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Still on the road with very limited internet access.
“bullet” A Patriot’s Guide to Legalization by Kevin Drum in Mother Jones. Not a bad overview. I think he significantly understates the costs of prohibition, but still good.

[Thanks, Scott]

“bullet” Mike Gray’s book “Drug Crazy” is now available for free online at

Drug Crazy: How We Got Into this Mess and How We Can Get Out

Read this eye-opening book free at

“bullet” My close friend coralsbey wrote a stranger about Glenn Beck’s support of marijuana legalization under certain conditions.
“bullet” It’s amazing how people are afraid to talk about marijuana. Some California TV Stations consider a discussion that the Governor has asked for to be too controversial.
“bullet” Copping to the Poppy Crop Flop – Jacob Sullum discusses the administration’s drug war policies in Afghanistan.

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  1. ray says:

    Would like an article about Glen Beck and marijuana.

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