Happy Thanksgiving

Have a wonderful day and spend a little time enjoying some turkey instead of dealing with them.

This is an opportunity, however – you have a group ready to be converted to drug policy reform.

  • When the subject turns to health care, you can say “I think the government should give heroin away for free!” Great conversation starter.
  • Or head over to the kids table and ask them whether the drug dealers at school check for age I.D. when selling them marijuana.
  • When the adults are stuffed after the huge dinner, are sitting in the easy chairs and have eyelids drooping from all the tryptophan in their system, ask them what makes them any better than lazy potheads.
  • Offer to give grace before the meal and then give thanks that none of your family have been decapitated by drug lords in Mexico or shot by drug gangs, that none of you are serving time in prison, and that you’re not black, so you’re less likely to be a target. (If you are black, then give thanks that they haven’t found you yet.)
  • Offer to pour the wine, and as you do so, ask each person first “Hey, you want some drugs?”
  • When everyone’s watching TV, take bets on how many drug commercials will be shown.

[Important note: the above suggestions may not work with all Thanksgiving gatherings. Use discretion.]

Or… you could simply find a time in conversation to say… “This year, I’ve been studying drug policy and have learned a lot about what’s going wrong with our current policies. Is anyone else interested in this subject?”

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29 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Windy says:

    Wishing all my compatriots in this war for freedom a wonderful Thanksgiving. May your guests be jolly, the conversation interesting and lively, and your meal delicious.

  2. Leo says:

    made my day!

  3. Brandon E. says:

    You should branch out into comedy, Pete. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. palemalemarcher says:

    Topic of the day; what if a Penn State player was caught with the herb.

  5. Matthew Meyer says:

    Happy T-Day, Pete!

    I didn’t see anyone mention the ONDCP’s belated response yesterday to Ethan Nadelmann’s Nov. 7 op-ed in the NY Times.

    One sentence really stuck in the BS Filter that I’ve developed reading your blog:

    “No national medical association has come out in favor of smoked marijuana for widespread medical use.”

    So there’s no A that is B and C.

    Of course the average reader is supposed not to think that there can be (and in this case, IS) not A that is B and C; A that is B but not C…

    So the CMA calling for *legalization* doesn’t count; the AMA and the IOM saying limited smoking in certain situations is OK doesn’t count either.

    And then the whole “milady-doth-protest-too-much” quality of the insistence that politics and ideology has nothing to do with the way we classify cannabis.

    Naw, imagine.

    Here’s the letter:

    • Duncan20903 says:

      To date, the only thing that has evidence supporting the assertion that death and/or grave bodily injury will ensue if it’s smoked only once or twice is a PEZ dispenser. Of course if the victim also concurrently smoked synthetic cannabis or cannabis with the PEZ dispenser, cannabis, and by extension synthetic cannabis, is what’s blamed.

      “There is no FDA approved medicine that is smoked.”

      Before 2004 there was never an FDA approved medical device that was either a necrotic flesh eating insect larvae or a blood sucking worm. Today there are 10s of thousands of people grateful for the opportunity to have been prescribed medicinal maggots or medicinal leeches.

      Every single medicinal substance or device approved by the FDA had exactly the same amount of medicinal utility on the day before FDA approval as it did the day after. FDA approval does not endow these things with medicinal utility, it only claims to certify it.

  6. JDV says:

    I like the suggestion about the wine.

  7. darkcycle says:

    Happy Turkey day. May you and yours prosper in health.
    A very very good grower friend of many years passed away last year. For a very long time thanksgiving at his place had been a tradition of sorts for those friends without family close by. For more than ten years in a row we had gathered at his ranch for Thanksgiving. Last year he passed away in early summer, and Thanksgiving dinner was at my house for many of those same people. But it wasn’t the same. The Ranch is gone, sold at auction before his crop had even started to flower (we pulled ’em out when the estate people showed up).
    This year we’re picking up where we left off. His former partner is settled into a new place and Thanksgiving dinner is on! I can’t wait, the annual assembly of the Growers- we have a REAL harvest festival.
    Happy Thanksgiving. If yer lonely, come join us 😉

    • Drwoo says:

      As a 35 year old with a 5 yr old child in a school zone with guns in a southern redstate, i hope one day i can join those said ranks once again.

      I asked my neice if the drug dealers asked for ID at her school. She’s in high school, she didn’t know, but i was sure to tell everyone! Everyone is pro legalization there though.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        In the District of Columbia there are “drug free” school zones within 1000 feet of the school’s perimeter.

        In the District of Columbia there are “gun free” school zones within 300 feet of the school’s perimeter.
        The above presented for use as a dictionary picture example of the phrase “bass ackward.”

  8. 7-MK16atypicalAntagonist says:

    May your yams stuff thighs that take the prize!

  9. thelbert says:

    happy thanksgiving to all my brothers and sisters in the fight for personal liberty.

  10. Landis says:

    The conversations after the feast went down new roads and open new thoughts. TKS Pete

  11. claygooding says:

    A city councilman in LA wants to ban all dispensaries in LA.


    That should earn a nice appreciation check for Jose.

  12. Don says:

    We had a wonderful meal prepared by my beautiful wife and while Marijuana was not brought up while we ate as soon as we scooted away from the table another pain patient and I went off to a bedroom and fired up. A few people mentioned smelling skunk. Praying all have a full belly and Gods blessings!

  13. darkcycle says:

    Hope you’ve all stuffed yourseves silly, pied ’till your eyes bugged out and then enjoyed some incomparable company. Hoo boy…dc’s redeyed, happy, and loving everybody right now. A good night to all.

  14. Francis says:

    Well, thanks a lot Pete. Admittedly, I departed slightly from your suggestions, but my ganja-packed cornucopia centerpiece did not go over well AT ALL with the in-laws. It looks like they won’t be back for Christmas dinner. (So I suppose something good came out of it.) 🙂

    • Duncan20903 says:

      I really should read what’s posted before adding my 2 cents. Are you going to steal all of my lines Francis?

      • Francis says:

        What can I say? Great minds think alike.

        • Duncan20903 says:

          I see you’re back to being an angry beast.

        • darkcycle says:

          Let’s vote! Do we like Francis happy? Or as an angry beast? (Moreover, I’d like to know, because your choice says so much about you….)
          I like the two photos, myself…you could change them according to your mood…that way we’d have a notion of the content of the post from your demeanor.

  15. Windy says:

    I didn’t need to bring up the subject at my T-day table, since every adult that was here enjoys natures green bounty. So we enjoyed and prepared, and enjoyed some more and prepared some more, and enjoyed more and ate a wonderful feast, and enjoyed a couple times more, and had pie, and enjoyed a bit more, then watched PotC: On Stranger Tides and enjoyed some more. And now those who were going home have, and the rest have retired to bed,; while I will be up for about another 3 hours, enjoying and playing WoW.

    • Maria says:

      “Enjoyed a couple times more, and had pie.”

      Hehe. Windy, I laughed out loud at that. You and yours are the perfect picture of despicable pot heads up to no good.

  16. Duncan20903 says:

    Well thanks a load Pete. I got tossed out of my sister-in-law’s house and the wife isn’t speaking to me now. Got any more hare brained suggestions? 😉

  17. Duncan20903 says:

    Wars on this, wars on that, when does the war on war start?

    ‘Weed Wars’
    Discovery’s new marijuana show ‘Weed Wars’ looks at what happens after the legalization war


    Thursday, November 24 2011

    When marijuana stars in a television production, we’re usually either watching slackers smoking it or Kentucky police trying to seek and destroy it.

    Discovery’s “Weed Wars,” a weekly series that premieres Sunday night at 10, gives cannabis sativa a whole different role. Here it plays a legal product whose purveyors are figuring out the best ways to market and sell it.

    Once the viewer adjusts to the notion that marijuana here is as legal as a Snickers bar, the rest becomes a fairly straightforward small-business drama.

    At the same time, the viewer who has made that adjustment may forget that even the currently limited legalization of marijuana represents an extraordinary leap from just a few years ago.


    • darkcycle says:

      I don’t know what DiAngelo is thinking. Wait, scratch that, I think I know what he’s thinking, and he’s WRONG! He’s thinking that a popular reality show will help normalize the idea of medicinal marijuana and the dispensaries. He doesn’t understand how these shows are shot, then manipulated by editors to bring out the absolute worst in the subjects of these hollywood contrivances. As the guys who cut the film they have total control over what they present to the public and they are only interested in the salacious and petty. That show is a collossal mistake.

      • Maria says:

        To be honest, I’m on the fence regarding the show. I’d fully agree with you if it was MTV or Bravo doing it. But right now I’ll wait and see. I’m curious if they will touch upon the harassment that legal shop owners face from the feds.

        From what I’ve read of and seen of other Discovery reality shows it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a “Real Housewives of who the fuck cares” “Big Brother” or “Jersey Shore”, despite the “controversial” topic.

        Discovery has a portfolio of ‘Real Dude’ reality shows that feature very specific subsets of people or topics. Hell, it’s the home of Mythbusters so it can’t be all bad. 😉 Their editing approach is quite mild even if they do some edits to keep viewers “in suspense” through commercial breaks or week to week.

        My father loves these shows. American Guns, American Chopper, Carfellas, Deadliest Catch, Storm Chasers, Desert Car Kings etc etc. I find them slow and boring but occasionally I’ll watch an episode with him. They tend to focus on the business the people are engaged in, how they solve specific problems, or handle day to day issues. The assumption is that the viewers are interested in the topic as well (used cars, pawn stores, logging, crab boats etc) But in depth knowledge isn’t required. It’s all quite superficial. Like a glossy coffee table book.

        There is some drama but it’s not quite salacious. It’s more mundane, personal, familial. It is mildly stereotypical and played to type but not as much as the History Channel and definitely not as much as MTV or Bravo.

        Oh gods, darkcycle, you got me defending reality TV in public. 😀

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