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“bullet” Must read: Ethan Nadelmann Hey Progressives: Why Don’t you Care About the ‘Drug War’ Like You Care About Other Issues? [Thanks, Jackl]
“bullet” Charlie Lynch sentenced.

Charlie Lynch was sentenced to one year and one day in jail for operating a medical marijuana clinic that was legal under California state law. U.S. District Court Judge George Wu declined to impose the 5-year mandatory minimum that federal prosecutors deemed appropriate and I’ve been informed that the U.S. attorney was visibly upset with this outcome. In contrast, Reason reports that Lynch’s attorneys “seem extremely happy and relieved with the sentence and are convinced they will knock it down much lower and that Lynch will not be in prison anytime soon.”

He shouldn’t spend a day in prison, but this is great news, considering the possibilities.
“bullet” Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act Reintroduced In Congress

Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank, along with over a dozen cosponsors, reintroduced legislation in Congress today to strengthen legal protections for state-authorized medical marijuana patients.

This may have a better chance now.
“bullet” Plea for help… Between an extremely crazy traveling schedule, and the meltdown of my computer, it’s been very hard for me to keep track of everything that’s going on (my newsreader is showing over 5,000 unread articles, which is just depressing). So… I ask my regulars (and anyone else) to pass on any top items that I’m missing (or post them in comments). Thanks. You guys are the best!
“bullet” DrugSense Weekly
“bullet” “drcnet”

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