We’re winning the war on drugs!

All the recent talk of legalization is really bringing out the crazies. Check out this OpEd by James G. Harpring. I found myself picturing the propaganda newsreels in Starship Troopers as I read it…

By combating the production and use of narcotics, America is winning the war on drugs. By not capitulating to decriminalization and legalization efforts, America is winning the war on drugs. America is winning the war on drugs as society continues to recognize the extreme dangers posed by all forms of drug abuse. America is winning the war on drugs as we make continued efforts in interdiction, eradication, treatment and rehabilitation.
The war on drugs is one in which there are ever-changing fronts and, like a war on poverty or a war on disease, the war on drugs is one which is ongoing, long-term and without a specific end date. The production, importation and use of illegal narcotics constitutes a direct and imminent danger to the national security of the United States. Because international terrorism is inextricably linked with narcotics trafficking, there is no doubt that the investment in the war on drugs is both necessary and worthwhile.
Investing in the war on drugs must continue to be a national imperative. For the future of our society, America has no choice but to continue to fight and win each battle in the ongoing war on drugs. [emphasis added]

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James G. Harpring is general counsel for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

[Thanks, Logan]
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