Uh, oh. Feds will probably try to seize Bonnaroo, now

‘That’s Some Pretty Good Weed’: Paul McCartney ‘Halts Concert After Smelling Marijuana From Crowd’

“That’s some pretty good weed I can smell up here,” he said halfway through his set, adding “Whew! What are you doing to me?”

It just so happens that two very good friends of mine were in the front row for the concert… Hmmm….

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  1. claygooding says:

    and it is only going to get worse,,,more people are disgusted with the governments refusal to address the drug war in any kind of conversation,,all they want to do is spit out they’re propaganda and no questions or discussion on any other policy besides persecution and zero tolerance,,except in AFG.
    Disgusted people do disgusting things,,some of which will be a hindrance to legalization instead of accelerating it.

    • jean valjean says:


      • claygooding says:

        Afgahnistan,,we are protecting the opium crops and allowing it to be grown,harvested and sold on the black market unhindered.

        • Servetus says:

          In Julien Mercille’s new book, Cruel Harvest: US Intervention in the Afghan Drug Trade, 2013, based on information from interviews of government sources on the ground and elsewhere, Mercille says that (summarizing):

          (1) The opium/heroin production in Afghanistan is the U.S. military’s lowest priority. Ground troops can attack drug convoys if they feel it’s necessary, but they have no orders to do it, so they don’t.

          (2) Only 12% of the monetary funding the Taliban and al Qaeda receives comes from sales of opium or heroin. Most of the money from drug sales ends up in the hands of the Afghani police, the military, local officials and tribal leaders. The remaining 78% of terrorist funding comes from wealthy, individual benefactors.

          (3) The U.S. government uses al-Qaeda and the Taliban opium connections as propaganda to make the terrorists look bad. For now, opium is the only crop that’s practical for Afghanis to grow in a desert, mountainous, war zone, so it’s left alone.

        • Servetus says:

          Sorry, 88% of funding comes from non-drug sources.

        • claygooding says:

          Servetus,,regardless if terrorist funding is 1% or 100% from drug money the DEA could have bought the opium directly from the farmers and napalmed it right there for less than interdiction of the drugs after they leave Happy Valley and wiped out 80% of the worlds opium supply,,that is better results than they have had since the inception of the DEA.
          That book sounds a lot like DEA propaganda,,we don’t want to alienate the natives,,what the fuck do they think they are doing in San Diego right now? They don’t want to piss off the banks that own the opium crops.

        • jean valjean says:

          clay: besides, if they take away the talibans drug profits they ll diversify into bootleg cds. 🙂

        • Duncan20903 says:


          clay, buying the crop won’t work because it’s the demand that drives production. Buying the crop does nothing to reduce demand. If the Afghan farmers sell all their opium to the Feds somebody else will step in to meet the demand. It’s that whac-a-mole dynamic in action.

      • claygooding says:

        Duncan,,if they are smart enough to figure that out then why continue fighting any drug,,the same applies to all.

        Besides,,they may move to another locale but they cannot do a crop until the next year. One years is better than none.

        • Servetus says:

          Duncan, the Afghani farmers may have little choice who they sell their opium to. Mercille writes how Afghani farmers are ordered to grow opium by the Taliban, lest the Taliban return and kill them or cut off their balls. Also, opium has a small volume, making it easily hidden when compared to grain crops that can be stolen by thieves from warehouses. The Taliban forced reliance on opium production by cutting down all the fruit trees and eliminating other farm produce. Since the invasions by the Russians and Americans, Afghanistan has become a mono-crop country.

          Clay, Mercille also touches on money laundering with a story that exemplifies it all:

          Operation Greenback was launched in 1979, but…Reagan eased rather than tightening banking regulations…under George H. W. Bush…Operation Greenback was immediately downgraded administratively from a high level committee in Washington, DC to a lesser unit in Miami. Bush Sr.’s drug czar, Bill Bennett, showed that the war on drugs is more a war on the underclass than the bankers. When the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington reported a currency surplus of $8-billion in Miami and Los Angeles banks, he did not ask the feds which banks had received it. Instead, he moved to evict “sixty low-income, mostly black residents of public housing in southeast Washington. Drug use had been reported in their apartments.” Ibid, p. 95-6.

  2. darkcycle says:

    Heh….Shocked! What sorts of people do you associate with, Pete? *looks around at the assembled couch-folk and eats another cheeto*

  3. claygooding says:

    Things to do list:

    1. Steal 4 pigs

    2. Paint #’s 1,2,3,5 on their backs

    3. release pigs in Walmart

    4. watch security search for #4

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I’ve seen some really big pigs at WalMart. They even give them their own specially modified golf cart so they don’t get stuck having to move one in the event that one has a heart attack and dies.

  4. Duncan20903 says:


    I never know whether or not to include Sir Paul as a lifelong fan of cannabis or not because it seems like he swears it off every other year or so. I’d think that when a man reaches his 71st birthday that he’d have made up his mind one way or another. But it does appear that he’s with us today so,

    Happy Birthday to Sir Paul. Yet another septuagenarian fan of cannabis with more money than he could ever spend but still out working full time. Amotivational syndrome my ass!

  5. Mean Mr. Mustard says:


    In the July issue of “Mayo Clinic Proceedings” three doctors write an article warning against teen use of medicinal cannabis. It must have been a totally in depth study because there were only 3 teenagers included. That’s a 1:1 ratio so the doctors could give them their undivided attention.

    For crying out loud what kind of reaction would we get from the prohibitionist parasites and their sycophants if we tried to support our position based on 3 (three!) fracking patients?

    Can somebody tell me why until this morning did I think that The Mayo Clinic was a reputable source of information on the subject of human medicine? WTF is it about this subject that make outsiders think that every trick in the book to stop it is ethical?

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