies in their nightgowns. Dogs to check seat belts and our 5th amendment already decided by the Supreme Court with Leary v US saying it was an infringement. Nixon simply changed the title and added hemp and medicinal never included in the UnConstitutional Marihuana Tax Act. The 10th amendment was gone after Anslinger federalized the Ganjawar and although nothing was designated to the feds by the Constitution, leaving it in the authority of the states. Then after Raich v Gonzales the Supremes decided over reasonable amounts or exchanges was considered commerce under the jurisdiction of the feds IRS. There was never an amendment as with the 18th banning sales of booze. Nonetheless the CSA was passed and enforced after Nixon to this day. Rejecting science and pushing more gossip. So its not surprising the public may have gotten the impression that Ganja can cause violence.

  18. More by Radley:

    7 Ways The Obama Administration Has Accelerated Police Militarization

    1. Pentagon Giveaways
    2. Byrne Grants
    3. COPS Grants
    4. DHS Anti-Terror Grants
    5. Medical Marijuana Raids
    6. Heavy-Handed Police Tactics
    7. Asset Forfeiture

    • Jean Valjean says:

      The Bryne funded raids on Tulia and Hearne were nothing short of ethnic cleansing and were cheered on by many white citizens and the local press as driving out “cockroaches.”
      Nevertheless, our first black president made sure Byrne grants received a massive increase in funding as part of “our anti-gang strategy…”

  19. Servetus says:

    When kids of any culture are divided arbitrarily into red and blue teams, they automatically develop suspicion and antagonism toward the other group, with no other promptings necessary, whatsoever.

    The same behavior occurs among members of different branches of the military who mock each other’s branch, even though they’re supposed to be on the same side.

    So now we have SWAT cops dressing and acting like Star Ship Troopers, and it’s occurred to no one in government that this could drive a wedge between the citizens and their government? Even the LE name is insulting and anti-citizen. It sounds like they‘re trying to swat a fly. We, and our dogs, are not flies.

    Our present circumstances are intended, and not a series of bureaucratic accidents or mission creep. Clearly, the government has acted for decades to overstep its bounds…

    and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. – IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 – The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

  20. claygooding says:

    Scientists Discover Another Way Marijuana Helps The Brain Grow – In 2005, Canadian researchers made a groundbreaking discovery that would forever discredit the myth that marijuana causes brain damage. What they found was an opposite effect. That is, THC – the main chemical in marijuana and the reason why users get ‘high’ – can actually cause new brain cells to grow.

    The process of brain growth is called neurogenesis and does not usually improve with drug use. Marijuana use is a different story, explained Xia Zhang, M.D, Ph.D., associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan and lead author of the study:

    “Most ‘drugs of abuse’ suppress neurogenesis. Only marijuana promotes neurogenesis.” “snip”

    Looking to investigate the effects of CBD on anxiety and depression in rodents, the researchers went to the source – a part of the brain called the hippocampus. The hippocampus regulates emotion and cognitive function and is also the only area of the adult brain that can grow.

    The hippocampus plays a role in emotion, memory, and learning.

    While previous studies have found CBD to have beneficial effects on anxiety and depression, the new study is the first to explain why.

    What the scientists found was that CBD, just like THC, also causes brain cells in the hippocampus to grow. This, they say, could explain why previous studies identified CBD as an effective treatment for mood disorders.

    “Our results indicate that chronic CBD administration, by promoting neurogenesis, favours a similar anxiolytic response in stressed mice.” “snip”

    Wouldn’t it be something if they found out the reason man’s brain grew so much bigger than other mammals with similar mass was due to the early introduction of hemp into his diet?
    That is what my quip “Mankind has used hemp since a caveman threw a funny looking bush on the fire and the clan ate a brontosaurus in one nite instead of a week” is about.
    I believe our bodies have a multitude of cannabinoid receptors in them for a reason and I think man’s early use of cannabis is why we have them,,our bodies found so much good in the cannabis plant it adapted for it’s use. The key to that theory is that the only plants I know of that have cannabinoids is cannabis and possibly hops,,a close relative to the cannabis plant I am told but a lot less cannabinoids.
    Thats the way I see it Vern.

    • claygooding says:

      I doubt early man was smoking it but you can bet they were eating it every fall as hunter gatherers and much more so after man became farmers villagers.

    • DdC says:

      Fire is the ultimate cleanser. Of coarse Ganja was meant to smoke. Absorbing the spirit in the form of the smoke. Political correctness perceptions and plain old DEA and church gossip is the only danger in smoking Ganja for thousands of years. Chillums, hookahs or tossed onto hot rocks in cauldrons inside of dome tents. The only way to open bronchial passage ways to stop a full blown Asthma attack. The only thing known that will. Eating won’t expectorate the harmful carcigogens from carbon emissions just sitting in traffic. Like Peter McWilliams RIP, if you can’t swallow or keep down pills or food, smoking can. Or Koch smoke stacks or aerosols and sprayed pesticides. Ganja can protect cells and expectorate toxins.

      The 90 million pounds of abortion causing poisons on the US bible belt cotton crop, not on Hemp. Protecting the brain cells as well as enhancing the Endo cannabinoid system to regulate all of the body systems. 12,000 years and they finally start mapping it? Lies censorship and intimidation has kept science from Ganja. Banning medicinal research after discovering it shrank brain tumors. AND NO FUCKING ONE thought that peculiar? Profiteers maintaining dysfunction selling misery and breeding vermin to spread more gossip to perpetuate more profits for Koch cages and Calvino rehabilitation asylums.

      FUCK the TROLLS nay sayers and legal lies of Nixon and Biden. New hobgoblin pushers, x junkies copping out for please bargains. PSA to piss themselves over a Hemp flag flying. Red flags flying all over the place and we still have sheep bleat and chicken little cry hearing the chicken-hawks psychically predict the future doom if we legalize smoking what we are already smoking without problems. Other than what the DEA and local cop-shops bring to the table. Wall St runs the Ganjawar for profits and eliminating competition. Hemp is more of a reason for prohibition, than Ganja. To the moneysluts. That’s why Nixon included it and why Obombo Calvino Feinstein and Giligan keep it lumped in.

      Washington has to be held accountable when they lie about Ganja or Hemp or the war itself. When slime-balls can lie to get votes for legislation, no matter what it is. Then get caught flat out, red handed, exposed in public. Then defends the lies as not supposed to be taken factually. And still continues to legislate other draconian measures for various issues. What the hell does anyone expect? How can it possibly get better with trolls willingly earning paychecks selling out their own families, in the name of taking care of them.

      Smoking Ganja is legal federally for individuals reasonable amounts not exchanged as any form of commerce. Under state jurisdiction protection of the 10th amendment, except Commerce since Raich v Gonzales. Unless states limit amounts too small to physically grow. Forcing the user to break federal law exchanging it or buying it. Catch 22 state dung worriers are sabotaging citizens in the name of helping them. When cops write initiatives and profiteers appease the prison industrial complex and their lackey politicians. Doom and gloom for the user and grower is bound to be the result. Not by accident or coincidence.

      With US patents on individual cannabinoids. With x deputy drug czar Barthwell selling Sativex and Bayer distributing. With Mississippi schwag growing, rolling and shipping as it is, establishing precedent for reasonable amounts. Keeping the Sativex sublingual spray of whole plant extract in drug stores. Most importantly to the dysfunction maintenance crew, keeping Hemp and Ganja in the black market along with another trillion tax dollars to spend chasing stoners in circles.

      As for thousands of years of smoking Tobacco and Ganja without problems recorded when many problems were recorded. Sitting around camp fires and fire places worse than traffic jams, making the oil companies more money. With Ganja expectorating it up and spitting it out along with the adulterants in the smoke. Safer and Healthier than not smoking or especially not using at all. Rayguns cigarettes loaded hundreds of chemicals to make it a pleasurable experience and psychologically and physically appealing or addictive. Jacking up nicotine. The harmful effects are another obvious giant red flag society walks by looking for drool marks on their penny loafers. Sucking in flame retardants and burn enhancers might be something discussed as a potential harm.

      Chemicals to keep the smoke white, as in purity. Chemicals to cure it and grow it and preserve it all ignited and sucked into the lungs plus hundreds more, even a thousand and change in generic brands. Driving up health care cost treating the poor. All fronting another billion dollar prohibition on tobacco while the same Monsanto Dupont escape Congressions questions. Slime away in the shadows to poison another day. This cigarette product is what they compare to Ganja without the adulterants. Yet reality is never close by concerning Ganja policy. Always some boogeyman sales person in the wings. Ready to freak out elvis grannies and add filler for local news shows.

      Burning bush or burnt offerings or wild fires and the eternal flame of life. Air is smoke without the buzz. Maybe we should stop breathing raw unprocessed air. We laughed at bottled water once. We actually buy bags of dirt top soil and organic fertilizer. Bat guano, the shit sells like hotcakes, parumpum. So enough of the troll droppings. The one paragraph of unsubstantiated memo reading from fox and oxyrush talking points. Enough of the Bullshit, we know more than the excerpts, er… experts., We’ve been smoking it for decades. Isn’t that why there is such a revolving door policy with the FDA and Monsatan? To assure the guvmint has the exploits, er experts. The best in the biz to understand complex problems they create for us not to understand. Like why Banksters write policy and rehabilitation owners write state initiatives and consider it harm reduction.

      To cure you in a $4500. 28 day program forced by court order. One toke is over the line sweet jesus and considered abuse and mandatory rehab is in order. When corporations legislate profits and no one cares. It is a safe bet no one will care when the profits come from other methods of obtaining cheap labor. Outsourcing, prisons slave market and scabs, documented or not. A larger pool of cheap labor more willing to sell out just to feed their families. Busting unions for the same reason to wean off skilled workers with manpower temps. Kill the middle class. Steer all the taxes for the infrastructure and schools over to law enforcement and private prisons. Stoners or the poor filling cages and a third goes back to Obama as income tax. To divert to the NRA for a gun in every school. In the hands of Koch rentacops, and teenagers. Clockwork Orange comes to mind. Re-education facilities.

      So a lie by Nixon classifying Ganja as a schedule #1 narcotic can not create dangers down the line. Lies are not based in reality and intangible objects can not be made into policy, except for unscrupulous goals by profiteers left unchecked. Corruption in the highest places and a ban on transparency. If that ain’t clearly a red flag, you might be a redneck. Getting busted for gutter science numerous times and no consequences. Falsifying documents banning RAVE’s only jailing activists and abuse of the 1st amendment rights of promoters and groups to assemble and speak out. Biden failed 3 times to pass the RAVE act until the DEA sent meth to be tested as ecstasy, twice they were discovered and twice it was delayed being made public until after the RAVE Ax was tacked onto the Amber Alert bill. Fast tracked on hysteria. Lies. Same lies Rayguns used suffocating monkey’s to count dead brain cells and prove Ganja caused brain damage. To expand the piss-tasters profits on whiz quizzes. Guaranteed pecker checker peter piper’s piss taste profits for most corporations doing business with the feds and most government blue collar jobs, thanks to nancy no no. Kaching… Fardup!

      “And out of the ground
      made the LORD God to grow
      every tree that is pleasant to the sight,
      and good for food; the tree of life
      also in the midst of the garden,
      and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”
      ~ Gen.2 [9]

      The Tree of Life…

      The bible says God never banned Ganja from man. Everything in the garden except the tree of knowledge. The tree of life grew beside the tree of knowledge but when they ate the fruit, God told another god they must be bannished now that they know of the tree of knowledge they might find the tree of life and live forever, as the gods. Or as us. Us?

      Gen.3 [22] And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.



      On Indications of the Hachish-Vice in the OT

      (*Cannabis Indica*), was known for its stimulant or intoxicant properties from an equally early date. The use of the resin as an intoxicant can be proved from Arabic writings as early as the 6th or 7th centuries of our era (De Sacy, *Chrestomathie Arabe*) and we may assume it to have been traditional among the Semites from remote antiquity.

      Scythians High Plains Drifters

      …when, therefore, the Scythians have taken some seed of this hemp, they creep under the cloths and put the seeds on the red hot stones; but this being put on smokes, and produces such a steam, that no Grecian vapour-bath would surpass it. The Scythians, transported by the vapour, shout aloud.

      • DdC says:

        Blasphemy and The Tree of Life

        Marijuana May Live Up To Be The Elixir of Life By Ravi Chopra
        New research suggests cannabis could have some benefits when administered regularly in a highly potent form. Most “drugs of abuse” such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine and nicotine suppress growth of new brain cells. However, researchers found that cannabinoids promoted generation of new neurons in rats’ hippocampuses. Read More…

        Cannabis and Longevity

        kronos history 0000-0499 About 685 BCE
        An Assyrian letter writer describes the hallucinogenic properties of kunubu, or orally ingested hashish. The Greek translation of this term subsequently provides the basis for the English word “cannabis.”

        Ancient Temple Hashish Incense! Did Jesus Inhale?
        Perhaps, as Dr. Aldrich seems to suggest, our quest to partake in the cannabis Tree of Life unmolested, is the same story that has been told since Gilgamesh found and lost the flower of eternity over five thousand years ago.

        Meant literally “The combatting of drugs”
        It was the unholy alliance of Nazi eugenics and american prohibition.

      • claygooding says:

        When the DEA raided the University of VA in 1974 and seized a study being done with organic cannabis that was showing positive results in shrinking tumors in mice and then our govt created NIDA to control what studies are allowed on organic cannabis they crossed a line they cannot defend or justify.
        That they are still refusing to allow the research so a pharmaceutical company that is partnered with the very pharmaceutical company that sold hash oil extract before it was banned and removed from store shelves is no accident.
        IMO just the act of denying the full use of the hemp plant to mankind is one of the worst crimes in history,,when you add all the persons that may have been saved if Bayer had stood up and spoken truth too the deaths caused in a war to protect Bayer from cannabis.

        Bayer knew they had too keep cannabis illegal until all the old doctors that knew cannabis as a medicine were gone before bringing it back in a controlled manner only they ran into the internet and a couch full of test subjects for lowered IQ due to heavy use study.
        And the game continues.

        • allan says:

          so Clay, where’s this info on the DEA raiding the medical college in VA? I’d only heard the study was “buried” by the DEA… but always wanted more info. Dish the scoop!

        • claygooding says:

          The only record I could find was a newspaper article in The VA Gazette or something similar,,all the article had in it was that the DEA raided the medical research dept at the University and confiscated all records and a controlled substance,,it did not go into what the study was about,,the “about” was reported by some of the students that were participating in the study reporting it to Rolling Stone or Hightimes.
          I think it was in April,74 but not sure and the articles in RS or HT didn’t circulate until about a year later IIRC. The computer I had the article saved on bit the dust and I haven’t bothered searching the article out again,,but now I will. Onward thru the fog

  21. malc's/possible/summer/recess says:

    I’ll be leaving for a vacation in a few minutes and have no idea if I’ll be able to post much on newspaper and magazine threads at my usual rate, but I will do my best as I know you will. A very fruitful, happy and peaceful summer to all of you great people!

    • claygooding says:

      May you find your stash box always full,your papers always dry and your bic working,,,after that anywhere is a vacation.

  22. Sukoi says:

    For those interested, there are a couple posts about Radley’s book, one with many comments (including some from LEO’s) here:

    The other post can be found at the home page.

  23. Jean Valjean says:

    Obama tells us to “honor trayvon martin by stemming gun violence” while maintaining a secret kill list for drone attacks…cognitive dissonance or what?

  24. claygooding says:

    I am glad I don’t have to hunt for my food,,I don’t even know where sandwiches live.

    While walking along the Rio Grande this morning I observed a Muslim extremist fall in and begin struggling to stay afloat because of all the guns and bombs he was carrying,,while watching him I also caught sight of a Mexican trafficker in the same predicament except he was weighted down with a huge backpack of drugs. I could see that without a doubt these men would drown without assistance and being a good law abiding Texan,I immediately notified the El Paso Sheriffs Dept and Homeland Security. It is now 4 pm and both men have drowned and still no response from either agency,,,I am beginning to think I wasted those 2 stamps.

    Now re-read that in a Sam Elliot drawl.

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