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How’s the job, Gil?

So you’ve held the Drug Czar job for a couple of years, now. Is lying to the public non-stop about destructive drug policies everything you’d hoped for? Chicago President Barack Obama‘s drug czar is among the contenders to become the … Continue reading

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Concepts that need to be staked through the heart and placed six feet underground

1. Drug-free A drug-free world for future generations in the Sri Lanka Sunday Observer Drug-related social issues have become a topic of discussion not only in media, but also among individuals in various social strata. The Mathata Thitha concept of … Continue reading

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Central America – another victim of the U.S. drug war

The Economist had a hard-hitting piece about how the drug war in Mexico has spilled into the smaller countries of Central America like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Whatever the weaknesses of the Mexican state, it is a Leviathan compared … Continue reading

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