Green Mayor

Seattle: The ‘green’ mayor? McGinn wants to legalize pot and tax it, too

McGinn asked for the public’s help identifying the issues he should tackle as mayor. Topping the list was light rail expansion. The second slot went to legalizing pot. […]

“I think if every elected official who ever smoked marijuana voted to legalize it, it’d probably be legalized in an instant,” he said.

And the state could be one step closer to legalizing marijuana. State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle, is sponsoring a bill that would do just that.

“Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol, and it’s not working for marijuana,” she said.

Looks like everyone’s in agreement.

[Thanks, Scott]
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15 Responses to Green Mayor

  1. kaptinemo says:

    Over 600 comments, and the vast majority are in favor of the Mayor’s proposal. And on the prohib’s side? Well, as usual, it’s a wonder they can lift their knuckles off the ground high enough to reach the keyboard. Ignorant blather peppered with an occasional attempt at witticism…which almost always falls flat. They make it sooooo easy for us…

  2. claygooding says:

    When you have nothing to fight with,you lose. It is like they are coming into a gun fight,with a knife. All their arguments have been turned against them,especially the ones about their “children”,because continuation of prohibition just insures that their children will have access too pot. Easier access too pot than alcohol or tobacco,which is finally being accepted by more people as a safer alternative than either.
    I look forward to the day we can all laugh about this,but right now all I want to do is make the drug czars neck the same size as my dingaling,which I have already dialed in from practice.

    “Marijuana is addictive to people the same way sex is,anything that good needs repeating!”

  3. Ed Dunkle says:

    See? This is what happens when all those Californians moved to Seattle. Drug anarchy!

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  4. DdC says:

    Support Legalization of Marijuana
    I am a daily recreational user of marijuana, along with a lot of other people in Tulare County and California. I have been hearing of the people that have problems with their neighbors growing or smoking at their own houses. Now, I want to ask: Why is that a problem? I thought this was America.

  5. Cliff says:

    When you wear the kevlar of the truth, the arguments of the prohibitionists ricochet off like so many BB’s. Meanwhile, you cut them in half with your claymore of reality.

  6. Freedom says:

    Yay ! …More sanity creaping into politicians minds ! Now if we could ship some of this to capital hill….

  7. DdC says:

    How the twisted spin of the Czar Meister is losing effect in the real world. Wasting taxes while shutting down services to those who have no means. This wretched Ganjawar, incrementally seeping into the mainstream while isolationist states and renegade Sheriffs hide in the shadows, drooling in anticipation for victims, statistics to add to their lies, for more bloated budgets. The new year will be spent rounding up Gossipers. For egregiously persecuting, terrorizing, stigmatizing, traumatizing, killing and segregating an entire populous of American citizens for profit or blind allegiance. Charged for the Crimes of Treason, Human Rights and Civil Rights violations.
    Let the Ganjawar Crimes Tribunal Commence.
    I agree with Elvy …

    “Personally, I think marijuana is legal in the United States.
    It’s too bad the officials haven’t gotten the word yet.”

    ~ Elvy Musikka

    John McLaughlin on Legalizing U2b
    McLaughlin, Lowry, Page, Clift vs Crowley the lone worrier…

    Grant Krieger Gets a Break on Drug Trafficking Conviction By Mike McIntyre
    A Manitoba judge has cut a major break to a medical marijuana crusader found guilty of trafficking pot across Canada. Grant Krieger received a suspended sentence with nine months of probation Monday — a far cry from the jail sentence he feared he might receive and predicted would kill him.

    Yolanda Madden Set Free, For Now

    The Countdown Has Begun! Legal Pot In California:
    320 Days Away
    by Ed Rosenthal
    Richard Lee, the proprietor of a cannabis dispensary and Oaksterdam University spent a million dollars to put his tax and regulate legalization program on the ballot in California. It will be voted on November 2, 2010.

    Medical marijuana attorney Rob Corry:
    “The future is here”
    The lawsuit against Centennial by CannaMart, a medical marijuana dispensary the city shut down despite granting it a business license a short time earlier, gets its first reading in court today, and Rob Corry and a team of attorneys representing the plaintiffs, including several medical marijuana patients, are clearly feeling their oats.

  8. BruceM says:


    Same for every other drug, too. Not just marijuana.

    And if every politican who has ever tried cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, LSD, mushrooms, oxycontin, vicodin, morphine, etc also voted to end drug prohibition (“drug” means all drugs, not just marijuana), it would end tomorrow.

    Both our current president and our previous president used cocaine. Why should they be given the opportunity for a “youthful indiscretion” rather than a 15-year mandatory minimum sentence in a federal prison? And since they know firsthand that the drug is safe, they have no right to lie about it or otherwise invoke “the children” to support keeping it criminalized.

    I feel like I’m living in the era of alcohol prohibition and everyone who wants to end prohibition is really only talking about legalizing beer… all liquor and wine and spirits should remain prohibited.

    Rarely do hypocrisy and stupidity get combined so easily.

  9. DdC says:

    How does Coca leaf Cola grow it?

    I suppose the opium for medicinal morphine, codeine, etc or coca for Novocain, procaine and are also grown, somewhere, legally. Coca leaf has many more attributes than Disco, and no one snorts leaves. Speed comes in all forms and a staple of any capital venture requiring long shifts or two jobs or bombing this weeks enemy. The garbage white powders, mho all of them. But the really non recreational trash like crack, pcp – angel dust and the basket of zingers and ziners and schwag are a result of prohibition… and I don’t see how they would even exist in a legitimate market.

    Ganja and Hemp are the cornerstones of the drug war, the most risk to existing resources profit. Homegrown and not drilled, strip mined or clear-cut. Without the Abortion, Cancer, Asthma, Neurological, Pain and Suffering from the poisons based in crude oil, sprayed onto farm crops and cotton. White powders make the hard statistics that perpetuate the Ganjawar. Provide the snitches for 80% of the cases. Caused by prohibition without doubt. The inconsistency and adulterations do the harm. Sharing needles and the violence of smuggling, all prohibition related. The nitty gritty is that all the suffering has been caused to keep burlap from growing.

    Now brucie, its rather easy to comprehend. Americans in their bias, find sympathy for sick people sitting in cages using Ganja, or Environmentally having an alternative to the status quo poisons. The Hungry, Unemployed, Injured without insurance and Homeless by NAFTA/GATT are far ahead in line over junkies. Just a hunch, get over it. In a just utopian perfect world junkies would have the same rights as presidents daughters.

    Other than that, white powders suck and only serve individuals needs. Ganja and Hemp help everyone Environmentally and Medicinally and those choosing a safer alternative. Your rights vs everyones health. Same as your corporate poisons profits over organic alternatives like our grand parents had. White Powders require an infrastructure and rape and pillage to third world countries resources. Plastic vs Natural. Your right to fuck up your mucus membranes is lower than all of our rights to clean air water soil clothing building materials and medicine. pa rum pum.

  10. BruceM says:

    DdC: there is a far more legitimate case to be made for “medical” heroin (as well as increased/realistic access to morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, and other currently C-II mu-agonist opiates/opioids) than there is for “medical” marijuana.

    I have great sympathy for the person suffering with chronic, intractable pain who can’t find a doctor willing to give him anything stronger than ibuprofen due to fear of DEA persecution, losing his medical license, or just flat out disapproval of painkillers on grounds of ignorance or religion (i.e. “Jesus suffered so you should too – you’ll be closer to God”). I only have moderate sympathy for the (far smaller number of) people suffering from glaucoma or anxiety disorder or the few other conditions where marijuana is proven to have medicinal value. Those people can get other drugs, even Marinol the artificial pot pill, if THC is truly necessary for them. Yeah yeah, smoking pot supposedly works better than Marinol, they claim. Even if it does, if we can only legalize one type of drug, then legalizing painkillers will do FAR more good for FAR more people than legalizing pot. OTC heroin will help more lives and save more lives than OTC marijuana.

    Of course I support legalizing everything. I just resent the people who only talk about legalizing pot, as if prohibition is not a total failure but a great success with just one tiny mistake vis a vis marijuana being a controlled substance. Those people can go screw themselves, quite frankly. I have more respect for the drug warriors. At least their stupidity is consistent.

  11. DdC says:

    DdC: there is a far more legitimate case to be made for “medical” heroin

    No, just faster pain relief for a minority of people. Atheists fear Ganja because it may lead them to a spiritual thought or feeling. Religionists also fear Ganja because it may eliminate the need of a Priest if people find god on their own, at least that’s why the early Church banned it. Mostly I see it cutting through the bullshit and that isn’t something a capitalist society dependent on herd mentalities want. You fail to see that your non-god religion is just as hypocritical and superficial as the religionists. Nothing to fear child. Opiate research was never banned and as you state, is legal and sold in Pharmacy’s. Why someone would want them OTC at Woolsworth is beyond reason. Thats why cigarettes are behind the counter. Its easy to shoplift. Even that won’t prevent it entirely but it does curtail it. The point of legitimizing drugs is to permit the safest use without blocking the liberty to choose. That would include professional measurements of each individual for dosage and potency. Can’t get that in a vending machine or is it required for recreational Ganja since its not hard to know when you feel you’ve had enough. But even a novice smoking the kyndest bud can’t physically die of an overdose. Junk kills, it doesn’t have too but it can. You don’t put toddlers behind the wheel or teens without supervision and testing.

    (as well as increased/realistic access to morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, and other currently C-II mu-agonist opiates/opioids) than there is for “medical” marijuana.

    Hey dude, where you been. These are legal for Rx, ask Rushkie. That is moronic. You have nothing to back anything more than pain relief or soothing junkies over thousands of Ganja treatments, preventions and cures? For thousands of years before your synthetic slave incorporation’s existed. Quit begging, your disease should be treated compassionately but your choice has far greater hazards and even in the best circumstances, require costly labor, infrastructures and resources, individuals homegrown doesn’t. Your words amount to a hill of coffee beans. Your logic is off kilter.

    I have great sympathy …blablabla… DEA persecution … ignorance or religion bla bla bla.

    Rehashing old war stories like a drunk doesn’t change anything. Like I told you, Cops should not be diagnosing patients needs. Lack of accountability doesn’t justify DEAth authorization. Or Ganja testing, or rather not releasing research. Pat&Jer and Booshcheney Inc hippie phoebes you seem to flock too. But dude your numbers are a miniscule side effect of a bogus for profit republican based Ganjawar. Talk about incrementalists. Its selfish to consider your needs over everyones and stupid, greedy and diabolical to divert a censored citizenry with non-sense.

    Supported by every loyal teabog ditzo constituent. It was Hyde and Nichols attempt at removing all herbal treatments. In the name of saving seniors from government Kavorkian death squads, reconstituted by Beck O’Really Faux gossip along with the $650 million in propaganda from the Insurance rackets. Same corporations selling your white powders are selling the chemical “treatments” Hemp or Ganja doesn’t require. Ah, the smell of Hairy Brownrivers RIP. Harry had some of it right but never backed away far enough to see the bigger picture. Neocons are obvious. Lou Snobbs John Birchers and Socialist commie paranoids. Oxymorons following morons on oxy. You can’t believe liars, sometimes. You can’t keep voting in party selections who persecute you.

    Removing Ganja from the CSA, frees Rx research solicited from farmers crops and Hemp products from farmers crops. Leaving no justification or funding to perpetuate a need for snitches. Since 80% of the cases were for Ganja. Get your head out of the flag yankee doodle. You are the only one not seeing where you’re going.

    The pain levels you speak of are sometimes beyond pharmaceutical help, but still you sound like its personal. Its a tough choice to obey the law in pain or go to the streets with the hazards of prohibition. There is less concern in certain places for getting patients Ganja, but I’ve never personally witnessed a hospice nurse that couldn’t get a Rox Cocktail triplicate. Mercy killings can be exploited so its not just fabricated out of racist hogwash. Masking pain is also a reality, preventing diagnosis. Mental states can seek death over enough prolonged pain and its sinful for a society of sheep to permit such interference. Ganja has been treating PTSD since Vietnam, probably before that. Morphine runs out and Sam Stone ends up on the street. Regardless, two fascist wrongs don’t make a right. Under-medicating is a result of a spineless insurance racket AMA in league with the Pharmaceuticals. Religious, as I also said, but also profit driven, same as traffic bottlenecks. More gas sold for the same distance.

    Heroin reaches most pain faster, last longer, don’t have to buy as much, less profits… but mainly its euphoric, it might make these terminal patients “happy”, So your anti hippie greed geezers and self appointed moralists thought that might send the wrong message to the kids if they saw grandma enjoying herself with cancer, they might Gateway. Same as preventing or curing Wallmart St profits. Sacrilegious! Blasphemy!

    Ganja research has been blocked, not opioid androids. England was serving heroin medicinally. Recent University studies and mapping the cannabinoid system of the body is potentially discovering an elimination of lab rat white powders. Preventing and Curing or reversing cells over synthetic costly fake “treatment”. So you must be selling something to even suggest Ganja isn’t the top priority. For academia and the population at large. We don need yo stinkin blacktar…

    I only have moderate sympathy … medicinal value.

    Your ignorance and refusal to examine the physically based reality and History of the cannabis family leaves you with greater sympathy than I have for you. As stated months ago, you have a one track issue and keep harping on the same issue expecting different results. Ganja has been used by Chinese Dynasties thousands of years, along with natural opium and natural hallucinogens. Shaman and their entheogens evolved into religion. The spirit or “qwertz?” in-between the atoms is not even looked at by science, funded by political and corporations. Same shelving solar panels or killing Ethanol. Yet atheists and priests alike, both draw conclusions. What’s in-between the atoms may be a network of connections aided by the Cannabinoid Transmitters and Receptors. If they weren’t outlawed for research, or forced to use a monopoly of government low grade schwag. You are at the adult table still gibbering childish reefer phobia. Ganja dulls the speed and booze rage and violence and nausea of opiates. With no known bad reaction to any Pharmaceutical or hang over. Like Khristofferson said, On the Sunday morning sidewalk, Wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.

    Those people can get other drugs, even Marinol the artificial pot pill, if THC is truly necessary for them

    “Those people” bigot? Total narko hand book moneyslut talk, excuse me I thought you were on this planet, seems your a troll after-all. Merdénol is a sabotage, delta 9 is the molecule that gets you high, separating it from the scores of cannabinoids loses the cohesion of the raw medicine. The sum is bigger than its parts individually. So why just the cannabinoid that causes all the ruffled feathers? It was fastracked by Klintoon & Czarbarry when prop 215 passed. It only made some inexperienced feel weird. Tests claim it isn’t even active enough to register, probably why it passed. Your ignorance is from censored schools and media but coming here you should know where to find the truth and yet choose to remain one track stupid serving a red herring agenda. I have no pity. Your “word for it” has no collateral.

    Yeah yeah, smoking pot … legalizing painkillers … FAR more people than legalizing pot. OTC heroin will help more lives and save more lives than OTC marijuana.

    Lies and outrageous fabrications without reference or even substantiation gets you nowhere man. Oh yes tinkerbell with visions of bogeymen dancing in heads, we legalize what’s already legal, except heroin. You want it for junkies and shoplifting kids, cause you have a right to it? How about nukes or anthrax bubba, you have a right to it?

    Doctors should prescribe for deficiency too, as stated before, several times, by several people. But heroin junkies or chronic pain beyond morphine and ativan is a minority of the 300 million population, or 25 million tokers or 100 million worldwide tokers that never had access or interest in white powders, just selling their hashish. Until spooks busted it up with their insurrection of Kathmandu and the Black Prince crap. Fuck the Junk come to think of it, and the whores it rides in on.

    The other opiates are legal and removing the DEAth is all of our priorities no question. Ganja can intensify morphine. Yes Fascism from suit wearing geek war mongering lapdogs dipping teabags wherever their party leads them, keep doctors from medicine and police from peace keeping. The few in pain don’t out number the 872,721 marijuana arrests in 2007 Inhaling or Not. It all collapses by removing the lies and propaganda perpetuating the Ganjawar. There is no reason for the ONDCP, if 90% of their present Ganjawar function is now legal, and free of meddling utilizing cannabis. Let the handful of pain sufferers have access and the junkies a way around forced snitching, you still have the most versatile plant on the planet incrementally on peeks and valleys of quasi prohibition. Are you serious?

    Of course I support legalizing everything.

    No I have my doubts, you repeat the same mantra every-time Ganja is even mentioned. With the same boring argument.

    I just resent the people … who … vis a vis marijuana

    Again you keep repeating this and go on bashing anyone or anything concerning Ganja, over a few mostly GOP without connections wanting it “bonified” by Pharmco or remaining scheduled. Or Hemp isolationists. Both playing the game in a filthy rotten system you bow down too in reverent tribute. As you were told many times, listen up. You ma’am are full of shit. You resent your badge pricking you as far as I am seeing. Enough BS, fess up troll. No one is that gullible and still typing.

    I just resent the people … bla bla de bla bla bla … I have more respect for the drug warriors…

    I rest my case, I know you do bambi.

  12. DdC says:

    Cannabis Hope for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Drug Worriers fear their extinction.
    Inflammatory Bowel Disease IS Their Entire Motivation.

    One Small Soldier in a Big War
    People from across the country are flocking to Oaksterdam University for education and training on opening and operating a medical marijuana cooperative or collective in their home area.

    Weeee’re Heeeere, It’s OK. Let it Be.

    A Southwest Michigan growth industry:
    medical-marijuana economy is thriving

    Is that ironic, how Ford started on Hemp fiber cars, ethanol and biodiesel, assembly lines getting wealthy, then the Ganjawar, Carnegie sheet metal, Mellon Banksters Anslinger and Hearst Yellow gossip and Rockefeller crude oil gasoline and plastic. Now the greed has busted Detroit. Out of work, Unions broke, what gives hope? Cannabis. Now let ole Henry bring his fiber body and farmer grown fuel back in service. Each community growing their own clothing? Like Gap farmers markets. Coffee shops and Apothecaries, measured weights, strains and potency. Preventing expensive white powder symptom treatments and side effect OTC’s. It’s a time of Believing…

  13. BruceM says:

    First of all, I’m an atheist and fearing pot because of “spirituality” is not only a thought that’s never crossed my mind, it’s ludicrous. I want pot to be legal tomorrow. I just want every other controlled substance to be legal tomorrow, too. Religion is a neurological disorder. It’s genetic. Pot doesn’t make people religious, brain damage does. Religion is not a choice, and it’s certainly not something caused by a drug. People may view their existence differently while under the influence of pot, but they’re not going to suddenly “find jesus” and start going to church.

    (as well as increased/realistic access to morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, and other currently C-II mu-agonist opiates/opioids) than there is for “medical” marijuana.

    Hey dude, where you been. These are legal for Rx, ask Rushkie. That is moronic.

    I said they were C-II drugs. But C-II opiates are the most restricted drugs out there, even people who need them have an unduly hard time getting them, and never get enough. By “legal” I mean sold OTC at WalMart next to the Legos. If I have chronic pain and no doctor will give me painkillers, and I cannot legally get them myself, they’re not really legal.

    “Those people” bigot?

    No “those people” who need THC for their medical condition. What the hell is wrong with you?

    You apparently have some sort of reading comprehension problem. Either that, or your love of pot has totally blinded you to the realities of the drug war with respect to all the drugs other than pot.

    I fully support legalizing marijuana. Not a restricted system where doctors, under the heavy glare of the DEA can write limited C-II prescriptions for small quantities of marijuana for very limited types of patients, but ending all criminal prohibitions on the manufacture (growth), sale, and possession of marijuana. But I don’t stop at marijuana – I support the same for all drugs.

    Unfortunately most people, like yourself, do not. And whenever I see a post on here that says or implies the drug war is a failure and, as such, marijuana [and nothing more] should be legal, I am going to speak up about it, because it pisses me off. It’s rank hypocrisy, and it stinks more than government drug war lies and propaganda. 90% of the people who oppose the drug war really only support legalization of marijuana. Only one in ten people who supports ending the criminalization of marijuana feels the same way about every other controlled substance. So your drug of choice should be legal, but every other drug is rightly criminalized and properly the subject of the ‘drug war’? I will not stand for such hypocrisy. I support decriminalizing all drugs, even though I have no intention of ever using 99% of them. I’m not here for selfish reasons – because I like X and want to use it freely – but because I have no doubt that drug prohibition is a complete failure and has destroyed our rights and liberties, corrupted our government, and destroyed our way of life.

    If there were people who only supported the legalization of amphetamines and supported the continued criminalization of pot and every other drug except amphetamines, I’d be yelling at them, too. As far as I know, no such people exist. The only hypocrites are among the pot smokers. And those hypocrites will continue to receive my wrath.

  14. DdC says:

    “I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. If I could not go to Heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all.”
    ~ Thomas Jefferson

    First of all, I’m an atheist and fearing pot because of “spirituality” is not only a thought that’s never crossed my mind, it’s ludicrous.

    You think? I think you’re ludicrous and don’t use any sort of mind, you read memo’s. You divert shuck and jive and have some notion of authority that is even more ludicrous. Your words shit dude. Prove it or stop boring me. Anything besides your DARE handbook. You are a member of an organized body of humans and adhere to an Atheist doctrine the same as the Pope and his followers do to theirs.

    I want pot to be legal tomorrow.

    Its a plant, it is legal. Just because you and most gullible status quo haven’t the balls to confront the lies, doesn’t change a thing. It doesn’t fit as a scheduled narcotic. Anything less than full removal is a false compromise based on superstition, not physics. Heroin does fit, outside of a minority of pain dwellers caught up in the system of DEAth, perpetuated by you and your silly utopian notions.

    Scythians High Plains Drifters

    I just want every other controlled substance to be legal tomorrow, too.

    The days after it would be prohibited again with real statistics. Same BS used many times. Set em up and then knock em down. You want free access to dangerous substances but where do you draw the line? If not heroin, hand grenades? Rocket launchers? Mini nukes I’m sure could service the needs of a home. Organ farming? Or a car, nuke powered and you would find a sponsor, Madison Ave would push it. So there is a difference between a benign plant used for thousands of years, that is good for the whole population or man made fabrications for profit with deadly consequences if abused. Yes legitimize everything and open research with all Ganja strains, categorized and let the consumers know what they’re getting. Including cigarettes and heroin delivered by ice cream vendors. Keeping junkies off the streets between clinic and home.

    Kaneh Bosm: Cannabis and the Old Testament

    But no matter how you boil it down, its still only heroin. Can’t eat it for nutrition or does it have three different fibers, Fine linen to blue jeans to burlap to canvas. the hurds mixed with lye forming a concrete, fiber plywood replacing trees for paper, cardboard and cellulose from crude with hemp cellulose for plastic. Ethanol or Biodiesel as the inventor imagined. Ganja and Hemp are why heroin is illegal. Like I said bambi, who cares about junkies? Just cops for snitches and thats mostly for busting naive sick people using Ganja. Without the gravy train only a few evangelicals would even mention it. You ain’t that important dude. Like I said, way back of the line as far as give a shits.

    Religion is a neurological disorder. It’s genetic.

    You’re being retarded is potentially generic, Religion evolved out of Shaman using entheogens. Physicality’s, not your atheistic religious mumbo jumbo mindfarts. Characters of religion are not Neurological anymnore than those in the theater. Dude go away and stop repeating high school fairy-tales. Or delusions, Your atheist religion is more far out than Bible stories. Cold and void of compassion. The church provides desperation repairs and maintenance dude, just administrated dysfunction. You think wars are sane? They make Halliburton wealthy and pay off their Asbestos law suits. Religion keeps mob rule calm, opiating the masses same as you want with heroin. You should try seminary school, you may have a calling.

    Pot doesn’t make people religious, brain damage does.


    No one said Ganja makes you religious, quite the contrary. Ganja balances cells to their intended positions. If anything it causes logic, sometimes to the point of self incrimination and repercussions. Spiritual is a phenomenon with measurable effects separate from human inventions like religion. With our scientific knowledge limited to corporate and government dictation, it is logical the universe is just as vast sub atomically as outer space with no real time solutions and most of the focus and funding. Research is not to cure profits, just discover new ways to sell “treatments”. It’s flat out hard to lie stoned. Robotic atheists have no qualms about publicly stigmatizing hippies, stoners and Ganja as something weakening the system causing one to search for superficial gods to solve the problems they haven’t the energy, inteligence or money to solve. Plus a scapegoat for shortcomings. Your casting doubt without a shred of evidence is no different than Calvina, in spite of decades of banned research you have concluded its all cheech and chong. Religious, pushing your notions as facts and not falling under the laws of physics. Same as a Fortune 700 Clubber.

    Re-Creation is the base of any medical treatment. Stress prevents healing. Religion is a government in conjunction with politicians and corporations to manifest lifestyles requiring their products. All 5 basically giving the simplest instructions and developing herd mentalities by eliminating Ganja and administering synthetics, including mind numbing booze. I mean people drink fermentations and question Ganja? Infrastructure behind the “products” all selling products from the status quo coincidentally in competition with Ganja and Hemp. Could be grown by individuals and family farmers without poisons or their side effect products. Fascism dude and it ain’t in your school book. Atheists and Religionists are both arrogant and ignorant drawing conclusions. Get over it.

    Religion is not a choice, and it’s certainly not something caused by a drug. People may view their existence differently while under the influence of pot, but they’re not going to suddenly “find jesus” and start going to church.

    Vikings and Mushrooms (long & referenced) 10/29/00

    Again you confuse spirit with man made theatrics to direct the population towards a common ideal, for whatever reason. Spirit or whatever physically it is is personal and individually different quanities. Many religious good intender’s fucking up people worse than drugs. Your common knowledge only works in class rooms, not reality. Drugs are fairly modern term for, something that cures. and only to corral them into a monopoly for the Pharmaceutical complex. Entheogens have been used since the apes ate them opening capillaries in the brain, more surface area exposed for more memory storage, bigger pictures into ideas and simple tools and poof a herd a humans. Physical attributes that you can’t learn in censored school books. So your diploma only reinforces myth and falsehoods. It is or it isn’t dude, not your nonreligious prayers of nonsense.


    Families prone to being church members are usually naturally somewhat bias about their kids joining them. Its not religion, its the manipulation of the individuals, taught by a fascist need for cheap labor. Discipline and duty, honor and obedience, knowledge is ruin for the youth said Hitler, Football revving young minds way past speed/meth. Rage in a semi controlled environment for future obedient grunts and religion to provide a non thinking concept of unity. Movies Books Art all distractions from the job. You fail to realize before jobs, farmers grew clothing, medicine, food and gasoline. Religions intent is as a safety net for what the government doesn’t catch. from the corporatists exploiting the majority of workers. Living wages would curtail the needs of the people and therefore the need of the need fixers.

  15. Bill Jenkins says:

    Thanks for this great blog.

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