In occupied America…

McAllen buys $150,000 SWAT vehicle

With 11 gun ports, a rotating turret and room for 10 officers, the modified Ford F-550 will help city police handle high-risk calls, police Chief Victor Rodriguez said. Cash and other assets seized during police operations will cover the emergency service unit’s $150,000 price tag. […]

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office already owns a Ballistic Engineered Armored Response vehicle — commonly referred to as BEAR — built by Lenco Industries of Pittsfield, Mass. Purchased in 2009 with federal funds, the BEAR cost $346,000.

McAllen sought a smaller, faster vehicle for city use, Rodriguez said.

Why does a police department need 11 gun ports and a rotating turret for city use?

If and when you actually get into those kinds of firefights, shouldn’t that be the time to call in the National Guard?

There are critically important reasons that police serve a different purpose and should operate in a different manner than the military. A militarized police force is a serious blow to a free society.

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9 Responses to In occupied America…

  1. FM58 says:

    No truer words were ever spoken Pete.Your last paragraph says it all.

  2. Paul says:

    They think of it as another toy, I figure. A waste of taxpayer money that’s not good for much, but fun.

    Trouble is, just having the thing around begs for it to be used.

  3. Billie Budd says:

    It sure will look impressive when they pull up to a cat in a tree call…

    • Maria says:

      Hell ya!

      They need to shoot that kitty down. Those claws are dangerous and cats can carry rabies.

      While they’re at it, it’s best if they use that rotating turret to strategically mow the trees down. They might attack the officers by dropping acorns on their head.

      It’s a risky job dontchiaknow?

  4. Just Legalize It says:

    I’m really pissed because Facebook won’t allow me to post this link to my wall.


    This is a WAR vehicle! Not something you should find in a “free country!”

  5. vickyvampire says:

    Yes another powerful vehicle for more of those NO KNOCK RAIDS.WTF.

  6. kaptinemo says:

    I’m sure that the two-score or so people whose Unemployment Insurance checks would have matched the cost of this toy, the same people who can’t find a job because there aren’t any, and are in dire straits because their last week of UI ran out will feel so proud that the money they desperately need is being blown…on this.

    More and more I get the feeling that I’m living in late 18th century France. The people who run things seem to be completely oblivious to the crushing fiscal reality that’s overtaking this country, with the concomitant anger amongst the taxpayers (and former taxpayers!) that’s growing every day, and they think that the citizens will always turn a blind eye to excesses like this?

    History demonstrates otherwise. And as to what happened to those who so callously alienated themselves so much from their fellow citizens, well, pitchforks and torches are only the preamble…

  7. denmark says:

    In agreement kaptinemo.
    At the bottom of the monitor page are the words McAllen Directory. What comments I bothered to read show the majority against this purchase.
    Holy sheyit, this is frakking overboard, underhanded, fear based, and oh, did I mention crazy?

    Americans are actually considering r. perry?

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