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Kennedy and Sabet embrace racist policies… it’s for their own good

Patrick Kennedy and Kevin Sabet sink to a new low in their letter in the New York Times responding to the Times editorial about the racial disparity that exists nationwide in marijuana arrests, which is all out of proportion to … Continue reading

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Prohibition’s devastation is about more than just Marijuana

It certainly seems that a tipping point has been reached regarding marijuana and prohibition, although it’s way too early to relax as the opposition has a lot at stake in the game and will not give up easily. However, it’s … Continue reading

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‘We’re too stupid’ claims DEA in lobbying Congress

The DEA is back to pushing against the bill to legalize hemp farming with a set of talking points, which mostly boils down to, as we’ve said here before, that law enforcement is too stupid to figure out the difference. … Continue reading

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I vote for liberty

We haven’t talked much directly here about the ongoing NSA/FISA and related scandals in the news. After all, one could say, it’s not directly about drug policy. And yet, it seems pretty obvious to me which “side” the vast majority … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Powerful piece by LEAP’s Neill Franklin in the Baltimore Sun: Another needless death in America’s long, failed war on drugs As long as we continue with the failed drug war and prohibition, the losses will continue to mount on all … Continue reading

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Uh, oh. Feds will probably try to seize Bonnaroo, now

‘That’s Some Pretty Good Weed’: Paul McCartney ‘Halts Concert After Smelling Marijuana From Crowd’ “That’s some pretty good weed I can smell up here,” he said halfway through his set, adding “Whew! What are you doing to me?” It just … Continue reading

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Open Thread

We’ve been making fun of Patrick Kennedy here, for good reason. This doesn’t help. It’s a well-intentioned-sounding piece unless you know what Patrick is spending most of his time these days doing, in which case the irony is unbearable. And … Continue reading

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Maher faces off with Patrick Kennedy

Maher Rips Apart Patrick Kennedy’s Anti-Pot Crusade: You Sound Like ‘Nancy Reagan In 1983′ Patrick Kennedy really sounds like he’s been brainwashed in this segment. Seems to me that Maher just gave up at the end, there, because Kennedy was … Continue reading

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This is your drug war

Utah Parents Sue City After Daughter Is Killed Allegedly “Assassination Style” By Now-Disbanding Special Narcotics Unit Melissa Kennedy and Frederick Willard, parents of the late Danielle Willard, are suing local police in an extraordinary case in which they say that … Continue reading

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How is pot worse than fireworks?

Jacob Sullum discusses one of the provisions in the Colorado pot regs: Can Colorado’s Limit on Pot Purchases by Nonresidents Survive Constitutional Challenges? The marijuana regulation law that Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed last month includes a quarter-ounce limit on … Continue reading

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