Congress is pathetic

So the vote in the House was 163 in favor and 262 opposed for the Rohrabacher and Hinchey amendment that would have prevented the DOJ from expending any funds for the purpose of interfering with state medical marijuana operations.

A similar bill in 2006 lost 163 to 259.

In 2005, it was 162 to 264.

In 2003, it was 152 to 273.

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15 Responses to Congress is pathetic

  1. claygooding says:

    At least they are consistently piss poor.

  2. Benjamin C. says:

    Looking at the percentages by party lines, almost everything from the most recent bill and the 2006 bill are nearly identical. The most significant change is Republicans voting yes went from 7.8% (of Republicans) in 2006 to 11.6% today.

    Beyond than we have 89.6% of Repubs voting no in ’06 vs 87.9 today, 71.6% of Dems voting yes in ’06 vs 71.0 today, and 26.3% of Dems voting no in both ’06 and today.

    • Francis says:

      It’s hard to believe there are still some naysayers who claim we’re not making progress, isn’t it? 😉 That’s a joke. We’re of course making huge progress, but man, it looks like Congress will be a SERIOUSLY-lagging indicator.

      • darkcycle says:

        They’re gonna hafta start losing their jobs first.

        • Francis says:

          Yep. I imagine when that starts happening, they’ll catch up very quickly.

        • kaptinemo says:

          I suspect that that is partly why Pelosi has been speaking up, lately. It’s been radio silence from her before the Oaksterdam protest at Obama’s campaign HQs, and then after that she spoke up. We need more of that, but in every State.

          It’s mind-boggling. We hold the key to our own freedom in our hands through sheer numbers. Scores of millions of people in this country use cannabis regularly. Imagine what would happen if reform groups would just ‘bury the hatchet’ and the ‘leadership’ check their egos at the door, and create a combined national effort. With half the country saying that cannabis should be legal, outright? We’d steamroller the opposition flat.

          Instead, we’re rebuffed, year after year, by people who’d pass reform legislation in a heartbeat if they felt we were a credible threat.

          It’s just like that old Ken Burns series on the Civil War, where in the first episode a story was told of a Black freedman in the South who had bought his manumission. When he saw his first Union soldier, the freedman reportedly said “If I’d know you gun men was coming I’d a saved my money.”

          Far too many of us have that attitude, and that’s just what the opposition counts upon.

        • Windy says:

          Kaptinemo, that is why everyone who wants cannabis legal needs to put all their support behind the one man — Ron Paul — who WILL make certain the fed gov completely ends the war on some drug(user)s. a voting bloc the size of he reform movement would overwhelm all opposition and show congress and both major political parties that we mean business. Unless and until that happens we will keep on dancing this one step forward three steps back dance every damn year.

    • claygooding says:

      Kapt,,I suggest total support,,poll wise,,for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party,,if we can get behind him politically it will threaten the entire political machine because he will be in the Nat’l debates,,bringing this into this Presidential Election,,let O bama defend his position against Judge Gray.

      • Benjamin C. says:

        What does it actually take to get third party candidate into the debates? Is there some kind of stat that needs to be met or is it simply up to the whim of whichever network is hosting?

      • Windy says:

        Unfortunately, Gary is not as good on the rest of the drug war as Ron (nor on other issues, either) and the LP has NEVER garnered more than about 15% of the vote on any candidate except in low level, relatively unimportant local offices. The LP also has a very difficult time getting their national candidates on the ballot in all States and territories where the people are allowed to vote for president and members of congress. Unless we can all agree to support Ron Paul with everything we have to use on his behalf, we will not win this fight anytime soon. With Ron Paul the fight could be ended in early 2013.

  3. Cannabis says:

    There is also this Wikipedia article, which has the roll call vote for 2007, the last time there was a vote.

  4. Goblet says:

    I wonder what the breakdown was for reps from MMJ states vs non-MMJ states. All three of my reps (2R, 1D) voted aye.

  5. Eddunkle says:

    And where was Obama in all of this? Claiming that the war on drugs is over?

  6. Klay says:

    Some day “less” government republicans will hopefully go the RP route and decide to actually be for less gov’t until then Gary Johnson has my vote.

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