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Visiting relatives this week and my first stop will have no WiFi and very little G3. Posting will be light for a few days.

Talk amongst yourselves (not that I need to tell some of you that).


Bleg for any model train enthusiasts out there…

Looking for help in getting a starter electric train set for someone who really likes trains, is retired, has very limited space, and has a very limited income. He has done a lot of scroll saw work (can handle small detail very well and has patience), but is pretty much done with that and looking to possibly switch hobbies. (And anyone reading this who knows who I’m talking about, keep quiet – this is a secret.)

Should I look at an N-guage set because it’ll take up less space and he’d be able to do more complex set-ups on a standard table? Should I go H0 because it’s more common and easier to get stuff for it? Something else? Recommendations on a starter set or brand?

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  1. MalcsSantaArrangement says:

    What’s wrong with a normal hobby, like Extreme Hanging?

  2. darkcycle says:

    Maybe he should try my new hobby:

    • darkcycle says:

      P.S. I spend a lot of time right now riding around in REALLY REALLY small circles, and standing very very still. At this rate it will be 20 years before I can just do THAT. I’ll leave the rocks to the young ‘un’s.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      C’mon, he asked about trains. Can’t you ever stay on topic?

      • darkcycle says:

        Oops, sorry… 😉

        • mr.wiggle says:

          what kinda trains? like the train we should ride on john walters ass.CHOO CHOO.. then he goes ohh phoo its over. uh oh now it’s time for the lumber yard linkin log splitter

        • Duncan20903 says:

          Will somebody please put the Wiggler back in his attic? The roofers keep letting him get out. If the roofers aren’t finished with the roof yet empty out a closet. You know, I liked him a lot better when he was a prohibitionist.

          Oh, and while you’re at it file a complaint with the Federal, State and local roofing regulators, the BBB, the Chamber of Commerce, the local television station and the manager about the roofers. The people across the street had their roof replaced in less than one day.

          Wow, people really do like to complain. Why else would there be so darn many places to file complaints? Where would I go to file a complaint about all the darn complaints?

  3. claygooding says:

    horticulture,,,read a new light is coming,,,plasma,,,less heat,,less wattage than leds and 80 CRI,,,dimmable,,and comes in flat sheets with single direction light intensity,,,tighter than an led,,seeing some serious grow cabinets in few years when prices drop down.

    • darkcycle says:

      Expensive and untested, I am still waiting for LEDs to fizzle. Oldskool HID’s and magnetic ballasts for me. Something my old brain can understand.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      I was in Lowe’s the other day and commercially produced LEDs intended for home use have arrived. $49.95 for a “65 watt” light & fixture, what a deal.

      I thought you said LEDs worked? Wait, maybe I’ve got you confused with clay?

      • darkcycle says:

        Not me, no new fangled LED’s They only emit light on single wavelengths- that’s why they have an array of different emitters. For that reason I’m not a fan. Plants use all the wavelengths. It’s a common misconception that plants need only red and blue. Plants are more sensitive in the red and blue, but that’s because that’s where sunlight is most defficient.
        I like a mix of sodium and metal halide.

      • mr.wiggle says:

        leave it to a black man to bring up grow lights,typical thug behavior,I’ma notify my local DEA office in miami

  4. claygooding says:

    using leds and cfl mix,,does real well for me.

    A grower told me years ago that if your method or equipment is different in any way than anyone else,,that growers will always argue their way is the best,,even though they never tried the other method.

    You may have a long wait on leds fizzling out,,the no-heat and low electrical use make it the best stealth grow system on the market,,no heat signature is a big plus and no big electric bills.

    flower chamber light wattage is 170 watts.
    veg chamber is 150 watts.

  5. Francis says:

    So I was thinking about the topic of civility, and specifically the role it plays in this great drug policy debate that we find ourselves engaged in. Stop and think for a minute about your typical comments section on a story about some aspect of the war on drugs. Basically, you’ll encounter two types of commenters: those who like Neil Diamond and those who don’t. Er… sorry wrong example. What I meant to say was that on the one side, we have the group I’ll call the “reformers” and on the other side we have COMPLETE FRIGGIN’ MORONS. Oops, I probably shouldn’t have included that in a post about civility. Anyways, as a “reformer,” I’d like to say that “my side” always maintains the highest standards of decorum and civility in these exchanges and that the ad hominem attacks are all coming from the “other side,” but well that’s not always the case. (See above.)

    I guess my own philosophy is to try never to be hateful. I use ridicule against the prohibs because, well, I’m a snarky bastard, and because I think it’s a powerful weapon for exposing the hypocrisy, injustice, and absurdity of prohibition. But I really do try whenever possible to direct my ridicule at prohibition itself and the arguments that are advanced in favor of prohibition, rather than at individuals. (Of course, the key word there is “try.”)

    But what I think is pretty incredible is the fact that the reformers are clearly far MORE civil in this debate and far LESS likely to be hateful or rely on ad hominems. (Of course, it does help that we have facts and logic on our side.) But stop and think about why that’s incredible. We’re arguing with people who are literally in favor of a policy that could result in many of us, or many people that we love and care about, being locked in a cage. (Let’s not even get into those commenters who call for the death penalty for possession as a way to “instantly solve the drug problem.”) And yet, we’re the ones, by and large, who are remaining civil in this debate. I think a lot of the vitriol that we see from the prohibs can be explained by cognitive dissonance. In this context, cognitive dissonance basically says that the prohibs don’t mistreat drug users because they hate them. They hate drug users because they’ve mistreated them.

    Whereas, when we treat others badly, we are less likely to want to be around them, to like them, or to give them future affection or love. When we treat others badly, we significantly increase the chance that we will spend our affection elsewhere.

    Why is this? It stems from cognitive dissonance. Deep down, we all want to think of ourselves as good people. We wouldn’t hurt anyone, or do anything bad. Well, unless, the other person deserved it. In order to maintain that we are good people, when we hurt someone or treat another person badly, we have to create a story in our mind that the other person deserved it. It was something bad about the other person that makes us treat them badly. It’s their fault we behave the way we do, so we like them less.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Francis, see if you can guess which was my post made earlier today. It really is a kinder, gentler me writing below. Good grief, the other post was written by someone calling himself “Jay”:

      “People like you who consider medical marijuana to be ‘fun’ are exactly why people have a problem with medical cannabis here in Colorado.

      Too many amateur, recreational druggies who use medical names methinks. ”

      “What I consider amazing is the cruel, inhuman, and morally bankrupt thought that somehow the fact that there maybe those who enjoy cannabis using medicinal cannabis in Colorado as a means to avoid a fine of $100 that it somehow means it’s OK to deprive the very real patients who are suffering very real and deleterious medical conditions from which said patients get very real relief from medicinal cannabis.

      My mom taught me that the needs of the sick are the most important consideration in this and very similar situations. It appears to me that your mom taught you that your petty annoyances are the more important consideration. Please forgive me if my presumption that you actually had a mom rather than crawling out from under a rock.

      Do you think that the patients who are malingering would actually be deprived of cannabis were they actually kept from shopping in dispensaries? It requires brain dead thinking to come to such a conclusion. ”


      Quite frankly I’ve found that my level of anger is inversely proportional to the number of facts I possess. Though that certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to play nice.

      • Francis says:

        “It appears to me that your mom taught you that your petty annoyances are the more important consideration.”

        I don’t know, Duncan. Did you have to bring the man’s mom into it? 🙂

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Francis, I thought I was very generous in giving him the benefit of the doubt. It’s just not very likely that he has a mom, now is it?

  6. RosemaryTorturesGerbils says:

    “You can look at drinking. We tried making that illegal, we tried prohibiting it, it didn’t work,” offered Rep. John Campbell, a Republican from California who supports legalization of poker and all other forms of gaming, and has introduced a bill with Democratic Rep. Barney Frank to that effect. “We forced a lot of honest Americans, because they were going to do it anyway, into a dishonest and illegal practice…so Prohibition has ended. [But] we essentially have that kind of prohibition now.”

    “A lot fewer people die from bad booze today than died from bad booze in the ‘20s when we had Prohibition,” Frank added. …

    … “Internet gambling is the crack cocaine of gambling,” Wolf warned. “Pathological gamblers will become easily addicted to online gambling because of the Internet’s easy access and instant result…It will result in an epidemic.”

    Frank argued that online gaming ought to be a matter of “principle that frankly I think there should be bipartisan support on. I hear people talk about the nanny state,” he said, a thinly veiled reference to Republicans who in the last few months have objected to the federal government setting rules for everything from school lunch nutrition to neutrality of Internet access.

    “If we don’t want to tell an 8-year-old what to eat for lunch, why are we telling the 8-year-old’s parents…’no you can’t gamble, that’s inappropriate?’” Frank continued. “I had thought there was a consensus in this Congress, particularly strong among Republican colleagues — hands off the Internet.”

    One can’t help but wonder if even the legalize-marijuana folks were listening and taking notes on the discussion of the plusses and pitfalls of legitimating and regulating a morally controversial industry. ….

    • Francis says:

      “Is it time for Congress to let the genie out of the bottle? Or is the genie already online with a pile of chips playing Texas Hold-em?” [Rep. Mary Bono Mack] asked, answering herself a few minutes later.

      Well, that certainly explains my consistent losing streak. I’m up against friggin’ magical genies.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Has anyone else ever noticed how many of the lady Members had been married to Members who suffered sudden, violent deaths? Did Sonny really just happen to bump into a tree, or was he pushed? How can anyone miss the obvious fact that Mary and Cher are secret lovers, and both had reason to see Sonny in an early grave? C’mon, who can’t see that Sonny was the kind of a man that makes a woman go lesbo? I won’t even mention what he did to poor Chas.

        Good lord. Mary has even married another Congressman. There isn’t anything in the Constitution that says someone is limited to holding only one elected position at a time, now is there? Could Miss Mary end up holding all of the California Congressional seats using her perfidious black widow strategy or will she be exposed in the nick of time? If ever America was in need of a super hero, that time is now.

        Over His Dead Body: A Positive Perspective on Widows in the U. S. Congress

        • darkcycle says:

          Tribes own the casinos. Not individuals. If it’s not your goose and killing it makes you rich….
          oops…I think I’ll just move this comment ot the proper location…

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Oh Francis, I feel compelled to say that there’s no gambling going on in a casino or on a so called “gambling” website. The act of gambling requires that players on both sides of the table have a reasonable chance of winning or losing. All that occurs in a casino is the age old compulsion of dumb money to become smart money being fulfilled. Even casinos that go teats up and declare Chapter 11 didn’t lose at the tables. They just didn’t win enough to pay their expenses.

        • darkcycle says:

          Naw, they win enough, it is the siphon that does in casinos. Magical dissapearing money. One of the casino’s near here did a 12 million dollar remodeling job that consisted of moving the machines around and changing the art in the hotel rooms.

        • Duncan20903 says:

          DC, it makes little to no sense to siphon off so much money that the business ends up in Chapter 11. That’s called killing the golden goose.

        • darkcycle says:

          Tribes own the casinos. Not individuals. If it’s not your goose and killing it makes you rich….

        • darkcycle says:

          P.S. that kind of stuff goes on all the time around here. Some administrators at the Northwest Indian College got fifty thousand dollar grant for the college. Being savvy business men (not) these administrators though that that money would go a lot farther if it were two hundred thousand dollars. So they “invested” it by buying fifty thousand dollars worth of cocain and turning that into crack to sell to the tribe. ‘Course, since these folks had never BOUGHT that much cocain before, they IMMEDIATElY attracted the attention of the Feds, and they subsequently bought their cocaine from a DEA informant.
          It is NO effort for me to imagine that the administrators in that casinos sent that remodel job straight to their nephew’s contracting company and thence to their bank accounts. Remember, the tribes own these casinos, not individuals.

        • Duncan20903 says:

          I didn’t know that Donald Trump belonged to a tribe. Is that why his hair is so goofy?

        • darkcycle says:

          We don’t have nun o’ them high flyin’ Vegas types herabouts. All the casinos in this neck-o-the woods are Tribal. Everyone knows they are built and funded by good old Native Americans. Tribes like the Sicillians and the Russians. Donald would have to change his last name to “MoneyFeathers” or some such.

  7. Jake says:

    Honduras: America’s great foreign policy disgrace

    “The US militarisation of the drug war in the region is also pushing Honduras down the disastrous path of Mexico”

    “When I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, I never thought that his legacy in Central America would be the return of death-squad government, of the kind that Ronald Regan so vigorously supported in the 1980s. But that seems to be the case for Honduras.”

    More drug war harms.. sigh..

  8. Dave in Florida says:

    I would go with the N gauge. I have had both scales, HO when I was a youngster and N when I was in my 30’s. You can put a lot more detail and scenes in N with the same square footage than HO scale. The building is the fun part!

    • divadab says:

      Nice on-topic post. My vote would be HO because it’s everywhere (including thrift stores) – but I quit model railroading long before N-gauge was invented so consider that also.

  9. darkcycle says:

    Did the U.S. help a wealthy Honduras landowner to fund the coup in Hoduras by allowing him to smuggle large ammounts of cocain?

  10. Duncan20903 says:

    I just finished watching last night’s edition of CSI: New York. It was loosely based on the story of the crooked PA judge who took bribes to send juveniles to privately owned reform schools. The fictionalized version had a much more just ending than in real life as the TV show judge got murdered for doing that very thing and the fellow from the private kiddie prison who had bribed him blew his own brains out immediately preceding his imminent arrest. Who says TV shows never have happy endings?

  11. Duncan20903 says:

    Pete, be a good boy and give your parents a year of Wi-Fi for crying out loud. $180 is too much to keep your faithful from having conniption fits due to DWR withdrawals?

    Pete, there’s nothing like quality train wreck:

  12. Deep Dish says:

    CBS News just released a poll finding only 40% support for marijuana.

    While polls will always disagree over exact numbers, a full 10% difference with the recent Gallup poll strikes me as odd, especially since CBS is reporting that support for legalization is dropping (down from 44% last year). In looking at the details, one difference I find is that Gallup was bilingual and included Spanish interviews, whereas CBS doesn’t mention if they did. I wonder if this was a mistake or not. I personally trust Gallup more than other polls because they’ve been asking the question the longest and most consistently, so their methodology is down.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      While I know that the polling companies claim to have research that supports the assertion that their margins of error are accurate I still have trouble accepting that 20.26 x 51 = 1033 people out of almost 310,000,000 is an accurate measure.

      Of course there is the problem with so many different perceptions of what legal means. There are still people who think “legal” means half of the elementary school children will be addicted to heroin, and the other half will have gotten cancer from smoking pot which they, the “taxpayers of America” will have to pay for.

      But speaking of margins of error and statistical significance, in a poll that has a 3% margin of error there’s no statistically significant difference between 40% and 44%. 40 could have actually been 42 and 44 ditto, no? 51 could have been 48, and of course 6 could be 9.

      Regardless, are there any other crimes on the books which have 40% support for repeal? The income tax perhaps? No, in 2008 Massachusetts had a ballot referendum to repeal the State income tax and the people voted in favor of keeping the income tax by a margin of 7:3. Since when is a crime something that annoys 50% + 1 of the voters?

      • Windy says:

        As a former pollster wrote, (paraphrased because I don’t feel like looking for the actual article on which the comment was posted in which I read it):
        Poll questions are designed to elicit a particular response, so polls are useless for actually determining how the populace really feels about the subject in question. What they are really intended to do is sway public opinion in a certain direction.

        His comment concerned the presidential candidate polls and where the candidates stand in the race, but I think it actually applies to ALL polls, regardless the subject.

  13. stayan says:

    Does anyone know what percentage of firearm deaths are drug related?

    I’m having trouble finding anything on google.

    • Francis says:

      When you say “drug related,” do you mean that drug impairment played a role in the death?

      Or are you really looking for stats on prohibition-related deaths?

      (Either way, I’m not sure where to tell you to look. :))

    • the definitive answer would be quite difficult to ascertain — however, generically the answer is: “very few,” as there just aren’t that many firearms deaths in the first place.

      the most important thing missing in the statistical claims (on both sides) is a blatant lack of context — without putting a raw number into a coherent scale for comparison, it’s all just bullshit.

  14. ohutumvalik says:

    Some seemingly well-informed Portugal-bashing by Melanie Phillips at the UK paper Daily Mail:

    /—/ As Manuel F Pinto Coelho, Medical Doctor of the Association for a Drug Free Portugal has written (after a similar BBC report last year):

    ‘Drug decriminalisation in Portugal is a failure… There is a complete and absurd campaign of manipulation of facts and figures of Portuguese drug policy which Matthew Hill [BBC News] appears to have “bought”…

    ‘The article says that the number of newly reported cases of HIV and AIDS among drug addicts has declined substantially every year since 2000 (907) until 2008 (267), quoting a Portuguese Institute IDT´s official.

    ‘As a matter of fact Portugal remains the country with the highest incidence of IDU-related AIDS and it is the only country recording a recent increase. 703 newly diagnosed infections, followed from a distance by Estonia with 191 and Latvia with 108 reported cases.

    We’re top of the list, with a shameful 268 per cent aggravation from the next worst case (EMCDDA – November 2007).

    ‘The number of new cases of HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis C in Portugal recorded among drug users is eight times the average found in other member states of the European Union.

    ‘Portugal keeps on being the country with the most cases of injected drug related AIDS (85 new cases per one million of citizens in 2005, while the majority of other EU countries do not exceed 5 cases per million) and the only one registering a recent increase. 36 more cases per one million of citizens were estimated in 2005 comparatively to 2004, when only 30 were referred.’ (EMCDDA – November 2007).

    ‘Since the implementation of decriminalisation in Portugal, the number of homicides related to drug use has increased 40 per cent. Portugal was the only European country to show a significant increase in homicides between 2001 and 2006′ (WDR – World Drug Report, 2009).

    ‘With 219 deaths by drug ‘overdose’ a year, Portugal has one of the worst records, reporting more than one death every two days. Along with Greece, Austria and Finland, Portugal is one of the countries that recorded an increase in drug overdose by over 30 per cent in 2005′ (EMCDDA – November 2007).

    ‘The number of deceased individuals that tested positive for drugs (314) at the Portuguese Institute of Forensic Medicine in 2007 registered a 45 per cent rise climbing fiercely after 2006 (216).

    ‘This represents the highest numbers since 2001 – roughly one death per day – therefore reinforcing the growth of the drug trend since 2005 (Portuguese IDT – November 2008).

    ‘Behind Luxembourg, Portugal is the European country with the highest rate of consistent drug users and IV heroin dependents’ (Portuguese Drug Situation Annual Report, 2006).

    ‘Between 2001 and 2007, drug use increased 4.2 per cent, while the percentage of people who have used drugs (at least once) in life, multiplied from 7.8 per cent to 12 per cent. Cannabis: from 12.4 per cent to 17 per cent. Cocaine: from 1.3 per cent to 2.8 per cent. Heroine: from 0.7 per cent to 1.1 per cent. Ecstasy: from 0.7 per cent to 1.3 per cent (Report of Portuguese IDT 2008).

    ‘There remains a notorious growing consumption of cocaine in Portugal, although not as severe as that which is verifiable in Spain. The increase in consumption of cocaine is extremely problematic’ (Wolfgang Gotz, EMCDDA Director – Lisbon, May 2009).

    ‘The reality of Portuguese drug addiction has been blatantly tampered with. The statistical results have been insidiously manipulated by institutions controlled by the government. The Portuguese IDT goes on distorting the numbers and manipulate minds.’

    She goes on to denigrate the head of Beckley foundation for trepanating her own skull, but that’s quite beside the point. What I’m worried about are the numbers concerning Portugal. Can anyone explain these?

    One comment points out that the number of drug-related deaths has fallen significantly since 2005, (“She is correct to report that the were 219 drug related deaths (DRD) in Portugal for 2005 (EMCDDA – November 2007) but had she taken the time to research further she would have found that the were 54 DRD’s in Portugal for 2007 (EMCDDA – November 2009).”) but that’s just one semi-truth in a long list of claims.

    Don’t get me wrong; these Portuguese statsistics are not enough to change my mind about whether the criminalisation of drugs has failed. But they make it a little harder to defend my convictions and the efficiency of the Portuguese approach. Can someone smarter explain to me why these numbers are irrelevant to the question of the sensibility of the war on some drugs, or whether they are somehow taken out of context?

    Or should I just concede that Portugal’s experiment is a failure and that what the world actually needs is full-on legalisation instead?

    • Dave in Florida says:

      yea, the problem is .. the Daily Mail – a right wing tabloid owned by rupert murdock

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Dave, you sound just like a Know Nothing prohibitionist.

        The prohibitionist says, “You can’t believe anything that the people from NORML claim.”

        The data in the Mail article referenced above appears to come from the EMCDDA and it’s wholly inaccurate to state that EMDCDDA data is inaccurate for the sole reason that the Mail printed it.

        Now, the correct answer is that it’s most suspect and a darn good bet that it the rest of the data serves to contradict the position proffered by the article’s writer because it was cherry picked, as is the well proven habit of the Know Nothing prohibitionist. I suppose there’s still a chance that the data proffered does support the prohibitionist position. It will be the first time that I’ve been aware of it happening but I suppose almost anything is possible.

        Facts do not cease being facts simply because the Mail prints them, or because NORML posts them on their website.

        We’ve got the truth on our side. We don’t need to us ad hominems to support our position.
        Everyone can rest easy, I’m heading into the EMCDDA data this afternoon to figure out how that prohibitionists cherry picked the numbers to support his choice to embrace proven failure. But first to the comments for this article, someone may have already done that.

        • Dave in Florida says:

          Duncan, The whole article is misleading. She picked out facts and spun them. Even the British comments see through the BS she spews. I just don’t like to type and am terse with my comments. We are all on the same side here!

        • Duncan20903 says:

          Indeed, on this blog we are almost all are on the same side of the table. But if I had my druthers, I’d druther that we stick to logic and facts. Ad hominems are required when your argument is based on a platform of nothing but bald faced lies, half truths, and hysterical rhetoric and our argument needs has none of those things.

          Your second post at least includes an argument of why the “facts” presented are incorrect, but you’ve gone and added an argument ad populum into the mix. In 1972 almost 61% of the nation’s voters said that Dick Nixon was a good POTUS.

          These things are meant as constructive criticism, not as denigration and/or condescension. I could have better worded my previous post and I do apologize if it caused you to infer a personal attack. None was intended.

    • darkcycle says:

      Ohtum. She’s manipulating language very skillfully. For instance where she says “‘The article says that the number of newly reported cases of HIV and AIDS among drug addicts has declined substantially every year since 2000 (907) until 2008 (267), quoting a Portuguese Institute IDT´s official.
      As a matter of fact Portugal remains the country with the highest incidence of IDU-related AIDS and it is the only country recording a recent increase. 703 newly diagnosed infections, followed from a distance by Estonia with 191 and Latvia with 108 reported cases.,'” both of those statements can be true at the same time. You can have a significant decline in new reported cases and still have the highest rate of infections, if you had the highest rate to start out with.
      I laughed when I got to the part about “‘The reality of Portuguese drug addiction has been blatantly tampered with. The statistical results have been insidiously manipulated ” That’s just what she fininshed doing.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      The article starts with a stunningly in depth ad hominem of why a position should be rejected simply because a person who holds an opinion which the author finds disagreeable. That really doesn’t hold much hope that this author is actually presenting accurate facts. So much so that it’s very tempting to engage in the same behavior and reject the author’s proffer of facts simply because the author is an idiot. But it really is as rare as hen’s teeth to find a prohibitionist using facts to back up an argument, so that alone keeps my curiosity piqued.

    • ezrydn says:

      ‘The number of deceased individuals that tested positive for drugs (314) at the Portuguese Institute of Forensic Medicine in 2007 registered a 45 per cent rise climbing fiercely after 2006 (216).”

      She evidently isn’t concerned with “cause of death” facts either.

      Hearst would be happy his “Yellow Journalism” is still practiced.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      All right, I’ve changed my mind. Anything printed in “The Mail” obviously is pure bullspit. They never post any of my comments. Today’s 2 rejected had absolutely nothing that was objectionable except for my opinion being not to their liking. Rat bastards.

  15. claygooding says:

    On the deaths and health problems in Portugal,,,the drugs are still being furnished by criminals and therefore subject to the contamination’s and purity issues that they add to the mix,,could that be a causation for the rise in drug related deaths?
    Or is there a legal source for cocaine and heroin I hadn’t heard about?

  16. claygooding says:

    Strayan,,the video is only available in Australia.

  17. Duncan20903 says:

    Oh be still my beating heart. CBS News just declared Ron Paul a “mainstream” candidate whatever the heck that means.

    “Ron Paul, ideologically pure and tough as nails.”: (repeat)

    The man’s candidacy has got the big mo’. I certainly never thought I’d say that.

  18. darkcycle says:

    Memo here that purportedly lays out the DoJ’s secret guidelines for prosecuting MMJ suppliers…haven’t read it yet, don’t know if it’s legit, but I figgerd I’d post it before it “disappears”:

  19. Peter says:

    Melanie Phillips is widely known in the UK as a notorious crank and purveyor of nut theories, so it is no surprise to see her using “lies, damn lies and statistics” to mount one of her regular hobby-horses, the wosd.
    Among other anti-scientific stances she has taken over the years are climate change (a scam,) and support for “Intelligent Design” with attacks on evolution. She has stated that Obama is a “Marxist” (yes, really), an Islamist, and a “fifth columnist” for the Iranian government.
    According to Phillips, Bush was right to invade Iraq on the pretext of wmd and has written of the “moral depravity of the Arabs.” She supports the “right” of settlers in Israel to expand into Palestinian land. In 2003 she won the award for “Most Islamaphobic Media Person of the Year.”
    She is opposed to gay marriage and has claimed that it is a plot to destroy the West from within (of course “Islamists” are behind this plot).
    Needless to say she regularly uses her column to call for stricter anti-drug policies. With such a catalog of crazy theories and downright lies I am inclined to disbelieve virtually every thing she writes on any subject. As has been suggested I am sure it will be shown that she has dishonestly cherry-picked stats which help her case and ignored the rest.

  20. Duncan20903 says:

    Fred Gardner:

    15 Years After Prop 215
    Have the Feds Overreached on Medical Marijuana?

    Weekend Edition November 18-20, 2011


  21. 23.5 says:

    “I am going to die,” he said. “Even if the charges are dropped, I won’t stop the hunger strike until they put back all my marijuana exactly where it was and give me back my $3,000 and change the law.”

    • RIP-Istvan says:

      His doctor, Jane Clelland, confirmed that Marton died Sunday in Port McNeill Hospital. He had refused to eat for more than a month.

      His hunger strike divided his home village on Malcolm Island off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, where he was known as Steve, the local fair-deal marijuana seller.

      Friends described him as a respected community supplier of medical and recreational marijuana. But others dismissed him as a drug dealer on a hunger strike to stay out of jail.

  22. Duncan20903 says:

    With Black Friday approaching quickly, I know that people here are spending a lot of time wondering, “what in the world should I get Duncan for Christmas? What kind of a present do I buy for the man who knows everything?” Well I’m glad you asked! Hands down this year I want a Garmin Rino 530HCx 2-Way Radio With GPS/FRS/GMRS. WalMart really does sell for less, these babies are 41% off this week.

    Now I’m not myself, but if you were to know anyone involved in a covert outdoor merrywanna con-spee-roh-see you can’t go wrong with one of these babies. You can get totally lost in the wilderness and find your way back everytime! No more worrying about being separated from your co-conspirators. And if you run into some bad luck, all of your pals will know about it before you can finish saying “vamanos!” To top it off, this baby even comes with a proximity alarm. Simply an outdoor grower’s wet dream. So buy a half a dozen and your friends will be all smiles on Christmas morning.

    Know exactly where you are at all times with the Garmin Rino 530HCx 2-Way Radio with GPS/FRS/GMRS featuring the precision of high-sensitivity GPS. This waterproof FRS/GMRS radio plus GPS navigator adds a barometric altimeter, electronic compass and NOAA weather radio to the popular features of the Rino. It also includes a MicroSD card slot, a brilliant color display and a high-sensitivity GPS receiver so you’ll never be lost again. The Garmin Rino 530HCx handheld GPS functions quickly to give an accurate report on your position, whether you’re in thick forest or extreme conditions. This hiking GPS receiver does not just pinpoint your location, but also sends the same report on the map page to other Rino users in your crew for hassle-free tracking. The Rino, a standard FRS/GMRS radio, lets you to communicate with similar radios.

    With five watts of transmission power, the Garmin Handheld GPS can help you easily contact others up to 14 miles away (line of sight). Along with GPS navigation it also includes a proximity alarm. Update your preloaded maps and take it along on your next excursion.

    • claygooding says:

      Ain’t technology grand!!!

    • darkcycle says:

      Diggety-dang, I got a handheld GPS last year, but damn, a proximity sensor? Can it recieve data from remote sensors? ….and a capability to communicate. Does it carry and lay plastic irrigation tubing, too?

      • Duncan20903 says:

        These things only come 1 to a package? WTF good is a blasted 2-way radio if you have only one? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be opening several on Christmas morning so that will save me one tedious return on Boxing Day.
        My oh my, things certainly have changed. I was reading some ancient news, and back in 1948 a fellow named Robert Mitchum was arrested with two actresses and a real estate man at a pot party. Is that what they called hookers in 1948 or what?

        Their bonds were $1000. In constant 2011 dollars that’s $9395.06. For petty possession. Plus they were charged both State and Federal. They made a Federal case out of people smoking a few joints in private for the love of gods.

        The narcotics officers who made the arrests claimed that they staked out the house for hours, and during that time made friends with Miss Leeds 3 boxer dogs, rather than just shooting them dead and raiding the place hours earlier as would happen nowadays.
        But some things never change. In the article linked below we learn that the border needs to be shut down because Mexico is flooding our country with illegal drugs, not only merrywanna but cocaine from South America and heroin from France! Drug dealers make a lot of money selling pot for $150 a kilo in Minnesota, and unregistered guests are picking our farm crops. The Governor of Sonora says that the US is not a “good neighbor.” For anyone wondering where to easily locate cheap merrywanna, the article mentions that sales are out of control in “Tea”ijuana and Mexico City. US soldiers are deprived of the pleasure of attending a genuine donkey show because of the threat of merrywanna. US and Mexican officials promise to get tough and make the problem go away. President Nixon is very concerned and has stationed agents from the BNDD in Mexico.

        Has there ever been a time in the US when people weren’t blathering about our unregistered guests? I suppose that it started among the aborigines shortly after the white people moved in at Jamestown. So that means that the incessant complaining about the furriners is now approaching 400 years of non-stop blah blah blah.

    • ezrydn says:

      I’ve got a Garmin eTrex hand-held that I use on my Harley and just ordered a Garmin nuvi 50LM for the car. It’s not that I can’t find a place. It’s a problem of “returning.” LOL Up to now, it’s been “lensatic and topo” or a really big ball of string.

  23. Duncan20903 says:

    So can anyone tell me why in the frack the US has a debt ceiling? Has Congress codified a legal definition of the word “ceiling” that means we’re not going to borrow any more money to squander until we’ve borrowed and squandered that much money?

    Can anyone explain how the heck they can still get people to lend them money? I vacated buying US Government bonds back in 2008. Lending money to an entity that by all rights should be being forced into Chapter 9 by its creditors is actually beyond idiocy, it’s simply an act of lunacy.

    First it was tax & spend.

    Next it was borrow & spend.

    After that it went to borrow & squander.

    Now they have to borrow just to pay the interest on all that profligacy. Gosh, what would Citibank say to you if they found out that you borrowed money from Bank of America to pay the interest on your Citibank MasterCardâ„¢?

    So would you like to supersize that debt?

    And those cocksuckers say potheads are irresponsible. Look up the word “irresponsible” in the dictionary. I’ll guarantee that now there’s a picture of Uncle Sam by the word. Dictionary picture example, no doubt.

    I’m doubling my investment in lead today. Let the masses invest in gold. To think of all those people who worked so hard to figure out how to turn lead into gold. Nowadays the smart money is turning gold into lead, no alchemy needed. Anyway, off to the ammunition store. Hope the line is less than a mile long.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Anyone want to buy a 100 trillion dollar bill? Only $4.45 US. Sign up for “BillMeLater” and get $5 back on your first purchase. You make 55 cents.

      Or just wait a few months and you can have one issued by the United States Mint.

    • darkcycle says:

      I believe your investment strategy is both sound and heavy on bad Karma. That aside, stick with common military calibers Duncan and leave the .380 stuff out. Seriously.
      The more I understand about the massive crime people are calling “the meltdown”, the more space I want to alot to my garden. Zombie economy, indeed. The vultures succeeded in sucking nearly every penny of actual value out of the world economy, and they not only got away with it, they managed to get the Governments of the U.S. and the European Union to empty their treasuries into their pockets too. I must say, Banksters, I have never been more impressed by a group of people ever.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        There’s nothing wrong with defending you and yours. There are over 200 million guns out there. I say over because it’s a decade since I last heard. Oh, that we know about. It’s especially righteous if I can make a profit for me and mine when you do so.

      • darkcycle says:

        I would be the worlds largest hypocrite if I told you don’t. Some things come with a karmic caveat, that’s all I’m sayin’. I worked at a gun shop for a while, one of my many, many gigs while in school.
        I am a gun owner, but I have worked very hard to reconcile the need for firearms ownership, and my current mindset as concerns violence. I have made every effort to remove violence, and even thoughts of violence from my daily existence. I heve come to realize if I live in a violent reality, that it is, in part, of my own making. I have with difficulty taken on a different position in relation to my responsibility for both personal violence (to which I was once very prone)and for propagating it in the culture at large. I do this in part to mitigate my PTSD, and in part to be able to live with myself. My views on profiting from items like ammunition are born of my own experience and personal philosophy. But I do not expect anyone but me to live by the prohibitions I keep for myself. So, military calibers…the number of guns chambered in .45, Nine, .223, .225 (russian), and 7.62 so vastly outnumber the civilian only calibers that it only makes sense.

  24. Obama_to_Congress...Spend_all_you_want_we'll_print_more!!! says:

    Remember what our hero said, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself!” Who are you going to trust? Some pothead who’s stoned to the bejeezus? Or our politicians who are giving away free money?

    Our economy is in the hands of the best and brightest. We must have confidence that they know how to borrow their way to returning this country to prosperity! Just remember, our politicians have all the facts!

    May you live in interesting times.

    Best regards!

  25. claygooding says:

    The sooner,the better. I wonder if the rich bastards have figured out that if the economy goes belly up,they’re money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

    All the bank accounts in off-shore accounts ain’t worth squat. The b anks won’t even be open,,we will go to the oldest form of an economy,,trade and barter.

    I am glad I know how to grow marijuana,,even in a failed economy,,weed will get you through times of no money!

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Well it sounds like you subscribe to the Freewheelin’ Franklin Freak form of philosophy. That platitude is an aphorism no doubt, but I think times of both are better than times of either or neither.

      Last night I had a brain drizzle and now I’m thinking a stock pile of antibiotics might be a really profitable investment.

      The truly wealthy have nothing to worry about. Money is nothing in and of itself. The most basic, fundamental fact that the only value that money has is societal in that it “civilizes” the pecking order is missed by almost everyone outside of the “1%” circle. People with trust funds/inheritances, Powerball winners, and most entertainers may lose their wealth but not people likes Messrs Gates, Jobs, and Turner.

      “Own nothing. Control everything.” ~ J. D. Rockefeller

      “Life is like a tree full of monkeys. When you’re sitting on the top branch looking down all you see is a sea of smiling faces. But when you’re sitting on the lower branches looking up all you can see is assholes.” ~ Anonymous

  26. CurseOfTheVegetables says:

    “Firefighters were then ordered to exit the building and attack the fire from the outside because the roof was beginning to cave in.

    The situation was under control at 4:20 p.m.

    After the smoke cleared, firefighters say they found a large and sophisticated marijuana growing operation inside. They say it covered much of the 5,000-square-foot warehouse.”

  27. RIP-Istvan says:

    His doctor, Jane Clelland, confirmed that Marton, of the small coastal village of Sointula, died Sunday in hospital in Port McNeill, B.C. He had been refusing to eat for more than a month.

  28. claygooding says:

    Do you think Obama believes pardoning marijuana convictions,,after the sentences were served,will make up for his two-faced policies?

    US: Obama Pardons: President Issues 5 Pardons, 1 Prison Commutation

    Pardon and release everyone in prison for marijuana only charges and stop the prosecution of marijuana users by every federal agency,,then I will think about voting for his stupid azz.

    • Peter says:

      If he wants to make a difference with after-sentence pardons he could do something for the thousands of would be immigrants with strong ties to the US (like immediate family) who are banned for life as a consequence of decades old possession charges. Although their court punishments are long passed, immigration law ensures that they, and their families, serve a life-sentence of separation.

      • claygooding says:

        It is so easy to get self centered about marijuana prohibition that we forget some of the other atrocities being acted out against our fellow man through agents of our government,,all in the name of security,,through fear mongering and propaganda just as devious and self-serving as the propaganda used against pot smokers.

        There are too many people in prison and it needs to be fixed now,,not 5 years from now.

  29. Servetus says:

    63-year old Norman Smith is being denied a liver transplant at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. because he’s a pot smoker.

  30. Matthew Meyer says:

    Larissa Danielli of Ocean Beach, CA, was arrested for child endangerment after police found cannabis in a cooler in her apartment.

    They’d gone in there to check for damage following a fire upstairs, and grabbed the cooler to collect water dripping from the ceiling.

    CPS took her child from daycare that day, and as of November 9, nearly a week after the incident, she still had not gotten her kid back.

  31. Servetus says:

    ‘Drug laws fail to protect children’, according to the former President of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, appearing in an upcoming editorial in January 2012 Elsevier’s International Journal of Drug Policy:

  32. darkcycle says:

    This looks pretty interesting, might have to pick it up
    “A Plague of Prisons”

  33. Scud says:

    Now it is Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos who, in an extraordinary interview with the Observer, has called for efforts to “take away the violent profit that comes with drug trafficking … If that means legalising, and the world thinks that’s the solution, I will welcome it. I’m not against it.

    It is hard to overstate the significance of this statement, by the president of a country that seldom, if ever, challenges US policy, and which has invested billions of dollars and hundreds of lives in the war against the drug traffickers. Senior Colombian and Mexican politicians have for years been saying in private that the war on drugs is a disaster but have felt unable to say it in public. (While the war started as an attempt to protect society from the harm done by drugs, all it did was help create powerful drug conglomerates that became strong enough to challenge the power of whole nation states.) That appears to have changed. The balance of interests looks to be shifting.

    • claygooding says:

      Now one of the worlds top charitable works organizations,,
      funded by Bill Gates and wife,,are calling all world governments to discuss ending the WOD because of the social damages being done to the world by it.

      When organizations like this get involved and start lobbying congress for an end to this insanity it will drive the price of keeping prohibition in place up.

      Saw your Thank You Malc,,,well said.

  34. tontientasp says:

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