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January 2009



UNODC chief Costa: Illegal drug trade saved banks

This is pretty strange. According to the UN’s “drug czar,” we can thank the liquidity of black market drug trade money for saving some banks and maybe even some countries’ economic systems.

VIENNA, Jan 25 (Reuters) – The United Nations’ crime and drug watchdog has indications that money made in illicit drug trade has been […]

A Letter to the Editor that practically writes itself

Check out this news from Canada: Hemp Refiner Expected To Provide New Income For 200 Farmers

Stonehedge is now set to establish a bioprocessing facility in Eastern Ontario to serve North American markets. Some of the products and co-products are aimed at the automotive, energy, agriculture, construction material, and pulp and paper markets. This fibre […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Sito Negron does a wrap-up on El Paso coverage:

In the end, the debate was both greatly inspiring and gravely disappointing.
It was inspiring because with very little notice the City Council was able to air in public so many issues that need to be debated at the highest levels, and it was disappointing because the state and federal leadership failed to uphold what ought to be their first priority, the honest search for the best policy.
They bowed to fear.

The El Paso Times wraps up as well:

We are at the point where we have to do something. Frustration in El Paso and Ju˝rez has reached such levels that taboo subjects are actually being given consideration by people who would not have thought of discussing them before.

“bullet” Johann Hari: The Contradictions Facing a Black President of the American Empire. Interesting article about the real reasons for much of the conflict between the U.S. and Bolivia’s Morales, and the resulting paradoxes facing Obama.
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