Ad OPPPOSING Yes on Prop. 19 Marijuana Legalization (Video)

OK, let’s start listing the outright lies in this piece of nonsense.

The #1 ADDICTION for 60% of TEENS in DRUG rehab.

Lie. As we have shown time and time again, the presence of individuals in rehab is not necessarily an indication of addiction. The majority of those in treatment with marijuana as the primary drug are there because of criminal justice referrals (ie, to avoid other penalties) and not because of addiction.

A GATEWAY drug to Cocaine and Meth

Lie. Numerous studies have debunked this myth, including the 1999 Institute of Medicine’s “Assessing the Science Base” which declared: “There is no evidence that marijuana serves as a stepping stone on the basis of its particular physiological effect.” In fact, that report also noted that the only conceivable gateway effect related to marijuana is specifically due to its illegal status.

4 times more MIND-ALTERING than in the 1970’s.

Intentionally Misleading. The fact is that THC levels have varied throughout time (although who knows what they mean by “mind altering”), but smokers tend to self-titrate to get the effect they desire. It’s like saying that scotch is four times more mind altering than beer, but you don’t drink a six-pack of scotch. And, of course, while you can die from an overdose of alcohol, you can’t do the same with marijuana, regardless of its potency.

50-70% MORE CANCER-CAUSING than Cigarettes.

Blatant Lie. Cigarettes are cancer-causing and marijuana is not. The biggest study done in the world, funded by the U.S. Government proved that even heavy use of marijuana adds absolutely no risk of head, neck or lung cancer, and may even have a small reverse effect.

MARIJUANA. What’s Good About Legalizing It? NOTHING

Lie. There are dozens of good things about legalization, from reducing crime, to hurting the Mexican cartels, to reducing criminal justice costs, to increasing tax revenue, to improving safety, to reducing use by children, to reducing corruption, to improving liberty, and on, and on.

Passage of Prop. 19 would mean: Marijuana could be SOLD IN GROCERY STORES.

So What? Proposition 19 allows local governments to regulate the place of sale, so they could choose to allow it or disallow it in grocery stores. Right now, I can buy all sorts of dangerous drugs in grocery stores, including alcohol, tobacco, and a range of prescription and over-the-counter products that can cause death if misused.

Passage of Prop. 19 would mean: Skyrocketing usage among Teens and Young people.

Lie. Right now, criminal marijuana dealers do not check for age. Under proposition 19, selling marijuana to those under 21 would be prohibited. Under decriminalization in the Netherlands, they have a dramatically lower rate of teen use of marijuana than we do.

Passage of Prop. 19 would mean: “DRUGGED DRIVING” on Streets and Freeways.

Unsupported fear-mongering. There’s no evidence that dangers of drugged driving would increase with passage of Proposition 19. In fact, evidence shows that numbers of traffic accidents have had no correlation with amount of use or availability of marijuana.

Passage of Prop. 19 would mean: Higher COSTS for Everyone as Addictions SOAR

Lie. This is totally unsupported by any data that exists out there. The fact is that costs for everyone will dramatically decline due to a suddenly streamlined criminal justice system.

Passage of Prop. 19 would mean: Marijuana Operatives could buy THOUSANDS of Acres of farmland.

So What? In a poor economy, having a fresh infusion of capital into land purchases is a good thing. And shouldn’t marijuana be grown above-board in farms rather than clandestinely in public parks?

Prop. 19 Means: Messed up minds. Messed up lives. Messed up families. California out of Control. Is this the kind of California you want?

Meaningless Nonsense. No evidence given of anything actually getting messed up due to Prop 19.

Don’t Buy The Lie

True. Don’t buy any of the lies from these charlatans. is a project of These are the folks who opposed gay marriage and fought for the passage of Prop 8.

They’ve got nothing to offer except lies, intolerance, and hate. These are people who have specific moral views that they want to impose on the rest of society. They know that their views are so bankrupt that vast sections of society won’t ever be convinced to follow them, so they want the government to help them impose their “morality” on others, and they will resort to any immoral action to advance their cause.

They are the scum of the earth.

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43 Responses to Ad OPPPOSING Yes on Prop. 19 Marijuana Legalization (Video)

  1. Tom W says:

    Moral panic here we come. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not the effect will be much the same. I hope a counter ad is being developed.

  2. this is *exactly* what happened in the 1970s

  3. Steve says:

    Wow. This totally wins the prize for reefer madness. One lie after another, culminating in The Big Lie.

    Good tag line, though: Don’t let California go to pot.

    I give it 1 out of 100, and that’s being kind.

    Good way to debunk it, Pete.


  4. Shap says:

    And I wonder what is the basis of this “morality.” Oh yea that whole religion thing. What a worthless bunch of hocus pocus bullshit. Anyone who argues that anything positive comes out of religion must be deaf, dumb, blind, and hiding in a dark, blacked out basement somewhere with no access to the outside world.

  5. kaptinemo says:

    “A fanatic is one who sticks to his guns whether they’re loaded or not.” – Franklin P. Jones

    And this time, the prohibs are wildly shooting blanks. It’s long past time to take them to the intellectual woodpile, pull their pants down and give them a public drubbing…and that by applying some long-overdue and well-desreved scorn for being such lying, tight-assed control freaks.

    And this is the perfect ‘in’. For with this they’ve shown the public what they think of the public’s reasoning abilities. Time for the public to return the favor.

    It never fails with fanatics of any stripe; the more they are painted into the corner, the crazier they get. And the people doing the painting…are themselves.

  6. claygooding says:

    I think if I ever neet any of these people face to face the urge to puke in their face would be unstoppable,just like Prop 19.

  7. kaptinemo says:

    Clay, I was brought up to believe that it was a sin to waste food. “There’s people starving in China!” and all that.

    On the other hand, since they’re such fetishists about people’s urine, well…why not accommodate their sick closet fantasies, for once.

    I always felt you had to have worms in the brain to want to enact an overwhelming urge tell other people how to live their lives. All those instances about hypocritical, moralizing legislators being caught in scandal after scandal these past 10 years seems to validate that observation.

    So, needless to say, if I wanted to go fishing, I’d bring along a prohib, for there’s worms a-plenty in their gourds.

  8. Just me. says:

    Public statements like these should be required by law to show facts backing up thier claim…oh wait ..that would mean politicians would have to stop lying too…

    Oh well..this ad gave me a good laugh. Nice try , but this isnt doing YOU any good.

  9. KebMo says:

    If this is being broadcast beyond the internet, we need to send them Pete’s rebuttal and demand they either remove it or add a rolling credit at every lie that states “This statement has been proven false and is unsubstantiated”!

    FearMonger Much?

  10. Doug says:

    This guy seems to be all about morality. Shouldn’t he therefore think it’s be moral to explore the truth?

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  12. Servetus says:

    The hosts of StopProp19 are a group called These guys were a big issue in the case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the recent federal court decision that just overturned Prop 8 for gay marriage.’s role of outright lies in the election run-up was one of the many reasons Prop 8 was overturned by the court.

    The person who helped bust is a film director named Reed Cowan who produced a DVD called 8: The Mormon Proposition. Reed Cowan is a difficult man to find or communicate with lately. Apparently he’s received death threats. His website is inactive. Otherwise it might be easy to get copies of internal church documents that show SaveCalifornia to have been one of many front organizations for the Mormon Church’s $22 million effort to pass Prop 8.

    The website is currently featuring our good buddy, Bishop Ron Allen, who is pictured surrounded by his fellow clerics.

    The presence of the clergy is always disturbing in political issues involving prohibition. Church financial records are legally immune to public disclosure, so there is always the unanswered question of who and by what means a religious organization is funded to do what. If I were a cartel, funding a religious organization is how I would launder money to stop Prop 19.

  13. linus says:

    It’s a good ad. I hope ours is better, but it’s an uphill battle because all those lies about marijuana will seem true to the uniformed voter (too many of them unfortunately).

    I think we need to fight fire with fire. We need to scare. How about an add that points to the cost of prohibition. Maybe some gang members recruiting soccer mom’s kids to sell drugs. Or Mexicans with their head’s chopped off, or dissolved in acid (or whatever crazy things are going on down there thanks to prohibition). Or drugs sold in schools (instead of grocery stores). Or shadowy police raids that kill innocents, or their dogs.

    We need to answer the question about what good can come from legalization.

  14. Tyler says:

    Someone needs to make an equally sensationalist video in a very similar style as a response, but include facts, and not only facts, but sources to them in the description.

  15. KBCraig says:

    Excellent counterpoint to the ad.

    But, I still can’t support any “tax and regulate” model. The only acceptable model is “not illegal”. That is, the law should be completely silent on any use, possession, cultivation, manufacture, distribution, etc., etc., of cannabis.

    Any dissatisfied customers should have the same resort to common law and small claims court that they would have over a defective lawnmower.

  16. Windy says:

    KBCraig, I totally agree!

    I also encourage everyone here to spread the link to Pete’s point/counterpoint everywhere you can think of spreading it, especially to people you know are ignorant or misinformed about cannabis.

    Tyler and linus have a good idea about fighting fire with fire. Education of the misinformed and ignorant is the key to re-legalization, and even if one does NOT support the Prop19’s legalize, tax and regulate model, one still needs to spread the factual truth so we eventually get the model KBCraig proposes, nationwide.

  17. ezrydn says:

    I find it amusing that the moralists feel lying is an “approved sport.” I consider myself and most here to be your basic “moralists.” Of which, there’s nothing wrong with. However, these sadomoralists got their wires crossed somewhere in their pasts. They quit following the Owner’s Manual.

  18. Pete says:

    KBCraig — I’m a little confused. If you don’t support a tax and regulate model, is it your opinion that marijuana should be treated differently than alcohol, gasoline, phone service, or tomatoes? All of those are taxed and regulated.

  19. kaptinemo says:

    What Linus said.

    I’ve long felt that a shocking, in-your-face ad like the kind we saw a few years ago, about people being rounded up and put in cattle cars by modern day police morphing into a picture of the ‘intake’ at a Nazi death camp would have the right kind of impact.

    The ‘Great Disconnect’ of the sweet words of the prohibs about their ‘concern’ for your childrens’ welfare, and the brutal, jackbooted reality of drug prohibition, with out-of-control fascist cops, crooked, moralizing judges who take money under the table from cartels, prison guards effectively making government policy through union dues to hire agents skilled in influencing legislation that monetarily benefits them at the expense of all other taxpayers (about as clear a violation of the Hatch Act as is possible), etc. needs to be rubbed in the faces of the public.

    The sheer, rank hypocrisy of it all has to drumbeat 24/7, every chance we get.

    For example, have someone portray a prohib, talking the usual sweet words of reason, while behind him (or her; idiocy is no respecter of any demographics) is shown a montage of the wreck and ruin of drug prohibition: peaceful homes invaded in thuggish style by body armored and masked police, children menaced and animals slaughtered by these StarWars Stormtrooper wannabes, the Constitution on fire, a graph showing all the money wasted in the DrugWar, etc.

    Juxtaposing the reality as opposed to the seemingly rational and reasonable ‘prohib’, with the ‘prohib’ at the end morphing into your typical DrugWarrior goon with a submachinegun pointing at the viewer and snarling “Do as we say, or else!” would have great impact.

    Oh, if I were a millionaire, I’d be dumping some major cash in the coffers of the pro-19 forces right now, to pay for such ads, as this is the best shot we’ll have in generation to stop the madness once and for all.

  20. divadab says:

    I’d add that Dianne Feinstein’s “official” litany against Prop 19 is more useful to us than against us- like Dan lundgren’s slimy lies in 1996 mobilized the mmj vote.

    What do you expect from corrupt dominators but lies lies and more lies? Add her to your list of scum.

  21. RFWoodstock says:

    Radio Woodstock supports legalization. To vote in our poll….go to Peace, love, pot.

  22. Maria says:

    “So What?”

    Best answer ever. Asking a person, and your point is…? usually gets them to a dead end where they find they really can’t defend their hysteria and break through it. Or they are shown to be entrenched in the propaganda they are parroting and have put no honest thought into the question. Works really well when there’s other people around.

    As to the tax and regulate model. I keep hearing people raise issues with it as if there is really an alternative. Of course no one likes taxes or regulations (expect the government), but it is just not at all possible that in our current society, out of all consumables, Cannabis will be left alone and neither taxed or regulated.

    There is too much money and emotion involved to let it be a free floating, unfettered ‘thing’. Maybe no taxes and no regulations will happen one day if our society/human nature evolves or for that matter, crumbles. But ‘just letting it be’ is not a realistic short term goal under the current structure of American society and government.

    But I do think a realistic short term goal is regulation and scaling back the war. Casualty prevention is my motivation, not building utopia.

  23. Duncan says:

    Wow, I’m finding it very easy to tack on ‘Just say NOW!’ when I comment on the idiocy of the war on some drugs and call for re-legalization. The later point is also something I’d encourage people to say, because it used to be legal until after the turn of the last century. It’s amazing how many people think that the drug laws have been in place forever. Also that it’s a war on *some* drugs since it’s perfectly legal to get drunk on liquor or to give yourself brain damage by sniffing airplane glue.

    It is time to end the insanity of the war on some drugs. Just say NOW!

  24. Windy says:

    I do not object to having to pay a sales tax if I were to buy cannabis from a commercial source; however, taxing it the way Prop19 would is excessive and unnecessary!

    • Pete says:

      Windy, in what way is Prop19 taxing it excessively and unnecessarily? Prop19 doesn’t even specify a tax rate. The proposition leaves it up to the local communities to decide and to set the tax rate in order to recoup their costs of regulating it. I would guess that if one community set it too high, people will go to the community next door and buy it.

  25. Duncan says:

    “Oh, if I were a millionaire, I’d be dumping some major cash in the coffers of the pro-19 forces right now, to pay for such ads, as this is the best shot we’ll have in generation to stop the madness once and for all.”

    As would I, but they had to settle for a half dozen portraits of Andrew Jackson from me. But after some reflection I think that a rich guy would keep his money working for him until the last minute. I doubt there would be much bang for the buck saturating the media with pro-P19 ads this early. Realistically the pro-P19 ads only need appear the last two weeks of the campaign. When did Soros cough up the dough in 1996 for P215? I know for a fact that he wasn’t involved at the start of that campaign and his money wasn’t spent on gathering signatures to get 215 on the ballot. I do hope that he’s not going to stay on the sidelines. I truly fear that losing this vote will be a painful body blow to the idea of finally ending the prohibition of cannabis. Our opposition will definitely use a failure of this initiative in their propaganda, as they continue to use Alaska’s 1992 vote that re-criminalized cannabis even though the Alaskan Supreme Court affirmed the Court of Appeals ruling striking down the 1992 vote as not valid because the State Constitution includes a right to privacy and you can’t vote away civil rights.

    One point I like to make nowadays is to ask ‘how many crimes have support of just about 50% of the likely voters in favor of repeal’? I then like to point out that not even the repeal of income tax has that kind of support as MA voted in 2008 on a ballot initiative that would have repealed their State income tax. The initiative failed by getting only 30% in support of repeal. That was also the same ballot which decrimmed possession of up to an ounce of cannabis by a vote of 65-35. I doubt you’d find 50% in support of repealing speed limits on our highways and that’s a law which approaching 100% of the driving population violates every time they go out on the highway. perhaps some of the sillier sex crimes might generate significant support for downgrade or elimination, but it took the SCOTUS to make oral sex legal. Christ on a cross, who the heck doesn’t like oral sex?!? Anyone who doesn’t needs a check up from the neck up.

  26. David Marsh says:

    @ Just Me “Public statements like these should be required by law….”

    21CFR 202.1 is a section of FDA regulations listing requirements for drug advertising.21 CFR 202.1(e)(6)(ix) sates that advertiser may not “Uses a quote or paraphrase out of context to convey a false or misleading idea.”

    Probably not practical to apply to political add about a Schedule I drug, but there it is.

  27. Duncan says:

    There is a ton of misinformation going around about Prop 19, and much of it by the people who should be in favor but for some pathological reason have jumped into bed with Calvina Fay and Skip Miller.

    For a time I was also under the mistaken impresssion that Prop 219 set a tax of $50 per oz. Sounds like a lot but it would actually be a good thing, 50, 70, 100 years from now when $50 will buy you a happy meal at McDonald’s.

    Many think that Prop 215 is going away or will be more restrictive, also untrue. The day after Election day Prop 215 will still be the law of the land in CA no matter the vote on Prop 19.

    Many slam Prop 19 because it allows the counties to decide for themselves, and it is anticipated that quite a large cohort of counties will choose to adopt no laws permitting distribution and cultivation. While it would be nice to make it legal across the board can we get the support of the majority of the voters if we insist on that? Frankly I think this provision is a touch of genius on the part of those who wrote it. I can see the rednecks in Butte, San Diego, San Bernardino not caring what those left wing flakes in Oakland/San Francisco decide to do but keep that shit out of my home town. In 5 years Oakland/San Fran will be collecting their taxes without the claimed catastrophes occurring. and the counties that kept it illegal won’t be able to argue against it. With the fact that Federal law will still be in place I honestly think you’d have most of the counties opting out even if Prop 19 required them to participate. How many towns and counties have said no dispensaries because it’s against Federal law? It’s actually kind of amusing to me that Oakland/San Fran should be expected to choose to allow people to violate Federal law but darn if they haven’t demonstrated that they are willing to do so with medical cannabis. So even with all the counties mandated to allow cannabis commerce it’s likely that only Oakland/San Fran will embrace the new law with the rest of the counties arguing ‘federal law blah blah blah’. With the counties allowed to make their own judgment I think it likely that we get votes of some sitting on the fence.

    IIRC when the 21st amendment overturned the Volstead act there were several counties in California that chose to be dry counties. That didn’t last either.<— Hey, I may be mistaken about this as I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to find a cite without luck either way, but I swear that I recall reading this somewhere. Forgive me if it's a product of my imagination.

  28. p19-215-420 says:

    ‎#1 it is impossible to become Addicted to Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as it stays in the fat cells and is released slow over(( 3-6 weeks)) there for you can not become Addicted to it the only way you can become addicted to any thin……g is with the Rapid Release from your body(( 1-8 days)) that is why you don’t get sick the shakes a fever like with all outer drugs and with the consumption any thing that is new mass people want to try but over all NO the people that will use are using now but with the passing of prop19 they will come out do to the fact they will not go to jail or the cops at there doors so it will look like more #2 60%of the people in rehab 100% of the cannabis users are there so they don’t sit behind bars #3 the hole gateway thing BS what about the people that never smoke weed and do hard drugs what was there gateway if any thing soda and candy is the gateway drugs #4 the cannabis is the same as in the 60’s&70’s just people know how to grow and give it what it needs to be the best you still can take a dank seed and grow really bad weed if you don’t know how to grow #5 people that smoke cigarettes smoke a pack 3/4 of an OZ a day or more and even for a Heavy weed smoker that is a hell of a lot to smoke in a day for one person #6 cannabis will cure cancer not give it to you #7 they use 100% Propaganda and 0% facts and the more we get the truth out the less this kind of Propaganda will work on the uneducated as they will have the truth about cannabis not the lies #8 the only bad thing about cannabis is this unjust law on the people that use it #9 with the passing of prop19 it will be harder for kids to get it. right now they can walk down the street and get it #10 you cant drive on any drug even NyQuil thus the abbreviation DUI driving under the Influence. “Influence” of “any” drug #11 higher costs to every one who is every one?? and how will 1.4 billion or even more in state Revenue a cost every one ??? it will save not cost!!! #12 marijuana operatives could buy thousands of acres grow well they will need people to run and work on them so putting people to work on them and off Unemployment to pay tax not use tax is bad????#13 prop19 means more people making up there own(( MINDS)) and not people filling them with Misinformation and lies!!! to have work to better there ((LIVES))!!!(( FAMILIES)) not torn apart by this unjust law!!!!! ((CALIFORNIA)) of debt!!! is this the kind of California you want … don’t buy the lies.. BUY THE TRUTH!!! pledge your yes vote NOW!!!! don’t keep California in debt any longer!!!

  29. p19-215-420 says:

    every person that is no on prop19 can’t come back and never has with facts of why this prop is bad all they do is make them self’s and any one that is no on prop19 look like uneducated and Naive people you all get a big fat “F”

  30. Pete says:

    p19-215-420: If you hit return a couple of times every now and then, it creates paragraphs, which are much easier to read.

    Like this.

    You might also want to consider utilizing sentences.

  31. conservativeChristian says:

    Californians: register to vote at
    h t t p s://w w w

    Just take the spaces out of the h t t p s:// w w w part in order to activate the URL, fill out the form and mail it in!

    Citizens of other states can Google your state name and “voter registration” to find out how to register; a lot of states allow instant on-line registration. Do it now so you can vote in November!

  32. p19-215-420 says: here is a link to a very good video for the yes on prop19.

  33. p19-215-420 says:

    pete: thanks for The Guide to Grammar and Writing, but that for another post. and i did write it in paragraphs, that’s just how it got posted. 🙂

  34. dirty dirty says:

    -i contacted and left them this message below concerning thier new tv spot. let’s see if they respond. haha. great article.

    i just recently seen your project about the anti-cannabis spot on tv. you know that once all the lies and partial truth come out in public be it soon or months. you guys won’t have a leg to stand on. the stats you use are manipulated and you only choose to see one side, your side. we know why so many of our youth is in re-hab for marijuana, because they don’t want to do jail time. come on guys you can do better than that. the public likes the truth, you see what happened with the TRUTH campaign and the tabacco companies. what do you think is gonna happen when the cannabis campaign makes you go back and make you fact check your positions. you guys are gonna look really immature and silly. haha. if you would just get the real facts and make a REAL case you make a turn around unlike the support you are loosing. it looks like it’s 52% approval for cannabis and you are fighting with no real facts. stop using dated material!! you guys are embarrassing everybody. and just because you have a heavy drums in your commercial doesn’t help the fact that you stilluse dated and false, manipulated info. this is the day of information. you guys stand no chance. we will have it legalized in a matter of years, and you will benefit from it too whether you want to or not, just as you can respond to my message or not. i’m all but 100% you won’t repsond because when your side tries to debate the issue, you get so angry!! haha. thanks for the fun times, keep up the good work. i need a good laugh every once in a while and boy, you guys DO NOT disappoint. lol. try to keep up and be TRUE!

  35. claygooding says:

    Here is video rebuke to the video from StopProp19

  36. Radical Rex says:

    Way to show em Pete, I love how they NEVER use resource material for their accusations!! I love all you people for your enthusiasm in arguing down their vicious stupid attacks. The best way to fight them is to use facts and references to the material you used to get your info, when you do that they don’t know what to say. visit me & others with this same enthusiasm on facebook at Unite for the Fight to end PROHIBITION

  37. Bill says:

    What you’re not realizing is that this ad is LOADED with subliminal messages. It’s essentially intended to hypnotize the voting masses to fail Prop 19.

    Seriously. Look at the capitalized words above, they were the same way in the video.


    How in the hell is this even legal?

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  39. JC USED WEED says:

    Marjuana causes cancer??? Tests have shown Marijuana to stop/slow down certain types of cancer cells. Further tests may lead to a complete cure for certain types of cancers. Marijuana taken by mouth as an Herb is completely 100% safe. NOT LIKE A CIGARETTE WHERE YOU HAVE TO SMOKE IT——–MARIJUANA CAN SAFELY BE PUT IN FOOD OR JUICE OR CAPSULES WITH NO LOSS TO BENEFITS. Marijuana studies have shown several positive medical benefits. Don’t take my word for it—Search —> Medical Marijuana Research Studies– and follow some of the links to see the many tests and benefits that have already been proven by medical research and doctors. YES ON PROP 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  41. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t have ended it with scum of the earth…
    We had a perfectly factual and logical response to a lie-spitting commercial, and you kind of ended up acting no different than the enemy at the end there.

    Very informative article, just don’t attack the opposition with words like “scum of the earth”, it kind of ruins credibility

  42. chongo says:

    YOUR ALL STUPID PROP 19 FTW!!!!!!!!! CA will get more $$$$$$$$ and people won’t get arrested for enjoying themselves.

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