Do me a favor to prank a friend

I’ve got a friend who had to get some stats with Google Analytics as part of his web assignment, so he asked some friends to visit his page just so he would get a few readings of visitors. I’m hoping that if a lot of you visit, it will throw his numbers off from his wildest estimations.

It’s a silly little practice page: The Basement is Weird You can just click on it and leave if you want (no ads or anything). The video is cute, though.

This is an open thread.

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11 Responses to Do me a favor to prank a friend

  1. allan says:

    so is his counter set to tally distinct visitors or just clicks? I could hit refresh a few times…

    and while I haven’t read your ONDCP higher than the influence post y’all know how I share my farts. The brain type… of course. Duh. You think I’m one of those guys that eats beans while camping and then sits around the campfire at night playing “light ’em if you have ’em”? Of course…

    anyway… did you see the Jimmy Fallon Subway comm’l during the BudweisererBowl? You know the one… tossing the subway footlong from right to left (or left to right across the screen). Pretty cool and very everyman/woman participatory.

    One of you has the resources or knows who does – I know you do – to do the same with passing a burning joint from hand to hand, pausing to take a hit. Again… my standard disclaimer: I am not responsible for the contents of my brain farts. If not shared they rattle around in my head, it’s a matter of maintaining my sanity. Such as it is… and, as always, I appreciate your continued indulgence.

  2. GoViral says:

    With mintoed breath, that does persuade,
    Fortywinking with his sword and bootlaced bonnet made.
    Hallelujah Promethean heat. Hallelujah! For I may free thee.
    Ne’er fatal sleep, it’s cruel tears we must weep,
    For it is tonight that sorrow’s heaven
    With chill precision gloved in wind that breaks; for I have freed thee!
    For I have freed thee!

  3. Bruce says:

    Op B.A.B.Y.

    • claygooding says:

      Is there supposed to be a link to know what your post is about or are we supposed to know through mental telepathy?

      I am on the road and out of pot so my telepathy/mind reading skills are waning.

  4. Francis says:

    The other day I walked by a car with one of those “D.A.R.E. To Resist Drugs And Violence” bumper stickers. After keying the car, it occurred to me how incredibly disingenuous that slogan is. First, it’s obnoxious in the way it attempts to link / equate drug use with the actual crime of violence. Even worse, the D.A.R.E. program is taught by cops who enforce drug laws through violence. But I’m pretty sure the bumper sticker isn’t telling you to resist their violence. In fact, I think that’s a good way to get a couple of charges added to your arrest.

    (Just for the record, I didn’t actually key the car. I just thought about it.)

    • Duncan20903 says:


      There was a brief time in my life when some folks in my crowd got the bright idea that one of those bumper stickers would keep the cops from thinking that they were riding dirty. I knew a dealer who carried around his triple beams in a tool box that sported a D.A.R.E. bumper sticker. Within the last several months I’ve learned that those bumper stickers, along with F.O.P. and related accoutrements actually count against you on the potential drug dealer profiling check list. Gosh I laughed my ass off when I read that.

  5. claygooding says:

    I keep having to remind people that we need to leave the violence surrounding marijuana to the police and criminals,,people are sure getting rowdy!

  6. FM58 says:

    Francis, you’re killing me here. Funny stuff.

  7. darkcycle says:

    Pete, don’t forget to tell us how this worked.

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