The Union

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I just finished watching the newly available DVD: The Union: The Business Behind Getting High that was released yesterday. It’s outstanding!
It is the most comprehensive documentary review of cannabis policy, politics, history, myths, science, and.. humanity that I’ve seen. It’s compelling (and yes, a little overwhelming — you almost need to take a break during it to absorb everything).
It takes you briefly through the history of criminalization, debunks every bit of reefer madness nonsense from the suffocated monkeys’ lost brain cells to Walters’ marijuana treatment stats, explores the Chong and Emery cases, takes you into grow-ops and the business of black market cannabis, talks with the scientists and economists and doctors and patients and hemp activists and members of LEAP. It also vividly demonstrates the absolute lack of integrity of so many who promote continued criminalization, including Presidents of the United States.
There are tons of great quotes in it. I started writing some down, but then couldn’t choose, so I’m not going to bother. I really recommend getting it and showing it to your friends.
If you buy it by going to the link above, it sends a few cents my way without adding to your cost if you wish.
Here’s a trailer:

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