Stupid Drug War Tricks

A truly bizarre article.

U.S. News and World Report, covering a report from Borderland Beat (translation from Proceso Magazine):

“Bin Laden-like SEAL Team Raid Could Take Down Mexican Drug Kingpin”

The Pentagon may send Navy SEALs into Mexico to take out drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in a raid mirroring the one that took out Osama bin Laden, Proceso magazine reports. […]

Calderon approved of the idea, but because the Mexican Army and Navy balked, Washington will wait to propose the idea to Mexico’s next president, Enrique Peña Nieto, according to Proceso’s interviews with anonymous Mexican and American military sources.

According to the sources, the proposed raid would be performed by two small teams of specially-trained SEALs, armed helicopters, and three missile-equipped drones. One SEAL team would be dropped on the ground and the other remaining in the air, with the drones providing backup support and surveillance. No Mexican military or police would assist in the raid.

Of course, if such a raid were successful, about all that would do is create a vacuum that would be filled by violence.

And a full-out U.S. military raid in Mexico? Right.

Some may point to the stupidity of letting the SEAL team plans get published in major magazines in both Spanish and English, but with the money that drug trafficking organizations have to play with, you can bet they get this kind of information long before any reporters.

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29 Responses to Stupid Drug War Tricks

  1. C.E. says:

    This is a great idea. Fill up a cell for years or decades, create room for up-and-coming replacements, fill up new cells with them, lather, rinse, repeat. The war continues: money flowing, government control growing, rights eroding. A perfect utopia for those at the top of the new police state.

  2. Servetus says:

    Plans of last resort are a sign of desperation. SEAL teams? That’s the best the Obama administration can come up with? The military strike is designed as a publicity stunt rather than a real law enforcement operation.

    At least the Mexican Army and Navy ‘balked’. Respect for the Mexican military just got a shot in the arm.

    A high profile SEAL attack risks the public noticing that drugs and drug war collateral damages do not go away simply because El Chapo is eliminated on a Hollywood blockbuster scale.

    Pretense sustains government oppression in every case. Drug war politics being what they are, Sr. Guzman is probably comfortably setup in a suite at the Miami Four Queens, and the CIA pays his hotel bill.

  3. claygooding says:

    With the billions the cartels are making,,what makes our military think the cartels can’t afford drones of their own?

    All it takes is money. And drug warriors keep it flowing to them.

    • primus says:

      Why buy when you can steal? The arabs showed how, by jamming the signals sent to the drone then taking it over. The cartels just need to find some smart computer guys, pay a few dollars and steal their own drones, then turn them into cargo drones.

    • Servetus says:

      It may be easier than that. All the cartels need to do is focus on the people building and flying the drones: “Hey, drone guy, wanna be rich…?”

  4. thelbert says:

    i’m surprised the seal teams were not called to deal with a bong scare. someone left their bong on the roof of their car in san diego last night, and the bong wound up on the street. helpful citizen reports a strange kind of pipe bomb and the usual circus begins. all this about three miles across the bay from seal headquarters. the sdpd was able to blow up the bong/bomb without resorting to the seal option.

  5. CJ says:


    hola senors y senoritas como estas

    yo tengo una idea voya una parte de mexico non personas estas…. solo yo y possible una chica…. para mucha tiempo. solo mi y una chica, nada otros personas. por que yo querro una bomba stados unidos por me muerte.

    i mean, if the dude decided to say very publicly that hes gonna go somewhere totally isolated maybe with a hooker or two and he wants to allow the US time to bomb the hell out of him. ok. and lets say its on the up and up, he goes, he waits, eventually the navy and the swat team and nuclear and radio active man go and kill him..


    you know, when this Mexican stupidity began it was all about killing these cartel leaders.

    as pete says you know about how el narco knows all this info way ahead of time just as the governments of USA and Mexico do as well, you really think we get any of this info virgin like? no way. we’re the LAST TO KNOW.

    heres the truth for you – ALL OF THEM know that it WONT MAKE A DAMN DIFFERENCE if el chapo or anybody else dies. IT WONT. They know it. they knew it going in. THIS IS ALL FOR THE SIMPLE MINDED the folks who arent necessarily anti or pro drug the majority who dont have a truly cultured or cultivated opinion on drugs either way. The folks that dont give a damn about US – YOU AND ME AND PETE or the people we hate – KEVIN SABET, GIL KIRLIKOWSKE MARIO CUOMO etc. some time ago, the masses from here to tijuana were told by the govt “hey were gona help mexico with military aid- we’re trying to take out the bosses of the cartel networks” and the avg person shrugged and turned to the gossip section of the paper thinking oh ok theyre doing something with the drug war again. THEY DONT CARE.

    the truth is the people involved in this cartel boss eradication effort KNOW this dont matter – they know. LOOK AT THE OSAMA death – dude EVERYBODY CARED ahh so many people so happy and partying and all this bull but at the end of the day did it change anything? WHAT CHANGED WAS people that hated us hate us even more. There were no major terrorist acts like 9/11 since 9/11. NOTHING CHANGED – just as Pete RIGHTLY assumes the cartels have cash like no other and info as fast as the govt, let me tell you the assumption ought to be, from any even MODERATELY smart person THAT just because they are an enemy – in this case, terrorists, and you hate them with a passion and bias doesnt mean theyre dumb. youd like them to be dumb because you hate them, but the bottom line is, on a bunch of levels they disagree with you about some kind of core moral issue and because of that you hate them and because of that they do things that make you hate them but does it mean theyre dumb? no. they simply dont see things your way. AS SUCH these terrorists probably knew since the day of 911 that Osama was gonna get killed. YOU THINK osama didnt cultivate a MASSIVE ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE network and plan in the event of his death? OF COURSE – DONT BE STUPID. Nothings changed. He’s dead and it was and it is propaganda that is all. his death was revenge and thats it. It really doesnt matter, so sorry.

    El Chapo dies, another person takes over. They know this. At the most local level of law enforcement they know this. This is how it goes. This whole Mexican thing is a CHARADE and it is known as just that at the highest levels. IT IS A MEANS for spending and making money on an old American past time – military means. Thats it. And the international police network prophesized by The Priest in Drugstore Cowboy. The average person thinks something is being done, they dont know better and honestly they dont care like we do and our enemies/opponents do. Our opponents did and continue to do this because it is conducive to their goals of money making, militarism and prohibition but for the most part it BUYS THEM TIME. THATS ALL. TIME. TIIIIMEEEEEE IS ON MY SIDE YES IT IS.

    no time is not on my side because i want to live to see heroin legalized. that is what my life is dedicated to that is what ive given my life to. the legalization of heroin, the destigmatization of opiates and the stigmatization of the drug rehab industry especially the dogma of AA yes indeed it is my lifes dream and lifes work to destroy the so called rehab industry and the AA and its sub networks – second only to my dreams of global opiate legalization – emphasizing that, the MOST PROSPEROUS AND PEACEFUL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZED PLANET EARTH FROM THE DAWN OF CIVILIZATION AND THE ERA OF THE SUN GOD TO TODAY THE ERA OF THE PAPER GOD MONEY indeed the MOST PROSPEROUS AND PEACEFUL TIME WAS THAT OF THE EMPEROR AUGUSTUS AN OPIATE AFICIANADO WHOSE TASTES WERE PUT UPON HIS SUBJECTS THROUGHOUT THE EMPIRE IN ESSENCE OPIATES THE FIRST CHOICE RECREATION OF THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR DECADES AND DECADES and it was, historically proven, the most peaceful and prosperous time that ever was and ever will be.

    Kill El Chapo – El Chapito comes next. Then El Chapito Tres and then El Chapitocito who may be a midget luchadore as well. they know this is just to buy time. thats it. the military will never ever solve this problem and by the way i just dont understand how people are not commenting on the fact that essentially the combined govts of the US and Mexico have SENT THE FREAKIN MILITARY THATS RIGHT THE WAR MACHINES THAT ARE DESIGNED TO FIGHT WARS YOU KNOW THEY HAVE PUT THIS MACHINE IN ACTION AGAINST CIVILIANS!!! THATS SICK!! I MEAN THE MILITARY OF THE U.S. vs CIVILIANS !!!! thats all it is. Drug Cartels, drug business, drug sales people are civilians NOT MODERN WARRIORS OF DEATH AND WAR MACHINE… !! DO YOU GUYS NOT SEE HOW FREAKIN SICK THAT IS? IMAGINE THAT HAPPENED HERE – THEY PUT THE NAVY MARINES ARMY AND AIR FORCE AGAINST YOUR LOCAL DEALERS??

    jesus christ does nobody see how sick that is how absolutely disgusting it is and how BLATANTLY comparable that is to polpot’s conquest versus intellectuals, the nazis vs the jews the inquisition vs “heretics” and all other wrongfully persecuted CIVILIANS throughout time?

  6. ezrydn says:

    I’m into a no-holds barred novel at the moment along these same lines. {“Trial By Fire” by Harold Coyle). It’s a dead president and military coup that moves north into US territory. Vet-types won’t be able to put it down.

    Any idea how many Americans would be put “In Harm’s Way” by a US military incursion into Mexico? Ever think about that? Probably not. I’ve already fought one of our wars. I’m too old and cranky to take on another one. United States of Assassination, indeed. You want’em dead, call the USA! Is THAT our new “moniker” these days?

    I have no concern for the cartels but this one hasn’t been thought through enough. Have we forgotten how, after clearing an area and RON at the vill with the chief, we left the next day. Returning, we found everyone dead, slaughtered. We did good, didn’t we?

    An incursion would generate an ugly picture.

    • War Vet says:

      Your book is a non-fiction book my friend . . . the only part currently fictious about your book is the ‘America part’ (though as you said, maybe not for long) . . . Guinea-Bissau is a Narco-State according to the U.N., CIA, FBI and many other global think-tanks –a Narco-State that produces no drugs, but has Islamic Terrorists using the land to get cocaine from Brazil/South America since Africa is closer to South America than it is to Europe . . . so the Muslim drug dealers (since the majority of citizens are Muslim in those regions –logical) will have easier access to obtaining cocaine destined to powder European noses . . . they assassinated their president to control the dope show of that region . . . Radical Islam allows them to be ‘A cocaine Warehouse’, where money makes laws and policy.

      Seal Team 6 will be used for all the wrong reasons. But we know that Mexico controls Americas dope and it behooves the drug cartels to allow Radical Islam access to Mexico so Mexico can ship Islamic grown heroin, due to the fact Mexico and Columbia cannot supply Americas heroin needs, which is money not being made by Mexico, therefore it’s just plain good business sense for Mexico to allow Al Qaeda and the Taliban into their business (like a business merger), so that is the only real justification Seal Team 6 will have: to reduce money made by the Taliban etc, which is used in Afghanistan . . . even Hollywood exploits the facts to create plots out of, as seen in ‘Act of Valor’: Seals in Mexico/South America because of Chechnya Liberation fighters.

      Of course, this was how Vietnam was started for America: advisers and Special Forces. If bloodshed does come north into America, let us pray it only comes to the police and our government officials . . . but then again, it might rid the war on drugs from our nation and that would destroy cartel money, so it lacks a logical ability for violence to spill over, but if it does, it will only have the cops being killed and not their loyal customers . . . same approach may apply to them limiting Radical Islamic influences and it be merely a swap of goods for money and nothing more, knowing that militant radicalism is bad for business. But we do know for a fact that Mexico does give Pakistan Taliban and Afghan insurgents money for heroin, since it’s just a wise business maneuver (akin to you selling your milk in the store and not just from your farm or road side stand –for it to have more access to more customers). It makes sense now –that’s why the Baghdad War prison I worked in had Latin American drug smugglers in it . . . the Hispanics sell them the coke destined to Africa, Europe and Asia and the Pashto sell them the smack.

  7. kant says:

    seriously? Do our leaders seriously have the memory capacity of a goldfish?

    So when we took down pablo escobar in the 90’s that ended cocaine trafficking as we knew it…right? It’s one thing to compare alcohol prohibition to today’s drug war and say they’re very similar but this raid isn’t remotely similar to the pablo escobar raid….IT’s THE EXACT SAME F’ING THING!

    I don’t know what hurts by brain more. The fact that our politicians actually think this is going to work…or that people actually buy this shit and believe it will work.

    • Jim says:

      Killing Pablo saved thousands of lives and crippled an ultra violent cartel. Yeah it was worth it and so is killing Chapo. He escalated the drug war to new heights trying to secure all the main plazas in Mexico and turned parts of Mexico into scenes out of a horror movie. He started the war! If he is eliminated most likely El Mayo takes over and he is known to be far less ruthless and violent than Chapo Guzman.

  8. darkcycle says:

    This here’s ‘Merca. We don’t think too hard ’bout solutions and consequences an’ stuff, we ain’t that smart.
    With our limited ability to absorb information and our tiny little bitty attention spans, we like the Hollywood solution…blow some shit up. If it’s not like something out of a Jason Bourne movie, we all go back to farting and eating fried ice cream while watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.
    Think of it…they could turn it into a movie (just like they did with Bin Ladin, without a second’s hesitation)

  9. darkcycle says:

    Just wanna relay a change in plans. darkcycle went to hempfest yesterday, will not be able to make it back down today, maybe tomorrow.
    I would like to relay some disturbing stuff I saw around I502. The I 502 people were out, it was good to see them, and it seemed like every third person was carrying or wearing a “YES 502” item.
    The “No 502” people were out in smaller numbers…BUT you could NOT miss them. They were out using the old Lynden LaRouche tactics of trying to get money out of sympathizers while at the same time trying to provoke a fight with anybody who voiced support for 502. They had some serious thuggery out there and they were focused on dividing this community. They were pushing for trouble. I was with Kieth Stroup the whole day, when we were talking I mentioned COINTEL and his jaw dropped open. “That’s exactly what it’s like, I was afraid to say anything” was his response. Most of the older guys present (Rick Cusik, and I think D.J. Short) nodded in agreement.
    In short, we’re facing a well funded (we’re not talking dispensary money) and organized opposition working from a government playbook. I’m steering clear today because with the heavy Saturday crowd, they may have more success than the relatively light Friday and Sunday crowds. And my trouble sensing apparatus was screaming at me all day. I’m not wanting to go back today.

  10. darkcycle says:

    I’ll say it again… and this is coming from an intel wonk…these guys are operating from the government’s playbook.

    • darkcycle says:

      …maybe it takes three tries for this to sink in with some people. The tactics on display were reprehensible in any civilized forum. The No on 502 people were spreading easily disproved lies, and belligerently confronting and insulting 502 supporters to provoke a reaction. They were trying to start fights, if not an outright riot.
      Trouble at Hempfest, ANY trouble at Hempfest at all this year, no matter how small will get FULL MEDIA EXPOSURE like no hempfest ever had in the past. It will be the END of 502’s chances. Quick as flipping a switch, the media will pounce on the “violence associated with the marijuana movement” with full force and vigor. That will end the chances of 502, and probably any initiative related to pot legalization in this State, ever. And it will probably mean the end of Hempfest as we know it, too.
      This is straight out of the government playbook. It is a tried an true tactic for disruption popular movements. It has been done by us all over the world. I DID THIS FOR MY GOVERNMENT IN NICARAGUA DO TRY TO DISRUPT THEIR REVOLUTION. I Know what the fuck I’m talking about. Some clueless idiot on the right side of this initiative is gonna take a swing after being provoked by these thugs and the media circus will start precisely twenty seconds after the first punch lands.
      I’m distressed to find that someone on this couch remains clueless as to what is obviously happening here. Will you WAKE the fuck up? Jeebus Frogging Christ.

      • darkcycle says:

        I’ll tell you something else…mighty suspicious. Vivian actually anticipated this and asked the Seattle police to provide MORE FOOT patrols INSIDE the ‘fest. There have always been foot patrols INSIDE the park during the ‘fest.
        I did not see ONE uniformed officer inside the festival. Not a single one. And outside the festival, there were almost no police visible. I think I saw six actual uniforms. (the Seattle police’s patrol boat was cruising off shore, and there was the usual unmarked helicopter flying overhead. But almost no visible uniformed presence).

  11. ezrydn says:

    Of course they are. Where do you think prohibitionist passion comes from? Facts? If Romney can do away with Obamacare, can’t he also do away with the deadly CSA? And if he keeps it, can’t it be rewritten and amended for the 21st century?

  12. Mexico arrests ‘associate of fugitive Joaquin Guzman’

  13. Steve Finlay says:

    Actually, the SEAL plan is a red herring. What they are really going to do is hire 2 or 3 Chinese hackers to get into Guzman’s computer and delete all his customer lists, transaction records, and inventory data.

    No, of course they are not. That might actually damage Guzman’s business for a while. They have no intention of damaging his business, because his business is the justification for their existence.

  14. You're all idiots says:

    I can’t believe how stupid you all are.

    My only hope is that you morons overdose and leave the world a better place.

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