Ah, sweet victory

DEA announces “historic victory” in the war on drugs

And what exactly is this historic victory?

The San Antonio Police Department has “hit the jackpot.” Today, the Drug Enforcement Administration in San Antonio handed over the largest ever drug forfeiture checks to local law enforcement.

Wednesday, DEA Special Agent Mauricio Fernandez awarded nearly $800 thousand dollars to the San Antonio Police Department. […]

The DEA also wrote a check for more than $3 million dollars to the McMullen County Sheriff’s Office.

See, that’s one of the great things about war. Sure, there’s the killing of the children, and the raping of the women, and the burning of the village, which is all fine, but then… you get to do the looting.

And this is some really good looting… $800,000.00 — $3,000,000.00

The other great thing about loot is that it helps cement the loyalty of the troops. After being rewarded so handsomely, they’ll be the first to volunteer to attack villagers the next time. They’re not going to be swayed by local politicians, or referenda, or public opinion, or… laws.

Their first and only allegiance will be to the provider of all that loot — their benefactor, the DEA.

They’ll be a lot like the Trashcan Man in Steven King’s The Stand

My life for you! … bumpity bumpity bump…

[Thanks, Tom]
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16 Responses to Ah, sweet victory

  1. Just me. says:

    Ya…take the “kings”coin do the kings bidding….right or wrong.

    My life for you! … bumpity bumpity bump…

  2. ezrydn says:

    And all for a few pieces of silver. Doesn’t seem much in that area has changed. Too bad they haven’t got the huevos to follow up and go hang themselves from some tree.

  3. kaptinemo says:

    Yes…let’s see them do that in front of people whose Unemployment Insurance has run out and there’s still no jobs to be had. Let’s see them do that in front of worried parents looking at pink slips, and who are concerned for their kid’s future feeding and housing.

    If I were a ‘community activist’, I’d be calling attention to this obscenity every chance I got, and had lots of very angry citizens show up with me who have been reduced to penury by this bankster-driven economic Meltdown. Those who’ve gotten fat and happy off of this thievery would be facing harsh, fierce questions delivered by furious people who aren’t going to settle for platitudes.

  4. Maria says:

    You know, I was going to be all snide and try to be funny but there’s just nothing I can say about this. They burned and pillaged. That’s all there is to it. It’s so transparent that they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

  5. Tony Aroma says:

    The DEA must be Bob Marley fans, what with all the burning and the looting they’re doing.

  6. kaptinemo says:

    In the past I have likened Fed usurpation of local control of police via forfeiture as being like your neighbor (the Feds) making your guard dog (local police) his by feeding it steak when you (local government) can only afford kibble. Now the dog listens to your neighbor, not you.

    But…what’s going to happen to that dog (that’s grown, big, muscular and vicious) when it becomes obvious that there’s no more steak coming? It’s already gotten into the habit of ignoring local control. It might take more than a tug of the leash to get it to heel. Like a few city budget-busting lawsuits. In these times, that’s the fiscal kiss of death for small towns.

    Which will happen, eventually. While at the same time, the reform movement is making daily gains…and the smarter members of it can call attention to that usurpation of local control and its’ results (hint, hint, hint).

    The prohibs are their own worst enemies. They’re dangerously out of touch with ordinary citizen’s concerns, thinking that such displays of DrugWarrior avarice will sit well with unemployed, desperate people. This makes them exceptionally vulnerable…a vulnerability which heretofore has not been exploited by reformers.

    Well, here’s our chance, people…

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  8. Tim says:

    The prohibs are their own worst enemies. They’re dangerously out of touch with ordinary citizen’s concerns, thinking that such displays of DrugWarrior avarice will sit well with unemployed, desperate people.

    Of course, these same people, being unemployed, are sitting at home watching TV and being indoctrinated by all those TV cop shows (there’s a new one out too — Blue Bloods — saw an ad for it in the Toronto subway today) and backed up by Action7’s Breaking Team Coverage of every big bust the police make. This blunts some of the impact.

    The DEA has it’s own propaganda vehicle, on Spike, don’t forget.

  9. claygooding says:

    It is a hard sell to convince citizens that the best policy is for a world full of snitches and law enforcement
    for hire to people living in tents.
    Winter is just around the corner and all those tent cities in the north east part of our country might be a little uncomfortable in the summer,but in the winter it will turn deadly.
    Congress has vowed no more unemployment benefits and it will impact in Dec,when many more tents will be appearing.

  10. Ripmeupacuppa says:

    Maybe the Feds will use fire arrows – always works in the movies!

  11. kaptinemo says:

    Tim, I am only too well aware of the way that the Media fellates the DrugWarriors. But the fact is that the propaganda will wear as thin as the justification for drug prohibition when those at home start getting hungry and their UI bennies run out…which is happening right now for many people.

    A quote from a man who understood the value of propaganda…and the danger of it becoming doubted:

    “As soon as by one’s own propaganda even a glimpse of right on the other side is admitted, the cause for doubting one’s own right is laid.” – Adolf Hitler

    And that’s what is happening, though right now it’s glacially slow in coming. But light a fire under people thanks to Congress’s refusal to extend UI bennies, and watch what happens. All the propaganda in the world won’t matter squat to people who want Congress to explain to them why there’s money for toys for DrugWarriors and nothing for emergency housing, food stamps for out-of-work adults and school lunches for hungry kids.

  12. Nz says:

    Kap, the neocons and wealthy fascist capitalists who have hijacked the U.S. government are fully aware of all the American people suffering right now. That’s why they engineered the Tea Party — so they can manipulate that anger and frustration and direct it where they want.

    Most of the dumbed-down white Americans who should be blaming the PTB for all their problems, thanks to the Tea Party deception, are blaming progressive democrats and Muslims, just the way the neocons want them to.

  13. Ned says:

    My life was ruined and changed forever by just this type of thievery.

  14. Duncan says:

    The DEA has done a wonderful job. Since they began working on the ‘problem’ drugs have become less expensive, more potent, and more widely available nationwide. It’s only cost us a $trillion with a T in nominal dollars. Since the gov’t borrowed the money it hasn’t really cost the taxpayers a dime. How can we argue that squandering a trillion with a T dollars (TWAT) isn’t a huge, time consuming job and a significant feat that took decades to accomplish.

    “I want to own nothing, but control everything” —J D Rockefeller.

  15. Windy says:

    Nz, the “progressive democrats” are just as much to blame for the situation we face now as the “conservative republicans” and the “neocons” are.

  16. Nz says:

    Windy, I guarantee there are more progressives ready to vote for legalization than neocons or republicans. But the point is, the Tea Party is being led to blame anyone but the neocons and republicans, whilst being led to think that simply voting their phony neocon-funded fascist capitalist candidates into office is the solution to all their problems.

    The Tea Party was engineered to manipulate all the poor whites who were ready to turn against them. The corporate billionaires behind it will not give the people what they want or need, they will simply do what they always do — lead them on until they regain all their official status and power, then make excuses for why they can’t have everything that was promised.

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