A question for the next drug dealer bust press conference

As a follow-up to the previous post…
When they come out to brag about a successful operation that resulted in the arrest of some drug dealers, I’d like someone to ask:

Why should we be excited about having more drug dealers?
After all, we’ll have all the new drug dealers that will step in to replace these within hours – that’s dictated by the laws of supply and demand. And we’ll have the old ones, but we’ll be paying to prosecute and house them in expensive prisons. So we end up with a big expense, more dealers and the same amount of drug availability after this operation (which appears to have been executed very well).
So again, I ask, why should we be excited?

It’s a legitimate question that should be asked in these situations, but I doubt I’ll see it anytime soon. And if it was asked, I doubt that we’d get a coherent answer from the Sheriff or the Lieutenant of the Drug Task Force.
As I mentioned before, the disconnect can be pretty strong preventing the understanding that a successful law enforcement operation might actually be harmful to society.
I’m guessing that disconnect is even stronger among many law enforcement personnel –some of their vehement opposition to us (in addition to the financial angle) could be a desperate refusal to believe that their hard, successful work could actually have been destructive for many years. (I don’t know if that’s true – perhaps some of the LEO/former LEOs that read this site can shed some light here.)

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