Latest tweet from NIDA News, which presents itself as a leader in science-based efforts in drug policy.

National @RecoveryMonth is coming up in September – learn more from @SAMHSAgov about substance use treatment: 1.usa.gov/2EptfH

Substance use treatment?

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  1. Matthew Meyer says:

    Use is abuse, natch. That’s why they’re illegal. Plus, think of all the money saved on ink from “ab”s not written.

  2. darkcycle says:

    Yep, if their “third way” is to work, ALL use must be abuse.

  3. Servetus says:

    Wow. Treating substance use is really spreading the drug enforcement net.

    If a doctor uses a cocaine hydrochloride solution to anesthetize an eye injury, a medically approved use, then the medical use of the cocaine must be treated.

    From ophthalmologist Straight into drug treatment, do not pass Go, do not collect justice.

  4. Benjamin says:

    The orange stuff that sticks to my fingers when I eat Cheetos is a substance… I think I need treatment for licking my fingers.

  5. darkcycle says:

    Romney on marijuana: “…mumble, mumble, I don’t support it”
    My comment:
    Yeah, surprising, isn’t it? He ducks the issue just like Obama! One thing I’ll say in Romney’s favor though: His position may be unpopular, but AT LEAST HE’S TRUTHFUL!

    • Peter says:

      i think that his truthfulness or stupidity leaves him wide open to attack from drug reformers. if he picks mitch daniels, he of the shoe box of cannabis and the 100 hits of acid as his running mate theyll be sitting ducks for us. obamas always been too sly to land a glove on and has been able to avoid the obvious hypocrisy. i dont think mitt and mitch will be so successful at doublespeak

  6. Chris says:

    127 chars, so this wasn’t due to twitter’s 140 char limit or anything. Good to have words with interchangeable meanings to keep in mind to avoid that problem however.

  7. Klay says:

    It is unfortunate when “science” has a conclusion before testing the theory.

  8. Francis says:

    “Substance use treatment”? Are you sure they’re not talking about using “substances” to treat various conditions? SAMHSA stands for “Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Admistration.” Maybe they’ve seen the light on medical cannabis which can be used to treat addiction and a variety of mental health problems including anxiety, depression, and PTSD!

  9. Welcome To Recovery Month

    “behavioral health is essential to overall health”

    What kind of behavior is essential and according to who?

  10. Substance use disorder


    The Federal ($$$) doctors have it all covered – ask Robert DuPont – all the way to the bank.

  11. Over the generations words change, sometimes meanings change, sometimes harmlessly, sometimes not. Labeling a category “Substance Use disorder” to categorize “substance abuse” and “substance dependence” under one heading conveniently leaves the impression that all use fits into this category. This leaves out the 92% of marijuana users who have no dependency or abuse problems. Then again if you are unfortunate enough to enter the enforcement system with zero tolerance laws this then puts you into the category of substance abuse by reason of legal problems for using a non-medically indicated drug or toxin.

    I think that means anybody that uses marijuana if my logic serves me correctly. Drug testing labels you the same – abuser. There is no category for a marijuana user that is not categorized as a disorder in the Federal point of view. Nor in the mental health point of view.

    Catch 22.

  12. The only way to a clean disorder free bill of “health” is to not get caught.

  13. This is called demand reduction. America’s “third way” plan to cure America back into greatness.

  14. Matthew Meyer says:

    Hmmm…the DSM folks have ties to pharma, and are looking to create millions more diagnosed “addicts.”

    Looks like they’re rolling back the severity of life consequences required for diagnosis, in favor of “craving.”

    Is someone promising patients to insurance companies?


    • claygooding says:

      I am sure we will see a flurry of changes in what it takes to be an addict for all illicit drugs,,if ONDCP loses marijuana,they must have a new poster child.

    • darkcycle says:

      Mathew and T.C., that’s exactly why they’ve done it. It has to do with two concerns (neither of which have anything to do with people’s health): first, there has indeed been a complete capture of the mental health establishment by the pharmaceutical companies. Second, the fact is that for the last thirty years the MH community has had to fight over a steadily diminishing pot of money, while the government has indicated it is going to shower anything labeled “addiction treatment” with millions and millions of tax dollars. The scramble is on and it’s a mad scramble, you have no idea how starving for dollars the mental health field really is. It is quite unfashionable. These people have been eating each other like cannibals for thirty years, I know, that’s why I got out…both of those reasons.
      But, as much as I would like to defend my chosen profession, I find less and less to defend as time goes on. You guys nailed it.

  15. It would be cheaper (for insurance companies) to pay for marijuana for everyone than to pay to treat them all. I wish them well.

  16. “Dr. Keith Humphreys, a psychology professor at Stanford who specializes in health care policy and who served as a drug control policy adviser to the White House from 2009 to 2010, predicted that as many as 20 million people who were previously not recognized as having a substance abuse problem would probably be included under the new definition, with the biggest increase among people who are unhealthy users, rather than severe abusers, of drugs.”

    Unhealthy users. WTF is that?


    • Are unhealthy users the ones from the unemployment and welfare roles?

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Why do I think that the “psychiatrists” referenced would be members of A.S.A.M.?

      I liked the part quoted below better…why bother with requiring an actual addiction? Anyone can get addicted to anything at anytime!

      In addition, the manual for the first time would include gambling as an addiction, and it might introduce a catchall category — “behavioral addiction — not otherwise specified” — that some public health experts warn would be too readily used by doctors, despite a dearth of research, to diagnose addictions to shopping, sex, using the Internet or playing video games.”

      Blogwriters? Does Pete need an intervention?

  17. DSM 5 Could Mean 40% of College Students Are Alcoholics http://ti.me/JAMA4M via @TIMEHealthland

    More substance use treatment?

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