Drug free

Apparently the drug-free notion won’t die. Here’s another article: County students commit to drug-free lives

Again, the notion is absurd. What they really mean is that County students are committing to not using certain drugs that have been demonized. I doubt seriously that these students are giving up caffeine.

Now I have no problem with someone making a choice to never use alcohol or marijuana or cocaine. That’s entirely their decision. Just as I have no problem with someone choosing to never have sex, to never ride in a motorized conveyance, to never eat meat, to never eat vegetables, to never wear polyester, etc.

If they want to make these personal decisions, then that’s their right, as long as they don’t expect me or require me to also live up to their limitations.

In reading the quotes from these students, maybe it’s just me (or the fact that I watched 1984 last night), but the statements actually seemed a bit… creepy.

“I chose to live my life drug free so I can live my life my way, not the way chosen by drugs or alcohol.”

“To me, being drug free means never denying myself self-control.”

“Since eighth grade, I’ve had a plan for my life and never have these plans included any drugs, alcohol, or anything of the sort.”

“I chose to live a drug-free life because I want to become a lawyer someday, and drugs can inhibit me from achieving that goal.”

“I hope that with me living a nonviolent, drug-free life I can encourage others to do so also.”

“I don’t want any distractions from any outside source to distract me from achieving my goals.”

“At the Career Center I study heating, ventilation and air conditioning. … If you use drugs in this field … you could endanger yourself and others.”

“Why would I choose to live a drug … lifestyle, a lifestyle that’s full of deception, manipulation, a dependency on a drug and causing pain to the ones you love?”

“For me these organizations have helped me to live above the influence and have a greater influence on the younger generations.”

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  1. Benjamin says:

    I bet you that 50% of them smoke pot recreationally.

  2. yang says:

    I doubt if this drug free lifestyle of theirs can really be achieved just by never taking any drugs. A life with total self-control, without violence, deception, manipulation and dependency seems like such an utopia and I’m not quite getting how abstaining from psychoactives will help bring about such an utopia…

  3. Buc says:

    I will not use drugs. I will lead a moral life. I will destroy all in my path that attempt to consume drugs.

    Zieg Heil!

  4. WatchinItCrumble says:

    Third World dictator hiding behind human shields = bad
    Prohibitionists hiding behind children = good

  5. Cannabis says:

    “I will only visit parks and other areas of the country which have drug free zone signs.”

    “I don’t want to be raised by druggies. If my parents or legal guardians use drugs I will help them and turn them in.”

    “Come on, get with the pogrom. What drug-free slogans do you live by?”

    • darkcycle says:

      “If I cannot get my drugs free, I must pay for them.”
      “Free The Drugs!”
      *Cue Music* “Drug free, as free as the wind blows,
      As free as the GRASS grows…”
      “When drugs are free, only free people will take drugs”
      Happy 4/20-Jack Herer Day everyone.

  6. i’m trying to live an idiot-free life. unfortunately, they have me drastically outnumbered.

  7. Taylor says:

    “Ignorance is bliss.”

  8. denmark says:

    Stupid is as stupid does … heard that one before!

    Most probable is the 50% suggested by Benjamin do and will use cannabis. Many will like cannabis too. Some will turn into snitches and be the happy-deluded-programmed part of ruining someones life.

    Young people will do almost anything to get attention.
    It’s what validates their existence, for now.

    Actually a bunch of losers and non-thinkers in my opinion.

  9. vicky vampire says:

    Yeah speaking of Drug Free, I don’t know if its part of Dare program I think but a few days ago in one of schools here in Utah they had a resource Officer give Kids the obligatory dangers of Drugs and under age drinking to kick off Red-ribbon week talk and stated that 100 kids die a month from Drug use in this state my hubby and I just thought that stat was a little high maybe we are Off or these folks are exaggerating, anyway they had a guy dressed has grim reaper to scare kids I guess or catch there attention,please not much scares kids these days, and they stated even if you do not die from drugs it will forever,change you and not in a good way.

    Yeah tell that to that highschool kid who needed his medical marijuana for was it spasms and stomach pain it sure did better his life and drugs have made my quality of life and millions is better cause of legal drugs and cannabis use but that is never mentioned.
    These folks need harm reduction programs,and must realize kids and their families aprove of a little booze for with dinner and health responsibly once in a while and they must realistically teach HELLO folks use Cannabis for legitimate medical purposes if they did these kids would not see it has forbidden fruit but they cntinue to teach it has a NO TOLERANCE POLICY so it’s doomed to fail, when will these blimey, I know well meaning bastards ever learn.



  10. Dante says:

    Those kids sound like my nephews and nieces – they parrot what their parents/teachers/coaches tell them to say because that’s how they get along in their world.

    Then, once those parents/teachers/coaches are gone and the kids grow up they admit (at least my nephews did) that they were smoking pot all along, and just said what they said to please the nazis who ran their lives until they turned 18.

    • This is not my America says:

      Humm ..sounds familiar.

    • kaptinemo says:

      “…and just said what they said to please the nazis who ran their lives …”

      Which is exactly the case. The kids learn early on about the schizoid nature of society, and know that an honest answer to a question that expects a dishonest answer is a sure way to be pegged as a ‘troublemaker’…and possibly dosed with another ‘approved’ drug, like Ritalin.

      The prohibs never seem to understand that their targets possess very incisive minds, and are picking apart the BS even as they’re being forced to regurgitate it. And that someday that ‘filtrration’ will translate into political and social action that said prohibs will not like at all, i.e. reforming drug laws to end the BS, so another generation need not be condescendingly lied to.

  11. Black Market says:

    “I hope to remain ignorant of the world.”
    “i hope to things about rainbows and unicorns.”

  12. This is not my America says:

    If I can be convinced of a drug free world..
    I can be convinced that government is good….

  13. strayan says:

    The truth is that no single uniform feature is found in all the substances called drugs that differentiates them from all the substances called nondrugs, except that all drugs have been called drugs by somebody. http://goo.gl/K9zLf

    If only they taught books in school.

  14. darkcycle says:

    Not only is critical thinking no longer taught, it’s now strictly Verboten. Even questioning the standard line on drugs will get your locker a visit from the “school resource officer” (read: Cop who specializes in ruining young lives before they start and marking kids for later harassment). The normal urge to question authority is squelched as soon as it rears it’s head, and the kids who persist are labeled “behavior disorders” and get “specialized attention” to either crush their wills, or drive them out of the school environment at large. Wonderful stuff, this modern approach to education. (Those of you who think this has been endemic for a long time, it hasn’t. It was localized to some school districts starting around 1980 and was seized upon by self serving corporate bought politicians starting in the ’90s. It has spread from there. We used to teach and encourage critical thinking skills, and had different sorts of effective programs for the kids who wouldn’t or couldn’t learn in the standard school environment. Things weren’t perfect but they were a damn sight better than they are now, and we were on the right track, then. Just my opinion.)

  15. darkcycle says:

    Oh, and these corporate champions of the “new education”, regimented testing from day one, charter schools and the whole lot? what do they even know about education?, Much less PUBLIC education? Where did Bill Gates Senior send little Billy Jr. to go to school? Why, Lakeside Elementary, of course, the most exclusive and private elementary school in all of Washington State. My wife worked as a substitute teacher there while she was in grad school….those kids get more for their lunch money everyday than the non-union teachers are paid for their monthly salaries. This is the guy who wants to reform your “public education”(it won’t BE public by the time they are finished).

    • Windy says:


      It is time to end school, completely.

      • darkcycle says:

        Not realistic, Windy. That assumes that all parents give a s**t if their kids learn or not. The other side of public education was the compulsory nature of it. When the home school movement started, it caused a furor, because some parents will not lift a finger to educate their kids. Many parents aren’t even capable of reading their child’s text, much less explaining it or creating a curriculum around it. In an ideal world eliminating schools would work. Our world is far from ideal.

  16. Richie says:

    Big Alcohol is a huge contributor to the “Drug-Free” movement and to the “drug free” politicians posing as role models for our children.

  17. strayan says:


    I think I may have just stumbled across the most grotesquely deranged comments section I have ever read.


    Having government sponsored shoot up sites for drug addicts not in rebah programs makes as much sense as having govenement sponsored homes for sexual predators to practice their predeliction prior to trying to fix them.

    We are raising some real sickos.

  18. Duncan20903 says:

    When I was a young man back at Seminary school there was a person the that said that you can petition the lord with prayer! Petition the lord with prayer?!? You can not petition the lord with prayer!!!

    Well, we never did settle that controversy but we all did agree that the celibacy thing made us have to change our bedsheets much more frequently. Stronger than dirt indeed.

  19. kant says:

    Ok the first thing that struck me was that it would seem these people are of the opinion that drugs and alcohol are possessed by some demon and that if they use them, they likewise will be possessed.

    the second thing that struck me was the huge amount of redundancy/lack of vocabulary

    “I don’t want any distractions from any outside source to distract me from achieving my goals.”

    the of course the irony of the last two made me fall off my chair laughing.

    “Why would I choose to live a drug … lifestyle, a lifestyle that’s full of deception, manipulation, a dependency on a drug and causing pain to the ones you love?”

    “For me these organizations have helped me to live above the influence and have a greater influence on the younger generations.”

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Yes, people are under the mistaken impression that degenerate addicts are made rather than born. The anti-drug zealots are like blind men trying to describe an elephant.

  20. dt says:

    The most ironic thing about these quotes is that drugs are a means of self-control; people take drugs in order to control their own body chemistry. Some drugs cause negative after-effects that make people want to redose, but it’s bizarre and superstitious to think that this means their free will has been taken away.

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