FDL marijuana campaign slogan contest (updated)

How did I manage to miss the fact that one of the top progressive political blogging sites is planning a legalization campaign? I’ve not really followed Jane Hamsher’s FireDogLake much, although I’ve been aware that she’s often worked with civil liberties defender extraordinaire Glenn Greenwald, which makes her a good guy in my book.

Anyway, Jane is holding a contest:

We need a great name for our marijuana campaign.

Some suggested that we simply appropriate the “yes we cannabis” slogan that other campaigns have used, but after perusing a bunch of old High Times covers I became convinced that our readers, inspired by the subject matter, could easily surpass that. So here are the rules:

  1. All entries must be submitted in the form below by 8pm ET tomorrow night. [that’s tonight – Wednesday]
  2. Slogan must be no longer than 5 words — should be able to fit on a bumper sticker or a t-shirt.
  3. Semi-final voting will begin tomorrow night at 8pm, when we’ll be here at Late Nite once again to let everyone know what the entries are. Voting will close at 8pm the following night.
  4. The top 10 vote getters will proceed to the finals on Thursday Night Late Night, and voting will continue through the weekend.
  5. We’ll announce the Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists at Late Nite a week from tonight.

Remember — the campaign is not aimed at babes in bikinis roller skating on the Venice boardwalk. Well, not exclusively anyway. When marijuana legislation goes on the ballot in November and beyond, many voters are older and likely to be persuaded more by pragmatism than stoner puns. But, hell. Who are we to limit anyone’s creativity.

If you’ve got some ideas, get over there and suggest. There are prizes.

Update: Jane Hamsher’s post about the contest tonight gives the list of entries so far and extends the contest until tomorrow night.

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23 Responses to FDL marijuana campaign slogan contest (updated)

  1. Just me says:

    Got mine in. Thanks for the heads up Pete!

  2. Just Legalize It says:

    The Cannabis Crusade! hmmmm… not sure if it appeals to the older folk…. then again, it might….

  3. claygooding says:

    Cannabis tonight,no hangover tomorrow!

  4. jrh says:


  5. Ray Lakers says:

    “Make it Legal Make it Green”

  6. denmark says:

    At the end of the article they mentioned certain reform groups. NORML was not mentioned, don’t like that. There are certain things about NORML that bother me but not enough to exclude them.

    Here’s my ideas:

    Respect Your Elders Legalize Cannabis
    Respect Your Elders End Prohibition

    Evolve D.C. Legalize Cannabis
    Evolve D.C. End Prohibition

    Legalize Cannabis Stop Playing Games
    End Prohibition Stop Playing Games

    No More Lies Legalize Cannabis
    No More Lies End Prohibition

    Legalize Cannabis Stop Deceiving People
    End Prohibition Stop Deceiving People

    Save The Children Legalize Cannabis
    Save The Children End Prohibition

    No More Torture Legalize Cannabis
    No More Torture End Prohibition

    Prohibition is Madness Legalize All Drugs
    Legalize Cannabis Prohibition is Madness

  7. Ageing Hippie says:

    How about “tax ‘n toke”

  8. mikekinseattle says:

    Maybe the reverse of that: ‘toke ‘n tax’ ?

  9. WatchingItCrumble says:


  10. Just me says:

    Mine was simple….Save lives , legalize.

  11. Ethics says:

    “Just me” hit the nail on the head there.. I hope that wins!

  12. Pete says:

    Just me… I don’t see yours on the list. Did you get it entered? Jane has extended the contest for another day.

  13. Sukoi says:

    Re-legalization, the Anti-moronathon.

  14. Kozmo says:

    My favorite – “Defund Cartels. Legalize & Regulate”

    Right to the heart of the matter with an easy to understand message.

  15. Pete says:

    That’s mine.

  16. kaptinemo says:

    The question is, is this just another condescending, dismissive ploy to placate the reform-minded Democratic activist base, angry at having been marginalized by so-called ‘progressives’ (despite the huge voting bloc cannabists represent)…or is this an actual, real, respect-driven attempt at doing the right thing?

    I regularly get on ‘liberal’ Websites and remind them when they’re feeling poorly about being treated dismissively by their political opponents for being so ‘progressive’ that they aren’t all that ‘progressive’ when it comes to illicit drugs. Not when for the past 30 years you see how many progressives fell all over themselves to try to look ‘tough on crime’ in voting for ever-more punitive drug laws…which most negatively affect the very minorities they claim to be oh-so-concerned about.

    They don’t like having their historically-verifiable hypocrisies rubbed in their faces. If you read that link, please keep in mind that the eugenics favored by ‘progressives’ of the day naturally included drug laws to ‘preserve the (White) race’ from supposed dissolution from coming into contact with the ‘degenerate’ races (this is where Anslinger got the idea, remember?).

    Considering for how long we’ve been the recipients of the benefits of ‘progressive’ thinking on the part of ‘progressive’ lawmakers, and how when we complained of that treatment we were more or less told to bend over, shut up and take it in the arse with a smile, not rock the boat, wait until ‘our man’ gets in, and then maybe, maybe they’ll get around to fixing a multi-generational gross national injustice that has played no small part in wreaking the Treasury, not to mention civil rights…well, I justifiably have my doubts.

    Hit and kick a dog too often, and all hands and feet extended towards that dog look to be in need of biting…regardless of what label might be stenciled on that hand or shoe.

    • Pete says:

      From what I can tell so far, and from what I know of Jane Hamsher, I think this is legit. Do you know of any other progressive site that’s actually put up a fundraising page specifically for legalization?

      I certainly understand and agree with your concerns, kaptin — the idea of Daily Kos, for example, getting fully behind any kind of drug policy reform campaign is laughable, despite the large number of members who support reform. But Jane seems to be personally behind this, based on what I’ve read in her tweets and blog posts, and she has the ability to motivate her group.

      I’d certainly like to encourage it.

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  18. Hey,

    nice website! wanna exchange links?

  19. kelly more says:

    ” we are fond-a- marijuana”
    “if you want peace just pass the weed”
    “if all of us do cannibus there will never be another fuss”

  20. karl says:

    go green make the world happy

  21. karl says:

    it just feels right

  22. karl says:


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