What’s it like to get paid to perpetuate a disaster?

In war on drugs, Greeley smokes ’em
Oh, this is going to be good, I can tell already…

Greeley and Weld County undercover officers are taking more suspected drug dealers off the streets.

OK, and what happens when you do that?

The task force typically investigates about 185 drug distribution cases a year, with an average of 140-150 arrests, Jones said. In 2008, it made 154 arrests, which was up significantly from the 116 in 2007 but down from 162 cases in 2006.

And what happens after you make those arrests?

Local arrests usually don’t rise to the level of larger networks, but […] ‹If you’re getting someone dealing in ounces, and do something with them, you’re hurting four to five other people dealing for them. You certainly take out a small pocket of drug dealers” [said Lieutenant Mark Jones, head of the Weld County Drug Task Force]

And what happens when you take out those drug dealers?

Jones said while the big drug dealers are being taken off the street, someone’s always there to replace them. […]
‹But ultimately, someone will fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, as long as people in the county and city use dope, there will be a demand. Until people quit using and having habits, they’re going to be here.Š

So you know. You know that when you arrest a dealer there’s another one waiting in the wings ready to step in. So you know that even when you arrest hundreds of dealers, the drugs still reach the streets with very little disruption and someone is there to sell them. And so what do you do, Lieutenant Mark Jones, when you know this?

The arrests likely won’t decrease, however.
‹I think you’ll continue to see over the next three to four months, more of what you’ve seen,Š Jones said.

Because… why? Because spending lots of money and ruining lots of lives is good for the war effort, I guess. And that’s good for Jones.

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