What war?

Coincidentally after the last post (but not in response to it), ONDCP’s Rafael LeMaitre tweets:

We’re serious about supporting a #publichealth approach to policy – one based on science, not a ‘war on drugs’ or ‘legalize it’ ideology.

Right. So if the ONDCP isn’t supporting the war on drugs, who is? Becuase that is clearly the policy of this country. Is the ONDCP some fringe group?

I asked Rafael “@RafaelONDCP Where do responsible adult users (non-abusers) of currently illicit drugs fit within that approach?” I’ll let you know if he answers.

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3 Responses to What war?

  1. darkcycle says:

    Of course, since use = abuse in the new lexicon, there can be no such thing as “responsible adult use”. You people who formerly had no problem with addiction are now addicts, and the “success” of your “treatment” will be pointed to in order to bolster the case for our new “third way”. Please understand, you don’t need the treatment… but they intend to treat you anyway, because THEY need you to be treated.

  2. The Governments efforts to stop the use of marijuana by forcibly treating those who attempt responsible adult use will be met with utter disgust and failure. This path must change. It must not come to full fruition.

    Those individuals who are attempting this brainwashing of America should be censured.

  3. kaptinemo says:

    I think I’ve gotten some of this seemingly schizoid aspect of their claims to be operating on a scientific basis figger’d out. It’s something I’ve suspected for some time.

    It’s been known in reform circles for a long time about the collusion between GW Pharma and the ‘anti-drugs’ (yeah, if that’s not schizoid, what is?) bureaucracies, namely, those with whom Andrea Barthwell had contact with during her (spitting the words) ‘public service’

    (Where, true to ONDCP’s mandate, she lied to the American people 24/7 about cannabis having no medicinal properties…until she met up with GWP and then changed her tune that it was ‘smoked cannabis that had no medicinal value.)

    Oh they’re relying on ‘science’, alright…GWP’s Gubmint-monopolized, bureaucratically-approved ‘science’ evidently is somehow superior to any other science so long as raw, natural cannabis is concerned. That cannot be allowed to be studied, under any and all circumstances. The equivalent of sanctioning a no-bid contract. Favoritism, plain and simple.

    There’s a rat the size of an elephant trying to hide under the rug, and it smells like an elephant, too.

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