Will Conservatives Ever Figure Out What They Are?

Thanks to Dan Linn for helping out while I’m in New York. Some others may stop in as well. I’ve got an incredibly busy schedule here with 70 people that I’m showing around New York, along with seeing shows every night. On Tuesday, we saw “Fences” by August Wilson, starring Denzel Washington. Amazing. Last night, Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth did a fine job in “Promises, Promises,” and tonight we’re seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury in “A Little Night Music.”

MAPinc is an incredibly useful resource, so please follow Allan’s advice in the comments to the last post, and get involved there, if you can.

bullet image Here’s one that’ll get your blood boiling. It’s an extremely ignorant rant by Kurt Schlichter at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood: Sting and Soros Hook Up For A Duet Of Pro-Drug Stupidity

I think it was just the fact that Soros was involved in the Drug Policy Alliance video that got him so bent out of shape that he couldn’t think straight. The whole column is full of bizarre nonsense.

Yes, the junkies, stoners, hopheads, dope fiends, pill-poppers, and Lindsay Lohan are unanimous: Drug laws are bad, and it’s probably BusHitler’s fault. […]

One woman, who is bald for no apparent reason, states that “The War on Drugs is a war on people of color,” as if Americans decided they would outlaw crack because they fear that black people might enjoy themselves. Montel Williams shows up to explain that drug laws prevent him from making choices about his own body, but the awful tie and ridiculous earring he chose to wear make a powerful argument against allowing him to make any kind of choices at all.

Where it really gets strange is when he acknowledges that libertarians — yes, some conservatives — support reform. Follow the contortions as he tries to separate them from Soros.

There may be a case for looking at our drug laws, but these nimrods don’t make it. The most compelling points are made by the conservatives at National Review and the libertarians at Reason. Sure, pot smokers steal your snacks, listen to Phish and sound-off with long, disjointed monologues about the miracle of hemp, but I have a hard time getting too bent out of shape by them. Many celebrities are among them, but Sting and Soros aren’t just talking about causal stoners. They think we ought to go open season on meth, crack and whatever else these degenerate half-wits today are ingesting. No thanks – I’d prefer not to live with the mess you’re rich enough to ignore.

Hate to tell you this, but the libertarians at Reason aren’t just talking about legalizing pot, either.

Tony Newman takes on Schlichter at Huffington Post

bullet image The Tea Party and the Drug War — Jeffrey A. Miron, writing at National Review Online, explains to the Tea Party why ending the drug war has to be a key part of their foundation if they have any principles at all.

It’s an important point, as many who have called themselves Tea Partiers, or who have co-opted the Tea Party movement, have been less than clear on their support for ending prohibition.

bullet image This is an open thread.

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43 Responses to Will Conservatives Ever Figure Out What They Are?

  1. Duncan says:

    Oh oh, it looks like Internet Addiction is real! We may have to shut this thing down as it’s causing children to die! http://tinyurl.com/2emfabq That’s a story about two degenerate Internet addicts who let their daughter starve to death while obsessively playing an online game taking care of a virtual infant. If we don’t have the huevos to do what needs to be done in shutting the Internet down then we have to get all of the at risk children out of those homes with Internet connections ASAP. We’re going to need 100,000 child social services people on the street just for starters if we go that route. I think I’ll start a blog to get the word out to people so they can understand just what a clear and present threat the Internet is to our cheeeel-drennnn.

  2. Paul says:

    “Conservative” is a very broad term, and it lumps social conservatives, economic conservatives, and foreign policy conservatives all in one word. These people work together, more or less, in the Republican party but don’t agree on a variety of issues. and of course it is possible to be a conservative in all senses of the word, but lean either socially conservative or economically conservative when forced to choose.

    Kurt Schlichter is obviously a social conservative who doesn’t approve of drug legalization one little bit, but he is forced to acknowledge that some economic conservatives are very much for legalization. He is trapped between his desire to bash the hated Soros and his liberal allies, while not beating up too much on his economically conservative allies.

    As a libertarian and economic conservative, I understand his problem. I have some sympathy for social conservatives, but I don’t want to see their policy prescriptions forced on other people. But their support is needed in the struggle to stop Leviathan from spending us all into serfdom, so I try not to bash on them too much.

    I guess my point is that someone can call themselves conservative and oppose drugs without being inconsistent, because they are coming from a different conservative faction than Reason. And of course the opposite is true, where liberals can disagree on drugs for their own philosophical reasons, as difficult as they may be for me to understand. 🙂

  3. Just me. says:

    Eh…Tea party. I was all in that til I realized many in this are not what they seem. Many, I found, are all into freedom of speech…as long as your speak thier speak. I Brought up how drug laws have done as much damage as other laws. Guess what…I got put into the “Nut job” catagory. Hello tea party! Im with you on taking our government back but, you really have to get you head around how these drug laws(war on the American people) enslave us all, drug user or not!

  4. Ed Dunkle says:

    Schlichter is amazingly awful.

    “He is also a former stand-up comic and comedy writer who got his start in the 80’s reviewing bad movies for the U.C. San Diego student humor paper The Koala while simultaneously editing The California Review, the campus’s right-wing opinion journal.”

  5. Paul says:

    Just me–I agree. I thought the tea parties were great until it became clear they wanted to bring all their other socially conservative baggage along. When I saw that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was a headline speaker for one of the tea parties in Arizona, that was pretty much it for me.

    I was along for the ride as long as it focused on economic matters. Once they veered into immigrant bashing and law and order nonsense, they lost me. Just standard Republican party line, now.

  6. Servetus says:

    Rumor has it that Hitler had a bunker in San Diego.

    Then you have goose-steppers like von Schlicter. Kurt Schlicter is the product of a Navy town that is also a home to the creationist movement. He exhibits symptoms of the psychological and physical child abuse and resulting mental impairment that normally coincides with an authoritarian upbringing. Under these circumstances, Schlicter can’t help being what he is. He’s just another type of victim.

    That doesn’t mean we have to put up with his crap. He’s taken on the pro-marijuana movement, which is a lot like Hitler deciding to go to war with both Russia and the U.S. while battling England. His defeat is inevitable. Too bad he never learned how to go with the flow.

  7. claygooding says:

    My impression of Herr Schlichter is that him and his wife attended a concert where Sting performed and he went home alone.

  8. claygooding says:

    @ Paul,,,Sheriff Joe was Noriega’s right hand man back when the Contra/cocaine/guns deals were going full steam.
    I would not crap where that shit eating dog could find it.

  9. Chris says:

    http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v10/n433/a02.html I posted this in the other thread, but it’s more relevant here. If you’re a registered libertarian but are for marijuana prohibition, you’re not really sure what a libertarian is.

  10. Bruce says:

    I’m always reminded of the old Wheezing pump organs, rigid old unchanging unyeilding fussbudgets walking stiffly as if at a funeral.
    Like groaning old off key bagpipe sounds. There really are no words…

  11. Ripmeupacuppa says:

    It sure looks like Kurt got shown every corner of the ring before getting tossed to an angry crowd to tear out his innards and hang them on the ropes.

    He may think twice before trying that again!

  12. allan420 says:

    no one has thrown Wm F Buckley into the comments on Kurt Sphincter’s droolings? Or George Schultz, or Milton Friedman? Really? Malcolm? I would but can’t post (outdated browsers I reckon). And then of course there is Howard W (COPS) and his peers at LEAP to throw into the mix…

    And the agreeing-with-Kurt commenters are intellectually challenged poop flingers that couldn’t debate the topic for more than 20 seconds (by then even they would begin to notice the pervasive stink of their own spew…)

    I mean Kurt is obviously semi-literate, ignorant as hell… but hey, he bought the lie. Consider also that Kurt’s bile is as rank as any other prohib writing today. They have nothing and it’s obvious the armored office of the ONDCP and Curlykowske exist only because he never operates extemporaneously, never talks to hostile press, most certainly never faces the public and never gives advance notice beyond a few hours for his rare appearances (usually in California holding a CAMP seized ganja plant).

    I mean I’m just a lumberflinger and forklift driver, a common joe, a bluecollar kinda guy w/o any degrees (the accredited university kind) and I would feel secure in debating Curly(kowske). Without notes…

  13. Duncan says:

    2200 new job openings suddenly become available, quick if you want one they should be filled by the end of the week. Yes, I know it’s Friday…

  14. Duncan says:

    Clay, I understand Mrs. Schlicter said that Sting performed *very* well

  15. Bruce says:

    *tinyurl; 69 tons of marijuana.
    Pics please Big Brother, proof please.
    That is one big pile of herb.

  16. denmark says:

    Honestly I just skimmed that article because after reading the first two sentences the handwriting was on the wall. Typical over reaction, typical “I’ve never done any REAL research, so I really don’t know what I’m talking about” article. Perhaps Schlichter is just seeking attention.

    Then comes Fox news for a few moment today with Megyn Kelly. She interviewed Stossell on the issue and of course she was just like the idiot who wrote the article, only a bit more hysterical, unwilling to listen and acted like a speed freak.

    She said so many things that a one liner from Stossell could have easily proven her wrong but I think he was taken aback by her hysterics, by her over zealous propaganda induced reactions and out of control behavior.
    That and she wouldn’t let him talk, she kept interrupting him.

    There’s nothing professional about her and if I could handle Ali at CNN I’d flip over to him for a minute or two. I wonder if it says in the job requirement for these news anchors, “must act and think like a speed freak” or “must be capable of inciting fear and be an expert at hyperbole”.

  17. allan420 says:

    oooh… Bruce, need to either TinyURL those long links or hyperlink ’em! That one made it almost to my kitchen!

  18. ezrydn says:

    Megyn lost touch with reality a long, long time ago. Listening to her just gets harder and harder to do. She and O’Reilly were jumping on Sting the other night and I just wanted to bitchslap her so bad!

  19. denmark says:

    Happy to hear ezrydn that I’m not the only one who wants to sling a bitch slap here and there. They are the embodiment of ignorance, they are uncooperative and in it only for the ego trip, they care little for truth or the proven facts and rely on pure propaganda.

    Anything they say can be shot down, they just don’t allow it to happen OR they create such a frantic and inhospitable atmosphere that one can truly lose their talking points.

  20. Bruce says:

    Sorry Alan, sorry folks, I have zero PC schooling, went from homelessness to homeness without any transitional synchronicity I do try to keep my feral outbursts to a minimum.

  21. ezrydn says:

    Inagine having her as your attorney, Gawd Forbid!

  22. denmark says:

    Glad you’re no longer homeless Bruce.
    Use this site to shorten your long links.


    I still don’t know enough about computer ins and outs either so you’re not alone.
    ezrydn: How that woman ever made it through law school is a mystery to me. Obviously, because she’s now a news caster, the lawyer degree didn’t work out for her.

  23. Pat McGroin says:

    Blue nose do gooders know best. Support the nanny state after all utopia is only one more law or regulation away. P.S. god is broke the well ran dry please send some cash for a seat in valhalla.

  24. Just me. says:

    Paul : Ya To bad the two sided coin is doing its damnedest to corrupt the best intentions of many good Americans.Power and greed is rottting this country to the core. Wake up America!

  25. Bruce says:

    bitlyverse hoo yeah.
    Had noticed some links seemed rather…large
    Thanks Denmark

  26. allan420 says:

    No worries Bruce. I’ve been there as well and have been on the edge for the last cuppla years. But shortening long URLS is one of those internet etiquette things, especially when you’re among kindred spirits… no harm, no foul! I save my daggers for… them

  27. Bruce says:

    Having fun today,… them… lol have noticed a lot use… idk,,,
    Internal Derangement of the Knee?
    In the kitchen?
    in the klouds?

  28. malcolmkyle says:

    Allan, you’re right, nobody mentioned any of the old school anti-prohibition conservatives on Kurt’s blog. I did though give Jessica Corry an airing:

    Similar to Sting and Soros, Jessica Corry wants to legalize marijuana. Wow, a republican acting like a real conservative by expressing her love for individual liberty and disdain of a failed nanny-like government policy, how refreshing!

    You are making this country a greater place for your children. I hope we’ll be seeing your name on a national ballot in 2012!!


    Kurt hasn’t yet had the guts to reply to any of our comments including my eight or more “Kurt tailored rants” which are full of challenging assertions and provocative questions such as: When you were using shed-fulls of coke; how easy was it to obtain, and were your suppliers honest tax paying business people?

    If it’s any help to you, I’m using the Camino browser on my Mac. It’s very rare that I have to switch to FireFox or Opera.

  29. Duncan says:

    I did run into some minor inconveniences obtaining enough coke when I moved up to full sheds. Yes, my suppliers were honest, stand up businessmen. I know that because they had lots of guns, and guns are legal and demonstrate that you mean business. So when a guy with guns tells you he is an honest business man and insists that it’s true well you just better believe it. Also, smart dealers pay their taxes, at least a major chunk. Uncle gets pissed if he doesn’t get his cut and Uncle gets mean when he gets pissed. You just don’t fuck with the distribution chain unless you like trouble.

  30. ezrydn says:

    @Denmark…On MAP right now, they’re showing the “Ltr of the Week.” It’s the Meygn/Bill part that caused my open hand to move quickly toward the monitor til I calmed it down.

    They say “Sting can’t say anything because he’s not American.” Don’t they understand that it’s American Policy that’s eating away at the separate countries? Would all the other countries adopt Prohibition if the USA didn’t push it so hard?

    I couldn’t even get through to the end of the segment.

  31. Ztam says:

    Yes. I would laugh if Southeast Asia where they throw you into a disease ridden camp for a joint while observing dumbass drunken tourists who are only there for the prostitutes legalizes drugs because the Big Ol’ Mean US of Fuckin’ A stopped “forcing” prohibition on other countries. As if that would happen. AT LEAST SOME STATES IN THE USA HAVE MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAWS!

  32. denmark says:

    Unfortunately I have a difficult time with their site ezrydn and was unable to find it. I remember seeing the letter of the week thingy once or twice in the past.

    I’ve got so many things bookmarked under favorites too, it’s my fault. Would it be possible to give the link? And thank you for doing so.

  33. allan says:

    @ Denmark – MAP’s site shouldn’t have any problems loading, it has no ads (yay!) and hasn’t changed in years… anyway here is MAP’s homepage.

    And for those of you who scan the news a lot for drug policy articles please consider taking a few minutes and NewsHawking them to MAP. Newshawks are the mice on the wheel that drives MAP’s news archive. There are tools to make it easy – go to How to Newshawk and all the info is there. MAP also has an email list for NewsHawks that is very quiet and anyone on the list is more than willing to help folks stepping up to the newshawk duty. Sign up for the list is at the bottom of the NewsHawk page I linked above.

    We know that the list is utilized by a broad spectrum of folks, up to and including the heads of the ONDCP. But more importantly… you provide targets for those of us who write letters-to-the-editor.

    And MAP… gads… there is just so much they quietly do… and like I said before, the Drugnews Archive is a collective effort that is truly unparalleled in the activist world. These good, dedicated MAPster folks deserve all the help you are willing to give.

  34. denmark says:

    Thanks allan420. Did manage to eventually find it. Will dedicate more time to learning the ins and outs of the site and begin contributing once we move and get situated.

    We leave in 17 days and are cleaning, tossing stuff, and all the general hard to do tasks now. The place we live at sucks, and I’ll share with those interested where we’ve been once we’re outta here.

  35. Duncan says:


    Believe it or not they’re on our side.

    ” Regulation, Education, and Taxation

    * Complements law enforcement and drug prevention efforts.
    * No unrestricted youth access.
    * Price controls through taxation.
    * No revenue going to criminals. ”

    I thought for sure this was going to be a Calvina Fay style propaganda outfit when I saw their name.

  36. allan420 says:

    Tony Newman is on Alternet as well w/ his response to Kurt Sphincter’s piece. But Alternet has imbedded Bill O’Reilly and Megan Kelly going off on the DPA video. Bill starts off with the lie of subtance abuse and it’s relationship to child abuse, saying that th majority is driven by illegal drugs. Wrong Bill! It’s alcohol that leads as a a factor in abuse cases.

    I’d love to see Bill get Norm Stamper, Pete Christ, Howard W or any of the other quality LEAP speakers on. Bite me Bill! You couldn’t debate this subject and win against any of a hundred or so folks I could name.

  37. Hope says:

    Child abuse and neglect happen because of ignorance and stupidity, selfishness, impatience, anger, resentment and the lack of love.

  38. Hope says:

    Also, there are people who just prefer to hurt others, including children, rather than to love and care for others.

  39. denmark says:

    Yes, I too am still very much pissed off over their ignorant remarks.
    Megyn said cocaine leads to a 70% addiction rate. That is not true, what is it, more like 20% or 2%?

    These people clearly refuse to look at the facts, they are liars of the worst kind. Perhaps this will develop into something that will really bring about a coherent (on the news casters part) conversation where the facts are put out there for everyone to hear. Call me pessimistic, and I say that with a tinge of hope, but O’R and Megyn are so far gone that it probably won’t happen.

  40. Kozmo says:

    Kurt Sphincter would know all about “long, disjointed monologues” as his drivel is exhibit #1 in the definition of said monologue. Once again another pro-prohibition article filled with scare tactics and missing any kind of evidence based logic or reasoning.
    Jebus ! Fighting ignorance and stupidity is far more difficult than putting together a reasoned argument backed by empirical evidence isn’t it.

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