Plan your Spring Break in Mexico

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  1. Hope says:


  2. Hope says:

    Drugs did not do that.

    Prohibition of drugs did that.

    The prohibitionist would say that the purchaser of drugs did that.

    Would these executions be happening if these, apparently, sought after substances could have been purchased legally from legitimate businesses and suppliers?

  3. Just me says:

    Ezrydn, do you mind saying where on that map you reside? If not , we understand. I just hope its of lighter color.

  4. ezrydn says:

    Color code – second up from the bottom.

  5. freediro says:

    oh come on, i go down to San Felipe and that area is one of the darkest, yet that town is very safe(there and back) if drugs like marijuana weren’t illegal than most of this drug moving would drop off easily by 50% if not up to 70%

  6. Pete says:

    Again, I think it’s worth noting that you’d find similar color schemes in some cities in the U.S. regarding overall numbers of murders. Chicago has had from 500 to 1,000 in a year, yet I consider it safe (at least where I go).

    So yes, you could live the the darkest section of this map and still be fine.

    The color chart of Mexico is mostly to show the horrors of the drug war, and where it is focused.

  7. ezrydn says:

    Yet, as the image plainly shows, “Juarez” is NOT “total Mexico,” as many stories seem to imply. The last time I was in the US, I noticed, via the news, that there were 4 “mass murders” (5 or more) within the three days I was there. Yet, those were “city murders,” not “country murders.”

    Getting upset because the cartel members are killing each other equates to getting upset because the NVA is killing all the VC. And, yes, villagers got caught in the cross fire

    Where Pete said he usually doesn’t read the stories any more, I have probably seen too much death to let it affect me. However, being on the ground gives me a perspective that many up there don’t have, including many reporters. I have family members all around this country and talk with them regularly. I ask what’s going on in their towns. All I can tell ya is it’s not what the talking heads tell you it’s like.

  8. Daniel Cardenas says:

    Just curious – can anyone point to any homicide data for Mexico that includes non-drug related killings?

  9. DdC says:

    Looks like it’s safe in the water…
    good place for the drug worriers…
    All the murder takes place during prohibition, hummmm
    maybe the politicians should try something else…

    Death by Murder by Ben Best

    Mexico Murder Rate Reality Check
    09 September 2009
    The murder rate in Mexico has actually dropped by 30% from 1997 through last year, the LA Times reports. However there are localities, such as Juarez in the state of Chihuahua, where the local murder rate is amongst the highest in the world. “If the state of Chihuahua were a country, today we would have the fourth-highest level of major violence in the world”, observed Chihuahua Sen. Gustavo Madero.

    Behind the headlines: Safety in Mexico
    April 01, 2009|By Christine Delsol, Special to

    “Mexico’s homicide rate skyrocketing.” “12 decapitated bodies found in Mexico.” “Cancún police officer latest to be gunned down in Mexico.” “Police discover 6 charred bodies in Tijuana.”

    The headlines are enough to give anyone pause. So much pause that every story we’ve printed about travel in Mexico in recent weeks has elicited a flurry of reader responses ranging from “Mexico doesn’t seem to be safe anymore” to “The current State Department warning about going to Mexico…says: Stay away. Stay far away.”

    And yet, one has to wonder what a potential European, Japanese or even Mexican tourist would make of recent California headlines: “Four Oakland police officers gunned down after routine traffic stop.” “Man in Santa suit kills at least six at Covina party.” “Marine sergeant and wife tortured, slain; 4 Marines charged.”

    The point is, headlines like these rarely get more than a news brief outside of California, let alone in other countries. And when they do, they are perceived as tragedies specific to a certain places and circumstances. If tourists were deterred from visiting Oakland, or Covina, or the San Diego suburb of Winchester, that didn’t stop them from visiting San Francis74.125.113co, Wine Country tasting rooms or the San Diego Zoo.

    But Mexico’s troubles, combined with a State Department travel alert and obsessive media coverage, have provoked a clamor bordering on hysteria… continued…

    Drug Violence in Mexico
    Data and Analysis from 2001-2009

    Yeah, the Free Mexican Air Force is flyin’ tonight

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  11. Winners Don't Use Drugs says:

    I am sick of the the prohibition arguments. So to all the pot heads, light up so I can have a better higher paying job that you won’t get. I never worry about passing the urine test. Wake up! It is illegal now and your use of it is causing this. They are growing it with illegal aliens right here in our ” NATIONAL PARKS” not in just in Mexico so I can get killed on vacation at Mt. Rushmore or Yosemite so others can get high. The ” Legalization” of “medical” use in California is a direct reason why this is happening now. Imagine if it was made completely legal. Watch Marijuana Inc. on MSNBC and see if you would want to live near anyone who grows this crap for a living.

  12. Winners Don't Use Drugs says:

    P.S. Smoking pot is so much healthier than tobacco have fun with the small cell lung cancer in the future and I hope the taxpayers don’t have to pay to see you die.

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