Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Today is the beginning of the 54th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria

The agenda appears to be more the same — administering and strengthening the destructive policies they’ve been following for half a century. I see Gil Kerlikowske got his pet project – drugged driving – added to the agenda as well.

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15 Responses to Commission on Narcotic Drugs

  1. malcolm kyle says:

    Here’s a positive developement:

    War on drugs has failed, say former heads of MI5, CPS and BBC

    UK Telegraph

  2. Ben Mann says:

    Thankfully, you don’t see this crap making headlines anymore, because everyone knows that it’s crap.

  3. Jhelion says:

    Malcolm – too bad it’s always “former” heads of govt. that come out with these statements.

    • malcolm kyle says:

      I agree J, it is rather disappointing. But it won’t always be like this; some day very soon, we may all be very pleasantly surprised how quickly events will suddenly accelerate. The economy will continue to spiral, the dire situation in Mexico will continue to deteriorate, and zillions of pretty poppies will continue to sway in the wind while funding the Mujahadeen/Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Even the most disease ridden rat will soon know that it’s time to jump ship.

    • Rick Steeb says:

      We need to start making “former politicians” out of prohibition proponents. Vigorously!

  4. Cannabis says:

    Unfortunately drugged driving is probably not Gil Kerlikowske’s pet project. I see Kevin Sabet’s fingerprints all over this.

  5. Duncan20903 says:

    It’s really amusing that California and 3 other medical cannabis States led the nation to a nationwide, statistically significant decrease in the incidence of drugged driving between 2002 and 2009, a trime frame where the number of Californians claiming the protection of prop 215/SB-420 more than tripled.

    • Rick Steeb says:

      I seriously believe the entire planet’s drug abuse problems would largely disappear immediately upon the abolition of Cannabis prohibition. Gateways are bi-directional…

  6. Duncan20903 says:

    Well it sure looks like Pete is asleep at the switch. I’ve never once read about how to get high on cough syrup in this column. I suppose it’s my fault that we’ve never read about how high you can get from taking diphenhydramine (Sominex, Benadryl). No other substance has ever taken me to such a complete and utter fantasy land of hallucinations. It makes an LSD trip look like baby formula. Legal, over the counter, in stock at your favorite pharmacy/drug store, not for the faint of heart. Be advised that for some reason it’s about 70-80% of the price when purchased as an allergy medicine than when purchased as a sleep aid.

    Just for kicks and giggles:

    The 21st Century Substance Abuser: Cyberspace Intersecting with the Drug Culture
    By Art Bowker, Cybercrime Specialist
    Published: 03/21/2011

    The National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) observed in 2002 that drug use facilitation appeared to be the most common drug-related activity on the Internet. NDIC categorized this facilitation as:

    * Use: Information is readily available online about the supposedly positive effects of drug use at the same time downplaying the negative effects. Information is also presented on how to use readily available products, such as cold medications, in order to get “high.” The sites also frequently explain drug use terminology and slang, thereby acclimating individuals to drug culture.

    * Production: Some Internet sites provide recipes for individuals to produce their own cocktails of abuse. These sites often times include not only the ingredients but where to obtain them as well as the how to get the production equipment. Unfortunately, misinformation is not unusual, which can lead to serious injury/illness or death.

    * Sale: Individuals can easily search online for drug suppliers or as noted above drug substitutes. Sites marketing drugs with no prescription needed are not usual.

  7. ezrydn says:


    Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about RoBo (Robotussin cough syrup)? At the end of the 60s, it was the OTC drug of choice.

  8. Ed Dunkle says:

    “I suppose it’s my fault that we’ve never read about how high you can get from taking diphenhydramine (Sominex, Benadryl).”

    Try It’s amazing what bored teenagers will consume in search of a high.

  9. This is not my America says:

    Drugged driving huh….how bout making it illegal to have that morning cup of joe…its a gateway to road rage.

    Mr drug Czar, we can play this game til the cows come home…

    Got kids? They must be tied and gagged.
    Pets too! Hell lets just not have any passengers!!

    Yank that radio out of your dash along with the dvd player and all other electronic gadgets….garmin anyone?

    Cut down all trees and build nice pretty walls so high you cant see over to get distracted by the scenery.

    Makeup girls…no no no..your not allowed to have that anymore.

    Truck drivers…we are going to cut you way down on the hours you can drive….hell lets eliminate blinking !

    That dodad hanging from your rear veiw…it must come down…

    Yes Mr drug Czar we can go on and on with the things that may cause wrecks. What it comes down to is tyrannical control of our lives! All in because drugs exist it this world!

    You can shove your tyranny up your ass Mr Drug Czar !!

  10. vicky vampire says:

    I have one word for this Commission follow Portugal’s lead all else is a waste of time.
    Good article on MAP title US MT:Are Things Really Has Dire Has All That. Yeah a bunch of melodramatic folks in Montana who need a reality check,they are worried about folks becoming Potheads Hello,Medical card or not people use anyway. what’s the altitude in Montana is it affecting the thinking out there.

    Drugged Driving Please at least almost a third or almost half the folks in USA are permanent or temporary of the following med ANTIDEPRESSANTS-AMBIEN-MUSCLE RELAXANTS OPIATES AND and depending on when they took them how early they are up and driving to work remnants of drug is in there system or they just took the pills and they are at full strength and use these meds everyday at varying strengths in USA so technically there are a ton of folks out there driving drugged and there’s are not an epidemic of accidents so that tells you its not that big of a problem Czar Gil.or Kevin Savit whosoever behind it? these alleged drugged drivers manage to drive very well with a few chemicals in their systems the body adjusts well over time.

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