LEAP’s Peter Christ

He’s a very good communicator.

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15 Responses to LEAP’s Peter Christ

  1. claygooding says:

    Excellent video period,,and the commentators were not Bill Reilly or Beck types that act as if any difference from their own opinion is just stupid.

  2. Klay says:

    Really enjoyed it. Wish others would watch it, I especially liked the part about in Saudi Arabia each year they execute people who smuggle drugs – if that worked then people would stop doing drugs when they saw the head roll.

    I’ve heard so many people say we are just not enforcing the drugs laws hard enough and that illustrates no matter what people are going to do it.

  3. Jean Valjean says:

    Suck on that kevin sabet

  4. darkcycle says:

    Oh yeah, he’s good. Sabet is gonna be avoiding him.

    • Rudyard/Dumpling says:

      If the price is right then Kev may well be prepared to bite the bullet. Maybe we should all start saving for it?

  5. Ernest/C/Spinetti/IV says:

    Seven individuals each shot in the head, saddled in perfectly aligned plastic chairs with threats nailed onto their chest via ice picks.

    How much longer Mr Obama?

    • Additional says:

      “What the New York Daily News is leaving out is that there were messages left with the men that stated: “Advertencia, esto les va a pasar a todos los asaltantes, rateros de casahabitación y de transeúntes, así como secuestradores, violadores y extorsionadores” ; “Warning, this is what is going to happen to all robbers, burglars and muggers, as well as kidnappers, rapists and extortionists.”

      In the perceived absence of justice by the authorities, groups of citizens arise and impose their own justice.”

      ROBERT WHITEHEAD —5 hours ago

  6. pfroehlich2004 says:

    Wow. Didn’t get caught flat-footed even once. We need 100 of him.

  7. mr. ikashini says:

    Employer drug screens should be banned for inaccuracy. A favorite ploy is to wield the jar after vacations of some hapless employee. It is unfortunate that the rest of Rand’s party is in bed with the Drugindustrial complex, more than the Democrats.

  8. Jose says:

    I would like to see them replace the word legalize with “regulate” at least occasionally. Using “regulation” may make fence sitting prohibs feel a bit more cozy as opposed to what some see as the big bad wolf of legalization.

    When I speak with others I find that “regulation” keeps them from spinning off into the tangent of some drug laden orgy free for all in the streets that they predict from legalization. The anchor even did it when she said “I don’t want someone shooting heroin next to me.” Of course she should realized that most of us would prefer the privacy of our own quarters when indulging in our substance of choice.

    • Puccini's/magic/mouse says:

      I agree! I never use the word ‘legalization’ on its own but prefer any of the following: ‘legalized regulation’, ‘legalized and regulated’, ‘legally regulated sales’ etc. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    • pt says:

      Ya except that most prohibs are also die hard republicans and have a knee-jerk negative reaction to the thought of government led regulation of anything.

  9. Dano says:

    Great presentation there! LEAP is definitely a great resource, because they’ve been there and fought that fight only to realize the futility of the continued battle.

  10. Anerryrog says:

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