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I’ve been busy helping students who are holding a four-square marathon to raise money. They do it every year (last year was 69 straight hours). So I’m there through the nights and cook grilled cheese and breakfast sandwiches for them. It’s been a rough one with storms, high winds, and a cold front bringing it down to 27 degrees at one point.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful and safe 4/20.

I may have shared this with you before, but it’s worth doing again… I have a group of very talented friends who have an improv comedy group called Octavarius. One of the things they have worked on is a tran-media project called “I Made America,” which is an internet TV series, plus live events, viral videos and so forth, about some of our founding fathers who were brought through time to present-day Chicago, and are now forced to make a living.

Here’s one of the video shorts they made just for fun.

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  1. Pete bulkner says:

    Let us pray that there are no Muslim at that marathon. You should ask for law enforcement be there to check everyone for bombs and drugs.

    • allan says:

      go away… damn haters. I have a big ol’ goose turd on my window brighter than your dim bulb. That’s not what praying is for, asshat. Altho’… I will give you credit, a 420 marathon is a pretty good idea. Contestants must test positive for cannabinoids…

    • darkcycle says:

      If that was an attempt at humor, it falls flat.

  2. I think the article you meant to post on is here:

    • claygooding says:

      Just from the few comments I read the consensus seems to be that any elected legislator has proven his support of more ways to go around the constitution and declare the defendant a combatant,,which removes his eligibility for his rights guaranteed for all.
      This would be along the path the gobmint seems to favor,,more detours around our rights.

      • There’s been a helluva lot of exceptions been made to the bill of rights in my lifetime. Might best change the name from “The Bill of Rights” to the “Bill of Exceptions”.

    • jean valjean says:

      whats happening over at forbes? they re becoming “radical”

  3. Freeman says:

    Re-posting for those who might have missed it on the last thread. Very amusing video and it’s funny-and-serious 420 parody: Pot Shop (parody of Thrift Shop).

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Goddamnit what the heck happened?

      I say that despite the venue that the shootings had little or nothing to do with 4/20.

      • Cops say it was typical crips/bloods.

        • darkcycle says:

          Denver has a gang problem, several folks were shot there at a jazz festival last year IIRC. Downtown Denver is a running turf war.

      • Windy says:

        My first thought was that it was an attempt to taint the legalization movement by connecting the large gathering smoke in with the “gun violence” narrative (I’ve never seen a violent gun in my life, violent PEOPLE holding guns, on the other hand … ).

  4. darkcycle says:

    I know the odds of this are rediculous, but every time one of my ballasts fries, it does it when I’m looking straight at it. Sitting here outside the garden, and I notice a flicker. I look up, notice it’s number three, look to the wall with the row ballasts and as soon as my eyes come to rest on number three, it buzzed loudly and shut off. Bugger. Used to be they’d last a decade. Now, two years, max.

    • allan says:


      • Windy says:

        I swear I had nothing to do with it, allan and dc. Far as I know I’m the only one with elf blood here on the couch.

        As for things that used to last a decade failing sooner, sometimes MUCH sooner, it is my belief manufacturers are doing it deliberately so they can make more money when you have to replace those items so much sooner than you would have in the past. My grandmother got a new freezer when I was 15, it just (last year) gave up the ghost and I will turn 69 this year. My cousin (age 95) had a refrigerator that was older than I, far as I know it was still working just fine when she broke her hip last year and had to move into assisted living; she told me (a few years ago) that the only thing she’d ever had to do to it in the way of repairs was to have the seal replaced, once. So when you hear older people say “they just don’t make things as good, anymore” it is because it is true, the focus used to be on quality and reliability, but not any longer.

    • claygooding says:

      CFL’s and LEDs my friend,,little heat and low electrical usage and you can buy the cfls at the local Walmart or Home Depot. No ballast reqd.

      • allan says:

        and don’t piss off the elves…

      • darkcycle says:

        Not intense enough light, Clay. I grow trees. Penetration is why I don’t change down to 600’s.

        • claygooding says:

          side lights takes care of trees,,one of the best I have seen is a tall cabinet for one tree with led on the top and 4 adjustable fl tubes around the sides,,cabinet was pricey but doing an excellent job.

    • primus says:

      magnetic or electronic?

  5. Time's hero says:

    I can see it plain as day if this actually happened. There I am spending my days in the sun and my nights in the casinos.

    Puerto Rico debates legalizing marijuana use in a first for the US territory

    The crowd marched Saturday to the seaside Capitol building, where Sen. Miguel Pereira filed a bill this week stating it should be legal for those 21 and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana. The actions of Pereira, who’s also a former federal prosecutor, have polarized the island.

    Currently, those charged with marijuana possession can face up to three years (Ouch!) in jail and a $5,000 fine.

    Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said he supports an open debate on the issue, adding it’s not a priority for his administration.

  6. 4/20: Americans Are Ready to Legalize Marijuana, Why Aren’t Politicians?
    by: Gary Johnson

    Excellent article.

    “I personally believe the political system cannot for very long withstand this inexorable shift in public opinion. The tipping point is here as far as the people are concerned; now, the politicians must follow.” – Gary Johnson

    • claygooding says:

      I think it will take the loss of several prohibition legislators to alert the politicos that America has decided prohibition of weed is over. More states legalizing will help but if Graham,Wolf and several others lose their seats it would be a large hammer blow.

  7. Windy says:

    If you have the time (4 hours) listen to the podcast of tonite’s (4/20) Coast to Coast show, it’s all about marijuana and legalization. The guests were Judge Gray (first 2 hours) and Doug Fine (second 2) hours. Really, well worth your time.

  8. ezrydn says:

    When you live on the outside of the US, you get a new understanding of seconds. Paper rolls that didn’t get cut properly, miss-cut table cloths, and uncut toilet paper. Then, move to mechanical/electrical and the nightmare begins. LOL Oh, you can work around most of it but you know who’s sending it here? Yep, Unkle Sugar.

  9. Pete bulkner says:

    This whole debate on legalizing dope is fucking stupid, potheads should just kill themselves . Do the world a favor

    • claygooding says:

      It may be but if you support continuing spending billions of dollars accomplishing nothing,,now how stupid is that?

      • allan says:

        He is right, it is a stupid argument. He’s just standing on the side of stupid. And those billions spent accomplish less than nothing provide a negative return if we consider only the lost potentials. If we count in the families broken apart, the lives lost, the pets shot, the crimes LE didn’t solve because writing up those arrests for pot took priority… a better sense of Dim-Bulb’s absurdity is on display.

    • allan says:

      well… the dim bulb returns.

      Ignorance may be bliss Pete but you’re just embarrassing yourself (albeit w/ a smile). When you want to talk like an adult get back to us.

    • thelbert says:

      but, i thought the whole reason to institute the secret police forces and mass incarceration was to protect people from themselves. now you, the representative of the secret police are telling us the state has no interest in the general welfare of it’s citizens. so we are supposed to kill ourselves because you are not happy with our freedom. sorry, copper, we are loving life too much to care what you think. remember: beer is poison, pot is medicine. drink up, pete BULKNER.

    • Get lost again, Bulky?

    • darkcycle says:

      “LOOOOOSER!” *Making the “L” sign on forehead*

    • curmudgeon says:

      I’ve been trying to kill myself since 1967. I’m trying to toke myself to death. It hasn’t worked, but it sure is fun trying,

    • kaptinemo says:

      Ah, the ‘straight man’ in the farce arrives. Must be about time for the ‘punch line’…and that is that cannabis prohibition is all but over.

      And what makes its’ demise even sweeter is that those who were supposed to be brainwashed into continuing to pay for it with their taxes (via propaganda outlets like DARE) have signaled via votes and polls that they have no interest in doing so; the brainwashing evidently didn’t take.

      But like the perennial ‘straight man’ in any very bad joke, he doesn’t realize his role it it yet. No matter, since it’s almost over, anyway. It’s relevance…and his…are equally moot, now.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Another word for the straight man in a comedy team is stooge:

        [stooj] noun, verb, stooged, stoog·ing.
        1. an entertainer who feeds lines to the main comedian and usually serves as the butt of his or her jokes.

        2. any underling, assistant, or accomplice.
        verb (used without object)

        3. to act as a stooge.

    • monkey soul says:

      I am not a pothead and I fully support legalisation. So you want me alive? You are not trying hard enough, brother.

      • allan says:

        *clap* and a bow…

      • B. Snow says:

        I haven’t smoked in years, which kinda/(really) sucks… BUT, this leaves me feeling absolutely free to rail against marijuana prohibition & every wussy Politician that won’t fight to end it!
        All these fuckers talking about “Reasonable” & “Common-Sense” – “Gun Regulation”, they don’t want to take away guns (yet) – they just don’t want anyone buying new ones to replace ones that wear out or what-have-you…

        “It’s not Gun-Control, it’s Massacre Control”, or *Universal Background Checks* (that means with currently ‘no-no’ record keeping – databases of who buys what where, etc. Just, so they can track the things = only if they’re used in a crime, or they find out you went to a shrink, or got in basically any legal trouble, or if you “Abuse (aka use) Drugs” OR = whatever crap they decide
        to tack onto the computer files down-the-road.

        Or fraking – “Morning Joe” Scarborough lately, “Background Checks for Criminals”, background checks for domestic violence offenders/”wife-beaters”/anyone with a restraining order, “Rapists”, “sex offenders”, “Crazy People”, “Druggies”, “Drug Dealers”, etc.

        I wish I could ask him, ‘Okay -so where is the line for = “Background Checks for Criminals” going to be?

        Oh right, everyone would lose that liberty to own weapons with some degree of relative anonymity… “If you’re not guilty/a criminal/crazy/etc. – you have nothing to worry about…”

        OR, I guess – if you already have an freaking arsenal in the basement – you really don’t care about “background checks for criminals” = you’re flush with whatever you want/need (within respective existing to state/local laws) = Hell you can buy a damn (honest to God) machine gun if you’ve got the money & about 6 months for the paperwork & the NFA background check!

        Sorry, For the OT rabbit-chasing there.
        I just get SO sick of these self-righteous bastards, claiming to have Reasonable & Common-Sense on things like this but when asked by guests/panelists like Josh Green or Sam Stein – “Wait, why wouldn’t you support marijuana legalization?” (quite incredulously = heck, Sam seemed truly bewildered a couple weeks ago when Joe & Mika and basically all the older folks said “No…”

        It was brought up – when they showed new polling that showed national support for marriage equality AND marijuana legalization = after they both recently polled almost the same at something like 52% “Supporting” Vs 45% “Against” both Polls ad it’s the same people who are “middle-of-the-road”, centrist/libertarian on social issues.
        Some of the folks are my age who suffered thru more of the Reagan/Bush/NewtGingrich/RalphReed= “Moral-Majority”, “Values Voters”, = In effect, Politicians pushing people to vote based on “*Wedge* Social Issues” aimed at their religious beliefs… By the time I was old enough to Vote I was sick of these folks.

        All to often – they are/were hypocrites, Effeminate Mega-Church Pastors = found to be snorting meth w/ gay hookers/’masseuses… Or Newt, cheating on his dying wife with his ‘soon to be wife’ blowing him in the car!

        But the guys 10 years younger than me don’t even have that resentment, they just don’t understand all these “Socially Conservative”/”Moral Issues” taking precedence to things that the Government should actually be dealing with instead = Instead of Filibustering & Obstructing every damned thing that comes up.

        No let’s not create Jobs rebuilding bridges, tunnels, roads, doing research (think NASA) while interests rates are so low (for some people and the Treasury people are practically paying you to take/borrow the money at negative interest – and we don’t have any inflation = because there’s something like extra $25 to $32 Trillion sitting in off-shore tax havens. collecting modest interest. But, Mostly its just hanging out avoiding being taxed.

        No-no-no, they want to talk about Planned Parenthood & pass dozens of bills thru the House of Congress (That would never pass the Senate) =trying to limit abortions, contraceptives, Heck – they’d try to make fornicating illegal if they could!
        Oh, and the want to Repeal the Affordable Care Act a few dozens times too = Even though the SCOTUS has already ruled it Constitutionally Kosher… if they had REALLY wanted to make it focus more on addressing the rising costs of healthcare more they could’ve helped & done that – instead of going with 24/7/365 legislative cock-blocking!

        Sorry – But, with all the Nanny-Statist Liberals trying to outlaw guns, tobacco, sodas, and anything/everything else they disapprove of = So since Thanksgiving or so I can hardly even watch or read any/all/much of my “Political Junkie” TV/Media sources!

        Man, I could REALLY use a joint about now (for both my blood-pressure & my nerves), Heck – I haven’t smoked in so long that vaporizers were too expensive for anyone to own around here in Texas. I saw a picture of one not long ago that was maybe the size of a magic marker? I’m gonna have to get one of those before to long = though I may have to move first -unless the momentum keeps going- full-steam-ahead like it seems to be doing recently. Well, at least Stewart&Colbert are on the Team.

        I’m gonna scoot down here to the non-toking end (or is it this ottoman?) take a break and laugh for a bit = before I go back to continuing to be sober… *sigh*

  10. Clone of Christ 58 says:

    Forgiveth Pete, He Knoweth not the Glory of the Lord, Invisible from within the Electro-Fog of the Fraudiverse HoloDecked inside the Padded Faraday Cage where he doth dwell.

  11. What's/it/like/Pete? says:

    @Pete Bulkner

    What does it feel like to be on the wrong side of history, Pete (kev-kev), to be part of an ever shrinking minority, to be a parasitic prohibitionist, a freeloader, a lonely, barbarous Puritan?

  12. DdC says:

    We can have justice
    whenever those who have not been injured by injustice
    are as outraged by it as those who have been.
    –Solon (594 B.C.)

    California: Unscientific Per Se DUI
    Marijuana Measure to be Heard Tuesday
    Friday, 19 April 2013 full story
    Legislation is pending in the California Senate, Senate Bill 289, that seeks to “make it unlawful for a person to drive a motor vehicle if his or her blood contains any detectable amount of a drug classified in Schedules I, II, III, or IV of the California Uniform Controlled Substance Act.” Senate Bill 289 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Public Safety and will be heard on April 23. You can read written testimony in opposition to SB 289…

    4/20 2013: Smoke Out The Globe

    Shots fired, Denver 420 rally

  13. thelbert says:

    what irks me about the aristos is the arrogance with which they presume to run the lives of the lesser orders.

  14. Mommy says:

    Petey Bulkner, you leave these nice people on the couch alone and come home right now. Your father wants you to sweep the patio.

  15. It couldn’t have happened to nicer people:

    Anonymous takes down Kev-kev and SAM +

  16. darkcycle says:

    Preacher flips out that people are using a plant, tries to do the cristian thing and have the heathens arrested. Cops tell him no, and ride away. Happy 4/20.

  17. allan says:

    really well done piece by Phillip Smith over at StopTheDrugWar:

    Psychedelic Science Conference Examines MDMA Treatment for PTSD


    But it was US researchers Michael and Annie Mithoefer who reported the most impressive results. They reported on a 2004 Phase II clinical trial with veterans, firefighters, and police officers. The research subjects were given MDMA (or a placebo) and psychotherapy sessions. MDMA-assisted therapy resulted in “statistically significant” declines in PTSD as measured by standard scales, the Mithoefers reported.


    Researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder have gotten approval for a Phase II study of MDMA with people with chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD, but it wasn’t easy, they said. Sometimes the regulatory niggling borders on the absurd, they said.

    “We started two years and were waiting on approval from the DEA,” said researcher Marcela Ot’alora, who is doing the study with Jim Grigsby. “We thought they read the protocol and would let us know if we were doing something inappropriate, but that wasn’t the case. We had to get a 500-pound safe and we put it in the therapists’ office, but no, it had to be in the treatment room. Then, we get a second inspection by the DEA, and they said we had to install alarms. We did so, and thought we were good to go. The next day, the DEA and the city zoning department came together. The zoning department said we had to have a half bath instead of a full bath, and no kitchen.”

    Ot’alora showed slides of workers obediently demolishing the bath tub, but their travails weren’t finished just yet.

    “The zoning department said we had to find a place zoned for addiction and recovery, and my office met that criteria, so we moved the safe and alarms for a third time, then had a third DEA inspection,” she related. “The local DEA said yes, but it also needed approval from headquarters. We had a congressman write a letter to the DEA to speed up the process, and now we have final approval and are screening our first participants. We hope to enroll the first one by the beginning of May.”

  18. DdC says:

    “A great deal of intelligence
    can be invested in ignorance
    when the need for illusion is deep.”
    — Saul Bellow

    Are You Drunk Correa?
    CA SB 289 Clueless Legislation
    Marijuana Lingers For A Month;
    There have been a few attempts to establish zero-tolerance DUI limits for weed smokers who get behind the wheel. The latest proposal by state Sen. Lou Correa would give you a DUI even if you had a trace of pot in your system. The problem with that is virtually all regular medical marijuana patients would be subject to DUIs, because pot stays with your for weeks even if you’re otherwise sober. That much was laid out …

    Two-pound joint taken away by cops at UC Santa Cruz
    This video is almost worth watching for the dialogue alone. But don’t miss out on the 2-pound joint. Police crashed the University of California, Santa Cruz 420 smoke-out, which reportedly drew thousands of participants, on Saturday and confiscated this monster of a joint. The video shows the cops nonchalantly hauling it away, despite the crowd’s groans and the presumed creator’s threats that they’ll regret this: “Dude. We’re going to court, man. We’re totally going to court.” Get rid of the “dudes” and “mans” and you’ve got a real argument there, bra. According to the YouTube post, the guy had set up a booth to unveil his accomplishment, and unfortunately for him, the police kind of noticed. So it goes.


    Get an advanced degree in weed at Nevada’s first ‘pot college’

  19. DdC says:

    SCotUS: Marijuana Possession Not a Deportable Offense ecp
    “The social sharing of a small amount of marijuana” by immigrants lawfully in the United States does not require their automatic deportation, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.

    “Sharing a small amount of marijuana for no remuneration, let alone possession with intent to do so, does not fit easily into the everyday understanding of trafficking, which ordinarily means some sort of commercial dealing,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote for a seven-justice majority, partly quoting from an earlier case.

    Richie Havens Requiescat In Pace
    January 21, 1941 – April 22, 2013

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