Whiners lose

It seems that the incessant complaining by law enforcement in Massachusetts about the problems they’ll have administering the new marijuana decrim is starting to get some blowback.
Herald News Editorial: Don’t Complicate Pot Law

The only ones unclear about what Question 2 intends are law enforcement officials who act like a civil violation is some radical idea no one ever heard of. […]
This reefer madness is spreading. […]
The public’s response to the educators, police and prosecutors should be simple: You’re the professionals; work it out. […]
The campaign is over and the voters have spoken.

Eagle Tribune Editorial: New Marijuana Law Shouldn’t Pose Problems

Today, the new law takes effect. Yet some local police departments, as well as others across the state, say they are uncertain about how to enforce it. […]
Nearly two months have passed since 65 percent of Massachusetts voters changed the law. Despite their lack of enthusiasm for the law, state and local law enforcement agencies have had time to prepare. […]
This should not be so difficult. Massachusetts is not the first state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Eleven other states have done so. Is there no experience from those states that Massachusetts law enforcement officials can draw upon? […]
The public doesn’t see small amounts of marijuana as a problem. Neither should police.

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