Regarding the evidence on pot-smoking making you stupid…

Mark Kleiman is 100% correct.

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20 Responses to Regarding the evidence on pot-smoking making you stupid…

  1. Mooky says:

    If pot smoking makes you stupid.
    Believing the government makes you ________.

  2. ________someone who needs to smoke pot.

  3. Peter says:

    Mark Kleiman swinging both ways

  4. DonDig says:

    Isn’t it continuingly remarkable that when these questions come up, the reason we don’t have the information is probably largely because the government decided to both squash the plant and any positive leaning research on it. Seems to me that our lawmakers really failed a simple intelligence test when they decided they did not want to know anything good about the plant, just the bad stuff. How shortsighted is that???
    (On the other hand, it seems that when there is bad news about it, they rush to publish it, and so possibly, if it hasn’t been published, then that aspect may actually be benevolent or perhaps simply unknown.)

  5. Peter says:

    Bradley Manning is to be denied any mention of his motives at his trial/court martial… same MOas the denial of any mention of MMJ and state law at federal trials cannabis supply

  6. War Vet says:

    Pot makes me read and think more about all the evidence and causes and effects of the war on drugs and question the plausibility of the what ifs for the unknown based on prior data from the past and what is documented. Hostages in Algeria: Knock –knock! Who’s there? Morocco who? You want’a Morocc it on to the Atlas mountains and get several dozen kilos of Hash and take a boat to Spain for some Euros? Knock-knock! Who’s There? Me Again –you still remember the number to that bar or car dealership in Kiev or Grozny, Chchnya -the arms dude?
    History points out that the odds of this is great: Russian Opera House/School hostage . . . Lebanon Civil War/U.S. Marine barack’s bombing, Algerian War of the 90’s, Afghanistan (U.S.S.R. and U.S.A.), Guinea-Bissau, Iran-Contra, Burma, Syria, Cambodia, Iran Hostage Crisis(Nation of the most drug users per-capita), Manila and their nation’s many attacks etc.

  7. n.t. greene says:

    If you play for both teams you get to claim wins no matter who comes out on top.

  8. Bruce says:

    ERROR 420

  9. Dante says:

    How is it that, when a Drug Warrior suddenly starts regurgitating the exact same points that Pete has been making for years, the Drug Warrior gets media attention and respect and even praise for thinking outside the box?

    I’m worried they will hijack the whole anti-prohibition idea. It’s a very good idea, after all.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Do I need to reiterate my prediction that not only will they try to take credit for ending prohibition when it happens, that they’re also going to claim that they did it in spite of our existence?

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