Lots of good news on Prop 19

Marijuana Ballot Measure in California Wins Support of Union, Officials Say (NY Times)

A ballot measure to make California the first state to legalize the sale and use of marijuana has won the support of one of the state’s most powerful union, officials said Monday, offering the proposition a shot of mainstream legitimacy as well as a potential financial and organizational lift.

The decision by the executive board of the Service Employees International Union of California will be announced in the next few days, according to officials who have been briefed about it but were not allowed to speak publicly before it was announced.

That’s a big union. Another powerful voice to add to the mix.

Timing is nice, too.

Check out Media Goes Nuts for Cops Supporting Marijuana Legalization for a taste of the coverage from the press conferences with LEAP. Making some real powerful impact there.

And finally, Howard and Misty are on the road again. Cowboy rides through Lodi, pushing legalization of marijuana

While dressed in a cowboy hat, boots and Wrangler jeans, Howard Wooldridge sits on his one-eyed American Paint horse, Misty. He looks like he could be out of a scene from a Western movie. Instead he is waving down traffic at the intersection Cherokee and Kettleman lanes.

Describing himself as a modern-day Paul Revere, Wooldridge, 59, has taken to the streets on horseback to encourage people to vote for Proposition 19, a statewide initiative to legalize pot.

As people drive through the Lodi intersection, they honk horns, give thumbs up, wave coffee cups and cheer.

“A majority of Californians believe the war on drugs is nonsense,” Wooldridge said.

Good for Howard! He and Misty are taking 9 weeks to ride through California and spread the word.

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15 Responses to Lots of good news on Prop 19

  1. allan420 says:

    Go get ’em Howard and Misty!

    Right on… remember folks, this is now a hard head area… rrr… hard HAT area…

    Now a gathering of cannabists in Sacto…

  2. allan420 says:

    hey y’all, Howard could use some help in comments at the Lodi article.

  3. VOTE YES ON PROP 19!!! says:


  4. Just Legalize It says:

    WOW! allan is right! they need help over there…

  5. claygooding says:

    I wonder if any growers are following Howard around for the free fertilizer.

  6. allan420 says:

    @ clay… they should prolly follow Misty around instead of Howard… *bada boom*

  7. claygooding says:

    both work,,,baba boom,,just a little bit more volume from Misty. Where do you think the cartel growers in the Natl forests go?

  8. sixtyfps says:

    LA Sheriff Lee Baca in the KABC video: “It short-terms memory loss.” LOL


    Man, they look like a bunch of scared old fuddyduddies. I can’t see Prop. 19 not passing if we keep the pressure on!

  9. Duncan20903 says:

    I’d love to offer those Lodi people some help but unfortunately I have no degree or even self taught ability in psychiatry.

    Following horses around and picking up their road apples reminds me of the Amish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOfZLb33uCg

  10. Vote NO on Proposition 19. It is more prohibitive than the medical marijuana gray market.

    Facts from the bill:

    * People under 21 cannot use legally. Currently any age is allowed with a recommendation.

    * Creates crimes and prison time where there was none for sharing Cannabis with anyone under 21.

    * Makes it illegal to consume Cannabis in the same space as anyone under 21 (your house, parks, etc).

    * Authorizes landlords to discriminate against growers.

    * Prevents consuming Cannabis anywhere in public, which is currently legal with a recommendation.

    * Authorizes counties to ban dispensaries outright.

    * Adds a tax on top of the existing sales tax paid by dispensaries.

    * Limits personal growth to 5×5 area.

    * Limits possession to one ounce. Current interpretation of the MMJ laws allow any amount with doctor’s recommendation.

    Prop. 19 creates more regulation and more cannabis crimes than the Prop. 215 / S.B. 420 gray market.

    Vote NO on Prop. 19!


  11. anonymous says:

    Hasn’t it already been stated that in no way does 19 undermine 215? yes, it has. I believe the language is actually in the bill. My understanding is that if you are a medical patient, 215 applies to you but if you’re not a medical patient, you can only have the amounts/space available in 19. As far as landlord discrimination, that’s the same thing as living in a no smoking residence, it’s their property and doesn’t belong to the tenant so they have a right to say “I don’t want this on my property”. All of the limits/rules under 19 apply to non medical usage, as far as I understand it. The vague usage of the word “space” regarding smoking where minors are present can be loosely interpreted. I interpret it as the same room as I’m sure most people do, also.

  12. realist says:

    the regulatory process is going to be a nightmare and many counties are against it so that means no prop 19 in those counties if it were to pass or cites, so that means you could be driving in and out of legal counties and cites that sounds like a good prop LOL
    besides if it were to pass the feds would go after the big guys that are trying to monopolize the industry, like Richard Lee and rightly so, he is the greediest of them all, that guy is an asshole with his stupid college, he seriously try’s to teach people to grow, and then tells them to go get a house and start growing, and then sell it to the clubs, some of these people move to cal from other states thinking they are going to get rich, then they show up at clubs thinking there going to buy there weed only to get turned away, and now he wants to start his pot factory so he can put everyone out of busyness, like the people he charged to go to his stupid school, voting yes on prop 19 is giving him what he wants, control and money and he is using the prop as a cover, come on people wake up its busyness as usual, voting for prop 19 is voting for all the wrong reasons.

  13. anonymous says:

    If it’s a legal business, it’s not going to remain underground. It’s going to become mainstream. As far as the counties go, that just means you can’t buy it in retail shops. You can still grow your own or go to the next county to buy some in a shop or get some from a friend that grows. It’s the same concept as “dry” counties in some states in regards to alcohol sales. When marijuana is legal, there WILL be the “Coors” and “Budweisers” of the industry. There will also be the “Magic Hats” and “Duck Rabbits” of the industry. As well as the “Natty Greenes” and “Red Oaks” of the industry. So, there will be nationally recognized, regionally recognized and locally recognized distributors. It’s just a fact of any regulated business with high demand.

  14. Anonymous. says:

    Dang coolest cow boy I’ve laid eye on, I’d say!
    YES on prop. 19!! I am with you!!

  15. Bear says:

    Ride herd on them prohibitionists.

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