Welcome friends in high places

Every now and then, it’s fun to check the logs and see whence some of my visitors hail. Today was a good day.

It appears that we’re getting closer to the confirmation hearings of Michele Leonhart for Administrator of the DEA. Her committee questionnaire has been posted.

Coincidentally, there were a couple of visits today from the U.S. Senate to my web page: DEA Bad Girl Michele Leonhart. Guess they’re doing some research.

Someone in the House of Representatives stopped by today to learn Why Marijuana is Illegal.

And the Department of Justice took the time today to stop by my Vigil for Lost Promise, remembering those who have died from the Drug War.

I’m glad to be there help out.

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9 Responses to Welcome friends in high places

  1. ezrydn says:

    I do believe it was “them” that wrote the laws stating that “The Truth is NOT permitted.” So, it only makes sense that they have to crawl out into the light of day and seek that which is not permitted.

    Hopefully, they can read and understand.

  2. Hope says:


  3. Just me says:

    Well…I hope they take time to read, learn, and really see what they have brought to the people. We are mad as hell and arent going to take it anymore! End Prohibition!

  4. claygooding says:

    Just acquiring knowledge is not enough,only when it is applied or spread is it productive.
    And you are very good at that PETE.
    PS. I bookmarked the ONDCP’s page on information quality,still as blank as ever. And I read the guidelines for information dispersal. Wow,they have the nerve to post that and have broken every one on the list.

  5. Scott says:

    Do they also read comments here?

    If so, please read the following.

    “To regulate Commerce, with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;” – U.S. Constitution (Commerce Clause)

    The free growth, free distribution, and free possession of marijuana, all within a single state, is “constitutionally” banned due solely to that clause (Gonzales v. Raich).

    Any rational person can clearly see the disconnect.

    Whatever legal path the Commerce Clause has taken over the decades (giving us “to regulate any activity having a substantial affect on interstate commerce”), the duty to only interpret the law was abandoned. This is judicial activism at the highest level of our government.

    Marijuana prohibition is an example of discrediting the rule of law, such discrediting basically corresponding with national instability. It is no wonder why many Americans have tragically lost faith in our rule of law, including our Constitution as the supreme law.

    We are a nation illegally run by power figures (in the private and public sectors) who refuse to understand that liberty is unalienable for an excellent reason (to protect anyone, including the minority, from the abuse of power).

    Considering that liberty is legally protected by amendment nine in our Constitution, such refusal constitutes a criminal act that I hope “We the people” can and will prosecute by any just means.

    There needs to be a constitutional amendment passed (on behalf of liberty as an unalienable right) forcing the “sadomoralists” (people who have arguably caused more suffering throughout history than any other group) to provide objectively-conclusive evidence proving direct rights infringement prior to a ban against the relevant act.

    I emphasize “direct”, because indirect infringement is meaningless (e.g. breathing leads to all rights-infringing acts), forcing liberty to then be defined by power figures (e.g. alcohol is legal, marijuana is not).

    If such a prudent amendment existed, acts like those pertaining to marijuana, considering the lack of such conclusive evidence, would never have been banned. The horribly-damaging yet sadly popular method of demonizing something would end.

    Drug abuse (the vast minority of drug use, based on the whole truth) is a problem worth addressing, but prohibitionists violating our supreme law is an outrageous means that must end for the benefit of our nation.

  6. Hey Pete,

    Regarding the visit from a House staffer last week… I/COPs did make 67 presentations to House staffers the past two weeks of Easter recess. If I can help w/ any followup to that staffer/their office, let me know.

    COPs does focus like a laser on repealing federal repeal of cannabis.

    Misty and I are trucking it to CA this late August for 10 weeks to cover the state for the vote. To change DC, the States must push the feds.

    best, howard

  7. Steve says:

    I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!! YEA!!!

  8. Ed Dunkle says:

    Check out Michelle’s institutions of higher learning:

    Bemidji State University, Bemidji, Minnesota
    September 1976 – June 1978
    Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice June 1978

    Lakewood Junior College, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
    September 1974 – June 1976
    Associate Degree in Law Enforcement June 1976

  9. Hope says:

    Police Academy and Junior College doesn’t sound like much of an education behind the person that’s supposed to run a huge Federal law enforcement agency.

    That’s unreal. I’m shocked. Maybe all together it counts the same as a four year college.

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