You’re going to need some pretty tall boots to wade through this

Acting DEA Head Michele Leonhart on the UNODC World Drug Report:

“Today’s newly-released United Nation’s World Drug Report confirms DEA’s global enforcement strategy successes targeting the major drug trafficking organizations, particularly their leadership, financial infrastructure and transportation facilitators ,” said DEA Acting Administrator Michele M. Leonhart. “Working closely with our domestic and international counterparts , we have realized unprecedented victory in disrupting and dismantling criminal cartels worldwide and impacting the illegal drug market, as this report attests. The dangerous link between drugs and crime is irrefutable, and we continue to face challenges, however, we are certain our global partnership will prevail in defeating this world -wide threat.”

Somehow when reading that I imagined her on a stage full of red and black DEA banners speaking into a large microphone, in front of an obediently cheering crowd surrounded by armed DEA agents.

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