Tony Bennett stands by his call to legalise all drugs

Following last night’s (February 12) Grammy win for his duet with the late Amy Winehouse, ‘Body and Soul’, crooner Tony Bennett has stood by his call to have all drugs legalised.

He made the original comments at Clive Davis’ Saturday night pre-Grammys party in the wake of Whitney Houston’s death. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the 17 time Grammy winner said he had received a “mostly positive” reaction to his comments, adding that legalisation would: “get rid of all the gangsters that make people hide.

Good for Tony.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy something from a real class act.

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14 Responses to Tony

  1. allan says:

    atta boy Tony… good man.

  2. TieHash says:

    Longtime reader, first-time commenting . This news really excites me as it show the inch by inch progress towards victory. We now see more and more individuals from many diverse groups standing up and proclaiming the utter failure of prohibition, and like a chain reaction it will eventually reach critical mass ( if it has not already with regards to cannabis.)

  3. Hope says:

    They were unkind to him with this piece and some of the comments. The prohibitionists are hitting the comments boards with their usual viciousness being in high gear.

    They’re really bowed up about now. Watch for them. They are dangerous, a bit more even than usual, and they can be deadly, as we know and they are really lashing out as they see that their beloved prohibition system could be ending sooner than they’d hoped.

  4. claygooding says:

    Congress OKs Medical Marijuana Everywhere With DC Rules: Attorney

    “”If one prominent attorney is right about the legal ramifications of the District of Columbia’s marijuana law — specifically, that it was approved by the U.S. Congress — then it could be a game-changer nationwide.

    D.C.’s medical marijuana law was the first time that the United States Congress had ever given its explicit assent to any state or local law that permits the medicinal use of marijuana — and, according to a California attorney who specializes in health care compliance, that is enormously significant under the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.””snipped

    I wish we could get a constitutional acquainted lawyer/judge to give us a judgement on this,,,but I keep forgetting,we don’t have any.

  5. TINMA says:


    Seems governments only defence is throwing common sense and truth aside at this point….and that is done for nearly every issue it seems where government is concerned.

  6. Windy says:

    It’s good that someone so well known is advocating the legalization of drugs. However, I cannot abide his singing. How he ever became a professional singer is beyond my ken, he (and others, like Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash and Mick Jagger) really cannot carry a tune.

    • rita says:

      People said that about Elvis, too. They say it about meth, they say it about heroin, and they say it about ecstasy. “I tried it and it made me feel bad therefore everyone who uses it should go to prison.” (Teachable moment.)

    • thelbert says:

      don’t forget nancy’s old lover, frank sinatra. he couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. she should have said no.

  7. Duncan20903 says:

    I feel like I missed something significant. Has “drinking alcohol is a drug” been adopted as a consensus of the people?

  8. thelbert huffman says:

    dang computers, finally figured out how to double my output, though

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