Defying parody

Hair’s to a Drug-Free Life

Cleburne Firefighters Robert Willingham, Scott Lail and Eric Halvorson chose to join in with Gerard students for Thursday’s “Hair’s to a Drug-Free Life” Red Ribbon Week event, in creating crazy hairstyles to match those of the students.

Harlan, Iowa

Monday – “Be all you can be-Be Drug Free” Camouflage Day

Tuesday – “Say Peace OUT to Drugs” Tie Dye/Hippie Day

Wednesday – “Having good character is Jean’ius” Wear Jeans and your favorite Character Color

Thursday — Make good choices and your dreams will come true” Pajama day

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35 Responses to Defying parody

  1. claygooding says:

    Future fodder for the industrialized prison system,

  2. Libertarian Man says:

    Bet you anything 50% of the children in that picture are fed speed daily.

  3. SHuff says:

    Drug free? With that hair I’m wondering what drugs they’re on. Isn’t it ridiculous the lengths they’ll go to indoctrinate youth.

  4. Bailey says:

    The best is tuesday, say no to the drug culture by appropriating its dress. I’m sure someone at the PTA got a round of applause for that one.

  5. AeronwyRemembers says:

    Except for all those Icelandic ladies who died of an allergic reaction to the proteins in horse semen, this is the most unusual, funny, quirky, and strange thing I’ve ever come across.

  6. Duncan20903 says:

    I’m pretty darn sure I met those guys in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show in Pittsburgh in 1991. I know, people told me it was silly to think taking all that acid in Pittsburgh was a good idea but when they opened the second set with Estimated Prophet…christ, there’s just no describing it with words.

    Now, is giving a guy an acid “flashback” any way to promote a drug free way of life?

    • Bailey says:

      Haven’t you heard? Use drugs once and your dead to America. No house, no education, no job, no family. Its the only way to safeguard liberty…for some reason.

  7. allan says:

    So… this is straight out of the Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, Pat Boone playbook isn’t it? The ’50s are dead folks. They need to go home.

    While endeavoring to teach children about living a wholesome lifestyle is commendable, I bet they neglected to tell those kids that they’re gonna havta pee in a bottle, or endure a lockdown at their school soz the protectorate can search their belongings… and I bet they aren’t teaching them about the 4th Amendment. Or any Amendments…

    Thomas Jefferson would be sooo pissed right about now…

  8. allan says:

    and because I can’t do vids on this dial-up, somebody please tell me LEAP’s Nate Bradley kicks some Roger Morgan butt:

    FULL DEBATE: Should pot be legalized?

    Former police officer Nate Bradley and Roger Morgan, Executive Director of the Coalition for a Drug Free California debate whether pot for fun is a good idea.

    That just sounds like it otter be a good one!

  9. Francis says:

    Off-topic: But man I love it when commenters set you up like this – “How about……..caught bringing drugs over border, a lethal dose of said drug will be administered to you.” BTW, there’s a lot of stupid flying around over there right now (I know, what a shocker) if anyone’s bored.

    • Francis says:

      I think my all time favorite example involved a story on pot where one of the commenters (on our team) was making the point that you can’t outlaw everything that’s “bad for you” and used the example of watching too much TV. A prohib responded with the brilliant rebuttal that “no one has ever OD’ed from watching too much TV.” (That’s probably true, but I’m pretty sure I came close once.) I got to point out that (1) no one has ever OD’ed from cannabis and that (2) while increased cannabis use has NOT been linked to increased mortality, increased television watching most definitely HAS been linked to increased mortality.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Well Francis, it seems that you’ve forgotten just how fatal having a 16 ton brick of cannabis dropped on your head can be.

        How in the world can Youtube not have a clip of a 16 ton weight smashing someone? Christ, just how many times did Monty Python employ that device?

        Christ on a crutch, where do all these freakin’ morons come from?? I can’t deal with border arguments. It draws morons like moths to a flame.

        • Francis says:

          In fairness, I didn’t know that it was impossible to fatally overdose on cannabis until a few years ago when I read “Marijuana is Safer.” Apparently my DARE officer forgot to mention it. But I remember being pretty blown away by that fact (and the fact that I, a fairly well-educated individual, hadn’t known it). I wonder what percentage of Americans are not aware of it.

  10. claygooding says:

    US: Chicago aldermen back marijuana decriminalization proposal

    Here you go Kap,,they are doing it because of the money saved and to allow their police to go after more serious crimes.

    • Matthew Meyer says:

      Of course, this could also be a revenue enhancer now, couldn’t it?

    • Duncan20903 says:


      The Chicago Yellow Times isn’t trying to help. Stirring up racism and hysterical rhetoric about Chicago’s unregistered guests sells more papers.

      Am I banned yet? I got a bit carried away with my comments. Oh well.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Why do people like this get encouraged?

      “People of Spanish blood have a long history of violence and torture, so it should be no surprise that they outrank Italians in cruelty. Starting with the Dominican priests of the Spanish Inquisition, through the Franciscan priests of America’s Conquistador period, these folks have always committed bloody acts in the name of Catholicism. And they are always excused by the Pope as misguided in actions, but well-mentioned (i.e., heavy Church contributors) folks.”

      And that’s one of the more well thought comments. It seems Chicago has an inordinantly high concentration of brain dead ee-dee-yots.

  11. Servetus says:

    The border community of Maastrich, Netherlands, is suffering an annual loss of €30-million because political pressure from foreign governments caused the city to prohibit foreign visitors from buying marijuana within the city limits. The mayor is looking into the situation. Expect a reversal of policy anytime soon.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Well there was quite a problem with public urination you know. Since the bars can’t sell cannabis and the coffee shops can sell drinking alcohol the “drug tourists” alternate back and forth and end up urinating in the bushes. Of course this urination is caused by the cannabis, not the beer drinking. Go figure that one out.

    • Billy Budd says:

      I was hoping that would be the case when they cracked down…good news…money trumps phoney morality

    • kaptinemo says:

      I have to laugh. Oh, jeez, it’s right there in front of them, but they still think they can perform the legislative magic of the rabbit/hat sort. Namely, the same kind that tries to mandate anti-gravity via laws.

      Money goes where commerce flows. Pinch the commerce off, the money goes elsewhere. As it did in Maastricht:

      “Regional newspaper De Limburger reports that the reduction in turnover is equivalent to a loss of 345 full-time jobs.”

      And that’s the ones they know about; underground economies tend to be highly opaque when it comes to actual economic impact on any given area. But when it’s gone, and it was the only thing working, well, in these times, it gets noticed…right away.

  12. Nunavut Tripper says:

    That Roger Morgan really is a mindless goon.
    I hope he’s wrong about passing permanent brain damage to your offspring. I better warn our five beautiful and successful children that their collective brains could implode at any time due to mine and their moms 41 years of cannabis use.
    I give Nate credit for keeping his cool.

  13. FM58 says:

    As a retired firefighter, this picture is distressing to me. In my 20+ years running emergency calls I never witnessed the body counts piling up due to the use of cannabis. What I did see on a regular basis was the over medication (perscription drugs) of elderly people, and of course the destruction from alcohol and tobacco. I feel strongly that the Fire Service in this country needs to stay out of this propaganda and let LE get the black eye for promoting this BS.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      The Fire Service professionals might also promote using building codes and safety inspections by qualified professionals as the logical method of preventing “grow-op” fires. It would be extremely desirable to be able to call a licensed professional to install grow light wiring and have it done correctly. But who’s going to do that if you have to worry that the hired professional is going to call the cops or sell the information to rippers/come back later and rip you off?

      • darkcycle says:

        Out here that’s pert much figgered out. I personally know of at least three licensed electricians who love the extra fee they can charge for “confidential services”. They are as reliable as any working under bond, because the grapevine is enough to end their gigs overnight.
        It’s all part of the black/grey market now. The powers that be would love for everyone to think of the Black Market as “cartels and terrorists” But it’s not. It’s electricians, and plumbers and contractors. It’s garden stores and building supply stores. It’s the people who sell fans and plastic pipe and fertilizer. Even cars…people in the black market are what’s keeping the high end auto dealers alive around here. It’s really hard to buy property with black market cash, it invariably has to go through a bank and can attract attention that way. The biggest item you can practically purchase with cash is a car, so the dealers of high end used cars rely on it, even if they won’t acknowledge it.
        Things are different here where the market is more grey than black, though.

      • Peter says:

        Or better still, grow it legally outside under nature’s grow lamp….saves carbon and is safer…

  14. darkcycle says:

    And now, I’m off to the occupy Bellingham site with some tarps and bungee cords….

  15. Servetus says:

    Rhode Island Hospital study finds legalizing medical marijuana does not increase use of recreational marijuana among youth:

  16. Ian says:

    Participation in Wednesdays activities, wearing jeans and your favorite color, will be sure to send a strong message. It is a true testament to their commitment that they would be willing to wear their favorite colors.

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