Open Thread

“bullet” Radley Balko on new technologies making it possible to upload videos and pictures of police at work.

As more and more people acquire it, police officers will have to approach their jobs with the knowledge that everything they do while on duty can legally be captured and stored on a server they won’t be able to access. Confiscating phones and cameras won’t work anymore. The law enforcement community shouldn’t fight this technology, they should embrace it. It’s just as likely to protect the good cops from false reports of abuse as it is to expose the bad ones.

“bullet” CBS Series on Weed

“bullet” He‰s Not High – Inside Barney Frank‰s Plan to Legalize Marijuana
“bullet” Calling marijuana medicine sends the RIGHT message to kids
“bullet” But Officer, those weren’t my drugs in the car.
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“bullet” “drcnet”

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