Welcome to the junkie-friendly precinct

Yep, that’s what Big Hollywood’s Kurt Schlichter called Drug WarRant today in a really silly update to his earlier rant.

Hey, I don’t mind. Junkies are welcome here. So are those who have never touched the stuff. Liberals and conservatives. Even Kurt Schlichter, who has by now so denigrated the idea of facts, that to him they’re actually different if conservatives talk about them than if liberals do.

Shorter Kurt Schlichter:

Conservative Person: 2+2=4

Schlicter: I kind of agree with you on that.

Liberal Person: 2+2=4

Schlicter You’re absolutely wrong, and it’s statements like that that are destroying our great nation.

So who’s the one on drugs?

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14 Responses to Welcome to the junkie-friendly precinct

  1. Cannabis says:

    Good exposure. Linked through and spelled the name of your blog correctly.

  2. claygooding says:

    I am glad you have this site Pete and even proud when people like Herr Schlicter honor us with disdain.

  3. denmark says:

    Love this site too. Have told many people about it.
    Great place to learn the truth where opinions are shared and insights are gained. It’s wonderful to not be a part of the liar crowd as Kurt Schlichter certainly is.
    My conscious is clear, can’t say that about Prohibitionists.

  4. Paul says:

    I think the volume is too high over there to make a post that would be noticed, so I’ll post here.

    Dear Kurt,

    You spend a lot of time saying the Left are driving a wedge between libertarians and conservatives, and you’re right–that’s just smart politics from their point of view. But from a libertarian perspective, I’ll say we hardly need the Left to point out the cracks in our alliance. You don’t seem to care about issues that matter to me, like the drug war, and I don’t care about illegal immigration, our endless foreign wars, and bible study in school, or whatever it is that seems to drive social conservatives.

    I’ll agree (through clenched teeth, and just barely) that our dire economic situation trumps the profound wickedness of the drug war, and I’ll happily vote with you on candidates who are dedicated to cutting spending, but the stress is on “dedicated”. Our split comes with candidates who don’t cut spending, and instead focus on conservative social issues and war, like the Republican majority of the Bush years did.

    I just plain do not care about conservative social issues. If the Republicans want me to accept a socially conservative candidate, he has to be a first rate spending slasher or he ain’t getting my vote. No spending cuts, no vote. Simple.

    I know the cowardly Left will never legalize drugs, but neither will social conservatives, so what’s it to me if a Democrat beats one of your useless, money wasting Republicans? You conservatives have been pissing all over libertarians for years. If you want the libertarian vote, then either give us genuine spending cuts or end the war on drugs. Otherwise I’ll just vote capital L Libertarian, and let the damn Democrats wreck the country.

  5. bi-partisanshit says:

    That false left vs. right is as old as divide and conquer. The corpotocracy has subverted both sides. I am pretty much a right leaner but somehow all the people I hang out with are lefties and they are fun and entertaining to be with.

  6. ezrydn says:

    What I get out of Kurt’s piece is he’s angry that DWR isn’t an “elitist” group, like the one he belongs to. Yes, we open the doors to EVERYONE, even Kurt, as Pete noted.

    And in the comments, you really see their “twist.” Most of the comments refer to a “prohibitive” social structure. They can’t even imagine a “controlled and regulated” structure. They mix metaphors of pro and con in a singular framework. They just can’t get past that. So, be on the lookout for it. It’a a good “WEDGE,” as he calls it, to show the difference in positions.

  7. Maria says:

    Yep, I do believe that I’m junkie.
    Coffee. Doctor Who marathons. Cherries till I shit.
    Oh, and self-determination and self-ownership.
    I’ve most definitely been jonesing for those something fierce.

    I’m so glad I’m welcome here.

  8. allan420 says:

    methinks Kurt Sphincter likes to hear himself talk. He keeps pointing out the conservative drug war bone he tossed out… well Kurt, when you throw a rose in a bag o’ shit, the shit doesn’t come out smelling like a rose, but the rose…
    anyway Kurt, stop by here and join a real discussion. And I’m with Paul, it’s too noisy over there to comment, intelligence gets drowned out by cacophonous screeching of the poopflinging monkeys.

  9. ya know, sometimes the best thing to do is to not call attention to people who really should not have attention called to them.

    seriously, who is this jackass, and who cares what he thinks?

    but one thing he does make clear is that the “legalization message” is pretty much incoherent and scattered all over the place with half-truths and blind assumptions

  10. malcolmkyle says:

    Kurt Schlichter, you are a prohibitionist and therefor co-responsible for the more than 20,000 Mexicans which have been murdered due to YOUR Drug War during the last 3 1/2 years alone. That mega violence is heading this way fast. Re-legalizing/regulating these street drugs is the only way to cut off the enormous flow of cash that is feeding terrorism, gangsterism and “off the scale” government corruption. This is not about facilitating ‘dopeheads’, so please keep your frustrations to yourself. This is about protecting ourselves and our families.

    The present drug laws are making matters far worse than they would ever be under proper government regulation of these dangerous substances. Your support of drug prohibition provides the money gangs use to buy guns, and the money that the enemies of this great nation use to finance hijackings & bombings. Taking away their drug money by regulating drugs for adult use will strike a blow to crime at every level. This is none other than sound public policy.

    Surely you know by now that Eliot Ness never put the bootleggers out of business. Repeal and a regulated market for alcohol did that in short order. There hasn’t been a shootout over beer routes since 1933.

    It’s time for you to wise up, and help curtail the dangerous expansions of federal police powers, the encroachments on individual liberties, the increasing government expenditure devoted to enforcing the unworkable drug laws.

    Or would you prefer to still struggle with confusing the consequences of drug misuse from those of drug prohibition, while we all go to hell in a hand cart? All of the above mentioned problems, including the economic recession are here to stay until we regulate drugs, and prohibition is not regulation, it’s is a hideous waking nightmare for all of us and our families.

    Alcohol prohibition, was a tremendous failure due to the incredible amount of crime and disorder it created. Human nature hasn’t changed since the 1930s. Then, the distribution of liquor was turned over to a whole new group of criminal entrepreneurs. Now, due to the current drug war, dangerous mind altering substances are sold, unregulated, by another new criminal class. The drug war has turned most of the inner cities into civil war zones, so our intentions in prohibiting these substances may well be good, but the result of our inability to recognize the futility of such an action will just both deepen and prolong the agony caused by this useless and dangerous policy.

    The future depends on whether or not enough of us are willing to take a long look at the tragic results of prohibition. If we continue to skirt the primary issue while refusing to address the root problem, then we can expect no other result than a worsening of the current dire situation. Good intentions are no match for the immutable realities of human nature.

    So let’s have some realism from you now on how to go about reclaiming both the streets, and the economy. Please start making an honest effort to address the root cause of the present economic mess and the high proliferation of “well funded” violent gangs –the regime of drug prohibition.


  11. Duncan says:

    I really don’t mind, in fact I wish him well
    because I’ll be laughing my ass off when he’s burning in hell

  12. there are lots of social issues these days mostly due to our culture and economic situation-`”

  13. Egg Donor : says:

    there are many social issues that we face today but the biggest issue i think is poverty~~;

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