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November 2011



Happy Thanksgiving

Have a wonderful day and spend a little time enjoying some turkey instead of dealing with them.

This is an opportunity, however – you have a group ready to be converted to drug policy reform.

When the subject turns to health care, you can say “I think the government should give heroin away for […]

Headline of the day

Cop Says Marijuana Legalization Could Cause Window Washers to Fall From Large Buildings and Land on People

Another Open Thread

… because you pretty much filled the last one.

Thanks for all the help on model trains. We think we’ve got it worked out. We’ll be going with n-scale due to the extremely limited space.

And by the way, I spent the last two days at my Dad’s working on getting broadband and wireless ordered […]


Are you familiar with CNTPO? I wasn’t either. Maybe by its full name: The Defense Department’s Counter Narco-Terrorism Program Office. Nope? Me neither.

Pentagon’s War on Drugs Goes Mercenary

An obscure Pentagon office designed to curb the flow of illegal drugs has quietly evolved into a one-stop shop for private security contractors around the world, […]

Open Thread

Visiting relatives this week and my first stop will have no WiFi and very little G3. Posting will be light for a few days.

Talk amongst yourselves (not that I need to tell some of you that).


Bleg for any model train enthusiasts out there…

Looking for help in getting a starter electric train […]

Everyone wants a piece

One of the entrenched problems of the drug war is there are so many pots of money and power that can be tapped that too many people have a shot of getting some for themselves.

Senator Jim Webb is greatly admired by those of us in the drug policy reform community for his tireless work […]


Copenhagen votes to legalise marijuana

Marijuana could soon be legalised in Copenhagen, after the city voted overwhelmingly in favour of a scheme that would see the drug sold through a network of state-run shops and cafes.

The scheme, if approved by the Danish parliament at the start of next year, could make the city […]

There goes my dream of being an astronaut

I’ve had a life-long dream of going into space. I was at the launch of Apollo 13 and voraciously read science fiction since I was a young boy.

I always thought the shuttle program missed a golden opportunity to help fund itself by having a lottery to win a space on each shuttle. I would […]


… or why you should be.

Woman Gets Jail For Food-Stamp Fraud; Wall Street Fraudsters Get Bailouts by Matt Taibbi

Here’s another thing that boggles my mind: You get busted for drugs in this country, and it turns out you can make yourself ineligible to receive food stamps.

But you can be a serial […]

A new approach in Mexico?

It seems clear that in the upcoming election, siding with Calderon’s all-out drug war isn’t going to be politically popular. And now the main leftist rival has specifically distanced himself in this area.

But the whole mess can be cleared up in the first six months of a new administration. At least, that’s the campaign […]