Worst excuse ever

Covered by both Radley and Jacob

Officers were trying to serve a warrant for a man wanted on drug charges. The address listed on the paperwork was 4042. The Minton‰s home is 4048, with both house numbers clearly marked.
But Major Mark Robinett of the Marion County Sheriff‰s Department, who is in charge of warrant sweeps, said he was told that officers had a difficult time reading the addresses because of overcast skies. [emphasis added]

Overcast skies? Good thing it wasn’t raining, or the sun wasn’t in their eyes, or it wasn’t… dark. I believe Major Mark Robinett actually just called his officers worthless idiots, who are unable to do the basic job of a pizza delivery driver. How else can you read that statement?
If they’re unable to read a house number because it’s overcast, it makes you wonder how they’ll see the difference between the dog and the owner so they know which one to shoot.

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