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… because you might as well chat while hanging out on Pete’s couch.

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  1. Just me. says:

    Thought I’d give Pete a hand on this open thread. What do you all think of this story?
    Will it draw more into the sevice of the cartels? Will it cause less to fight on the side of the Mexican Govenment?

    We all dont like what this drug war is doning to us Americans , nor to those around the world. We have our anger toward police and military alike that rigorously enforce this drug war but , for a whole family to be brutally murdered….

    My heart goes out to those left in this family during this holiday.

    If you would like to comment on this ..great .If not..maybe I will comment on your posts.

    DECADE IN REVIEW:Yahoo! News looks back at the top stories of 2000-2009
    ..Slaying of drug war hero’s family shocks Mexico

  2. wordsrequiredhere says:

    Hi,…hi,… scuse me,…, pardon me,… hello,… oh…,…,ya,…ya been here many times,… always a warm place, … decided to decloak a bit more this warm holiday moment.
    … … …
    (Well, hey, what did you think you would see?) …
    hmmm … … noticed an uplifting scent … could it be carried by the ghosts of hero’s past?
    I pray they have not passed in vain.

    I remember a freedom fighter story from years ago that inspires me to this day, … wheeled into a San Francisco courtroom on a stretcher to save a lover, a water brother, from injustice, then, died 4 days later, … a testimony for a friend that had helped provide comfort to his aids stricken companion to the end, that act of revolutionary love inspired a new movement that continues to this day.

    Thank you Peter for providing your couch for those of us that need to sit down once in a while and recollect a bit.
    Hey, getting late, gotta go, Happy Holidays to all. Sorry if I this isn’t perfect and too brief, I was drinking before I got here! Goodnight all!

  3. Shap says:

    Saw that murdered family story on the CBS evening news. I can only hope that every other brutal tale resulting from mexico’s futile drug war is covered by similarly prominent outletss so that just maybe it clicks with ordinary Americans that these deaths are the result of government’s desire to reduce the ability of people to obtain substances that they choose to put in their bodies. Senseless…

  4. ezrydn says:

    As I understand it, the US is transfering 4 Preditor-B aircraft down here, unarmed, of course. Don’t know if it’ll just be overflights or if they’ll be based down here. However, it’s time to put eyes in the sky over the frontera. Preditors aren’t afraid to report what they see.

  5. ezrydn says:

    Something I picked up on the news the other night is that the Mexican Congress has passed a law limiting government officials to one 6-year term with NO re-elections. Be interesting to see how that plays out. No more career lifers in Congress. A novel approach. Wish we’d try something like that!

  6. InsanityRules says:

    More prohibition deaths. I think something should be done to bring attention to the fact that these deaths are prohibition-related, not drug related. We need to change the media meme about what’s really going on.

    Valentine’s day would be a good day to remember all the deaths caused by prohibition, beginning with the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. There was no marijuana, no cocaine, no heroin involved in those deaths, just prohibition. That’s the common thread between 1929 and 2009. Prohibition caused the violence then just like it is causing it now.

    When was last last time we saw the Bud guy and the Miller truck driver shooting up the streets? There must be a lesson in there somewhere…

    Merry Christmas, everyone! May 2010 be an even better year for drug law reform.

  7. claygooding says:

    As I have said before,the drug war in Mexico is just a few more innocents being killed by government troops before it becomes a revolution.
    Everyone in Mexico may not be in the cartels,but the cartels support more citizens than the government does
    and as they start reducing peoples income,they react.
    It will be interesting to see if we send troops if the government starts losing.
    And what do we do if the Calderon government loses,after throwing 1.4 billion dollars away,paying the Mexican government to kill the drug lords.
    Even with all this killing,the price has risen a little,but there still seems to be no shortage of marijuana,but not sure of the other drugs the cartels
    smuggle into the US. Since the cocaine,heroin,ecstasy
    and meth only make up 30% of the cartels income,they are just a drop in the bucket of the cartels cash flow.
    All this killing,all these billions of our tax dollars
    and we can remove 70% of the cartels income with a hoe and a watering can,,,,such a waste of human life and money. With all the billions spent in prohibition and this support for Calderon,the American people can hurt the cartels more without it costing us a dime out of our federal budget.

  8. DdC says:

    ND Farmers Lose Appeal To Grow Hemp
    Wayne Hauge and David Monson received North Dakota’s first state licenses to grow industrial hemp nearly three years ago, but they’ve never received approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration. The farmers sued the DEA, and their case has been before the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for more than a year after U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland dismissed it.

  9. DdC says:

    A Letter To Our President

    Over the weekend I think I stumbled on a great plan to put people back to work.

    What I need from you is some stimulus money.
    Think of it as seed money if you will.

    Supervisor David Campos recently announced his intention to create a medical marijuana task force to advise him and his board colleagues on issues involving the “compassionate community.” The 13-member panel, Campos said, would include people who grow, distribute, and use medical pot as well as community leaders.

    Help FIGHT Prohibition U2b

    Shedding Some Light on Our Pot Laws
    The Conservative government and the Liberal-dominated Senate may find this a buzz-kill but a drug expert says neither of their approaches to prosecuting pot producers makes sense.

    Beyond Prohibition Foundation by Jacob Hunter
    McGill Study shows no damage to adults from extreme marijuana use. Adults that use marijuana daily face no brain damage or neuro-chemical changes a study from McGill University suggests. Researchers at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre gave daily doses of an extremely potent and highly concentrated synthetic cannabinoid agonist.

  10. BruceM says:

    Don’t forget that all those prohibition deaths down in mexico (and everywhere else) are not just because of marijuana prohibition, but because of the prohibition of all drugs. Legalizing marijuana won’t put a dent in the number of prohibition-related deaths. Like saying Al Capone would have gone out of business if they legalized beer during prohibition, but maintained the ban on all other alcohol – liquor, wine, etc. Black markets lead to crime, much of it violent. You either get rid of the whole black market or don’t bother.

    It saddens me that so many people don’t realize this, and that so many people are really drug warriors with one exception. Like everything DdC says about “fighting prohibition” and the like is really just about medical marijuana and/or legalizing pot. Absolutely infuriates me.

  11. malcolmkyle says:

    The Colombianization of Mexico
    I started this thread just over 2 years ago and have done my humble best to keep it up to date ever since.

  12. Swooper420 says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
    I hope your day is a great one.
    Thanks, Pete, for the couch.

  13. Just me. says:

    malcolmkyle ,

    I looked through and read some of the earlier posts on your site. Looks as though you got it covered. Keep up the good work.

    I seen “linda” didnt sick around all that long…Probably couldnt deal with the facts/truth, like all prohibs.

  14. jhelion says:

    great article in “tomorrows” WSJ:

    “Saving Mexico
    To weaken the cartels, some argue the U.S. should legalize marijuana, let cocaine pass through the Caribbean and take the profit motive out of the drug trade”

    explains the econ 101 part very well….

  15. DdC says:

    Sikhs and Cannabis by Chris Bennett
    Anyone who knows me, knows that an interest in the role that cannabis has played in religious and magical ritual and belief in different cultures, is one I hold deeply. Recently, I have been looking at the role of cannabis in the Sikh religion, as I was putting the finishing touches on a chapter on cannabis in India, for my forthcoming book, Cannabis and the Soma Solution



    Marijuana Collective Might Sue Over Moratorium

  16. warren says:

    more war=more war more aircraft=stingers. The bozo politicians will never learn until its there blood and there money.

  17. DdC says:

    That Joint? It’s All In The Name of Research
    Franco is one of the legendary Strain Hunters, an A-team of globe-trotting cannabis breeders who seek out rare landrace strains of marijuana. They’ve made expeditions to Malawi and India searching for pure plant genetics, marijuana strains unaffected by hybridization or cross-pollination. If it was a tomato, we’d call it heirloom.

  18. DdC says:

    STOP Bill C-15!
    Conservative Political Office Phone JAM!
    Phone JAM the Conservative Political Office and tell them you DO NOT support Bill C-15 and mandatory minimum jail terms for marijuana.

    Facebook Shuts Down Cannabis Culture Page
    For reasons unknown, Cannabis Culture Magazine’s Facebook page has been disabled by the popular social networking site.

    Five Condemned To Death For Hashish In Vietnam
    Five Chinese men have been sentenced to death in northern Vietnam for trafficking hashish.

    Beyond Prohibition Foundation
    McGill Study shows no damage to adults from extreme marijuana use
    Adults that use marijuana daily face no brain damage or neuro-chemical changes a study from McGill University suggests. Researchers at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre gave daily doses of an extremely potent and highly concentrated synthetic cannabinoid agonist.

    The Pot-TV Time Vault Has Been Re-Opened!
    After close to five years offline, the Pot-TV Network is once again streaming on the Internet.

  19. DdC says:

    “By far the most numerous and most flagrant violations
    of personal liberty and individual rights
    are performed by governments …
    The major crimes throughout history,
    the ones executed on the largest scale,
    have been committed not by individuals or bands of individuals
    but by governments, as a deliberate policy of those governments …
    that is, by the official representatives of governments,
    acting in their official capacity.”
    – John Hospers

    Are America’s Mercenary Armies Really Drug Cartels?
    Did Bush/Cheney rebuild Reagan’s “Iran Contra” drug gang?

    The American Lunatic Asylum
    Afgainistan: Oil and Violence
    Drop Bongs Not Bombs

    Obama Tilts Toward Iran Contra Gates

    Saving Mexico
    To weaken the cartels, some argue the U.S. should legalize marijuana, let cocaine pass through the Caribbean and take the profit motive out of the drug trade.

    10 Reasons The U.S. Military Should Use Pot
    “Me and the rest of my veterans’ group talk about it all the time,” he says. “Most of them also medicate with marijuana. If you asked any of us what, out of everything, was most effective in PTSD treatment, we would tell you marijuana.” But the VA is a federal agency, so even in the 13 states where doctors are at liberty to suggest that patients try marijuana, they are prohibited from dispensing it.

    Ganja 4 PTSD & Depression

  20. DdC says:

    “It won’t become law,” said Senator Baker. “If they approve the bill (C-15) with the amendments we enacted, it will remove the bills affect on what ( the Conservatives ) call the small-fry.”

    DA Danny Porter’s Letter to Brian Rickman
    Since I have previously opined that the agents had sufficient articulable suspicion to believe that Jonathan Ayers may have been involved in criminal activity to stop and detain him, clearly it is my opinion that their approach was lawful. However, there are certain aspects of the case which are of concern when making the decision as to whether or not Agent Harrison or others conducted a lawful act in an unlawful manner.

    Winning the Drug War?
    As the violence of the brutal drug war ravages Mexico, it underscores growing questions about the damage being done in the United States under modern-day prohibition.

    Subcool’s Topping Tips
    Want to get maximum yield? Expert grower Subcool presents some helpful tips for topping your plants.

    Do Drug-War Killers Hate Us for Our Freedom Too?
    The War on Drugs, much like the War on Terror, is based on ignorance and miseducation.

  21. DdC says:

    Sentence barring medical marijuana use upheld

    A judge who wanted a gun-toting youth to clean up his act was acting within his power by forbidding him to use the medical marijuana he took for migraine headaches as part of a probation sentence that kept him out of prison, a state appeals court in San Francisco has ruled.

    A sentencing judge “may disagree with the aims and directives of (Prop. 215), but … cannot defy them,” Kline said.

    The state’s lawyer, Deputy Attorney General Laurence Sullivan, said Tuesday he agrees with Monday’s appellate court ruling, but expects the state Supreme Court to make the final decision. Defense lawyer Robert Angres said he’s considering an appeal.

    Should US Legalize Drugs?
    404 gag claus states the jury can not be told of a medical defense because it might confuse them. Charlie Manson was permitted a defense. Charles Lynch and Ed Rosenthal and hundreds of other American citizens were prohibited from defending themselves by the 404 ruling, Even though they were growing in cooperation with their communities, towns and local, county and state government.

    Medical Marijuana “Truth in Trials” Bill Introduced in House
    U.S. Representative Sam Farr (D-CA), and a bipartisan group of his colleagues, re-introduced the “Truth in Trials” bill in the U.S. House of Representatives today.

    The “Truth in Trials” Act establishes an affirmative defense for individuals who are authorized to use and provide medical cannabis in accordance with state and local law. Under the provisions of the bill, patients and their caregivers would be permitted to introduce evidence for the court’s consideration which may demonstrate compliance with a state medical marijuana law.

  22. DdC says:

    Medical Pot Victory

    Judge Rules Centennial Closed Pot Shop Illegally

    Colo. Judge: Pot Shops Have Constitutional Rights

    I believe in what I am doing, and I feel it is a noble cause. The medical marijuana community consists of people who believe in natural remedies over ones made by a biochemist in a lab. Our enemy should not be our local community; it should be the big drug companies that make drugs that harm people. You see on television, commercials for law firms who are raising class action law suits for medications that cause damage to people from adverse side effects.

    Bill C-15 Dead, For Now
    The severe new drug bill that would have brought mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana crimes to Canada, Bill C-15, has died as a result of the Harper government’s decision to prorogue Parliament.

  23. DdC says:

    Colorado Ski Resort Allows Marijuana
    Breckenridge, a ski resort in Colorado popular with British holidaymakers, now allows people to smoke marijuana without fear of arrest.

    Canon City To Mull Medical Pot Ordinance

    Vail Valley Pot Shops Surviving

    Poppy Plan Waiting For Approval

    Some MMJ Millionaires Are Turning To Philanthropy
    The popularity of pot clubs in the Bay Area has led to a burgeoning crop of medical marijuana millionaires. Call them the ganja riche. Like many of their nouveaux predecessors, they are trying to figure out what to do with their cash.

  24. DdC says:

    Addictions Support Tailored To Queers

    U.S Soldiers Are Waking Up! U2b

    “Our problems stem from
    our acceptance of
    this filthy, rotten system”

    ~ Dorothy Day

  25. hello , im new to this forum. its a Great place

    hope im welcome 🙂

  26. DdC says:

    and pull up a couch…

  27. hoamyShar says:

    OMFG! – How can people similar to Bernie Bicoy – who is a twice convicted child molestor make bail?

    This idiot faked himself as a lawyer and Venture Capital – VC Research Expert with a slippery tongue to win trust of children. Out of all people, the system released him out on bail!

    Damn neighborhoods of Lake Forest are hazardous. Is it possible to appeal?

  28. daviduxresll says:

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